Monthly Horoscope

Monkey Month in the Dog Year

We are entering a new lunar cycle – that of the Monkey, while the animal that governs the year is the Dog. The Dog and the Monkey have a compatible relationship. Though their principles in life differ, both signs are thought of as having energetic personalities, and loving stimulating experiences and new adventures. This is a great time for everyone to review healthy habits, and focus on their well being in preparation for autumn and the coming metal element season.  Enjoy this time of plenty by eating naturally healthy foods. Create balance in overall health by nurturing body, mind, and spirit.

Monthly Quote – “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” Attributed to Buddha

Rat – You may have felt restricted by some circumstances that you found yourself in. Know that this is just an illusion. If you’re stuck in a situation that you feel is making you unhappy, promise yourself that you will get yourself out of it. Don’t wait for someone else to rescue you.  You can do it. Take action without hesitation or procrastination. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of accomplishing your goals. Don’t let apathy in either! You are considered a valuable and beloved person. This is the time to adjust the East using the color Blue.

Ox – You’ve worked hard for the things you cherish in your life. The Divine is looking after you and your treasures. Be aware that you need to keep your energy shield up and clear. Clear your shield through meditation and a cleansing ritual. You’ve recently absorbed some harsh or toxic energy from other people and you need to protect yourself from future intrusions. Crystals and pendants and Pi Xus can act as a buffer in this situation. Stay clear of toxic substances, and focus your thoughts on the positive.

Tiger – Things are going to start moving very fast. Events that seemed to be on hold are suddenly moving again. Don’ sit on the sidelines and wonder what happened – just get up and get going! Find out details later. A quick-minded, courageous person may be coming into your life shortly. You’re free of outmoded conventions and your courage will inspire others. Send healing energy to your masculine self and to males in your life: father, husband, brother, son. You’ll heal this energy in yourself and thus will achieve forward motion, taking great strides as you go.

Rabbit – Send healing energy to your masculine self and to those who are male in your life: father, husband, brother, son. You’ll heal masculine energy in yourself and be able to move forward with great strides. So many opportunities are sent to Rabbit – this is a great time to remember to make a plan first. Once you’ve done that then get busy! Follow your instincts and have some fun. Watch your peach blossom energy lest you get involved in some lusty entanglement. Be discriminate, and show true mindful compassion.

Dragon – You’ve been waiting on an emotionally fulfilling experience for a long time – it’s coming. Listen to the voices in your heart. You’re in an emotional freefall and you’re realizing you’re capable of it because you know you don’t need to hang on to anything. You’ll spread your great wings and fly over your present difficulties and experience freedom. Take a break so you can think clearly about your true desires and available options. Say yes to freedom, and the Divine will say yes to you!

Snake – To get the most out of this month clean your windows and mirrors. If you have crystals, give them a salt bath, let them sit in the sun and then re-hang them on an auspicious day at an auspicious time. You’re ready to manifest your dreams; there’s no additional prep needed. Take first steps toward the life you desire. Notice signs that will guide you in the right direction. Also, you need to remember the boundaries between unbridled passion and the higher self. Be cautious of getting into a lustful entanglement.

Horse – So why are you working so hard? You need to find a healthy balance between career and personal life. Ask for help to lighten your load. If you’re straining yourself to keep others happy it’s not beneficial for you. Drink lots of fresh water. This will help you to develop insight into a flow of emotions, some angry, that come to the surface. This month’s final message to you is the same as the first, indicating that you really need to work on balancing your career and home life. You know which one is out of balance, too much work, or too much play. Make an effort to focus on whichever side is the challenge and bring it back to alignment.

Goat – There is a flow of prosperity heading to the Goat. Tap into your manifesting power by focusing on abundance instead of worry. If you’ve been anxious or worried about money, practice visualizing yourself achieving the aforementioned abundance and prosperity. Get busy; follow your instincts and have fun. A self-assured and capable and enthusiastic person with a great smile is headed your way. Stay open and be ready to receive them. This is a time for you to adjust the North sector. (HYPERLINK)

Monkey – It’s time to adjust the North in your house and your office with metal objects. (HYPERLINK) Once you’ve done this, find the blessing in your current situation. By doing that you’ll start resonating with a supportive healing energy, instead festering with problems that could grow worse. Use positive affirmations. Know that the situation is resolving itself perfectly as long as you don’t stay mired in the negative. You can heal through the power of gratitude n forgiveness. If you’re asked to travel, this is a great time to do it. Go with confidence.

Rooster – Difficult people are often thought of in Buddhist teaching as true gifts and teachers. They’re there to show you a facet of your nature that needs to be addressed or refined. Consider this an opportunity and a gift. If someone has made you worried, use positive affirmations. Don’t put your energy negatively into the situation as it will just put you in a loop of thoughts and feeling that might be hard to get out of. Make a promise to yourself to refuse to be stuck in a situation that’s making you unhappy. Rescue yourself so you can be free.

Dog – There’s a lot going on right now, and you may feel overwhelmed. Or, you may even kind of enjoy the busyness of it, but know you have to balance your career and home life to keep things moving as they should. If life feels challenging, take the time to show gratitude for the many wonderful opportunities before you. The highest Wisdom is often the simplest; patience means everything. Help others around you to calm down and enjoy life. Travel is favored this month.

Pig –– There’s a successful completion and you’re going to feel a real sense of accomplishment. You’re justified in your good feeling because you’ve don an amazing job! Soon you’ll be on a new journey, career or personal life. Know that you’re on your way.  Be sure to bask in the happiness of your life. Take time to balance both your home life and your career. Have party or celebration and let go, as you set upon a new beginning.