Monthly Horoscope


YEAR OF THE DOG – MONTH OF THE SNAKE – We’re entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Snake, while the animal governing the year is the Dog. Together they are compatible; one calms the other’s insecurities without either surrendering their individualism. There’s a strong possibility for a new, extraordinary relationship to begin, whether it is romantic, friendly, or businesslike in nature. Helpful people will make themselves available, allowing new careers to develop, and contributions to be noticed. It’s a good month for recognition and reaping rewards. Let’s try to enjoy life and take time to smile, laugh, and feel contentment.

Quote of the month- ”Bold one, I admire your daring. As you leap, I am the net, ever ready to catch you.” – Julia Cameron.

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Snake Month in the Year of the Dog 
Rat – There seem to be too many details hidden from you in your present circumstance for you to move forward at this time. Wait for the things to be revealed. If you lack knowledge or clarity to proceed, educate yourself before moving forward, otherwise you could trip and fall, and then you’d have to start all over again. Also, it’s time to check your ‘tude! If you’re feeling pessimistic, you’re imposing limitations on yourself. Eliminate patterns of anticipating the worst possible outcome. Let the element of water move through your current circumstance. You can activate this element by wearing blue and black more frequently, and incorporating wavy patterns, installing a water feature such as a fountain.

Ox – Focus on the heart of your home. Where is it in your environment? Usually it’s where people naturally congregate, the kitchen or the family room. Create well-defined pathways to it by adding rug runners, or focusing on furniture placement. Ask friends and family to gather for a lighthearted get together; a fun, themed meal or a game night. This will bring you much joy. If you can open your heart to the flow of joy always around you, it will be contagious bringing happiness and overall well-being. Stay in the natural movement of chi flow. Let go and go with the flow.

Tiger – It’s time to step back. Stand across the street from house, business, or office and do an overall scan of what is going on in Feng Shui terms. If you’re front door is hard to find, place a distinguishing ornament, or some wind chimes; something that will draw attention. Remove old filters, and welcome a fresh perspective. Have compassion in your hearts for others. By doing this, you’ll heal yourself even as you are bringing others a blessing. If you’ve been experiencing inner conflict around a morality issue, it’s time to change directions. Make a decision to serve your highest intentions and go that direction. Go toward the greater good; the thing you choose is the one that will win. Choose righteousness and the rewards will be great.

Rabbit – Rabbits will experience life through eyes of beauty. See your world through them. Perception is everything; the old half empty, half full glass can be perceived so differently. Move forward through conviction. By expecting to see beauty you’ll attract positive experiences. Keep expectations good. Beware of isolation. Release your past for the highest good. Seek oneness with the universe and allow Spirit to heal you in its arms. A good adjustment at this time would be to increase your wood element. Bring in the color green, and introduce plants or nature scenes. Release fears that have held you back from positive growth, and allow wood’s vitality to strengthen your overall being.

Dragon – The Dragon stands protected at this time. No matter who sends you criticism or jealousy, it won’t hurt you. There is an impenetrable shield around you. Fortify this by setting healthy boundaries. Know where yours ends and another’s begins. Be empathetic, but know that other’s emotions are not yours. Create healthy self-esteem and the world will open to you. This is a great time to adjust your fame area, located at the opposite wall of where a room opens. Create a focal point there. You’ve learned from the lessons of the past to create the best, most positive future.

Snake – Everything has a natural rhythm, and a base, and is in tune with nature and her rhythms. Trust that the natural course of events will unfold, and that success is assured. Timing is everything to manifesting in perfect form. All that said, this is a good time of new beginnings. Activate your helpful people area, located to the nearest right corner of the entrance. It can also be called the welcoming area, as it is a place that usually greets us as we first walk into a home or office. Make sure people feel comfortable. You can include inspirational art and images. Focus on this place, which will mirror you welcoming yourself into the next stage.

Horse – It’s time to get in tune, to see the big picture. Call out and the universe will come to your aid. There’s a transmutation of energy, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Every aspect of your former self is tuned in to a new frequency and a new reality. These metamorphoses will restore your creativity. From a Feng Shui perspective, examine your living room or family room. Don’t allow your TV to dominate your space. Create sitting areas of quiet corners. Work on your colors, lighting, and flow. Playing music in this area is a great way to balance too much activity. TVs can brig extreme energy into a space, mellow it out with music. Feng Shui Tune Up will do the trick! Get groovy, Horsey.

Goat – After the rainstorm you’ve endured on your journey, a reward is awaiting you. Your hard work will be compensated. When you align your energy with the spirit of giving, you put yourself in the alignment of getting it back. It’s karma, Baby! Show compassion to others. When you open your heart to compassion, a high frequency of love will fill you and your proverbial cup will runneth over. Follow your bliss, and know that perseverance pays off. Be sure your home beats with a strong heart otherwise people who live there will feel disconnected. Create a strong place where you can enjoy meals or fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Include photos of shared experiences belonging to all those living in the home so everyone will feel united.

Monkey – Lucky Monkey! You’ve recently discovered a new path or a new way of being, and the universe is giving you a high five – telling you that you’re in sync with what’s going on around you. Align yourself with abundance, this will create an environment that will fulfill your highest intentions. Nurture yourself with self-love, respect, and acceptance. Take responsibility for your actions. There is a restoration and a positive, fair resolution to a dispute.

Rooster – Rooster is in alignment with Snake. Even though it’s a Tai Sway year for you Rooster, you’ll have a break from what the year has been offering you. Your world could be filled with beauty and inspirations, your heart ascending to a divine purpose and a confidence in your vision. You have strong self-esteem and it is wise, as Roosters know, to take small steps and ask for help along the way. Many friends are there, offering helping hands and support. There’s a positive synchronicity, which is engaged when you request assistance.

Dog – A project will come to fruition, and that’s all positive and good – and there is also an undercurrent of needing to acquire more knowledge, because there could be a shadow side that you’re not seeing. Ask a friend to help you shed light on what’s concealed. You need to wait to have more clarity so you’re able to discern what is revealed. You need to dig deeper, gain strength, and have the courage to ask somebody in the know to shed light on your circumstance. The wood element plays a key role in the time ahead. If you feel agitated, irritable, or angry with no apparent reason, or you have too much stuff, leading to clutter, introduce the fire element to balance that energy. Utilize triangle shapes, the color red, or candles.

Pig – Relationships are key to the Pig this month. It’s time to review and inspect your relationship corner, located in the far right corner across from the entryway. You can do this by adding flowers, or the colors pink or rose, objects in pairs, or sensual aromas. When was the last time you bought flowers for yourself or for your sweetheart? If there’s a situation that needs courage go for it, drawing from the strength within. Courage comes from your inner fire, your strength, your will. If you’ve been putting diligent effort and perseverance into something, be assured it will pay off, and your reward will be greater than you imagined!