Monthly Horoscope

Pig Month in the Year of the Dog

We are now entering the new lunar cycle, which is that of the Pig, while the animal that governs the year is the Dog. The Dog and the Pig can coexist peacefully. They can overlook one another’s shortcomings. Their personalities are very distinctly different, but within that uniqueness there is a nice creative synergy. They’re good at understanding each other’s moods and natures, so we can expect some emotional outburst but things should bounce back. Social activity is favored at this time. Hang out with friends and family.

Monthly Quote – “Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” Attributed to Buddha

Rat – Realign yourself to connect with your own creativity. Replenish your energy. Even if you don’t think you’re an artist, it’s time to enhance your creative expression. Step back and see the big picture. You may receive a promotion, or an award for a job well done. If a helpful person comes into your life, welcome them in.

Ox – Step back and look at the front entrance of your apartment or house. Does it cause confusion for visitors? Clearly designate the primary entrance. Clear obstacles or overgrown shrubbery. Place lighting along the pathway or at the entrance, or put a wreath. It’s time to get a new view on things. See past the current situation and envision great possibilities!

Tiger – Relationships play a key role at this time. Don’t project negativity or worry about those you love. If you’re experiencing anxiety or sleepless nights, release it to the divine. Surrender to change – there will be a resurrection like a phoenix. Adjust your relationship area, located far right from entryway. Utilize color pink, objects in pairs and sensual aromas. A crystal would be helpful here as well.

Rabbit – It’s time to set clear boundaries. You’ll be working hard, and need to find a healthy balance between your career and personal life. Ask others to help lighten your load. If you’re stressed out it can be harmful to yourself and those you love. Utilize the metal element to create clear boundaries. Wear or use the color white and employ circular shapes or mirrors or shiny objects. Be organized.

Dragon – There may be a celebration, or this could bring a time of enlightenment to the Dragon. Through your organization, you’ll hit the target and all will go smoothly. Use discipline, be logical, seek help from a mentor or someone intellectual. By increasing the fire element in your home, you will reengage your passion for living. Use the color red or warm colors, triangle shapes, or pictures that inspire intimacy.

Snake – The Tai Chi or center helps integrate all areas of our lives. When the center is secure, health and wellbeing will be the result. Although there’s a lot to do, stay in the flow of natural law. Plan, organize and then roll up your sleeves and get to work. A loving, kind, loyal friend will come to your aid.

Horse – All your hard work and effort has led to a sense contentment, safety, and financial security. Take a break and enjoy your life. There could be a celebration – the birth of a baby, a wedding, or an engagement. Divine guidance will lead you to a higher knowing. It’s time to activate your fame area. This is located in the back center from room’s entrance. Put a strong focal point there to achieve your goals.

Goat – It’s time to get in sync, and by practicing Feng Shui you will increase your incidences of synchronistic events. Listen to your feelings and record instances of things happening “just so”. Don’t discount meaningful coincidences as something insignificant. Find your purpose and inspirations. You’re a unique individual; love and celebrate that!

Monkey – Take a moment to look at your front entrance to make sure its not blocked or obscured so that the chi can flow in, and elevate every corner of your environment. Now is the time for preparation. You’ve accomplished a great deal in your life, it’s time to decide what’s next. Don’t be distracted by conventional thinking. Be the real you.

Rooster – There’s a lot coming up with the holidays so if you haven’t already, create a meditation spot for yourself. This will help you deal with anxiety, and worry, and will help heaven provide you with a solution. The demands of everyday life can interfere with your daily meditation practice. Don’t let this happen. Designating a room or space, even if you’re just doing so with a screen, can create a much-needed connection to your inner being.

Dog – Now that winter is here, be sure to decrease the amount of metal you have in your environment. This is especially necessary if you’re feeling self-righteous and are blindly adhering to rules and regulations, or are finding yourself compulsively cleaning. Introduce the element of water, which gives the metal something to do, or use the element of fire through the color red or triangle shapes.

Pig – Relationships play a key role during the holiday season. Be sure to communicate and give praise to those around you. You will experience success, and your plans will move forward perfectly. Accept invitations and job opportunities. Enhance your relationship corner, far right from the entrance, by using sensual aromas, flowers, or objects in pairs.