2018 Predictions

Scroll painting by (Láng Shìníng) (1688 – 1766)

Overview for the Year of the Earth Dog

The complete 2018 astrology for:

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

The Year of the Earth Dog begins on February 16th, 2018 but officially kicks in on February 3, 2018 at 11:35 PM.

Predictions for Dog Year! Woof!

This year’s predictions are based on recommendations from Mai Mai Ling, Meng Lei, and Marina Lighthouse.
Written by Kristin Clark

In February of 2018, we welcome the Earth Dog and wave goodbye to the Fire Rooster. For Feng Shui purposes, the changeover occurs on February 4th, while the official, more Western Chinese New Year’s Day happens February 16th. Either way, knowing what the elements and flying stars foretell will help us to successfully navigate the year ahead. Dogs love to dig in the ground and roll in the grass. Good thing, because earth and wood are very strong elements this year. There is almost no metal, and very little fire or water. This may be a lovely combination for a dog, but for humans, the imbalance of the five elements may present some challenges.Animal signs most affected by the Tai Sway, an intense energy sometimes referred to as Grand Duke Jupiter, are the Dog, Dragon, Goat, Ox, and Rooster. Pay attention to the Feng Shui adjustments mentioned below in order to lessen its effects.

Power Animal for 2018!
Want to bring some extra luck into your 2018? A fascinating ancient Chinese folk custom is to use Chinese Astrological animal charms, that can be worn or displayed, to bring good luck and prosperity. There are 12 Chinese Zodiac animal signs; each has a different character and significance. Depending on the animal sign of the current year, different charms are used. This is said to bring optimum luck for the year. There are several animals that are universal for every year worn for good luck.

For example: to start up a business one might carry a Horse charm. To bring more abundance into your life you would carry a Pig charm. For safety during travel one might carry a Dragon. The rest of the animals have different attributes, but these are some of the more common ones that you’ll see often in Chinese folklore symbolism associated for their different purposes.

The upcoming Lunar New Year’s Eve, begins the year of the Earth Dog, so the lucky animal to wear is the Rabbit; “When the Dog meets the Rabbit the path to wealth becomes apparent.” or one could wear or carry a Horse and Tiger combo charm because these animals are in harmony with the Dog. You would carry the new charm until the year of the Earth Pig February 5th, 2019.

Overview of 2018 Earth Dog Year

Economics. Reflecting the Dog Year’s lack of metal element, the economy will not be robust and there will be heavy pressures. Don’t expect finances to be as crazy and rich as they were in the Rooster year. The market is overblown and full, and the bubble is going to burst. The effect will be as an earthquake, leading to instability in the stock marker and the banking system. This will, of course, affect the Real Estate market. The silver lining will be that once this happens, the Dog year will end up being a good time to invest in Real Estate.

Politics. Matters between countries and politicians will continue to be tense, with many of them fighting and barking amongst themselves. (Dogwhistle politics, anyone?) Due to the Dog Year’s energy, individuals are likely to feel more anxious and fearful. Politically, oppressiveness will make things worse. Leaders would do well to avoid such tactics.

Health. Overall, the health affected by unbalanced elements will have to do with diseases of the heart, respiratory system, and the eyes.

Disasters. Because of conflicts between the earth element and the wood element, there could be earthquakes, resulting in tall buildings collapsing. Also, be cautious and pay attention to fire; the chances of explosions and disasters related to fire are increased. Mudslides may also prove to be a problem.

Career. Not all of the effects of an imbalance in the five elements are negative. Due to a very strong wood element, those pursuing activities having to do with literature, art, business, and efforts of an inspirational nature will be favored.



