2019 Chinese Astrology Predictions

Year of the Earth Pig

Predictions for 2019 the Earth Pig Year! Oink!

In February 2019 we welcome the Earth Pig and wave goodbye to the Earth Dog. Here are complete 2019 Astrology for Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. Our intention is to help you successfully navigate the year ahead.

The Year of the Earth Pig begins  begins at 11:00 PM, February 4th, 2019. This is a Year of Earth Pigstarting from Feb. 5, 2019 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to Jan. 24, 2020. Pig is the This year’s predictions are based on recommendations from Mai Mai Ling, Meng Lei and Marina Lighthouse. Written by Kristin Clark.

2019 Predictions for the general population:

We can expect things worldwide to be a little mellower than they have been. This is because the cheerful and lucky pig has a healthy appetite, and is content to share a meal in the company of most of the other animals in the zodiac. This new energy should manifest in a calming influence over world leaders. There is, however, a dominant earth energy that may possibly contribute to a negative financial situation in 2019.

It is likely that many of the animals may experience events and changes that on first glance would appear to be negative. If this is the case for you, try not to feel too discouraged. It’s best to meet the trial with serene bravery and then move on, as in most cases the situation will lead to an extremely positive outcome, whether it be in business or close relationships.

Signs most affected in a challenging way this year are Pig, Snake, and Monkey. Remember that timely adjustments can help to mitigate or even alleviate these issues. Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat should have a good and positive energy for the year.

Power Animal for 2019!
Want to bring some extra luck into your 2019? A fascinating ancient Chinese folk custom is to use Chinese Astrological animal charms, that can be worn or displayed, to bring good luck and prosperity. There are 12 Chinese Zodiac animal signs; each has a different character and significance. Depending on the animal sign of the current year, different charms are used. This is said to bring optimum luck for the year. There are several animals that are universal for every year worn for good luck.

During the Year of the Pig, the majority of the zodiac signs should wear a Tiger Charm for good luck and protection. “When the Tiger and the Pig meet, the joy of this encounter is enough to offset any evil that the moment may harbor.” – HH Grandmaster Lin Yun.

However, those born in the year of the Snake tend to have an argumentative,  incompatible relationship with the Tiger and may experience conflict during the year. People born under the sign of the Monkey are also in direct opposition with Tiger energy and they will be the last of the 12 zodiac signs to receive beneficial energy from this year. Because the Tiger is also in conflict with Snake and Monkey nature, wearing a Rabbit and Goat Charm is a perfect solution.

*The theory behind getting a new charm every year is that new year energy of buying something new symbolizes a new fresh start and new opportunities coming your way. Think of it as fun. The ancient Chinese didn’t have Christmas, so this is the time year that they gave little gifts, for good luck in the New Year, to themselves and their families. You might think about getting Chinese takeout on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Give the children in the family bright red envelopes filled with some money and turn it into a fun family event.


2019 Astrology for Year of the Earth Pig :

Rat: This year you will enjoy the benefit of the Wisdom Star in your career area, especially true for those Rats who are involved in the arts. You might even create a masterpiece! This news comes with a warning however. In general, you need to lay low and watch your speech. For married Rats it is a harmony year with not much interference. Carrying the Love Duck Charm will further strengthen the relationship. This charm is also good for single people to attract a new relationship. Single Rats might have a chance to meet a sweetheart, but they’ll need to be cautious when dating; there’s a chance that the Rat may be mistaken in the suitability of their selection. During this year of the Earth Pig, be prepared for surprises and paradigm shifts. Key words to keep in mind are spiritually, and mindfulness.  Good news, Rats – your money luck is very strong. Your side money luck (i.e. speculation) is okay, but don’t listen to others, especially if it involves a larger amount of money. Keep your own counsel when it comes to such investments. Be sure to place crystal or glassware on your nightstand, or on the left hand side of your office desk in order to bring in even more money luck. Health is okay but you’ll still have some little issues, especially when you get busy with work. Really pay attention to diet and rest. This is a good year to take up a meditation practice, and to concentrate on doing good deeds. Accentuate the “heart of the home”, meaning the place where you and your loved ones and friends most gather for relaxation or fellowship. Augment this area by creating nice path, putting photos of good times you’ve had with people, and artwork depicting positive images. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Rat UPDATE: The Helpful People star shines over you. Be sure to cherish your partnership. Watch out for third party affairs. In order to strengthen your primary relationship, you may wish to place a crystal in the relationship corner. People around you will be reliable. Show appreciation for all the heavenly help you are receiving by being more generous and conscientious. Remember! Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion is your meditation partner. Best months for you are, December, April and September. February, March, May, June, July, August, October and January 2020 are neutral, but use caution. November may be extra challenging. Still, nibble happily, Dear Rat – overall, it’s a great year for you.


