2022 Zodiac Animal Yearly Horoscopes

The Year of the Water Tiger,
Overall Animal Projections for the Year

Rat in the Year of the Water Tiger
The good new is that for you, Rat is that there is no Tai Sway for you this year. The challenging news is that there is an unfortunate star on the horizon. Don’t panic, remember that there are ways to mitigate the effects of unlucky stars, and you are most capable of employing them. Taking part in one of the three happiness events (marriage, new baby, moving to a new home), wearing or carrying a lucky animal charm, and doing good deeds are all ways to shift the energy and keep you safe.

In term of love and relationships, remain calm during disagreements. Best to let go; hanging on might cause you to miss out on love. Pay loving attention to personal relationships. Be more thoughtful, and approach others in your life with love first.

Health luck is kind of a challenge too. You definitely want to pay more attention to your body. Get a check up, and if you feel anything out of the ordinary, address it as soon as possible. Rats are encouraged to exercise, meditate, and to get plenty of sleep this year. Be sure that when you drive you are not tired, nor have had anything to drink. The chance of getting a ticket (or worse) is high for the rat this year.

Ox in the Year of the Water Tiger
Good news! The Ox’s luck is better this year than it was last, during your Tai Sway year. The Ox’s career luck is more stable. It will be even better if the Ox can work hard on changing one thing about its character – and that is stubbornness. Work on being more flexible and kind. This will help your career luck. So will carrying or wearing a good luck charm.

Overall, finances are stable. You are generally good at controlling money…but there is an exception to this. This is not a good year for what we call side-money for the Ox, that is to say gambling, speculating, or investing. For the business Ox, somehow this year the money doesn’t flow. It will be a year of expenses, so just be smart and don’t overspend.

In terms of love and relationships, the single ox has a lucky star, and they might marry. Married oxen need to be cautious, and guard against becoming involved in a love triangle that could cause family hardship. Be careful not to cross any lines.

Health-wise, you want to pay attention to diet. Nix the fast food. Oxen should also avoid crowds wherever possible – their immune systems are a little on the dainty side this year. Finally – all are encouraged to pay close attention to driving safely this year.

Tiger in the Year of the Water Tiger
Well, it’s your year, Tiger. This makes it a Tai Sway year for you – being first in line means that the energy of the year gets to you first, which can be kind of intense. Overall luck this year is up and down. Don’t go panicking about the down cycles, remember that there are things you can do to mitigate how strongly you will be affected. It is recommended that Tigers take advantage of one of the Three Happiness events this year. These involve marriage, having a baby, or moving to a new home. Remember, you don’t have to be the one getting married or having a baby – it’s enough to attend a wedding, or to welcome a new little one into your circle of family or friends. Any of these things will help make your luck more stable, but still, it’s good to be cautious. Carrying or wearing a good luck charm would be auspicious, and in 2022 its your best friend the Pig.

Don’t involve yourself with any big construction this year, stick to familiar business, pay close attention to customers and clients, and don’t borrow money. If you want to invest, it is advised that you go for a long-term investment. Pay attention to contractual details. Your job and career are fine, but be especially careful if you own your own business. It is possible to lose control of your money through inattention. Do not leave details up to others, especially when it comes to finance.

In term of love and relationships, remain calm during disagreements. Best to let go; hanging on might cause you to miss out on love. Tigers have strong personalities – and married tigers might experience a conflict that could affect the family. Stick close to home, and reduce social interactions when it comes to individuals of the preferred gender for you. This is not the year for single tigers to get married – and honestly, you’ll be too busy to do that. Partnered or not, Tigers are encouraged to carry a good luck charm, or keep one on the nightstand. Health-wise, there can be challenges through either illness or accident. Take care and put safety first. Avoid unfamiliar places and people. Be sure to avoid being by yourself when traveling. Bring a companion when traveling to an unfamiliar place. When driving, be sure to follow the rules and be safe. A good adjustment would be to hang a crystal or a driver safety charm in your car.

Rabbit in the Year of the Water Tiger
Over all, Rabbit, your luck is stable this year – there may be a challenging star on the horizon, but the prognostication is that the rabbit’s own luck is strong enough to overcome anything that might appear threatening at first.
Career-wise, female-bodied rabbits could face a little trouble with a supervisor. It’s important to know how to deal with them and to stay out of any possible scandal. It is especially advised to carry a lucky charm for protection. For the most part, the rabbit’s finances look stable. They have good money management, good income, and few extra expenses. Certain rabbits though may face a bad luck star that results in an a large expense suddenly occurring. One way to mitigate this is to spend a little bit of money on something you’d like to have, with the intention that this is money going out intentionally, which will offset the energy of having the money going out in a less voluntary fashion.

Another caution here – a rabbit involved in a relationship with the wrong person might find themselves spending too much money on that individual – rabbits sometimes don’t know how to say no when someone asks something from them. Married rabbits do need to guard against third party interference, or of being drawn into a triangle. Single rabbit women need to be cautions when it comes to affairs of the heart as well. Be scrupulous when it comes to relationships. Keep your eyes wide-open.

