2022 Year of the Water Tiger

Goodbye to the Year of the Metal Ox!  Welcome, Year of the Water Tiger! February 1, 2022 – January 21, 2023

Read on for an explanation of the year, and some pointers on dealing with the effects of certain stars.

Remember, the Chinese Zodiac is arranged into a 60 Year cycle. This consists of a 12 Year zodiac animal cycle, times the rotation of the five elements; metal, water, wood, fire, earth.

(For instance, if one were born in 1954, one would be a Wood Horse, because the element of that year is wood. Twelve years later, if one were born in 1966, one would be a Fire Horse, because the element of that year was Fire – and in Five Element Theory, wood creates or feeds fire.)

In the Flying Star system of Feng Shui, there is a star referred to as the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter.  This is a very important star, said to influence much about the year itself. In each year of the 60-year cycle, the spirit of a different personality represents the Tai Sui.

The Water Tiger’s Tai Sui is represented by an ancient figure, General He E. His backstory is that he was a very good and powerful general, who was sent by the emperor to conquer a village. When he did as ordered, he discovered a cache of treasure in one of the walls he breached. Ordinarily, when treasure was discovered during battle it was customary for generals to keep most of the money for themselves. General He E, however, knowing that the Emperor planned to raise taxes on his people, donated the spoils of war to the ruler – asking instead for tax relief for the citizens. The General was selfless, and successful, and compassionate toward those he considered his fellow countrymen.

One of GENERAL He E’s duties was managing a province where he had to clear the area of pestilence, which he used his army did successfully.

Could this year’s Tai Sui general’s benevolent nature help the world with the COVID pandemic? I am going to predict YES.

This honest and forthright general used his power, wisdom, and knowledge to safeguard the people. Thus the spirit of the year he represents tends to be one of compassion and good leadership. It is believed that this spirit will have an effect on not just individuals, but upon the world at large.

Self-centered people – Beware!  If you don’t have others welfare at heart and are concerned solely with your own desire and go against the greater good – Look out! You wouldn’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of this year’s Tai Sui General. 

Another star associated with the Tai Sui is a star referred to as the Three Killings Star. This year that star resides in the Northeast. This will be an area that you would want to keep quiet this year. You will want to be careful about overdoing the water element in this sector as well. The Northeast is not a great place to put a swimming pool this year, for instance. Nor do you want to replace windows or doors or do any kind of drilling into walls here. If you absolutely must renovate the area, please consult a Feng Shui professional, and be sure to receive a blessing first. The star’s effects will spill over a bit into the North as well, though to a lesser extent.

The element of water is usually considered a yin one, conjuring images of a still pool, quiet and deep. It should be noted that the water element this year is more yang – think of a rushing ocean with very active, tumbling waves.

One thing all of the animals of the zodiac have in common this year is that we are all being cautioned to take care around metal. In the creative cycle of five-element theory, metal is mother to water. Because of this, and because the Broken Army Star resides in the West this year (the West being symbolic of the metal element itself), we all need to be very careful, especially when driving.

Assign a designated driver if you imbibe, put down the cell phone, only drive when well-rested, and focus, focus, focus on what you’re doing. (Whew! That’s good advice in all seasons, but especially important this year!) It would be a good idea to make an adjustment in your car. A jade Bagua is the traditional (and attractive) folk charm for protection while traveling.

And now for some good news!

According to the alignment of certain stars beginning around the month of April, creativity, abundance, and compassion will be strongly felt in the world. Be sure to glory in the loveliness of it all while remaining grounded.

Remember that doing good deeds, donating blood, taking part in one of the 3 Happiness Events (wedding, birth of a child, buying/moving to new property/) and/or carrying a lucky charm are all excellent ways to negate or diminish the effects of certain stars.

Be smart, be kind, and take precautions. This is the way to help the Year of the Water Tiger be the best it can be.