2018 Flying Stars

Flying Stars 2018
One popular method of Feng Shui is the Flying Star system which represents nine stars and whose origin probably was inspired from the constellation we call the Big Dipper. The reason it is called the Flying Stars is because they are constantly moving and their impact is directional.

The Flying Stars are associated with the Compass School of Feng Shui. People that prescribe to this school look at the horoscope of a building. Their method incorporates a building’s geographic positioning, cartographical direction and chronologic age to create a Flying Star chart and numerological diagram. By analyzing the stars that are present in each the various directions one can designate in which quadrant Feng Shui appointments should be installed to reduce negative influences and activate auspicious energies.

The Flying Star directions change on February 3, 2018 at 11:35 PM. The Lunar New Year begins February 16th, 2018

2018 Flying Star Product Overview.

Flying Star Predictions and Adjustments by Sector

Sector 1 Northwest – Tai Sway & Peach Blossom Star. The NW is the Tai Sway area for 2018 – avoid renovation here. Add metal like a Golden Hulu, Golden Pi Xiu or Money Coins to negate influences. The Peach Blossom Star also resides in the NW this year. This star’s appearance highlights relationships and affects marriage, socializing, one’s popularity, event attendance, and going out on the town. In order to elevate your relationship, use pink or red flowers here.  To help you socially, add a water plant to this area. (No soil – only water.) In order to prevent your boyfriend from leaving you for someone else, place a Wooden Rooster here. If you’d like to date, activate with rose quartz or red ribbons or flowers and butterflies.

Sector 2 West – The Sickness Star resides in the West for 2018. This star’s presence in this area triggers the negative effects of chronic disease, accidents, or the possibility of surgery. Proven methods for negating these are to donate blood or perform good deeds. Adjust for health with gold colored metal objects, coins, gold or brass Hulu.

Sector 3 Northeast –  The Argument Star (aka the Dispute Star) will reside here this year. Its influence is characterized by disharmony in business or family relationships. Using the color red here will help to avoid arguments. You can use a Hu Lu or Flying Star Prosperity Gourd. For more sweetness in your relationship you can use yellow here, or you can place 9 red roses. (No stem, just the top of the flower.) If your house faces this direction, remove any blue or green door mat and replace with a red door mat.

Sector 4 South – The Wisdom Star resides in the South this year To activate it, place four pieces of Bamboo in water. This area is an excellent place for studying because it favors academics. If your desk is in the South, that is perfect! For promotion or a raise, emphasize the color green here or use the Flying Star Calligraphers Brushes here.

Sector 5 North – The Disaster Star (aka Hu Ang or Five Yellow Star) appears here this year. This is considered the most malevolent and dangerous of the nine stars. It can bring misfortunes, accidents, loss, and death. Its presence indicates tragedy, sickness, calamities, and obstacles to overcome. Many will experience the effects by facing challenges in health and relationships or encountering financial hardship. The area may be adjusted with a golden (or gold colored) metal object including the Flying Star Five Element Power Bell.

Sector 6 Southwest – The Lucky Carriage Star: This is an auspicious direction. If you are in the military, politics, are a blue-collar worker, or a technician, make adjustments here and concentrate on the intention of improving your career. People whose job is in the Military or Service, laborers, sales people, or people whose job is not sitting behind a desk, can attain greater success by placing a fish tank or water fountain in this area. A Flying Star Hulu Gourd also works well here; leave the top place the gourd facing the Southwest.

Sector 7 East – The Broken Army Star – This star signifies violence and bloodshed. It can also symbolize loss of family members, robbery, lawsuits, jail, or violence. Adjust this area using the color blue. the Blue Elephant and Blue Rhino Charm is a traditional adjustment for this area.

Sector 8 Southeast – The Wealth Star – This star encompasses wealth, prosperity, success and happiness, and is regarded as the most auspicious and luckiest star. The Wealth Star advances one’s reputation and prosperity. Place a water adjustment such as a water fountain, a water plant or a healthy plant, here. A Money Frog, Pi Xiu or a Money Coin for business luck would be good as well, and for promotion or a salary raise, use the colors yellow or red here.

Sector 9 Center – The Happiness Star – This star brings wonderful good fortune and excellent prospects for the future, and further benefits your marriage or other personal/business relationships. If you wish to get married or have a baby, adjust the center with objects that are red, pink, or green, or place rose quartz relationship ducks here. 12 Zodiac Wall Hanging, a red light would be a good adjustment here as well.

Flying Star Predictions for the general population:

Center. This year the Flying Star 9 will be in the center. What this means is that in the Dog Year, mishaps related to fire and/or electricity are more likely to occur.
This year, the sickness star is in the West (direction of America). Besides increasing the potential for natural disasters, it also makes politics even more unstable. In addition, serious computer viruses caused by hackers are likely to be a problem. For movie production, the effect of the sickness star means that movies related to disasters or viruses (human or computer) will be popular, and may win awards.

This year, the argument star will be in the Northeast. If your business calls for you to communicate via speech (i.e. you are a lawyer, public speaker, vocalist, actor, or lecturer), be extra careful of your health.