Ox: Compared to last year the luck of the Ox is a little diminished, however Oxen will enjoy good Peach Blossom luck. This means they’ll be attractive to others. The Peach Blossom will have an effect on relationships, especially for the single Ox person. Maybe there was a dry spell, but not this year! Married couples may find themselves challenged because the Peach Blossom is so strong. Be careful when interacting with others as this could be misinterpreted as coming on to them. Carry a Mandarin Duck Charm to help overall relationship luck, counteracting the negative and enhancing the positive energy. You could potentially become entangled with the dispute or argument star, so it is especially important to do the adjustments in the South, (Sector #3). There is a chance Oxen might end up dealing with Human Resources as they might get involved with personal situations at work. Be careful around the boss. Do not voice your opinion too strongly, or appear to be taking sides. In a dispute-type situation, focus your energy more on how to help the situation rather than on assigning blame. In general, keep your head down, work hard, do your job, and don’t mind others. Think of the mighty Ox in its yoke, plowing the fields. Slow but steady gets the job done. Make sure to take small steps when doing a project. We know that the Ox is, well… strong as an Ox. You can move mountains, but for this year, remember to ask for help and support; invoke helpful people. Money luck is up and down. The strong Peach Blossom energy actually affects the money luck of the Ox, creating a bit of instability. This year your side money luck isn’t good so don’t gamble or speculate. Your health luck may be impacted due to the Disaster Star, and you may have continuous little issues. Avoid visiting sick people or attending funerals if at all possible. Monitor your energy levels.  Spiritually, strengthen yourself so that you’re not unduly influenced by others. Be true to yourself; don’t be pulled off course. Again, take small steps and ask for help along the way. Don’t be discouraged; just be mindful and remember to adjust the relevant areas of your home and office. This will help mitigate and even alleviate certain obstacles. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Ox UPDATE: There is an auspicious star for unexpected advances. You will benefit from association with Rats. Healthy potted plants are beneficial in your life and environment. They cleanse the air and lift the chi. Ox friend, you’re a hard worker – be very careful with your health. Chant healing Mantras and wear charms. A foo shoo bracelet, or tiger with foo sho would be very beneficial. The very best month for you is December. Good months for you are April and September. These months are neutral for you, but it is still advised you use caution in February, March, May, June, July, August, October and January 2020. Be very careful in November.

Tiger: This year is in general a positive one for Tigers. There will be paradigm shifts, and synchronicity, and interesting things coming to you through the tall grasses or from out of the blue. Ask yourself, “How can I recognize and use my power wisely and for the benefit of others?” The Tiger’s relationship luck is good, and single Tigers particularly will benefit from this. When someone reaches out to you, don’t over think – pounce on opportunity. Relationship luck is also good for married couples. Married or single, Tigers would do well to carry the Mandarin Duck Charm. It will cure any negative energy, and for single Tigers the charm will help to attract the right person. This year, the Tiger’s career luck is affected. You might experience some frustration. For instance, your boss might misunderstand you and you might feel like giving up. Just go step by step, because a new opportunity will come at the right moment; be prepared. Moneywise, the suggestion to Tiger is to pay attention to finances. Don’t get involved in money issues with others, lending money for instance. Be careful about this. Put a crystal on your nightstand, or in the East of your bedroom, or on the left hand side of your office desk. This will bring more money luck and/or prevent loss. Tiger’s health luck is okay. Even so, pay attention to your own health and that of your individual family members, getting regular health check-ups, and encouraging them to do this as well. A spiritual message for the Tiger: Better to conquer yourself than win a thousand battles. Remember that only that which cannot be taken away from you belongs to you. If it can’t be stolen, it’s yours! It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Tiger UPDATE: This year you need to watch your health. Eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Do not visit sick people or attend funerals if at all possible. A continuous red string around you would be good protection.  A small metal Kuan Yin statue in the South West would be beneficial, as would performing good deeds and contributing to charities. (Especially ones having to do with health or medicine.) Your good months are February, March, June and October. Good months for you are April and November. Months to use caution are July September and December really vigilant and very careful in August and January 2020 as these may be challenging. Please be extra cautious as you stalk through the tall grass this year, Tiger friend!


