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The art of Feng Shui is a 5000 year old tradition based on the concept that everything is made up of energy called Chi. When Chi in an environment is blocked or stagnated, it can disrupt the lives of the occupants. Feng Shui endeavors to arrange our environment so that it is in harmony with the flow of Chi. The purpose is to create a happy family life, improve prosperity and wealth, bring helpful people into our lives, maintain good health, bring blessings to our children, increase knowledge and fame, bring promotion and success to our work, and keep relationships and marriages harmonious.

In my years as a practitioner, I have done thousands of consultations for people of all different walks of life. Consultations with clients are always confidential. Feng Shui can help a client achieve overall improvement in his or her life, or accomplish specific personal or business goals. Feng Shui can be applied to an area of any size, whether it be a small studio apartment or a large house. It is also applicable to office, retail and commercial spaces. A typical consultation is as follows:

  • I discuss the concerns and goals of the client.
  • Client takes me on a “tour” of their location.
  • I consider visible and invisible factors.
  • I survey the interior space for such factors as furniture arrangement, colors, brightness, and positions of staircases, doors, pillars, columns, and posts.
  • I consider exterior factors such as roads and streets, position of trees, roof shape, vegetation, neighborhood, and electromagnetic fields.
  • After surveying the property, I will take the client on a “tour” of his or her location, discussing areas that need adjustments and providing the appropriate remedies.
  • I suggest remedies that are aesthetically appropriate and tailored specifically for the client.

Lectures and Classes

I offer a variety of workshops and classes on Feng Shui. I have given workshops to real estate companies, women’s clubs, libraries, bookstores, and corporations. I have also given lectures at local community colleges and at the University of California Berkeley. To arrange a hosting of one of my workshops, please contact me or visit the events page to view upcoming scheduled events.

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