Monthly Horoscope

Rabbit Month in the Year of the Dog

We are now entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Rabbit, while the animal governing the year is the Dog. Rabbit and Dog are best friends. Professor would say that when Rabbit meets Dog, the path to wealth becomes apparent. Although even best friends can get fussy with one another once in a while, one would hope that this month’s combination will bring some good news or a breakthrough of sorts in the currently challenging world situation. Rabbit energy rewards hard work, and the Dog loves that. During this very active month, be sure to take some time out to tend to personal health. In support of this intention, you could place a basket of apples around home or office. Not only beautiful and a satisfying, nutritious snack, this wonderful fruit is also a Chinese idiom for health and safety. Why, even in the West we have that saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Monthly Quote – A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself – Josh Billings

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Year of the Dog in the Month of the Rabbit 

Rat – Love is highlighted. Your current relationship will grow stronger, and friendships will deepen. Also, if there’s a relationship that is challenging you, don’t give up. This month, be sure to look closely at, and pay attention to details. It will be in the details and not in the broad strokes that you’ll find the essence of what you’re looking for. This is not a time for grand gestures. Nibbling away at situations and projects (whether at home or at work) is the way to go. Artistic expression will help you relax and enjoy yourself; using your hands will put you in a great place for success in all aspects of your life.

Ox –This month it is important for you to clear energies in your home, office, or vehicle. Get out the Feng Shui books and adjust your environment with scent, color, or music. You’ll want to avoid situations, people, or places with harsh energy. Be sure to pay attention to your dreams – both the ones you have at night and the ones you are envisioning in your future. Do any extra activities that make you happy. Through joy you will heal.

Tiger – Now that Dog year is here, things will start moving. Events that seemed to be on hold will require your attention now. Try and review details best you can; Tigers are quick minded and you’ll be able to grasp what you’re supposed to do. Confidence and courage will get a boost. Expect sudden shifts in circumstances – change is imminent, don’t resist. Remember to stay on the path of joy, and brilliant ideas will hit you like bolts of lightning.

Rabbit – The dog year has you off to a running start; there are a lot of things to do but you must be organized first. Get your plans set, and then roll up your sleeves and harvest the carrots from your garden. This month there’ll be many helpful people around you, and loyal friends are going to have a starring role in the weeks ahead. The universe is set and ready to help your endeavors, Rabbit, so you’ll see the big picture. Writing things down is good – get out a pad of paper or your laptop start journaling, or write an article. That’s what will get you hippity-hopping down the bunny trail.

Dragon – A male, whether husband, brother, father or son – will play a key role in the month ahead. Since this is an oppositional year for Dragon, what better way to turn the energy around than to forgive people with whom you’ve disagreed, or who’ve you hurt in past? Find a way to free yourself from thoughts of blame or bitterness, whether your antagonist is still here in body or not. Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping is a book that is an excellent resource. Being generous and presenting gifts to others will also greatly benefit you. Pay attention to how you treat people. Be mindful of how they’re perceived – for instance, if you see people as “poor” help them to change that by visualizing they’ll be successful or more abundant.

Snake – Set your priorities. If this means you need to get to bed earlier rather than later, make it happen. Work on projects near and dear to your heart, even if you don’t know exactly what to do or are experiencing discomfort or anxiety around it. Forge ahead anyway – your priorities need to be front and center. Let go of perfectionism and say no to anything that would divert you from your path. A new emotional experience coming your way may make your heart flutter. This could happen within your current relationship, or if you’re single with someone new. Keep your heart open.

Horse – Life is revving up for the horse to gallop, and this is a reminder to keep career and home life balanced. Spend time each day in a mindful effort to work on this, no matter which side it is that needs to be reigned in versus nurtured. Play could be a much-needed requirement – unless of course you play so much that you need to work more. Striking the right balance will lift your spirit and increase your motivation and morale. You’re ready to learn new skills. Either someone is coming into your life, (or maybe it’s you) who will be more creative, enthusiastic, and fascinated by life itself! Notice synchronicity as it makes an appearance in your days. Like-minded people will be attracted to your mind and intentions; you will have help in your endeavors.

Goat – Teacher is the key word here. You’ve learned a lot from a recent experience, now it’s time to pass this knowledge on to others. You have opportunities for spiritual grown by sharing important life lessons with others. Look to see what blessings a difficult situation has brought forth into your life. An endeavor you’ve been working on will bring positive recognition. Be open and honest, knowing that those surrounding you can be trusted. Unexpected opportunities await you but choose well. Do not try to do too many things at once.

Monkey –The stage is set and the world is waiting for you to take your place for the performance of a lifetime. A situation is going to require emotional maturity and trust – surround yourself with only people you who have the purist intentions and upon whom you can rarely with utter trust. When any kind of interference arises – the best path to take is the one to peace – chose that, Monkey. Meditations and Yoga can help with this, there’s always a peaceful alternative to conflict. Look at all things around you with reverence. This can help shift your consciousness.

Rooster – The Rabbit month is an oppositional one for the Rooster. This is a great time for self-cultivation and self-nurture. You’ve given a lot of yourself lately and now it’s time to give something back to you. Take care of your body by detoxifying, getting enough exercise, and sleeping. This will bring more energy and abundance into your world. Give special attention to the children in your life as well as your own inner child. Open your heart. Allow love to grow and blossom all around you. An emotionally fulfilling experience awaits you. Claim your good, and never settle for less. Stay true to yourself first and foremost.

Dog – You have courage and kindness flowing though your veins yet you may tend to underestimate how strong and powerful you are. Stand strong in your convictions, even if the right answer to someone has to be “no”. Stop pushing and trying to force things to happen. Let go of the struggle of anger; trust that the universe is on your side. The moon cycle will play a key role in the month ahead, bringing the right rhythm and timing and calmness. Breathe in the full moon’s light deeply, exhale and capture that inner stillness you’ll need as the year proceeds. Pay attention to your dreams.

Pig – You need to find the blessing in whatever situation is bothering you. When you project or become angry or hostile you set up energy blocks that only fester and stagnate. In contrast, if you can examine what the situation is showing you about how you react to things, you’ll find an unrecognized blessing there that will actually accelerate your success. Use positive affirmations that the situation is resolving easily and quickly – then it WILL resolve and you can breather a sigh of relief. Divine guidance is there whispering in your ear. Listen and all will be well in your life.