Rabbit: Rabbit’s luck is good, and even progressing upward. The lucky Rabbit is in a Three Harmony relationship with the Pig, and energies of love and compassion and reverence surround them this year. It’s a busy year for bunnies, and if this is you, a question to ask yourself is, “How can I cut through the frenzy for my attention and create clear, focused responses to the stimulus around me?” Career luck is positive. You will have a 180 degree turn in a wonderful direction and will benefit through connections with people. A good foundation for a long term career can be created this year. Relationship luck is good too! The single Rabbit can hop out of their hutch and find their Mr. or Mrs. Right – there could even be love at first sight.  For married couples, the relationship should be as sweet as honey glazed carrots.  Carrying a Love Duck Charm  can further advance this auspicious energy. As far as money luck goes, because career luck is up, so is money luck – and also side money luck is up. Rabbits will still need to look after their money so that no one has the opportunity to take advantage. Health is okay, but Rabbits need to be aware that old issues may come back. Should you get any kind of symptom that something’s up, get it checked out right away. A spiritual message for the year to consider: In all things be master of what you do, and what you say, and think. Be free. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Rabbit UPDATE: This year of the Earth Pig is a great year for the Rabbit! You can expect the unexpected when it comes to money, travel, or moving. Your family enjoys harmony this year, and you receive the powerful support of helpful people. You may need to use your bright eyes and long ears in order to help you sense backstabbers, though. Adding water or fish to your environment to bring in more wealth would be good, especially by the front door.  July is a very auspicious.Dear Bunny, good months for you, August, October and December. March and August may be a bit challenging.  Really play it safe and January and February 2020.


Dragon: This year, be open to receiving the big picture. There’s a heavenly energy surrounding you that will help you. Luck across the board is stable. Career-wise, do your own thing. Last year you might have had a tendency to put yourself forward, but your magical fire-breathing was not well received and you learned from these lessons. Your career will steadily expand and go up, so grab the chance while you can. Relationship luck is stable. You might have an opportunity to meet others, and when you meet someone you think is good don’t rush into the relationship, or get too anxious about moving forward on it. For married people the year is stable, and your relationship may even improve. Money luck is good, with a steady income. Plan ahead and invest for the future. Health-wise the last couple years were stable but you still need to be cautious; get regular exercise and rest. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. When you are going out, pay attention to safety to prevent accidents. Among priorities in 2019, Dragons should make time for gatherings. Call friends over to share in meals – the Pig energy of the year will really like that! If there are people you’ve been meaning to connect with, now is a good time to do so. Your spiritual message this year: See the world as a dream; fluctuating, changing, new. Understand this fluidity and go beyond sorrow. This is the way to brightness. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.


Dragon UPDATE: Time for you roar in celebration! The God of Happiness is in your corner. You should prosper in this peaceful year! You have lucky stars, and your boss will help you. Appreciate your boss, and make sure they know you do. A continuous red string around your body is important. To avert accidents, be sure to get your teeth cleaned or your blood drawn early in the New Year. With your good fortune, do not be tempted to hoard your treasure. Be sure to perform good deeds and donate to charity. February and September are outstanding months for you. Good months are June, August and December. Use caution in March, May, July, November and June 2020 stay vigilant in April and October.


