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Happy New Year!
Year of the Dog in the Tiger Month

Happy New Year! Welcome Earth Dog! 

The Dog year is ushered in by the Tiger month, bringing with it a harmonious combination. The Dog and the Tiger, along with the Horse, combine to create a three-harmony relationship.  Check out the Feng Shui tips included in this month’s predictions. They’re specifically tailored to each zodiac animal and will help you start your year off on the right… paw…or scale…or wing.

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Monthly Quote – “One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world.”  Attributed to Buddha

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Month of the Tiger in the Year of the Dog

By Marina Lighthouse and Kristin Clark

Rat – The Rat has a good affiliation with the Dog. Even so, now is the time for Rats to adjust their relationship area, which is located in the upper-right corner away from the entryway. You can adjust here by creating a conversation area for two, placing objects in pairs, or adding a picture of the person you’re in a relationship with. If single, a picture of a person you’d like to be with could go here. You could also make this corner more sensual by placing flowers, or candles, or diffusing essential oils here. There are helpful people around you; take notice. Open up to their presence and the opportunities they may be offering. The New Year favors expressing yourself artistically. Play an instrument, listen to music, sing, write, take photos – whatever it is you like to do. Enjoy yourself in artistic pursuits. This will set the New Year in motion in a very auspicious manner!

Ox – It’s time for Oxen to pay attention to their water element or flow. If you have any trepidation about moving into the New Year, reinforcing your water element will help. This can be done by featuring the colors blue and black, or adding wavy and flowing shapes to your decor. Install a water feature such as a tabletop fountain or a fish tank. Artwork depicting a water scene would also be good. Use this element in its highest expression. This is the time for you to go within. Get in touch with your intuitive power; many wonderful insights await you. Take time to reflect on your dreams, goals, and desires through meditation. This is not the time to take action. Be patient and cultivate yourself now for later reward. This is the way to go into the New Year!

Tiger – Wonderful news is on the way! It could be the announcement of an engagement, a pregnancy, birth, or graduation.  The news heralds new beginnings or the successful completion of something. Persistence pays off – stick with it. Work on your goals and think positively. Visualize your dreams already manifested. It would be great for Tigers to do an adjustment to living or family room, whichever is inhabited more. If your entertainment is in the most-lived-in room, make sure it doesn’t dominate it. Create two sitting areas if you can, one yang with the TV, and one more comfy for positive yin relaxation. A little of each will get your New Year off to a great start!

Rabbit – Okay, Superstar! You are now the auspicious life force of the year of the Dog. Relationships play a big part in this time for you. If you haven’t yet found your soul mate, they could be around the next corner. If you already have a sweetheart, your relationship and love will deepen. Keep your heart open and remain positive so you can attract the right person, the person who’s right for you. You’re a real asset to your family. Mutual trust is developing and there’s also respect. In Feng Shui terms, look at your kitchen or eating area. Be sure to start off with décor that is bright and happy, with images that make you smile. Playing music here will increase positive chi. This is a great way to welcome in the New Year!

Dragon – Dragon has an oppositional relationship with Dog. Be willing to stand up for yourself, but also always consider the other person’s point of view if you’re having a difference of opinion. If someone’s bringing drama into your life, you can always excuse yourself. Though Dog year might prove challenging, create a space within your home where you can close the door and meditate. From a  Feng Shui perspective you need to do this. Creating a boundary or putting up a do not disturb sign will help you to keep your self from distraction. Care for “your” space; keep the area clutter-free and make your haven cushy and comfy.  Utilize mats or soft rugs, gentle music, and spiritual, meaningful icons. This will help create a sanctuary for yourself within your home and will enable you to carry a sense of calm protection out into the world with you. This will be great way to meet the New Year.

Snake – The Dog year can be used to spiritually cultivate yourself so you can be more in tune with your life flow. From a  Feng Shui perspective, it’s time to look at your knowledge area. This is located in the left corner nearest to the room’s entrance. By activating this area you’ll be able to employ wise resources in your daily life. To enhance the chi here you can add mirrors, plants, a fountain, bookcases containing your favorite books, or spiritual icons that represent wisdom to you. Begin the year by rereading a favorite book that contains wisdom that has had a positive influence over you. Taking this time to reflect upon your dreams and desires will help your New Year get off on the right note.

