Monthly Horoscope

Dragon Month in the Year of the Dog
We’re now entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Dragon, while the animal governing the year is the Dog. When the Dog is combined with the Dragon, they have divergent ideas. One is easy going and the other is outgoing! Their relationship is in direct opposition, and such a configuration means that problems may arise. The Dog and Dragon have difficulty understanding one another’s motivations and so troubles may ensue due to the differing opinions of strong minds. This will likely affect the current political climate, guaranteeing that there will be many disappointed people know matter which side they’re on, and they will be vocal about it. Both sides are very loyal and will fight to protect their loved ones and family. Let us all make an concerted effort to help to smooth the chi to help them get along.

Monthly quote – “Our guidance is wise and clear – the still small voice speaks to you quietly, but you can hear it. Listen and you will be led.” – Julia Cameron

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Year of the Dog  – Month in the Dragon

Rat – If you’ve been feeling as though your way is blocked, know that this is only an illusion. Choose a different path. Turn your thoughts away from negativity, and instead envision the endless other options you may act upon. Trust in the possibilities, use strategy like a chess player. Let your spirit choose your muse; follow your bliss and receive the inspired messages delivered to you by your inner being. If you have any crystals in your environment, now is the time to clean them for beneficial effect.

Ox – This month is kind of like a blank slate – there are no real answers at this time, you just have to let things sit. There is a great creative potential here, but now is not the time for action, it’s time for absorption. If you feel as though you’ve been drawing a blank, know that there are divine energies around always ready to heal and comfort. If you’ve been sad, know that this feeling will fade a way in time. Forgive yourself and others so you can heal and face the future. Always remember to choose peace – there’s are always peaceful alternatives to conflict.

Tiger – We don’t often think of a Tiger as taking pen to paper, but now is the time to do just that. Time to write, and journal, and get your creative ya yas out. Don’t worry about grammar of punctuation, you can go back and work on it later. For now, just let thoughts and ideas flow. Keeping a journal will be excellent. In it, write down intentions, goals, and inspirational messages to yourself that will refine your life’s purpose. You already know the answers so let the infinite resources that come with the Dog year clean the slate and help you to start anew. You may be called to be a spokesperson – go for it.

Rabbit – Life is wonderful! Your hard work and dedication is going to pay off. Take time to reflect and enjoy in quiet moments. Feel free to buy yourself a small, luxurious gift – give yourself a treat. Be sure to pay attention to details in your career. There’s an area in your life where you may be experiencing a challenge or have stagnation. The way to get out of that is by drinking a lot of water. You’ll be able to flush the unhelpful chi. If you’ve been experience symptoms of irritability, fatigue, or lack of concentration, you could be dehydrated – water will fix that. In any case, the strong message here is to activate your water element and so strengthen your well being in the month ahead.

Dragon – You have helpful people around you this month. You may receive an award or promotion – certainly some kind of success. It’s time to update your appearance or face to the world. An easy way to do this is to update your social media profile. This will keep you front and center for maximum opportunity. Something or someone who has been making you frustrated or blocked needs you to let go. Stop the struggle. Anger or anxiety around the person or situation is not helpful. Let go of judgment or arguments around a long-term hurt. Find compassion for everyone involve in the situation. Your life will be better for it.

Snake – You can do it! You are qualified and have already taken the first steps toward desired outcome. If you haven’t already, now is the time to make your move. Now is the time to act without hesitation. Just do it! You’re considered valuable If needed, break big goals into smaller tasks and take little steps along the way. You’re on the right path. You have free will. Take control; you have the ability and the authority to make great strides. Remember to let go and release the past you so can fly higher than you ever have before!

Horse – There’s power in diversity. By blending your ideas with those of other people you can come up with magnificent solutions to challenges. Find an aspect of a situation that everyone can agree on. Keep your mind open to compromise, and then seek a balanced approach. Be in the moment and have awareness and a mindfulness regarding what is inside and outside of yourself. Balance your career and your home life; adjusting for whichever way it’s out of balance. Take the time to do this and you’ll rapidly shift your energy into positive directions.

Goat – Time to detach from the drama. Who are you allowing yourself to be pulled off center by? Don’t get sucked into other people’s character plots twists and turns and drama. View it as you would a movie and stay detached. This can also be a reminder to let go of trying to make everyone be happy. Each individual makes their own choice. Watch your speech. False speech and gossip are never good. Nor is covering up for some one who hasn’t done the right thing. Be tough. Have courage, and dare to dream no mater what the present circumstance. Sometimes dry spells are tests of faith and courage. Stay strong, and watch miracles manifest.

Monkey – You are a wonderful loving person, and the universe wants you to enjoy your life and have more fun. Place your intentions on your creative projects; remember that you are always co-creating with the Divine. Open yourself to the vein of creativity that courses through you. Review the male influences in your life whether father, husband, brother, or son. Put special energy toward them. I f you are in need of healing a relationship on the masculine forefront, do so. Even if they’re on the other side, you can always forgive and let go. Choosing to do this will have a beneficial effect in your life, and will help you balance the feminine and masculine energies within.

Rooster – There’s no pat answer at this time for a situation you’ve become involved in. You need to let it sit. The time is not right – like a flower or a plant that can’t be forced to bloom. Keyword at this time is trust. Keep pure in your motivations so you’re all about love and service. This is how you can elevate the energy around a situation. Even if you have no evidence of it YET, your prayers are being answered. You’re on the right path. Trust your intuition. You’re strong and powerful and you WILL solve the problem. Stand strong in your convictions, even if the right answer to give to someone is no.

Dog – It’s time. The universe is asking you to make an important decision you’ve been putting off. It is likely that you already know what decision you need to make, but you’re procrastinating so as not to upset others who may be involved. Meditate, ask for guidance, be fair, and then make the choice that celebrates and exemplifies who you really are, the choice that corresponds to your true self. Get in touch with masculine self-energy. Also, be more physical, logical, and analytical at this time. Find the humor in the situation. Enjoy a good laugh and heal through the power of joy and happiness.

Pig – The Pig is considered on of the more lucky animals in this system, and the universe provides them with many blessings. Be proud of your family, and the children that are in the family, but remember that you need to stay focused. Don’t get sidetracked by dramas or relationships, or by other’s demands. Be assertive when it comes to guarding your time. Detoxify. A diet helps you keep clear and focused. There’s a metaphor of a lighthouse. Alight will be shed on what’s been concealed within your situation. This is a time to wait for more to be revealed – beware of moving too quickly in the dark, as you might trip and have to start again.