Snake: In terms of the zodiac, Snakes are in an oppositional relationship with the Pig. This year you could have a tendency for self-sabotage or for creating a poverty consciousness around yourself – snap out of it, oh enlightened one. Find help through the wood element; keep lush plants or the color green around you. In this Tai Sway year, Snake’s luck is not stable, but you do have the Helpful People star shining over you. Using this energy will help subdue negative influences. Career-wise, you can find support from your boss and colleagues. Snakes should slither up and wrap themselves around opportunities as they are presented. Ask yourself, “How can I turn my spontaneous (or unfocused) ideas into meaningful action that produces results?” Your Peach Blossom luck is affected by Tai Sway, and single snakes may find themselves attracted to someone who doesn’t share their feelings. This is a good year to work harder on career and on how you present yourself to the world. Married couples might be threatened by outside factors so pay attention to partners; don’t give a third party an opportunity to insinuate themselves. Money luck this year is good. Income is pretty stable and side money is okay. Still, there may be expenses so plan your finances and be sure to budget. Health luck is weak, so take care of yourself by getting lots of rest, exercise, and watching what you eat. Be extra cautious when driving to avoid accidents. Fasten your seatbelt and never drive under the influence or when tired.  (Good advice at any time, but especially in 2019.) Do not be too discouraged in this Tai Sway year; focus on work and self-improvement, and do the adjustments to mitigate or even alleviate negative effects. This year’s spiritual message is: Remember everything rises and passes away. When you see this, you’re above sorrow. This is the brilliant way. Since Snakes are in an oppositional relationship with both Pig and Tiger, it is recommended that you carry or wear a Combo Charm.


Snake UPDATE: This year you may experience a lot of unexpected things. Your forecast also mentions that you should be wary of backstabbing stuff. Good news though, you have Helpful People stars. This is an opposition year for you and you may experience some negative opposition to your plans – but Snake has a lucky star that involves moving or travel. Slither away and take advantage of it. You could experience some financial loss, so manage money well. Hang on to your current job for stability. If you feel yourself getting depressed, remember to meditate and chant. Breath work is really good too. March and October are great months for you in 2019. Good months are April, May, and September. Use caution in June, July, August and November. Use caution and be very careful  in December and January 2020.


Horse: This year will be a time of illumination, enlightenment, and celebration. Be a light for others. Adjust your knowledge corner (the lower left hand side, near the room’s entrance) with books, spiritual icons, artwork, and plants. Be sure to re-read your favorite books of wisdom. Career luck is good because you work hard and it will pay off. Horses also have a Helpful People star in 2019. Your boss and colleagues will assist you in your endeavors. Showing appreciation is always a good idea, and it will also help maintain optimal luck. Relationship luck is good, and your Peach Blossom is strong. People will be attracted to you. Romantic possibilities stampede your way! This is good, but you might have a challenging time deciding who should be the focus of your attention. Stay balanced in your affections until you’ve absolutely made up your mind, otherwise your suitors may grow tired of your divided attention and so shut the door. This could damage your Peach Blossom effect. Money luck is good due to the influence of helpful people, and also your hard-working attitude. Side money is also good. This year you really need to control your expenses or money will come and money will go. Be sure to budget and be reasonable. Put a crystal on your nightstand or on the left side of your desk. Health luck is okay – but be careful around sharp and pointy objects. Adjust any knife-edges in your environment. Spiritual message for Horses this year: Be mindful among the mindless. Be awake while others dream. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Horse UPDATE: Sun Star shines on you this year! This is a good year for financial gain, personal relationships, and health.  If you gallop into any obstacles, Helpful People abound! Remember that in order to keep the positive chi and to have the best year – hold tenderness and kindness in your heart. Be careful of attracting a third party relationship – your Peach Blossom is strong this year, so it could happen quite easily.  Health is good, but if you have any sign of anything get it checked out immediately. Also, be generous and donate to charities mitigate any risks.  Best months: February, March and October. April is a good. Use caution in May, June, July, August, September, November and December and be very careful in January 2020.


