2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

Year of the Water Rabbit

Goodbye to the Year of the Water Tiger.

Welcome, Year of the Water Rabbit!  January 22, 2023 – February 9th, 2024 

Remember, the Chinese Zodiac is arranged into a 60 Year cycle. This consists of a 12 Year zodiac animal cycle, times the rotation of the five elements; metal, water, wood, fire, earth.

(For instance, if one were born in 1954, one would be a Wood Horse, because the element of that year is wood. Twelve years later, if one were born in 1966, one would be a Fire Horse, because the element of that year was Fire – and in Five Element Theory, wood creates or feeds fire.)

Every year, there is a star referred to as the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter.  This is a very important star, said to influence much about the year itself. In each year of the 60-year cycle, the spirit of a different personality represents the Tai Sui.

The Water Rabbit’s Tai Sui is represented by an ancient figure, General Pi Shi. He was known as an incredibly wise individual with strong physical and mental abilities. He was able to command large armies, stopping invasions and security borders without any collateral damage. He also skillfully navigated diplomatic relationships and political turmoil, was hardworking, industrious, and led by example. Hopefully, the influence of General Pi Shi will bring us wise and experienced leaders, who are able to implement effective policies and stabilize even the most serious of situations.

In this year, also known as the Yin Water Rabbit, agriculture and political power will tend to be more stable. There should be rain in the spring and summer, and a lack of water next autumn and winter. In the first half of the year there could be major floods that cause personal and regional devastation, resulting in considerable damage to infrastructure and disruptions to supplies of clean water, wastewater treatment, electricity, transport, education, and health care.

The financial industry forecast is not optimistic; do not listen to rumors and invest in the stock market. Like watching a darting rabbit and not knowing which way things will turn, the markets will suddenly explode and then experience turbulence and an aftershock of great instability. The first half of the year is considered unstable, so it is a not a good time to invest. Play it safe. It is recommended that you can start investing after June 18th, 2023 or wait until after August 15th, 2023.

The astrologers of the East feel that in 2023 the pandemic will continue to spread, the number of people affected will increasing and the fatality rate will rise. They are warning everybody to take additional safety precautions. So at the end of the year of the Tiger it is especially important to make Feng Shui preparations for each person in your family.

In 2023 the Eastern governments may grow stronger and the Western governments may become weaker. So hold on to your hats, it could be a wild ride. Living in the West, we will need to keep our hearts open but also learn to buckle up. The Rabbit is considered the most diplomatic of all the signs, so let’s hope this heavenly attribute will flourish throughout the world.

The Dog is a symbol of protection, loyalty, and courage. Professor said that “When the Dog meets the Rabbit on the path to wealth, becomes apparent”. This year, because Dog is a great friend to the Rabbit, it is the most powerful charm. So, to be sure you have good luck this year, consider wearing a Dog charm as a good luck charm!