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As the calendar turns to the Dragon month in a Dragon year, we’re greeted by an era rich with the essence of adventure, altruism, and repose. This unique period, under the twin guardianship of the Dragon, beckons us to luxuriate in life’s grandeur, urging an embrace of both the journey and the destinations that lie before us and the true nature of the year ahead is revealed.

This time uniquely supports the forging of stronger connections and the crystallization of casual liaisons into commitments cast in the light of deeper understanding. Highlighting the celestial calendar, the full moon on April 23 brings a potent blend of fervor and unpredictability. Amidst this passionate whirlwind, finding sanctuary in the calm of your own space could offer a grounding respite. Mercury finally goes direct April 25, 2024.

Step into this double Dragon domain and let the spirit of this time inspire you to explore, love, and live with a heart wide open to the wonders that await. 🌸 – Blessings, Marina Lighthouse


Rat Horoscope: In this month marked by Mercury retrograde, Rats may find themselves caught between the demands of work and a yearning for reprieve. It’s essential to acknowledge the importance of rest, as weaving moments of tranquility into your schedule can significantly boost your long-term efficiency. The Dragon energy promotes introspection and relaxation, making it the perfect time for deep rest, luxurious self-care, and setting firm boundaries to protect your personal space. The new moon and solar eclipse herald a period for slowing down, perfectly aligning with the rejuvenation that the essence of the solar eclipses typically symbolize. As the season shifts into spring, a gentle reminder surfaces to focus on working smarter, not harder. Come the full moon, the benefits of relaxation and hard work begin to show, providing a splendid opportunity to celebrate your achievements and enjoy the company of friends in a well-deserved break.

Ox Horoscope: In this auspicious Dragon month, as we navigate the energies of Mercury in retrograde, the art of communication may become a delicate dance, amplifying the risk of misunderstandings and digital faux pas. Yet, the emerging new moon infuses our connections with fresh vitality, encouraging expressions of deep affection and closeness. This period is marked by a profound new moon and solar eclipse, creating a bridge from the lunar eclipse during the Rabbit month (last month)—which highlighted endings—to the promise of fresh starts now available to us. While we may encounter moments of unease and upheaval, these cosmic movements open doors to unforeseen paths, calling for adaptability and inner strength. The luminous full moon illuminates your societal standing, signaling a time for acknowledgement and success. As Mercury moves direct later this month, seize the moment to harness this clear-sightedness for professional advancement and crucial conversations. Thus, the Dragon month becomes a potent period for realizing your dreams and ambitions, especially for those attuned to the flow of Feng Shui energies and seeking harmony with the universe’s rhythms.

Tiger Horoscope: As we step into the Dragon month under the influence of Mercury in retrograde, it heralds a time for Tigers to proceed with caution and patience. This celestial backspin might temporarily cloud agreements and straightforward dialogues, yet it also ignites a passion for pursuing both personal and professional goals. A surge of inspiration around mid-month promises to infuse your projects or artistic endeavors with joy and a sense of achievement, despite any external slowdowns. The arrival of the new moon and a solar eclipse calls for deep introspection and careful planning regarding your dreams, suggesting a pause on decisive moves until Mercury resumes its direct path. The luminance of the full moon brings your intuitive gifts to the forefront, enhancing emotional insights and spiritual connections. This period is about balancing your drive for success with the essential act of self-care, setting the stage for material gains and the insightful realization that patience and thoughtful strategy are invaluable. The promise of April is clear: tangible successes are within reach, awaiting those who skillfully align their actions with the celestial tempo.

Rabbit Horoscope: As we move under the Dragon’s celestial canopy, you, dear Rabbit, face the trials brought on by Mercury retrograde, entering directly into your sphere alongside an eclipse set to bring significant changes. This period invites a retreat from the digital chatter, urging cautiousness in your communications to avoid unintended harshness. While truthfulness remains a key virtue, the retrograde phase of Mercury necessitates a tactful approach. The solar eclipse, though it may initially unsettle, serves as a potent moment for setting intentions with clarity and purpose. As we shift to the double Dragon time, let your focus not dwell on the conclusions but on the rich tapestry of possibilities that lie ahead for bringing your aspirations to life. The full moon is poised to stir your innermost passions and will offer a magical ritual to harness brilliant vibrant energy in your sign. Explore and journal your journey for further enlightenment, dear Rabbit.

Dragon Horoscope: Embrace the unique energy of this double Dragon month, as your time to shine arrives with Mercury in retrograde. You may find yourself wanting to step back from the online world and avoiding the complexities of digital dating, but the stars are aligning for meaningful, real-world connections. Whether you’re deepening romantic bonds or fostering new friendships, this time heralds a prime time for love and joy, unaffected by any celestial challenges. The full moon in your month invites a focus on self-nurturance, paving the way for fulfilling your deepest wishes once Mercury moves direct, with the dynamic force of Dragon Power supporting your passionate pursuits.  Dragons navigate these cosmic currents with grace and success.