Goat: The Goat is in a three harmony relationship with the Pig, and so Goats should have an easier year. Career luck is good. You have a Helpful People star shining over you. There may be some blocks in your career but mostly you’ll find the solutions. When facing challenges, be patient. We hear the phrase “stubborn as a goat” but maybe that’s just reflective of a Goat in a situation that’s testing their patience and they’re simply meeting the test with just the right amount of persistent force.  For business, luck will be good. You will have the opportunity to have bigger orders and be more in demand. Note that quality control must be a focus. Pay attention to that and your customer base will grow. You could have a tendency to spend more money than you should. Prepare to budget, and prevent this from happening. This is a great year for Goats in relationships. Your Peach Blossom luck is good, especially for single people. Don’t abuse this by becoming promiscuous since this would attract backstabbers and turn into Peach Blossom Menace or Disaster. For married couples Peach Blossom is good. Be mindful of your relationship. Your metaphor for dealing with others this year is the mirror. Mirrors reflect. They do not judge. Health is good or fair. You still might have some little issues so pay attention and get check-ups. This is especially true for older Goats. Not only should you get regular check-ups, but be sure to take care of ongoing things like high blood pressure, etc. Create a space to exercise, or join a class. Spiritual message: Remember, one cannot shake a mountain. Let other people’s opinions of you roll off like water off a duck’s back. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Goat UPDATE: You are in the three-harmony relationship to the Pig. You should pay particular attention to South West or Disaster star; a feng shui adjustment to this area is important. Don’t bang your horns against a wall; overcome difficulties using wisdom – i.e. get all the info you can before reacting to a situation or occurrence. Use double crystals or put a vase in your relationship area. Go to as many celebrations as you can.  Best month: June is an excellent month for you! Good months are March and November. Use caution in February April, May, July, August, September, October, December and very cautious in January 2020.


Monkey: You have a conflicting relationship with the Pig, this year’s governing animal. Therefore, it is especially important to show integrity in all you do. Do not compromise yourself out of fear. Claim your good and never settle for less; honesty will pay off in greater dividends than expected. Monkey’s career luck is up and down due to the Tai Sway’s effects on career, especially for people just starting out in the workforce. Monkeys are intelligent – you realize this yourself. Maybe give other people a chance to recognize this for themselves? Try this even if waiting for others to discover your smarts confuses or frustrates you a little. A suggestion – do your work and don’t over think things. If you get too anxious you may lose opportunities. Money luck is up and down; as long as you’re working hard and not expecting anything extra you’ll be okay. Your side money luck is weak, so don’t speculate or gamble. Plan for your financial future. Relationship luck is okay. Single Monkeys might have a chance at romance – but don’t be too eager to make things happen. Let things flow in their own natural time and way. Married monkeys might have some little issues but not big problems. Always beware of third party interference. Pay attention to your partner and don’t give others a chance to monkey around with a good thing. Monkeys would do well to carry the Mandarin Duck Charm. Health has a lucky star. Even so, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself and to fortify your immune system. Use the element of water to increase your intuitive flow. Your spiritual message for year: It is better to conquer yourself than to win 1000 battles, because then the victory is yours; it cannot be taken from you. Not by angels, not by demons, or heaven or hell. Since Monkeys are in an oppositional relationship with both Pig and Tiger, it is recommended that you carry or wear a Combo Charm.

Monkey UPDATE: The year of the Earth Pig is a bit unstable for you. You may have propensity for feeling worried. It’s not all doom and gloom though; you do have some lucky stars. Quit swinging through the branches! This is a year you need to focus on calmness rather than activity. Practice breath work, chant, carrying an auspicious charm. Focus on getting more spiritual. Good months for you are March, April, September, October, December be cautious in May, August and January 2020. You must be very vigilant in our February, June and November.


Rooster: This year will be much better for the Rooster. You’ve finally shaken off the Tai Sway influences of the last two years. Overall luck is improved; no issues. You can breathe a sigh of relief – it’s a really good year. The spirit of generosity and receiving surrounds you. Be wary of withholding, and address the concept of withholding. If you see this aspect in your life, it is time for a change. Ask yourself, “In what areas of my life are outdated ideas holding me back?”  Career luck is okay – you can pay more attention to your career and you’ll get more in return. Cock-a-doodle-doo! Peach Blossom luck is good! Single Roosters may get to enjoy a long-term relationship. Married couples just need to communicate a bit more with their partners and that will smooth out any little bumps along the way. Side money luck is good too. Get some advice from financial professionals to enjoy more income. In 2019 your health luck can be affected by a Sickness Star. Do more exercise, get plenty of rest and strengthen your immune system. Older Roosters especially need to pay attention. Accent your front entrance. Make it more appealing and keep it that way. A spiritual message for Roosters is one that is in the zeitgeist this year. Better to conquer yourself than to win 1,000 battles. Endeavor to work on yourself; in 2019 any type of self-improvement will pay off for years to come. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Rooster UPDATE: Crow it from the rooftops! You are to have a safer, more peaceful year this year! Your credibility will rise. Be sure to refrain from drinking or partying too much. If you have people in your life who tend to feed into your vices, drop them. Be sure to attend as many happy events as possible. For a more fluid and financially prosperous year, consider adding a water element to your house. April is your best month. Good months are July and December. Use caution in February, March, May, June, August, November and January 2020. Stay very vigilant in September and October. Be careful. Those are good months to make your “Cock a Doodle Do” a “Cock A Doodle Don’t”!


