Monthly Horoscope

Year of the Pig – Month of the Tiger.

Happy New Year! Are you ready to celebrate? Here are some tips to help you start 2019 the Year of the Earth Pig successfully.

On Jan 29th, The year of the Dog officially ended. On Sunday, February 3rd last years adjustments/cures may be taken down.  February 4th is a great day to put up your adjustments/cures for 2019, and February 5th is a great day to enjoy yourself!

If you want to perform a ceremony to welcome the Year of the Pig, you may do that on Feb 13th.  The New Year celebration ends February 19th with the fabulous Lantern Festival!

Month of the Tiger in the Year of the Earth Pig

Rat: With the New Year a new energy is flowing your way. Auspicious events are on the horizon. It is a magical moment for a worthy soul. Creativity abounds. You gain perception and clarity on an issue that’s been in the forefront of your mind. You are able to see through illusions and make the right decisions. Move forward to your goals with a new vision and experience success.

Ox: Live in love, do your work. Make an end of your sorrows. Work on things that are close to your heart – otherwise you will feel unfulfilled. Meditate to discover what that work is. Once realized, it will become clear – there will be no question or doubt. If something appears too good to be true, it is. Don’t fall for it. Once you move ahead it’s hard to turn back.

Tiger: Notice the natural cycles around you. They are an apt metaphor for what is going on in your life. Go with the flow – don’t swim against the current. It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles – then the victory is genuinely yours. Don’t cling – clinging will bring you misery. Become the master of your own.

Rabbit: This time is a magical moment, bringing love and happiness into your life. Spend extra time together with your partner – this way you’ll stay happy. It is time to nurture and cultivate your primary relationship. Let go of any headtrips that someone else has played with you. Put aside all that others have told you about yourself – know who you are within yourself – if there is a fault in you, and you’re the one to recognize it, it will begin to dissolve. What others may think or say about it has no relevance.

Dragon: Finally out of the Tai Sway effect of the last couple of years. So it’s time to let go and to not have such concern and worry. Whatever plans you have will be aided by beneficial people. A lotus flower growing inside of a burning flower; what looks to be great danger is actually not. Open up to the childlike quality of innocence within you to find life’s perfect way through.

Snake: As you slither your way into the year of the Pig, helpful people and your loyal buddies that you know and trust will surround and protect you. You’ll even be able to find success in projects that you pursue.  The need to control of be controlled comes from a lack of faith in Life’s process. A real message for you this year is that nothing that is truly yours may be taken away from you. Become a master of your own self.  You are sacred.

Horse: It’s time to approach a problem with a clean chalkboard; a fresh start. Otherwise it could be mentally exhausting. Remember that only that which cannot be taken away from you is yours – don’t cling. Abide in that which is truly yours. You have the power of regeneration. That is what is needed now to witness a renewal of your entire being. You will regenerate your vitality, revive your will, and return to completeness and power.

Goat: As you start the year, remember not to fall for anything that seems too good to be true. Once you move forward, it’s hard to turn back. Others around you may praise you or blame you – in a way they’re both alike. Remain unmoving like a mountain and be true to yourself. Abundant blessing are breaking through, and you can be uplifted to new emotional heights. Love is around you and flowing through you. Experience its ecstasy.

Monkey: In the blink of an eye your luck will change. A Rabbit or a Tiger person could bring good news. If you’ve experienced some misfortune, know that the bad luck will turn to good and you will find some closure. Be mindful, live in the present moment. Don’t let the past or fear stand between you and your reality. The sky will metaphorically shower flowers on you and you will rejoice.

Rooster: As the New Year begins, play conservative and wait for the right moment. The moon plays an important role in your month ahead – the full moon will bring auspicious energy to you. Prepare and wait for the right moment.  Live in joy and peace and health and this will be great spiritually for your whole being. Material riches are one thing, but the real focus of your attentions should be directed at efforts to make yourself inwardly rich.

Dog: The energy of the New Year brings you great auspicious energy. The heavens want you to know that things are moving positively and quickly.  Remember, one’s mind can live in either desire or gratitude. A person who lives in desire cannot be grateful. A person who has no desires and only gratitude is always given more than he or she has ever thought of – your joy is not dependent upon any thing or any outer cause – it comes from inner understanding.

Pig: As the New Year’s flowers descend upon your doorstep you have admirers and a veritable treasure trove of abundance. Expect a promotion or a rise in your reputation. Positive energy surrounds you; get in tune with it. Remember the fool who knows he is a fool is that much wiser. The fool who thinks he is wise is a fool indeed. Take a great step toward wisdom; see your own foolishness and be ready to transform.

Om ma ni pad me hum – Blessings, Marina Lighthouse & Kristin Clark