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Do you sometimes feel as if your life is out of balance and you'd give anything to know the answer why? It's true that we often don't realize how our surroundings are affecting our lives. For instance, why do some rooms make you feel comfortable and other rooms, uncomfortable? Have you ever left a home or office inexplicably drained or invigorated? Feng Shui helps to explain it. Living in Harmony Literally meaning wind and water, Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is the Chinese Art of Design and Placement. This ancient discipline is based on the belief that vital life energy, chi, flows everywhere - in nature, buildings, and in people.

Many things can impede the flow of this energy and conversely, things can be done to unblock or facilitate that flow. Balanced Chi creates a healthier, more nurturing, powerful and prosperous life. At the heart of Feng Shui is the desire to acknowledge the power of, and to live in harmony with, the natural world, a world that many modern people have fallen out of synch with. By opposing the natural order, the Tao, you disturb the balance of Yin and Yang, two fundamental forces in the universe.

Feng Shui represents the power of the natural order, which is alive with hidden forces. The object of Feng Shui is to return and recapture as much of this lost balance and harmony as is possible. And there are many ways this is accomplished.

Feng Shui principles are often used in architectural planning and land use decisions, interior and exterior design, and selection of colors and materials. The placement of objects within one's environment can dramatically affect the quality and nature of Chi. If Chi is unrestricted in one's environment it will flow in one's mind and body, promoting a healthier, more successful life. However, if Chi is blocked, or moves too swiftly or slowly, it can cause stress or illness making life more difficult.

Good Feng Shui, in other words, makes good sense.

A Work of Art The art of Feng Shui as performed by an expert practitioner is a combination of careful analysis and intuitive solutions. These solutions or adjustments as they are sometimes referred to; can be both remarkably obvious and remarkably subtle. There are mundane as well as transcendental solutions. For instance, a person might bump their shins on a coffee table nearly every time they walk through the living room. Avoiding the table creates tension and takes away chi /energy. By removing the obstacle much more energy becomes available.

These solutions are mundane, obvious to anyone. Others are more subtle, requiring deep awareness and a person trained in the art of listening and seeing with more than everyday eyes and ears. These solutions are transcendental in nature and to some, inexplicable. Most would brand them as superstitious, illogical. Feng Shui takes a more inclusive view. Many principles of Feng Shui, like many of the laws of the natural world, are disclosed intuitively, beyond the claims of rationality. Yet, they work. The results provide their own proof. Reasons why that a more harmonious environment has to do with personal well being, prosperity and success is a link worth discovering.

Adhering to Feng Shui principles can prepare the way for success and prosperity. A Feng Shui adjustment can align and re-distribute the energy in home or office and help you achieve your goals. By listening and seeing deeply into your life, you can bring what seem like disparate elements into closer harmony.

A comprehensive Feng Shui consultation and the solutions provided can liberate much energy, energy that wants to liberate you. Let the power of Feng Shui become your personal power, the power of possibilities.

By Anne Telford
Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved