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Gentry Magazine January 2007

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STEP INSIDE DESIGN May/June 2005 issue
5 W's of Who, What, Where, When & Why
an article featuring Marina Lighthouse
Feng Shui: Good Harmony for Home and Business
Carol Tiegs

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement and spatial harmony, is fast becoming part of American as well as chinese Culture. Articles in Publications from the Arizona Business Gazette to the Investors Business Daily testify that the art has found application in America's businesses as well as its homes.
Los Altos native and resident Marina Leeds is one of a growing number of Feng Shuiconsultants to business and private clients.

Leeds describes Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) as "the relationship between self and environment and, more importantly, how that relationship affects the balance and harmony of one's physical and psychological well-being."

She began studying Feng Shui six years ago. "I've always had an inclination towards Chinese culture," Leeds said. "Then a friend went to China. He brought the Feng Shui master Professor Lin in to do his offices and afterwards my friend's business soared. I was fascinated to know why."

In 1996, Leeds began a 15-month intensive study through Shelter of the Soul in Santa Cruz California, which concluded with her certification as a Feng Shui consultant. Leeds practices Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui, also known as Form School Feng Shui. One of several schools of Feng Shui, its roots go back about 10,000 years to the early Bon religious indigenous to Tibet, she said

Form School Feng Shui, as taught by Professor Lin and his disciples, is a practical form "based on intention in the human mind and spirit, and on energy movement," Leeds said. In contrast, she said, the Compass School is oriented toward fixed orientation of objects in relation to energy source and flow, although there is crossover between the two schools.
Feng Shui's primary focus is on the flow of chi, the most essential feature of life and the force that connects us to our surroundings. It also seeks to create balance among the five elements: earth, fire, metal, water and wood.

"In Feng Shui, we work with three different kinds of chi - earth, atmosphere and body chi - to create a safe and healthy environment," Leeds said. "The objective of a consultation is to help you achieve the most ideal state of chi by harnessing and enhancing environmental chi to improve your life, health, career, relationships and tranquillity."

Leeds has worked with clients on career and relationship issues, as well as on bringing harmony to home design. During a consultation, she listens for metaphors her clients use in speaking and looks at their home
or office as a metaphor for their life, searching for places where things are stuck or weighted.

In addition to suggesting relocation of an object or redesign of a space, Leeds helps clients use symbols to focus on the desired change of energy. "A small fountain can remind you of the flow of water and the flow of new energy INTO you life," she said.

"She's very professional and thorough," said Los Altos resident Sheryl Johnson, one of Leeds' clients. "I feel more like we are living in harmony with the Universe since Marina came INTO our lives," Johnson said.

One of Leeds' cases involved a store where owner and employees were involved in competition and disharmony. Revenues were low.
"The store had multiple departments," Leeds said. "It was confusing. There was no focus. We created a center focal point for the store and a welcoming main entrance."

Leeds said the best time to call in a Feng Shui consultant is "if you feel stuck or want something to improve." But, she said, you must be ready to be an active participant in the change. "For results, you must honor the advice given and do the work."

In selecting a consultant Leeds advises checking into their training and certification. "Get references," she said. "Meet with them and see if you resonate."

Dream Home Journal
How the ch'i flows in the rooms of your home affects all aspects of your life such as career, health and relationships. A well-conceived floor plan and corerrectly placed furniture can improve the flow of ch'i and thus improve your life. For Los Altos native and certified Feng Shui practitioner Marina Leeds, a consultation starts with a short questionnaire and interview so she can better understand how the client lives in their house. Ideally, Leeds will start working with a client before a house is even built. "Your house is a metaphor correctly placed furniture can for your life. If your house improve the flow of ch'i and thus flows well, your life will too." Marina Leeds.
Deck the Yard (Better Homes and Garden - Do It Yourself Magazine)
Dan Weeks
Description of Marilyn's Deck Design -"After carefully planning the deck areas to connect with indoor spaces, Marilyn...gave them equal attention to integrating them within the setting, turning to feng shui consultant Marina Lighthouse for advice."
Feng Shui and Its Impact on Your Next Listing
Marina Lighthouse
Balancing Act - Cover Story
Joanne Griffith Domingue
Thursday, September 21, 2006
Cover Story

Expanded Space: In feng shui, it is believed mirrors can expand 'chi' and create space, allowing good things to blossom. Here, feng shui consultant Marina Lighthouse stands in the doorway to one of the treatment rooms at Sandy DeRyke's business.

Photograph by Vicki Thompson

Almaden businesswoman turns to feng shui expert to bring success to the workplace

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5 Steps to Feng Shui Your Office
There is a growing trend of businesses seeking feng shui consult and home buyers seriously taking feng shui factors like the unit number of the residence into consideration before purchasing. The New York Times reports an increasing number of real estate brokers who are coming to realize the importance of feng shui to their clients. I found this so fascinating that I decided to ask Marina Lighthouse, a successful feng shui consultant, to see what SavvySugar readers can do to improve their feng shui on a smaller scale.

•Add a plant — “Having a plant around you will promote and support life force or chi, just as long as it’s not spiky. Spiky plants look like swords so when you subconsciously walk by them, our natural reaction as human beings is to step back.”
•Evaluate past energy — “The predecessor chi or the energy of the environment is very important. For example, if you're going to take the desk of someone that just got fired, you definitely need to adjust the feng shui of that area or you could get fired because that’s the energy of the spot."
•See what's behind you — "To put your mind or psyche at ease, put a mirror [in front of you] so you can see whatever is going on behind you." For example, if your desk is facing the wall, consider hanging a small mirror on the wall to be able to see what's happening in the background.
•Splash some red — Place a red object in the area directly across from the entrance — it can be the entrance to the office, the room or even to your cubicle. "This will help increase your work reputation in the company because the color red is associated with fame. It will give you a boost everytime you walk into office."
•Tidy your desk — "Make sure that there is at least one surface that you can bring your mind to rest on, so don’t have clutter. Leave a space somewhere so mind can come to rest on it while you are working."
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