Over all health luck is good, even though there’s a not-great star – but a cautious bunny is a safe bunny. Good thing it’s in your character. Watch your diet, eschew junk food, and chew your veggies. All are cautioned to be especially careful when driving this year. No sleepy driving, and never drink before getting behind the wheel.

Dragon in the Year of the Water Tiger
Great news, Dragon – you are in for exceptional luck this year! Expect it to be good. Job, work, life – it’s all coming up treasure! You may face small issues here and there, but if there’s one thing that dragons are, it’s persistent. Dragon’s just don’t give up. The good luck means that you’ll be able to spend a little more time relaxing this year. Finance-wise, yes, there are some ups and downs. Most dragons work hard and have money – but there may be a tendency to let your talons open, allowing money to slip
through, especially when it comes to spending money on others. Control yourself. Help others if a situation comes up, but don’t finance them indefinitely. The goal is to be helpful, but not to make others dependent.

Relationship-wise, things look good. Of course you’ll face challenges here and there, but no big issues loom on the horizon.

Health-wise, there can be challenges. You may have been unwell. Watch out particularly for the change in seasons. When it comes to business travel in particular, you need to watch out for your personal safety. If you experience a problem, ask for help quickly. Pay attention to your diet, limit drinking and smoking. You really want to avoid respiratory illness. Drive with caution. Wearing or carrying a lucky animal charm could work out well.

Snake in the Year of the Water Tiger
The year of the Water Tiger is an interesting year for you, Snake. It is a Tai Sway year, which can mean a lot of powerful energy coming your way, with challenging twists and turns. There are three unfortunate stars for the snake this year – but the good news is that there is also a good luck star to help. Keep yourself in good condition through exercise, sleep, meditation, and good nutrition. Control your emotions so that you can solve challenges that come your way. Carrying or wearing a Lucky
is recommended.

Finances look pretty good, and seem largely unaffected by Tai Sway. Your job looks good, and you might even get a bonus or a promotion. Side money luck is pretty good too – investment and speculation prospects are good. When you have money to invest, do so – but don’t let greed get the better of you. Know when to say when.

Relationships can be a little tricky this year. Because of a challenging star, you especially want to be wary of becoming involved in a love triangle – it might make you miss out on one who truly loves you. If married, communicate; don’t avoid your partner. If single, look before you leap (slither?) there’s a chance you could wind up with the wrong person for you. This is a good year to remain single when it comes
right down to it.

Health-wise, there can be challenges. You may have been unwell. Watch out particularly for the change in seasons. When it comes to business travel in particular, you need to watch out for your personal safety. If you experience a problem, ask for help quickly. Pay attention to your diet, limit drinking and smoking. You really want to avoid respiratory illness. Drive with caution

Horse in the Year of the Water Tiger
Overall, the outlook for you, Horse, is a positive one. Good luck even, with much happiness in terms of career, family, and your relationships. Ah, harmony! New couples may want to pay more attention to their relationship in terms of what it takes getting used to their new partners.
Work-wise, horses are the beneficiaries of two good luck stars, and even challenges will be overcome. Still, be sure to pay attention to details when signing a contract. Financial luck is good this year. Hard work and income are equal. Just one caution – watch your spending. Seeing a great sale may cause you to spend money that you don’t need to spend, and horses new to the workforce may need to save some money to cover any unexpected expenses. Wearing or carrying a lucky animal charm would be a positive adjustment for 2022.

Relationships for the high-spirited horse, while mostly positive, will naturally contain twists and turns. The single horse is in good shape to stay single this year. Be content with yourself, loved ones, and friends. It’s far better than being saddled with Mr. or Ms. Wrong.

Health overall is good. There may be little challenges here and there, but the hardy horsie will deal with them well, and overcome any potential difficulties. Even so, don’t neglect any health challenges that come along. When you go out, don’t expect personal safety, especially when visiting other countries. Be cautious, there’s still a pandemic out there. Horses like to gallop – but they need to slow down when it comes to driving. This is a good year for you but still, be careful out there.

Goat in the Year of the Water Tiger
Outlook for the goat is good this year. It’s important for goats to stay in good
condition though, both physically and emotionally. If you can focus on that you’ll be able to overcome any challenges that may crop up. In 2022, you do need to be on guard against backstabbers or people who don’t wish you well. Use caution when communicating with others; display the qualities of softness and cooperation. The way you behave toward others is extremely important. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities because you rubbed someone the wrong way.

Financial luck is okay, but there could be a challenge; goats have trouble saying no – but not saying “no” could affect personal finances. This is not a good time to lend money or to co-sign on a personal loan. There’s a time to be generous or financially helpful to others, this year is not that time for the goat. Wear or carry lucky charm.

Goat’s relationship luck is good – Single goats interested in having a relationship should put themselves out there. It’s a good time to go for it.

Goats who’ve been in relationship but separated could find themselves coming back together.
Health-wise the luck for goats is pretty stable. They’re less likely to be attacked by illness. Still, they should watch their diets – and drive carefully.

