Monthly Horoscope

Horse Month in the Year of the Dog

We are now entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Horse, while the animal that governs the year is the Dog. Horse and Dog have a good-natured relationship that can be mutually satisfying. Both are fun loving and basically happy signs. They demonstrate loyalty, high morals, and ingenuity – and they keep one another in alignment.

This month favors travel.  If you can’t travel, then go out and experience different cuisines, companions, or settings. Careers will develop and you’ll see a tangible difference. Both business owners and employees will have opportunities. Also, remember that patience is a virtue. Keep an even pace and things will flourish. Writers and designers will be inspired with new creative ideas.

Monthly Quote – “I have learned always to pay attention to coincidence because everything arises from the mind propelled by karma. When several different actions converge at the same point we should take special note.” The Magician of Lhasa by David Michie


Year of the Dog – Month of the Horse

Rat – Rats are going to receive some positive recognition. A plan has worked out well and it’s time for you to bask in the glory. You are a magnet for new ideas. Express yourself honestly and openly. Expect unexpected opportunities and focus on your strengths not your weaknesses. Even if your talents still need some polishing, they’re still your assets. The more you appreciate your strengths, the stronger they’ll grow. If you meet with some temptation you will remain steadfast.


Ox – Its time for you to step up and be a leader; you are being called to action. This is your moment in the sun so embrace it. You’re loving the spotlight. Use your talents to teach others and share from your experience. As life lessons present themselves to you reflect on them, in understanding you’ll lose your old patterns and replace them with wonderful new outlooks and experiences. Adjust the East for the optimum month. See flying stars.


Tiger – The trumpets are blowing, heralding a wonderful new opportunity regarding creativity or the pursuit of your dreams. You are being called to action. Now is not the time to procrastinate. This is a great time for new business. Have confidence in your self. Because you’re so charismatic during your trinity harmony month, your peach blossom energy is high. Be sure to ttay within your boundaries. Once established, follow your path of Joy. Bliss will be yours.


Rabbit – There’s a situation that will require you to hold on to your emotional maturity and trust. There are many around you who have good intentions, so rely on them for advice. Your challenges will be resolved. Rabbits have a generous, diplomatic, humanitarian attitude, and you’ll also be attracting that kind of person to you. This is a great month for romance. Stay clear of envy, and your abundant energy will allow you to carry the message of love to many.


Dragon – You’ll need to find the balance in a current situation – even if something is getting you agitated. That agitation is blocking the flow of chi. If you can find the blessing in the situation, it will start to heal and the energy will flow forward. Adjust the North. You have worked hard to create the cherished things in your life; know that divine energy is protecting you and your treasures.


Snake – This could be a time of healing your emotions. You may feel compelled to nurture others so much so that you forget to care for yourself. Meditate, and also expect flashes of intuition that will provide incredible insights. You will have a kind, tenderhearted, and loving friend. Adjust the South. Please remember to nurture yourself. Take care of your body through sleep, detoxification, and exercise, or massage. You’ll be glad you did.


Horse – You will have some amazing energy to access – and heal. During this time you can make progress in healing a relationship with a (female) friend, mother, sister, or daughter. Forgive and forget, release toxins of a past feminine relationship. By doing this, you will in turn make a way to strengthen your own divine feminine energy. You’ll be gifted with some emotional maturity. Those who come to your aid will have the best of intentions. Be careful with your money.


Goat – Your natural leadership skills are being called into action, it’s time to step up to the plate. You’re free of outmoded conventions and are blissfully unconcerned with the opinions others may have of you. In that way, your courage of conviction inspires others to loosen up and to stop being so closed. Be aware that you need to balance your career and home life. Make an adjustment to whichever side seems lopsided. Set healthy boundaries in home and office life. Spend time devoted to activities that make you happy.


Monkey – Your natural leadership and charisma enjoys a challenge and loves the spotlight. You’ll be called to action. Ground yourself in reality. Measure your life’s actions and know where you are – enlightenment happens in this state. Yoga could be the answer – by practicing you’ll increase clarity, flexibility and psychic awareness. If unable to yoga, practice breath work by taking full inhalations and exhalations. Let the breath of life empower you.


Rooster – ACTION REQUIRED! There’s an important decision you’ve been putting off – most likely you already know what it should be. You may be procrastinating so you don’t upset someone. Ask the divine for guidance, and choose the thing that most resonates with you. Adjust the East. If you should choose to get pregnant, now would be a good time. If not, lock the door of the henhouse! In any event, you’ll be fertile with new ideas. Doors are going to open for you right now.


Dog – You’re going to have a brilliant new idea coming your way – truly inspired. Your job is to communicate it clearly with the others who may be involved in implementing your idea. Don’t let little challenges take you off your path. Think of them as mere corrections to your course. Adjust the South to optimize the month’s energy. This is a great time for house purification. Set aside a day and work to shift the energy to create the most harmonious environment ever!


Pig – It’s time for you to open your heart and allow love to grow and bloom all around. You’ve waited to get yourself to this emotionally fulfilling experience for so long – now is the time. Joy will bring you to a healthy and vibrant life. You’re thinking of other people’s needs first – so as you send healing energy, you will heal and elevate whole new situations. Avoid places with harsh or toxic energy. Do an energy healing on your home and on yourself. Read inspirational books, or practice reiki, qi gong or prahnic healing.