Rat – Career chi is smooth this year. If you want it to be even stronger, activate Sector 4 South; the wisdom star will be there. Due to one of the bad stars affecting your year, be cautious when participating in water activities. Pay attention, and don’t be careless. For this year, the Rat’s house Feng Shui will be impacted. Be sure to carry a black stone (obsidian), a yellow crystal, or a rabbit charm. If you can, avoid visiting sick people and avoid going to funerals unless it is absolutely necessary for you to be there. Attend happiness events (weddings, engagement parties, baby showers and the like) in order to receive positive chi. This is a good year to donate to charities that have to do with medicine, or are medically related in some way. Doing so will keep you from having to spend that money on personal health. Happily, giving to charity will activate good house Feng Shui as well.

Ox – The Earth Dog year is a Tai Sway one for Oxen. Carry with you a three dimensional charm. A rabbit, or your best friend the rat, will help to negate the effects. This year there is a lucky star regarding your personal seal. If you can find a personal seal or stamp, put it on your office desk to help you in business. Avoid visiting sick people or attending funerals unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to be there. Male Oxen will have the opportunity to meet the sweetheart of their dreams, so they should grab the chance. For good fortune, activate Sector 5, North and Sector 2, West, by placing a metal Hulu or a metal objects such as money coins in each sector.


Tiger – Overall your career will be on the rise; to ensure success you can optimize the beneficial energy of the year by wearing a purple crystal bracelet and carrying a Rabbit charm. This will also enhance your charisma and help to attract the right people both socially and in the workplace. Because the Tiger has a Three Harmony Relationship with the Dog, this is a good time to study or take classes as it will prove to be very beneficial in the upcoming years. Especially consider delving into subjects related to your work. If you can, avoid visiting sick people and going to funerals unless it is absolutely necessary, and as always, avoid unsafe urban areas. In contrast, connecting with nature will be very beneficial.

The Argument Star will be affecting you so be very careful of those who would gossip behind your back or promote their agenda at the expense of yours. If your boss happens to be have the temperament of a White Tiger meaning an aggressive domineering female, avoid her as much as possible. This star also suggests the likelihood of becoming involved in a lawsuit so the recommendation is to make an adjustment in Sector 3 Northeast which is where the Argument Star resides this year. Your general health will be stable but be especially mindful of your stomach and digestive system. Be cautious on the highway as indications predict minor run-ins on the road. pay particular attention while driving during the Lunar Month of July.


Rabbit – The Rabbit will enjoy a beneficial flying star this year. This particular star is good for group work, and collaborations will be highly favored. Place a metal abacus (which symbolizes money and profits) on your desk to bring about more cooperative opportunities. This is a good year for Rabbits to get married, have a baby, or buy property. These are referred to as the Three Happinesses. Attending celebratory events, having a baby, getting married, or buying property will help to stabilize your harmonies with the year’s energy. The financial forecast for you this year is that money will come and money will go. To counteract this star, adjust Sector 8, in the Southeast by placing a treasure box there to symbolize money staying put. This is a Peach Blossom year for Rabbits; they are attracted to people and people are attracted to them. This coupled with the money coming and money going means that you might run low on cash due to Peach Blossom efforts (ie. fancy meals, vacations, and lovely trinkets for the object of your affections). In order to keep some cash, invest what extra you have in something safe and durable such as gold. Money out of sight is money out of mind should be your modus operandi. There will be an impact to your house Feng Shui this year, so small renovations are good. Simply a new coat of paint or changing out some furniture will be beneficial for you.


Dragon – The year of the Earth Dog is a Tai Sway one for the Dragon. In order to lessen the effect of this unstable energy, carry a rabbit charm, or a monkey and rat combo, as those two are your best friends in the three harmony system. Be sure to donate blood or get your teeth cleaned soon after the 4th of February so as to avoid any accidental bloodletting. If possible, host or attend a party celebrating one of the three happinesses, such as weddings, new babies, or a house warming. Do this early in the New Year in order to elevate your luck for the rest of it. Celebrating your anniversary with a party can help reduce potential conflict in your relationship, but be very careful not to argue while planning or hosting it. Have a happy, joyful party to bring good chi for the year. This year has a bad luck star regarding cash. Make an adjustment by placing a Pi Xiu, a yellow crystal, or a treasure box somewhere in your home. Conflict with Tai Sway has an upside if you like travel. This is a good time for you to get out for a change – to go on a lot of business trips, or simply travel to places that are different. Travel can broaden your horizons and elevate your personal well- being. Be sure to activate Sector 2 North, and Sector 5 West, with metal, such as a brass Hulu, or coins in a bowl.

