Tips for the Lunar New Year Celebrations

Things to do for the Lunar New Year Celebration!

Here are a few tips to get your YEAR OF THE METAL OX off to a good start:

So first let’s first begin by doing some house cleaning.  The cleaning should occur before New Year’s Day so that you can relax and the day (and days afterward itself.

Make sure all your lights are working. Replace burnt out light bulbs, polish your mirrors and clean your windows.

These tips can be added or performed any time during the two weeks celebration of the New Year:

Liven up your home with fresh flowers and some new plants. Orchids, narcissus, and lucky bamboo are favored.

Plan a New Year’s dinner and celebrate with family and friends.

Enjoy plenty of good food, include many different dishes.

Among the NY delicacies are peanuts, symbolizing good health; oysters, to attract fortunate occasions; shiitake mushrooms to fulfill wishes from East to West; red dates, symbolizing an early coming of prosperity; and fish, to represent long life and abundant health.

Avoid eating from broken or chipped crockery. It signifies you will be eating your own capital.

Make enough to have leftovers, this symbolizes that you’ll have money rolling into the next year.

Play music and games. 

Watch a video here – 

Give your children gifts of money in red envelopes.

Avoid pointed or sharp objects. Getting poked by pins, or getting cut can be a harbinger of surgery to come.

Dress in “up-beat” clothing or new clothes. Wearing red underwear is also favored.

If anything breaks, like a cup or plate during New Year say “Fall to the floor and burst into bloom!”

Refrain from cursing, this will affect your luck for the year. If you should curse inadvertently say “Tong yen woo chi!” to reverse the affect.

Ensure your chopsticks are the same length while eating; otherwise, you may literally miss the boat (or plane, or train, or bus) while traveling.

Surround yourself with colorful fruit so that you will have a fruitful 2021:
**Oranges and tangerines represent money and wealth for the coming year.
**Apples symbolize good health and safety.
**Pineapples symbolize fame and promotion.


These are all good things to have in your house during the New Year celebration starting February 12th which lasts two weeks and ends with the evening Lantern Festival on February 26th.