Monthly Horoscope

Month of the Rooster in the Year of the Dog

We are now entering a new lunar cycle, which is that of the Rooster, while the animal governing the year is the Dog. The Dog is dynamic; the Rooster tends to be a perfectionist. These two approach finances from completely opposite perspectives. This is a confrontational relationship. To keep peace, they must compromise. Mutual trust is key to working through difficulties. The best attitude to take during this alignment is one of proactive kindness and consideration. Avoid conflict with friends and colleagues. What you do impacts the world. Think globally and act locally. Be a “helpful person” yourself by carrying a positive attitude. Smile and be prepared to help when needed.

Monthly Quote – “Pain is certain, suffering is optional.” Attributed to Buddha

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Year of the Dog – Month in the Rooster

Rat – This is an opportune time to adjust your fame area. When you’re in meetings make sure you are in command position – facing the entry. As you look to the time ahead, what lessons from the past can help you to create the best possible future? Place pictures around you that represent inspiration and your heart’s desire. Let go of rigidity and perfectionism. Go with the flow. Be easy on yourself and watch how easily you will move forward.

Ox – This is a great time to activate the wood element to give you a boost of energy, and to support your health and well-being. Wear green, or put more of it in your environment. Healthy plants with broad leaves are a good adjustment. You’re always actively influencing your reality through your thoughts and your reactions to life challenges. You have a dream that’s yours alone. Respectfully appeal to the divine and things will unfold like magic.

Tiger – It’s time to reactivate the heart of the home. Call your family and friends over and have a game night or a fun themed meal. When you do this, place pictures that reflect the shared experiences of those living in the house. This will help your life feel more in balance while you’re juggling multiple jobs or your career. Keep things light; get in touch with your inner child. Multitask with a positive attitude. You’ll find your purpose.

Rabbit – Time to take a look at your career area, it’s near the general entrance of your home or office. Make sure it’s unobstructed and feels open. If the space feels too vast, define it by placing furniture, or rugs, or plants. By defining your boundaries in realistic ways, you’ll be able to express your individual talents and accept what limitations you may have in your character. You can look forward to an enlightened or celebratory experience.

Dragon – Sound will play an important role in keeping your chi balanced at this time. The month of the Rooster is in harmony with the Dragon. Support that by listening to soothing sounds that buffer you from the intrusions of the outside world. A table fountain, wind chimes, or soft music can help create a pleasant environment. Seek to acquire knowledge.

Snake – Realign yourself with your Feng Shui and place clear intentions back into your adjustments. Listen to your inner voice for guidance, no matter how subtle the voice. You’ll find synchronicity and coincidence around you; do not discount the message. Adjust your metal energy, be disciplined, and remain clear about your own personal boundaries.

Horse – Reactivate your house by having a fun game night or themed meal! Invite friends and family. Create a well-defined pathway to the heart of your home by using furniture, or rugs, and lighting. Check to see if there is anything that makes your space seem uninviting and fix it. There are new opportunities awaiting your creativity, career, or dreams. This is a time of action. Get busy and have confidence in your abilities.

Goat – It’s late summer, early fall and time to get into the earth element, which is associated with routine, nurturing and security. There’s also a sweetness to life and a feeling of peace. Create and support this by using earth tones, square shapes, brick, stone, or objects that are low to the ground. Trust that all is as it should be, and relax.

Monkey – Let’s take a look at your home office, shall we? If you don’t have a home office, it’s the place where you pay bills or do business. (Hopefully this isn’t your- dining room table.) This area needs to be supported with energy, including high-energy images. Employ whimsical accents if you need to lighten up – and use natural light if possible.

Rooster – A troubling situation will come to an end and you will breathe a sigh of relief. Know that the difficult times are behind you and that now you can move on. You’ll have divine guidance and a higher knowing. Is your living room a place to relax, read, and watch the fire? Or is it more a of a people gathering, yang energy sort of a place? If possible separate the two, or at least have a quiet corner away from the entertainment or TV.

Dog – It’s time to embrace those around you. Hanging out with loved ones is good for your chi. Be willing to accept one another’s differences. Adjust your Feng Shui seating arrangements so they reflect a positive conversation area. Otherwise, people may feel disconnected and awkward. When you arrange seating areas with an eye toward harmony, your conversations will flow. Add a central focus to your coffee table.

Pig – The element of water plays a key role at this time. Determine if you need less water or more. Noticing this will help you create or strengthen career opportunities and help you to put your dreams into actions. The colors blue, black, and see through fabrics, wavy lines, flowing shapes, fountains, and tanks are all part of the water element. If you feel the water element is too strong, adjust with fire element using the color red, candles and triangle shapes.