Monthly Horoscope

Year of the Dog  – Dog Month

We are entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Dog, and the animal that governs the year is also the Dog. When the year is aligned with the corresponding month it is said that the true nature of the year is finally revealed. Dogs are very compatible with each other – they know how to have fun. There could be some anxiety that others can’t be trusted, and that could create some international tension – but there’s also a part of the dogs nature that is diplomatic; an understanding that problems can be resolved. Dogs can be very altruistic, so there could be more focus on charity and giving, and more concern for fellow man. Travel is favored as are social activities. Just like dogs themselves, people should get out in the fresh air and enjoy themselves.

Monthly Quote – “If you light a lamp for somebody it will also brighten your path.” – attributed to Buddha

Rat – It’s time to check into your use of space. Sometimes your intentions for an area match the architectural plan and sometimes they don’t. Create a space for your unique needs. When a room lacks intention it often becomes underutilized or chaotic. Organize activities according to your room. In an underutilized room, adapt your activities there to create energy – or else repurpose it. A fun, new, intellectual project or friend is coming into your life. You’ll know who it is because they’ll be brilliant and blunt. Just what the doctor ordered.

Ox – It’s time to clean up your life. Un-clutter your space, and turn yourself from disorganized to organized. If there are people who take from you without giving back, wish them well and then release them. You will either find a new friend, or relationship with someone already in your life will deepen. Get in touch with earth energy. Use the color yellow, or earth tones. Appreciate the simple, sweet pleasures present in your everyday life.

Tiger – It’s time to stop worrying and start wondering. Instead of sitting around worrying about needs, say, “I wonder how I can get these things?” Replace worry thoughts with wonder thoughts. This will give you agency. Get in tune with the cycles of growth and divine order. Seek out a spiritual mentor or teacher in order to have a more fulfilled existence.

Rabbit – Some kind of surprise is headed your way, which could lead to a paradigm shift. There’s an unexpected job opportunity that could arise – if this happens, accept it. A helpful person will support you and give you a needed boost. Employ the water element to encourage positive change. You can do this using the colors black and blue, patterns with wavy or rippling lines, a fountain or a tank. The metal element also supports water, so you can implement round shapes and mirrors as well.

Dragon – Flow is important, and your pathways should be examined. If you have a long straight pathway, place flowerpots strategically alternating to give the illusion of curves. Create gentle flowing chi. Doing so will help move you gently and effectively toward your goals. Stay fair and be balanced in your relationships. Notice signs that will guide you in the right direction, and resources and support will miraculously occur.

Snake – With the changing seasons you need to prepare, set intentions, and perform rituals. Set your stage because the Divine is waiting to take you on a sacred journey. You’ll be called to action and will accomplish great things. Follow your passion, and prosperous things will happen. Adjust your fame area to support a positive future.

Horse – This is a time of reflection and non-action, a time when ideas are germinating. Embrace a secure routine. You need to implement a sense of stability and being grounded. Horses love action, but now you need to quietly work on not being so hard on yourself. If you’re having sleepless nights, release the anxieties and problems to the divine. There’s no need to worry, stay positive. Your stability will help others who need a steadying presence.

Goat – You prepare yourself, and are authentic, purposeful, and inspired. To support this, activate the children’s area located in the center to the right of the entry. Whether you have children or not, there’s always room for spontaneity and play in the home. Display creative projects or add a large mirror. If, like your best friend the Horse, you are experiencing anxiety, release your problems to the divine. There’s no need to worry, stay positive.

Monkey – Of the senses, the sense of smell is said to be the most memory inducing. At this time be sure to implement scent into your environments. Remove bad odors immediately. Essential oils or scented candles will help you to energize or to relax. A small action practiced regularly will make a big difference. With your heart open, you can handle challenging situations with grace and ease.

Rooster – Life is about to start moving fast. Projects that you’ve had on hold will suddenly require all your intention. Review the details as best you can, and know that you are being called to action. You’ll be able to see the big picture. Spend some time adjusting your home office and place yourself in commanding position (facing the entry). Define your boundaries if you don’t have a specific room for a home office. This will help to maintain your focus.

Dog – Your intuition and insight is very accurate right now. Trust that your guidance will lead you in the right direction. Follow your own internal advice and don’t let fear or worry to influence you. Be discreet; now is not the time to reveal a secret. With positive expectations, you will gain clarity. Review indoor and outdoor pathways, making sure they are smooth and flowing like a gentle river.

Pig – You’ll need to be tough and have courage. Dare to dream despite circumstances; not only will you survive you’ll thrive. Dry spells exist to test your faith and courage. Stop beating yourself up, and turn your thoughts to the positive. Release your anxieties. Anticipating the worst is never helpful. Adjust your inadequate lighting to help balance a situation.