Dog: In the Year of the Earth Pig, the Dog is going to notice the effect of no longer being under the Tai Sway influence. Overall, career luck is good. Dogs who work for an employer will find their relationships more in harmony. If you work hard you’ll escape any random negative factors. Dogs who own businesses might have some new opportunities to make a bigger profit so their business can expand. This is a year of strategy and trust. Dog’s relationship luck is okay, but single dogs don’t have to worry about Peach Blossom Luck – (there isn’t any this year). When you meet someone, really sniff them out, otherwise you might not meet the right person. For a married Dog, relationship luck is okay – stable, but you need to pay attention to the bad Peach Blossom effects to stave off third party influence. Be sure your relationship area is in good order, especially the relationship area within your bedroom. Be kind and thoughtful. Throughout the year shower your beloved with more flowers, gifts, and treats as an expression of your love. Money luck is okay, both side money and regular income, but be aware of expenses that will come up this year. Be sure to create a budget and stick to the plan, otherwise money will come and go. Health luck is okay, do regular check-ups, do all the basic maintenance. Get exercise, eat right, and rest. A message for Dogs: Don’t let the past or the future stand between you and reality. By being attuned to the present moment, all will rejoice in your existence. It is also recommended that you carry or wear a Triumphant Tiger Charm.

Dog UPDATE: You are popular this year. Be social, avoid loneliness. Frolic with the other animals – this will help your overall being. Just be cautious not to stir up unnecessary drama in the kennel. Good Dogs do Good Deeds! This will help to bring in the best year possible. Adjust the North West.  March and June are excellent months for you in 2019. Good months are February and October. Use caution in August, September, November and December. Be very careful in April July and January 2020.

Pig: Overall luck will be up and down because it is a Tai Sway year. The argument star is on you, making it easy to get involved in disputes. Be really careful about friendly-seeming people who approach you with what looks like a good thing. In reality they might be harmful to you. Pigs in business might experience some kind of insider backstabbing from someone inside their own group. Take care with your words; choose them wisely. Relationship luck is okay, yet there is a big impact from the Peach Blossom. Single Pigs should focus on something other than trying to get a relationship this year. Pigs can’t really demand one, but if the opportunity presents itself feel free to take it. If the opportunity doesn’t come naturally – accept that it’s not yours to have this year. Money luck is okay, but Pigs are going to have expense issues. Be careful, especially with people who come to ask you for a loan. Don’t lend money to people you don’t know, and protect your own property. There is a good luck Health Star in your area, still you need to have good diet, get exercise and rest. Remember to get in for your regular check up! Throughout the year remember that asking for help will bring the right people to assist you in any challenges. A wise person will give you sound advice, and people will come to your aid to help lighten your load. Throughout this year, be sure to have an awareness of lighting. It’s going to have an affect on your overall chi, so make sure it’s bright around whatever you’re doing. Allow more of your inner radiance to shine on your routine activities and interactions with others. A message for Pigs: Develop your potential. You are due miracles – wake up and enjoy them!

Pig UPDATE: This could be a year of vitality and celebration; you could even find your perfect sweetheart, or have a child. You should be careful of your health, though. Enjoy your meals, visiting with friends, and good feeling – but be particularly careful of your digestive system, immune system, and your spleen. This little piggie goes to the market, this little piggie – doesn’t stay home! Plan trips. Avoid hospitals or funerals unless you absolutely need to go. Be careful of metal – in the kitchen or in the car. Be sure to practice generosity and do good deeds. Cultivating merit will help mitigate challenging aspects of this year. Good months for you are February, March, September and December. Be cautious in April, June, October and January 2020. Be extra careful in May, June, October and January 2020.