Horse – The Horse and the Dog are the best of friends, so you can feel safe. This is a time of abundance, but also a time to reflect on your relationship with money; are you spending too freely? Or are you clutching it too tightly? Is your heart open, or are you holding back? Once you can reset your tendencies, you can make a move or a change and know your wishes will be heard and answered. You have positive support. If there’s anyone you need to make peace with, do so now. Accept another’s apology and find humor in the situation and you will have a great start out the gate. Water is associated with career and prosperity. Emphasizing the colors blue or black and/or using mirrors, images of water, and round shapes in your décor will help you to move forward on a creative project. Enjoy galloping into the New Year!

Goat – The Goat has an interesting relationship with the Dog in that the Dog can sometimes nip at the Goat’s heels to get it going. A positive approach would be to make a game plan for the year, even if you don’t feel like you have the time to do so. Follow your instincts and remember to have fun. A person who is self assured, capable, and enthusiastic is coming to your side to help you. Approach life with persistence. At this time, if you procrastinate on things the Dog will certainly nip at your heels. From a Feng Shui perspective, check out the overall placement of your home to see where it might need an adjustment. Say your house is at a T intersection, or it’s hard to see your front door from the street. If you find this to be the case, then make adjustments so you can have a steady and positive flow of chi in this New Year.

Monkey – It’s time to get into the heart of your home. Hint – it’s where people naturally congregate, whether that’s the family room or the kitchen. If your home doesn’t have a “heart”, it’s time to create one and reinforce this area. Create a well-defined pathway to the spot. This could be done with runner rugs, furniture placement, lighting, or pictures that reflect a shared experience of everyone living in the home. Reinforce that this the heart of your home by having regular meals or game nights in the area – emphasize good times here. Create meaningful rituals that include everyone and have FUN. By bringing harmony to your family, you will be offering understanding forgiveness and kindness. The reward? Unconditional love. This will be a great way to bring in the energy of the New Year!

Rooster – The Dog and the Rooster have a confrontational relationship with one another. The story goes that the Rooster jumped ahead of the Dog when the sequence of animals to create the zodiac was being formed. Let’s change that energy by focusing on win-win solutions for any kind of adversity. Start by focusing attention on the aspects of a situation that everyone can agree on, and then opening your minds to working together. Stay balanced and maintain a moderate approach. You can use positive affirmations to lift energy. This is a good time to start an exercise program. A brother or brotherly figure could play prominently in the year ahead. Adjust your relationship area to attract a loving relationship or strengthen the one you have. See the Rat’s prediction for tips on where and how to do this. Focusing on positive cooperation is a wonderful way to go into the New Year.

Dog – You’re in the spotlight. It’s time to review and contemplate your accomplishments with pride! Now is the time to decide what’s next. As you contemplate this you’ll gain clarity about your divine purpose. Be real. If you want to have or adopt a baby, or if you’re thinking about it, now is a good time to start, as it’s a fertile time. From a Feng Shui perspective, connect to the sacred by designating a sanctuary area where negative energy is not allowed and only happy interactions can take place. Create an altar or enact meaningful rituals that express gratitude. When you bathe, visualize that you’re cleansing not just body, but mind and spirit. Show gratitude and life will bestow you with blessings. This will get your New Year off to a running start.

Pig – Choose the path to peace. In situations that have you considering your options or possible outcomes, choose the one that gives the greatest sense of ease to your body and mind. That will be your true answer. If there’s a path that seemed like the right one but is now giving you challenges, choose peace so you can get back on track. Avoid negative people who drain you or bring you into their drama. Focus on the words, “I wonder how?” rather than “I really need.” Need creates worry and pushes away meaningful coincidences and connections. Ask yourself which worrisome thoughts can be replaced with wondering thoughts? An adjustment to your knowledge corner will help you to adjust yourself so you can receive the most positive beneficial outcome in the year of the Dog. Doing this is the way to start off the New Year right.