Snake – The Earth Dog year looks to be a good one for the Snake. Snakes are the recipients of two lucky stars. One is the Helpful People star; you’ll be supported by helpful people, and receive good fortune from them. The other star is the Peach Blossom star; the energy that attracts you to others and others to you is on the way up. Activating Sector 9 Center as well as Sector 1 North will maximize whatever wonderful thing is coming your way. Financially things are up and down. Don’t keep too much cash around. Invest in actual things like gold that keep value. It’s recommended that you carry yellow crystals, as well as a lucky three dimensional rabbit charm this year. Your Feng Shui house luck is impacted this year, so do minor renovations, buy new furnishings, or apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls of a room in order to stabilize this energy. When you go out, be careful; it might be easy to have an accident or incident. When travelling, buy travel insurance, and carry a safety charm for protection.

Horse – The Horse has a good luck star this year, one that will help the career. This is a great year for collaboration, with new opportunities to do something in cooperation with someone else. The good business star doesn’t have a lucky money star on top of it, though. This means your finances will be so so. When taking on a new venture it’s a good idea to plan ahead and get set with the details. Once those are set, start the project. Chip away at it in little pieces rather than putting all your efforts into one big push. Horses also get the Heavenly Kitchen star in 2018 – this means there’ll be a lot of opportunities for parties, and fun, and socializing around food. You’ll enjoy this a lot and it will make you happy.

There is a White Tiger star, so when you meet women who have very dominant personalities and a strong temperament, stay away. If you come across someone with that energy in business, see if you can find another person to work with, or prepare to tread very lightly. (No easy task for a creature with galloping hooves!) Be careful around domestic and wild animals, you could get hurt by them. Wearing or carrying obsidian is lucky. Interestingly, persons born in Tiger (different from White Tiger) will be available to Horses for special help. Need advice? Call a Tiger.

Carry or wear a Rabbit Charm. This is a good year to renovate in order to stabilize your home luck. Also, placing a white jade gourd or white stones can stabilize your house Feng Shui. Balance your career and family. Take some time to go on a short trip. This year it’s easy to get pregnant, and it is a good year for a baby. Health has a bad star, be aware of your body condition. Get rest, donate blood, clean teeth, go for check-up. When you travel, you might have lost luggage or experience delays, so buy travel insurance this year.

Goat – The year of the Earth Dog brings Tai Sway energy to the Goat, and their luck will be up and down. Be sure to carry or wear a rabbit or a horse charm. A good adjustment for the work environment would be to place obsidian or a yellow crystal in order to elevate relationships and avoid possible arguments. To stabilize health, be sure to activate Sector 5 West, and Sector 2 North with metal objects. Don’t renovate in the west. Also, it is important to adjust Sector 3 the North East, which is where the Argument Star will be. House luck will also be up and down, so plan for happiness! Enjoy parties, and host them too. Renovate the house, or change out furnishings, or paint a wall. This will be advantageous and have a good effect on your luck. The year will have more challenges in the beginning and then things will get better as the year goes on, so make your adjustments early in the year in order to get the full benefit of them.