Monkey in the Year of the Water Tiger
Well, Monkey, this is a Tai Sway year for you, which usually means some conflict or negative attention but happily for you, a lucky star on your horizon offsets this potential negativity. Not that you should sit back and pin all your hopes on a lucky star to fix things… but just know that if you work hard and proceed with caution things should be okay for you. No matter what you say or do – THINK FIRST. Ask yourself, “Is what I am about to say helpful or necessary? If it’s helpful, what tone should I use so that the recipient of my help can hear what it is I am saying?” Avoid
argument wherever possible. Wear or carry lucky charm.

Finances aren’t too stable this year – there seem to be two unfortunate stars that have the potential to afflict monkeys. One of them can result in an accidental loss of money. Monkeys definitely need to control their spending, and to save money to cover any potential losses or even electronic theft.
Work-wise, you may want to step it up, if for no other reason than you need to show your superiors that your attitude toward your job is great. Otherwise there could be some sort of career block. Play your cards rights so that you don’t miss any opportunities… Thank goodness that there is a better star on the horizon during the second half of the year, one that more positively influences your job or career.

If you are self-employed, expect sales and recognition to go up. Grab this chance to elevate yourself. The lucky star coming in could help you get a promotion or a raise. Finance wise you want to avoid money issues with friends or colleagues, and unfortunately side-money (investments or gambling) are not great for you this year.

Relationship wise, things are copacetic. Your personality is strong and good enough to deal with potential issues. Single monkeys may have the opportunity to find that someone special this year – while married monkeys need to be careful about becoming ensnared in love triangles. Keep your distance from others, and guard your heart well.

Health-wise, monkeys need to pay attention – and to watch out for travel safety. Avoid crowded areas, and stay home in bad weather. Be sure to get adequate rest – particularly if you are a monkey employed at odd hours. Get rest whenever you can, and be very careful when driving. If possible charm to carry and to place in your car.

Rooster in the Year of the Water Tiger
Well Rooster, this year your overall luck is okay – if not perfect. You have one unfortunate star, but several lucky ones to offset it. Still, it is strongly advised that you carry or wear a lucky charm. This, when worn with intention, should help to keep both health and social relationships from too many challenges. Finance-wise things are good – both regular and side money have luck. One caution; easy money may make you spend a little more freely than you should. This is a good time to work on a savings plan.

Relationship-wise, there maybe a challenge with over-thinking things, or putting a negative spin on interactions. Try and get yourself out of that sort of a spiral so that the relationship isn’t burdened. Married folks need to be trusting, which will stabilize the relationship. Single roosters may meet someone they like, and they should put themselves out there and go for it.

Health luck is so-so. Roosters need to pay attention to health, and to watch out for the change in the seasons. Having a balanced diet, good nutrition, taking vitamins, and getting exercise are all important. Staying home too much may cause unwanted weight gain, which could compromise your immune system. Drive safely.

Dog in the Year of the Water Tiger
Overall, your luck is not bad, Dog. A lot of the good luck depends on you and your ability to put yourself in the way of harmony, not harm. Cultivate a positive attitude and practice optimism – doing this will help in all aspects of your life. You are a powerful dog who can elevate your luck with your special winning attitude. You have a good luck star in both your health and career areas. No matter what type of work you do, the dog is in overall good standing at work this year. Still, be careful not to show off – doing so could cause jealousy. Finances are mostly good – partly because work is stable Hard work pays off, and there’s a helpful star near side-money, which indicates that a helpful person might around when it comes to investment. This coupled with the fact that dogs know how to save and be frugal, even if others might think of them as tight fisted (tightpawed?) is very helpful for the dog in terms of having a good situation financially.

Relationship luck is good this year. The dog’s sunny outlook will attract others. Keep an open mind and an open heart. A new relationship could even lead to marriage. If married, be sure to communicate with your partner, consulting with them in regards to any situation that may come up. Open communication will strengthen your bond.

Health is over all good, but you need to be very careful when driving – and this year, water safety is very important also. It might be a good idea to avoid high risk sport this year if possible (oh, you thrill-seeker…) Be cautious, don’t take risks with your body, and all will be well this year.

Pig in the Year of the Water Tiger
Overall, luck is very good for you, Pig! There are many lucky stars shining on you this year, pushing life to be positive in every way. This said, you cannot afford to be careless in 2022. There does exist for you a slight Tai Sway energy that carries with it a star that could disturb a particular situation. Inattention is NOT your friend. Carelessness can create situations that will make things more up and down than they need to be. Pigs should work on controlling their emotions and tempers in order to avoid arguments that might upset the equilibrium.

Financial luck is very good this year. Most pigs will be satisfied. There’s a lovely combination of good speculative luck and good money management that are good to see together. Of course, you need to do your due diligence and investigate anything that you are considering investing in. If the prospects don’t look good or sound, then the bank is the best place for your money.

Relationship wise, things are okay – Married pigs, or those in relationships need to be especially good to their partners. No nagging or nitpicking. Appreciate them for who they are, and be conscious of the lovely things they bring into your life. Show them you appreciate them.

Health luck is so-so. It is generally good, but there are possibilities for accidents this year. Please be vigilant, avoiding crowds where disease may surge, and drive safely. There are some auspicious charms you can carry.