Monthly Horoscope


Harmonious Insights: Navigating Your Zodiac with Grace

Monthly Overview: This month, embrace the element of metal to bring clarity, organization – exactly what we need to tackle our ever-growing to-do lists! In Feng Shui, metal is associated with the qualities of precision and logic. It’s a powerful tool to cut through confusion and bring a sense of order to your environment. Embracing the energy of metal can also support you in setting clear boundaries and making decisive choices.  So, declutter your space, and your mind, and let the crisp, cool energy of metal bring a sense of calm to your upcoming holiday season.


Rat Horoscope:  This month, let the masculine energy of protection, activity, logic, and analysis guide you, but remember not to dominate. Step back and see the bigger picture, like an eagle flying high in the sky. Your dreams will be especially meaningful this month, so pay attention to them and look up their meanings for visions of the future. In Native American tradition, dreamers could step through sacred portals in the night to commune with those on the other side. Watch your dreams, for messages are flowing to you.

Ox Horoscope:  You’ll feel more awake, energetic, and observant this month. Pay attention to the small voice within, as it will guide you on your way forward. Others may come to help you in answer to the divine. It’s an important time to restore harmony in your relationships and end any power struggles. Focus your intention on one passion instead of being scattered in different directions. Be single-minded in what’s important to you and let everything else go. Follow the unseen stream of energy that you’re being directed towards.

Tiger Horoscope: Right now, you are a teacher, learning as you teach and passing on knowledge. Show leadership, but avoid giving unwanted advice or being rigid. In your role as a teacher and leader, remember that laughter can be the best way to break the ice and connect with others, so don’t be afraid to share a joke or funny story.Step back and get a bigger perspective. Like the Rat, you need to pay attention to your dreams and trust your intuition, hunches, and gut reactions. Place a journal next to your bed and watch for messages in your dreams.

Rabbit Horoscope: As the fall embraces our world, it’s time to be the keeper of the scales. Show fairness and balance in all of your dealings. Good to have reference points and embrace your physical reality. You have the radiance principle of life, so be impeccable in all your actions, no matter what others believe. This isn’t a time to be timid and pull back. Immense courage is filling you. Throw your shoulders back, step forward, and take a risk. Through your example, people will find and act on their own truth. You’re a light bearer for others. Let your light shine bright, and don’t be afraid to let your unique qualities stand out. You are a beautiful individual, and it’s time to embrace that fully.

Dragon Horoscope: Dragon – Your imagination is your ally, and creativity, intuition, and ideas are coming to you rapidly. Pay attention to your relationships, as a new partnership or romance may be on the horizon. Stand up for others, knowing you have support from beings on the other side. Surrender your support to the divine and remember that you don’t have to do everything alone. Strive for balance in your life. Amidst the fire of creativity and the flight of intuition, don’t forget to puff a little smoke of laughter at life’s peculiarities, keeping your majestic wings light.

Snake Horoscope: See the holidays as a time of give and take, and know that things are working together. It’s time to reassess your image, whether on social media or in the real world. Bring new information about yourself to light. If you’re seeking a new job, redo your resume and put your best foot forward. You are supported in rewriting how the world perceives you. Stand in the center and be open, like a medicine wheel, knowing you are part of the great circle of life. Circular objects can be supportive for you right now.

Horse Horoscope: Look to the element of water for answers right now. It’s time to go with the flow, immerse yourself, and go for deeper, honest feelings. Look at life as effort without effort, riding the wave. Ask for help when you need it, and the right people will appear to ease your burden. Perhaps a wise person will appear, or maybe you’re moving, and suddenly a couple of friends offer to help. So be grateful for everything in your life, even the things that don’t seem perfect. Cherish the preciousness of life and everyone and everything around you, and you will be cherished in return. And remember, laughter is the best medicine, so don’t forget to find humor in the little things..

Goat Horoscope: Speak your truth. The soul loves the truth, so communicate from your heart, and share your reality without hesitation. Like a talking stick, give each person around you an opportunity to be heard. Listen and speak. You might even want to create a talking stick for yourself. Remember to seek the truth within, show leadership, pass on traditions, and share your knowledge.  You have integrity, and your honesty will pay off. Stay true to yourself first and foremost, and claim your good. Never settle for less, especially in the autumn season. Embrace the beauty of the changing leaves and the crisp air, and let it inspire you to be your best self.

Monkey Horoscope: As autumn begins, incorporate silence, rest, and meditation into your life. This season is your canvas for reflection, contemplation, and awareness. The season brings opportunities for prosperity and material wealth. Prioritize new job opportunities and watch as projects pay off. Positive communication is your ally, and dreams can provide valuable messages. Keep a dream journal by your bed—your subconscious could be sending you valuable messages. Allow these insights to reveal your path as a healer and visionary. Stay receptive to the possibilities that this time of year brings.

Rooster Horoscope: Build a solid foundation and put your feet on the ground. Surprises and shocks can bring a paradigm shift in your attitudes and relationships. Someone new may enter your life and push you to new heights. Answer the call and cherish the here and now. Know that you are ready for whatever comes your way. As you build your solid foundation and navigate through changes, remember that sometimes the best way to handle a surprise is to laugh in the face of it, embracing the unexpected with humor and grace. Follow the signs and miracles will abound.

Dog Horoscope: Immerse yourself in life’s flow, dear Dog, and let the current guide you. This period isn’t for resisting but for expecting the best with a clear vision. Behold the world with an appreciative eye—whether a glass is half-full or half-empty, it’s your perspective that fills it. Charge forward with belief; beauty and good fortune will follow like loyal companions. Your ancestors are rallying behind you, weaving dreams into reality with a tapestry of signs and synchronicities. Keep your heart open to their wisdom. The universe is ready to offer support; reach out, and you will find ancestral guidance intertwining with your every step. Let a playful bark and a wagging tail remind you to approach each day with a sense of humor and joy.

Pig Horoscope: Pig, you’re in a favorable position, fueled with the vigor to either wrap up or kick off ventures. Embrace this period of rejuvenation and momentum. Channel your energy with precision, concentrating fervently on what truly matters. Narrow down your focus, sidelining any distractions that diverge from your objectives. Miracles are on the horizon; all it takes is dedication, incremental progress, and seeking guidance. A sage figure may cross your path, offering invaluable insights. Remember, the universe aligns in your favor when you voice your needs. Take the initiative, seek out help, and anticipate triumphant results. The cosmos is conspiring in your favor.

Inspirational readings by Marina Lighthouse