Snake Horoscope: As we navigate through Dragon month and under the influence of Mercury in retrograde, Snakes might encounter some communicative challenges that, intriguingly, could lead to stronger social ties, particularly later this month. This period calls for a thoughtful examination of your relationships, encouraging you to invest in those that truly matter. The arrival of a solar eclipse and new moon marks a time for fresh starts, whether in your career or personal development. However, this powerful cosmic combination might also drain your vitality, underscoring the need for a careful balance between pursuing your goals and allowing for periods of rest. As the year and month moves into Dragon, your spiritual awareness and intuitive insights become more pronounced, guiding you through the month’s fluctuations with an increased sense of perception. Look into the details of what the Dragon is whispering to you about the year ahead and embrace the journey with an open heart and mind.

Horse Horoscope: The Dragon month ushers in a period of reflection and slight deceleration in your career due to Mercury retrograde, affecting your professional aspirations and achievements. It’s a signal to shift gears, choosing rest over continuous striving. The arrival of positive Plum Blossom Luck could reveal new avenues in your career, while the energy of Dragon season invites you to seek joy outside the workplace. Romantic opportunities are likely to emerge from your existing social networks as the month moves into Dragon, with a journey providing a boost to your professional drive. This month calls for Horses to strike a balance between their ambitions and the enjoyment of life’s simpler joys, setting the stage for both action-oriented endeavors and potential romantic encounters.

Goat Horoscope: As April begins, Mercury retrograde introduces hurdles, especially in your travel arrangements and plans, expecting some disruptions. The entrance of the double Dragon month provides desire for personal reinvention, encouraging you to adopt a bold new look that captures your majestic essence. Now is the moment to rethink your personal style. The new moon and solar eclipse can cast light on your knowledge area, sparking a mix of excitement and apprehension. These celestial movements are less about concluding phases and more about encouraging self-reflection, suggesting a retreat into solitude for rejuvenation. With the double Dragon illuminating your Social Status, opportunities for increased visibility and achievement become apparent. As Mercury resumes direct motion, embrace this time to advance professionally, marrying your aspirations with your distinctiveness, and anticipate an increase in your fame and recognition.

Monkey Horoscope: April’s Mercury retrograde navigates you through communication hurdles, necessitating clarity to avoid misinterpretations with close ones. Mid-month, transitions into a soothing warmth blankets your interactions, ensuring that love flourishes amidst chaos. The new moon and solar eclipse invite a pause from digital connectivity, favoring introspection and self-care. This eclipse marks an ideal moment for personal reflection. The lunar move into Dragon Month turns your focus towards self-improvement and the pursuit of new hobbies, enriching your spirit. The benevolent Dragon energy solidifies relationships, enhancing bonds. The full moon suggests a retreat into solitude, emphasizing rest. Post-retrograde, communication clarity returns, with a move into nurturing your relationships further, smoothing over any misunderstandings. Bringing you insights, Monkey.

Rooster Horoscope: April, under Mercury retrogrades influence stresses the importance of meticulous communication to sidestep potential misunderstandings, especially in close relationships. This period tests your patience, whether through changes in personal dynamics or celebrating others’ achievements from a distance. The new moon and solar eclipse in this month underscore a collective unrest, offering you, Rooster, a chance to decelerate and prioritize well-being over achievements. This is a call to embrace comfort and introspection. As the month unfolds, the full moon sheds light on your finances, hinting at potential gains amidst economic fluctuations. The Dragon takes you on a journey of navigating communication challenges, finding serenity in patience, and staying receptive to transformation and financial prospects. Unveiling a deeper messages to you, Rooster.

Dog Horoscope: As we enter the month with Mercury in retrograde, prepare for a whirlwind of communication misunderstandings, unexpected travel setbacks, and the re-emergence of familiar faces from your past. The arrival of the Dragon during this time illuminates the importance of nurturing oneself, suggesting a shift towards a more soothing daily rhythm. The new moon and solar eclipse underscore the importance of taking a breather to alleviate stress, fostering an environment conducive to your overall health and happiness. In a benevolent twist, the Dragon brings forth allies and the chance for a heartwarming reunion with friends, cherishing the strength of non-romantic relationships. The full moon may stir the waters of your emotions, presenting a blend of unease and the chance to bring your deepest wishes into reality. With the Dragon’s vigor behind you, anticipate a boost in both your professional aspirations and romantic pursuits, paving the way for achievements and deep connections. Embrace the guidance of the Dragon, stop barking, and discovering fresh perspectives and paths forward, dear Dog.

Pig Horoscope: As the month unfolds under the dragon banner, creative endeavors might hit snags. Yet, embracing traditional practices like journaling or meditation could spark fresh creativity. As the month progresses it brightens aspects of love and finance, illuminating this challenging period for communication. The new moon and solar eclipse stir unpredictability, advising a reflective stance over immediate decisions until Mercury corrects its course. The full moon suggests an introspective evening, centered on self-care. With Mercury’s direct alignment, Mercury will go direct on April 25, 2024, feel free to chase your most ambitious dreams, from love pursuits to career aspirations, as the stars align in your favor. There will be a stronger emphasis on self-care emerges, encouraging a focus on personal health. Enjoy and be well dear Pig.

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