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Year of the Dog – Month of the Rat

Rat Month in the Year of the Dog
We are entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Rat, while the governing animal for the year is the Dog. Though the Rat and the Dog have many personality differences – Rat is shrewd and cunning while Dog is righteous and protective – curiously enough, Rat and Dog are very supportive of one another and have great potential for a wonderful relationship. This should be a practical and resourceful month during which more philosophical and humanitarian issues are the focus of the global news. Now is an excellent time to communicate your thoughts and ideas and to be outspoken against injustice. This is a great time to be organized and to be guided by logic.

Monthly Quote – “Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.” Attributed to Buddha

Rat – With the holidays happening all around you, it’s time to activate the heart of your home. Create a well-defined pathway from entrance to heart, using rugs furniture, or lighting. Create fun themed meals or game nights, so friends and family can gather together and strengthen the area for the New Year. At work, it’s time to trust and to strategize. There will be much activity. Follow your instincts and have some fun.

Ox – In nature the world is rarely silent. Birds sing, and squawk, leaves rustle, and bees buzz. In our homes we also need distinctive sounds, and also soothing ones to help buffer from the intrusive noises outside. Play soft background music, add a wind chime, a trickling fountain, or perhaps remove a rug so footsteps can be heard. Regarding your living room or family room – if one of them has a TV, be sure that you create a quiet, reflective, reading and relaxing space.

Tiger – You may feel your life has been go, go, go! It’s likely you’re on the phone way too much, or the pursuit of entertainment has taken over. It’s time to decrease your fire element. You can do this by introducing the element of earth. Earth tones, the color yellow, and square shapes re helpful in this regard. Or you might add the water element, such as the colors blue or black, wavy patterns, fountains, or fish tanks. Check to see your tendencies when it comes to viewing other people. Examine whether you see your differences more, or if you are able to focus on what you have in common with them.

Rabbit – Sometimes you may feel as though your way is blocked, but often that is just an illusion and you can free yourself by choosing a different path. Turn your thoughts away from negativity, and instead visualize what other things you may act upon. To help you with your vision for the future, adjust your fame area. Do this by sitting in commanding position and use pictures of what your heart desires (whether that means photos or a dream board). Expect a surprise or a paradigm shift once this has been activated.

Dragon – The Dragon occupies the South East direction, and now is the time to activate that area and your wealth corner, which is located far left from the entryway of a home, office or room. Adjust the areas with strong chi, such as mirrors or electric devices. Display images reflecting prosperity or strength. Experience a celebration in your life or a fun activity. A joyful experience awaits you.

Snake – Expect a surprise, there could be a sudden shift in your circumstances. Change is imminent, don’t resist. You know you are a unique person, and are able to envision amazing possibilities. Look at your living or family room and implement changes that will make it more receptive to fun and entertainment. Remember: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” and “True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one’s self.” J. Addison

Horse – Feeling a little disorganized? If so, you may find it difficult to sort out what you need to hold on to and what you need to relinquish. Clutter may dominate your home. If you find advice from others confusing, trust your inner wisdom. Utilize the metal element by activating mirrors or round shapes to help cut through disorganization. Through perseverance you will succeed. If there are people who take from you but don’t give back, bless them and release them from your life.

Goat – There’s entertaining in your future, so take a look at your living room and family room. Make some adjustments so you can have an area for fun activities, and also make sure there’s a calm area where you or others can sit and contemplate. There’s a lot of love surrounding you. If you need help with projects break them into small steps, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Monkey – Activate your career area. You can do this by hanging a crystal in your entrance. Make sure there is no interrupted flow to rooms in your house. Define a pathway by using furniture, rugs, or plants. You have great courage and kindness, and give compassion freely. Don’t forget to give yourself those things! Tell someone no, even if you don’t like saying no. Stand strong in your convictions.

Rooster – In the flying star system, during this past year the center was a very important area to adjust. Be sure to adjust it now again and see that it’s well defined in your spaces. You should experience some material wealth and prosperity. Romance blooms. Write a love letter, or give gifts of flowers. Someone new is coming in who is romantic, or your current relationship could be rekindled. Viva l’amor!

Dog – As the year closes, you’ll find yourself in harmony with others, and love blooms within your family and friends. By offering forgiveness, kindness, and understanding, you’re rewarded with unconditional love. This is making you one happy pooch. If you’re thinking of a new project, break it into small steps, and ask for help if needed. Assistance is readily available. Create strong centers in yourself and environment so that you will feel grounded and secure.

Pig – There could be some unexpected surprises. Expect wonderful news regarding career, new job, promotion, or acceptance at school is coming into your life. A new friend will surface who will be fun and oftentimes mischievous – this will bring out your youthfulness and cleverness. As a backbone to all these new changes, stay secure in your routines. This will bring a higher expression of peace into your life.