Monthly Horoscope

Goat Month in the Year of the Dog

We are entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Goat, while the animal that governs the year is the Dog. Goats and Dogs can live and work together – they respect and appreciate their relationship but they don’t necessarily enjoy it. Consider the natural connection between Goat and Dog – the dog spends the day herding goats by nipping at their heels. The purpose is to keep the goat’s energy under control and keep the goat out of harm’s way. There will be stress under this transit, but there will be rewards derived from challenges. People may find themselves more anxious and high strung. If respective parties can overcome their issues, there will be peace. Let go of fears and pay attention to health and healing, whether it’s your health or that of someone close to you.

Monthly Quote – “The willow tree dances in the wind. The maple tree sports its crimson leaves. All this and more I made for your enjoyment. Love this world, and loving it, love me. “ – Julia Cameron

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Rat – This month is considered non-compatible with the Rat, so let’s take the best course of action toward a positive outcome. Take time out for meditation, or spend some quiet, thoughtful reflective time focusing on sending love to others around you. You’ll be an example to others. One good deed averts a thousand disasters. Go back and re- read, re-listen or re-watch an inspirational and life changing spiritual teaching (class or tape or Ted Talk). This could also be a great time to seek out a spiritual teacher. Doing so will bring you great inner peace and joy.

Ox – There’s a situation that requires your emotional maturity. Pay heed to those best-intentioned, helpful people around you so that your challenges will be resolved. A benefactor could come to your aid – this individual is a refined person, upon whom you can completely rely. Adjust the North direction Even if you have already made the recommended adjustments earlier this year, now is the time to revisit them. Make certain that the area is clean and that your adjustments are in good order.

Tiger – It’s time to set your priorities. Really focus in on them. Don’t get waylaid or distracted by other’s intentions. Let go of procrastination or perfectionism. Break down goals into baby steps, and devote time to your regular priorities. A situation that has been troubling you will come to an end and you will breathe a sigh of relief. Someone in your life may also now be free of his or her addictions or codependent tendencies. Adjust the North

Rabbit – You may be called upon to be a spokesperson for an issue that is very close to your heart. The Divine is working with you so that you’ll be brilliant, and will receive the perfect words to say. You may be asked to be a teacher or a mentor for someone. You will successfully direct energy into new projects. You are ready to take on a new direction unbound by heavy baggage. It there’s anyone you’ve been troubled by, be willing to forgive. Have compassion for everyone involved in the situation – including you.

Dragon – There is some positive change lying ahead for the Dragon. Trust in your ability to make excellent choices. Opportunity presents itself as long as you keep moving forward. This is a good time to take on a new partner who can help you succeed in your creative endeavors or career. Keep your focus on the big picture – and know that you are connected to all life and are continuing to develop your empathy for all beings.

Snake – You’re used to shedding your skin. Though life can feel like there are many shifts, the universe is there to support you, so let go and enjoy the ride. You’re being called to action and you feel ready to achieve great things. You have the power to heal and alter the course of a situation, but first you must assume the leadership position. Be clear regarding which conditions are acceptable vs unacceptable. If you’re clear, the universe will respond succinctly. Make a decision. Now is not the time to be passive. Take action, and adjust the North.  Follow your passion so that abundance and prosperity manifest before you.

Horse – Listen, oh equine one! Take some time every day to shut out noise and distractions like television or your phone, limit your screen time and relax into quiet. Don’t try to force things to happen. Listen to your own thoughts. Breath deeply and feel and the rhythm of your heart. Your inner truths will blossom, and you can trust your intuition. When that happens, take action accordingly. You’ve had a deep longing for something meaningful to come into your life. Maybe you’re being called to move along a new path in your career. Seek some magical newness. Again – by getting still, you’ll be able to hear the whispers on the wind.

Goat – To optimize the month ahead, look to the direction South and make the proper adjustment. If you’ve activated this sector earlier in the year, it’s time to dust off the area and make things sparkle. In any event, it is time for a purification, think body and diet in addition to your environment. Activate the Wisdom Star by adding the color green. Affirm loving thoughts about yourself and others. Ask the question, “How may I serve?” rather than, “What might I get out of this?”

Monkey – Society wants things to happen now and with instant gratification, but this is a time for Monkey to show persistence. Don’t give in to discouragement. Know that what you’re looking for is almost here. Break projects into small steps and really enjoy the accomplishment of each step you take. Stop being so hard on yourself and focus on the positive. Anticipating the worst is never helpful, and this is particularly true for you at this time. If you’re having sleepless nights, release your problems, concerns, and anxieties to the Divine.

Rooster – In the barnyard of life, it is time to find the blessing in your current situation. This is possible, and important, and you can do it. If you hold on to negativity things will fester and get worse, but if you can find the blessing within you’ll accelerate your own healing and manifest what you desire to come into being. Adjust the North with the metal element.  An important message is coming your way. It could be a social invitation, or a message expressing feelings you didn’t know others had toward you.

Dog – It may be time for you to seek out a magical new life. This could involve you moving to a new city or making a career switch, or other important changes. If your heart has been longing for something new, now is the time to make it happen. Adjust the North to avoid conflicts that could manifest.  Be sure to take sometime to express yourself artistically – whether this is through singing, photos, or making jewelry. Maybe take a new class. Paint night anyone? By letting your inner artist come out to play you’ll release trapped energies that could make you feel tired, or restless, or even create addictions. Get out and express yourself – Woof!

Pig – You can do it! You’re qualified now, and ready to take steps toward your desired outcome. It’s time to make your move. Take action without hesitation. Let go of perfectionism and know you’ll be fine. Others enjoy it when you give credit where it is due. Don’t sit in judgement of others. If your conflicts stem from unresolved inner hurt rather than conflict with others, claim your personal power and feel confident. Have the strength to say no when things don’t feel right.