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Month of the Ox in the Year of the Fire Rooster

Happy New Year! It’s the final month of the Rooster, also known as the Tail of the Rooster. It’s time to shake your tail feathers and get ready for the Lunar New Year (more on that soon!). We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Ox. The Ox and Rooster share a three harmony relationship with one another. Ox/Snake/Rooster is also known as a harmonic trinity. This translates to a positive combination.  You can find success in work or family affairs, if you can objectively proceed in an orderly fashion.

In business, remain steady and keep on your current course. This is a great time to concentrate your efforts on yourself and business management. Adopt a practical attitude.  Listen and observe. Stay straightforward and open-minded, while keeping both feet on the ground. Reflect on the harmony in close relationships, and focus on completing any unfinished business.

People born under the signs of Rooster, Dog, or Rabbit should be cautious. This period of time is considered the tail of the Rooster, meaning it’s the last time the Rooster can strut its stuff before leaving, so play it safe. Maybe you’ve already begun to experience these effects. Remember that one good deed can divert a hundred disasters.

Monthly Quote: “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” — Herman Hesse

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Month of the Ox Year of the Rooster

By Marina Lighthouse and Kristin Clark

Rat – You may feel as though you’ve been restricted by circumstance but you’ll discover that this is just an illusion. Promise yourself that if you are in an unhappy situation you will not allow yourself to remain stuck. Be proactive. Don’t wait for someone else to rescue you, you have the ability to free yourself. Divine universal energy is there waiting to help you, and the best way to get that help is to meditate. You can anticipate a positive month ahead.

Ox – Your ship has come in; something you planned went perfectly well. Now is not the time to rest on your laurels, however. Keep your feet moving forward to your next episode, either building on your accomplishments or doing something completely new. Travel is favored; if there’s an opportunity, go for it! The cosmos would love for you to stay flexible. Breath work and Yoga, or at least stretching, will be helpful in this regard, keeping you open to increased opportunities and psychic awareness.

Tiger – Find the blessing in your current situation. Getting uptight or negative just blocks the energy flow, making it harder to escape it. Know that even in your challenges there are unseen blessings. Make use of positive affirmations before you sleep at night. You’ll have the ability to heal; visualize placing a white star on any place of your physical body that needs healing and experience the joy it brings. The Ox month brings you a victory and success. Good fortune is favored for the Tiger. Should someone offer assistance, say yes. They’ve probably been heaven sent.

Rabbit – Don’t lose faith, there are times when everyone needs a hand. Your situation will improve very soon, especially if you can keep your thoughts positive and find a way to be grateful. If you’re planning a change in your career, wait until after the New Year. If you’ve experienced a recent misunderstanding, consider the other person’s point of view. You don’t have to agree with them, but at least have compassion for their feelings. Taking this perspective will create a positive energy shift that will help to release a tug-of-war mentality. When you’re at work or home, look into the eyes of your friends and colleagues and silently bless them. This will help them, but it will also feel good to you.

Dragon – The year of the Dog is an oppositional year for the Dragon. Why not get ahead of the Karma and offer forgiveness to yourself and to others? As humans, we all make mistakes; it’s important to forgive and forget. No need to get dramatic. Try to see through the eyes of the other person and let go of your own defensiveness. Forgive past hurts and start anew. Divine energy supports any action on this front from you. In an oppositional year, the thing to do is to stay low key do a lot of self-cultivation. Travel is favored. Forgive and keep moving.

Snake – Wake up! There are many amazing people who wish to help you, and tremendous opportunities are being offered. You need to be aware and have trust so that you may benefit from this gift of help. It’s time to focus on being positive. Get motivated; get in touch with your dreams and be sure not to retreat to introversion. Be flexible. Stretch often. If so inclined, teach or participate in Yoga classes. Stretching and breathing will open the flow, bringing the answers you seek to the questions you have.

Horse – Let’s start the New Year on the right hoof, shall we? Just like your friend the Dragon, forgiving mistakes of the past is necessary so that you may move forward. Tune into the spirit of nature and it will reveal interesting things. Nurture this relationship and the benefits will be rich. If you have crystals in your home, now is the time to cleanse them and reactivate them to their purposes for the New Year. The Horse holds a lot of power in the year of the Dog; use it wisely. Expand your willingness to love.

Goat – A healing power has awakened in you and now surrounds you. You may feel compelled to help others with healing, just as others have helped you. You will let go of fears and restrictive thinking, opening yourself to the miracles of healing. Honor the presence of nature, and of friends and family and colleagues. Send them positive energy and well wishes. Doing so will create a loop effect that will in turn be very beneficial for you. Focus on the positive. Once you’ve gained insight, remember to take focused actions. Don’t miss out on the joy that exists in life.

Monkey – Have patience. In your garden of life, don’t try to harvest too soon. Sometimes dreams grow slowly. It may seem like not much is happening, but underneath the surface things are growing and expanding. Trust your heart’s true desire. Walk in faith and be true to yourself. The universe will provide you with what you need. Follow your intuition; your feelings are accurate and valid. Finally, we can end as we began – BE PATIENT. You will be able to perceive events and emotions with greater clarity.

Rooster – We’re going into the final month of your year, also known as the tail of the Rooster. Take a deep breath and smile at your compulsiveness and anxiety. There’s no time limit to your spiritual work, and all things will come to fruition at the exact right moment. Stop judging yourself so severely, and show patience toward yourself and others. This is a good time to prepare because things will begin to move quickly. Take this time to rest and plan before the Dog year begins – use the power of joy. Enjoy a good laugh. Do activities that bring joy into your life.

Dog – A proactive way to end the year of the Rooster and go into your year would be to get organized now. Any effort in that direction will bear fruit and help you get what needs to be done efficiently. If you need to delegate work to other people, you must be objective about it; make decisions based on intellectual considerations rather than emotional ones. Consult a mentor or an expert in the field for advice. If given the opportunity to be a leader, take the position. You’re laying the groundwork for a solid foundation for the success of a new project. Look for a previously unrecognized blessing in your current situation, and heal through the power of gratitude.

Pig – You’re very intuitive and many wonderful insights will be coming your way. Make the time to receive these inspirations through quiet reflection or meditation. This isn’t so much a time for actions; it’s more a time to gather inspiration through your intuition. Be patient. Follow your own guidance. Energy work right now would be excellent; go for a session or look into taking a course in Reiki, Qi Gong, or Healing Touch. Be sure to clear your home before the new year. Avoid intense situations, places, or relationships with harsh energies. Be ready to merge; accepting support from all life will bring about spiritual revelation and transformation.