Monkey – The year of the Earth Dog is a good one for the Monkey to get out and about. It would be especially good to go overseas to attend workshops or conferences, as this will elevate your luck even more. Career luck is good, and to enhance it or your studies even more, adjust the Wisdom Star Sector 4 South by placing four pieces of Bamboo in water. For investments, it’s best to do your own analysis and make your own decisions here. Also, if you are into markets overseas, you’ll see a better return. When you do go out, pay attention! Even though travel is good for you, beware of accidents or incidents. Be sure to carry or wear a gourd charm or a jade piece like a three dimensional rabbit. Avoid places where sick people are, and funerals as well, if at all possible. Attend as many happy events as you can in order to receive positive energy.

Rooster – This year, the Rooster’s luck is going better than it was, and more stable, but it’s still not 100 percent. Always be prepared for things to go either way in order to not be caught off guard. Cultivate patience to solve problems. Since the Rooster is having Tai Sway year, it is strongly suggested that you carry a three-dimensional Snake Charm or a Combo Charm. In this year of the Earth Dog, the Rooster doesn’t have any Lucky Stars, but this can be mitigated by placing a Dragon Turtle statue in your home to elevate your whole house luck. Health luck may also be impacted, so it’s a very good idea to donate to medical charities. A good adjustment for Roosters in particular will be to adjust sectors 5 North and 2 West with metal, such as coins in a bowl or a brass Hulu. You may feel pressures emotionally, so be sure to attend happy events to achieve positive chi.

Dog – This year, the Dog has two lucky stars, although it is a Tai Sway year for them. The presence of the lucky stars will help negate the typical issues associated with this conjuncture. At the end of the Rooster Year, donate blood, or have your teeth cleaned, thereby any letting of blood will be a conscious choice which will help you to avoid the negative effects of Tai Sway. Also, doing extra things for charity, such as donating money or volunteering will help in this regard. Be sure to carry a lucky charm. A rabbit charm is best, wear it at all times if possible, and the closer to your body you can wear it the better.

Also, make an effort to do (or be involved in) one of the three happinesses, including getting married, having a child, or buying property. Place a white jade Hulu to stabilize your home’s Feng Shui. Do renovate your home however, pay attention to the year’s flying stars, particularly in Sectors 5 North and 2 West. Do not renovate in these two quadrants. If you must do so, be sure to contract with a Feng Shui consultant for a blessing.

Because of a bad luck star, be very careful of work-related contact with machines or metal. Pay attention to road safety, and don’t push your luck. In the home, be conscious of your living space safety. Particularly adjust sharp edges (known in Feng Shui parlance as knife edges) and anything pointy, in order to avoid small accidents or mishaps. An example would be to put your knife block out of sight for the year. New furnishings such as changing your bed set, or painting a room or two will improve your Feng Shui, and you will have a better year.

Pig – This year, Pigs are favored with a Sun Star, meaning they will have contact with a helpful person who will be male. This would be a good partnership, or if you need helpful advice, seek it from an older man. A flying star in your forecast means it will be good for you to get out more; go on business trips. For Pigs, overseas markets will be good, either connecting or selling. If you’re a Pig who wants to get married, use pink rose quartz in your Feng Shui adjustments to attract a good relationship. Pigs wishing to have a baby should wear red agate. For better luck in all areas carry a rabbit charm with you at all times. Financially you may be up, but the money is easy come easy go, so plan ahead. Arguments will swirl, best to keep a low profile. Activate Sector 3 Northeast to avoid becoming involved in disagreements.


The Rabbit is the most compatible sign to the Dog  HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche always taught us “when the Dog meets the Rabbit the path to wealth becomes apparent”* or a Tiger & Horse combo charm because these animals are in harmony with the Dog. You would carry the new charm until the year of the Earth Pig which begins FEBRUARY 5, 2019.

*The theory behind getting a new charm every year is that new year energy of buying something new symbolizes a new fresh start and new opportunities coming your way. Think of it as fun. The ancient Chinese didn’t have Christmas, so this is the time year that they gave little gifts, for good luck in the New Year, to themselves and their families. You might think about getting Chinese takeout on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Give the children in the family bright red envelopes filled with some money and turn it into a fun family event.