Consultations are always confidential. 

•  Conversation to address your concerns; life areas that wish to be improved, goals that you wish to achieve.•  We then do a walk either virtually or in person about of the location in question and areas of concern.
• Interior spaces are surveyed for furniture arrangement, colors, brightness, and positions of staircases, doors, pillars, columns, and posts.
• Exterior factors such as roads and streets, position of trees, roof shape, vegetation, neighborhood, and electromagnetic fields are examined.
• Visible and invisible Feng Shui factors are deeply considered. We then point out areas that need adjustment and provide the appropriate remedies for optimal results.
• Then the suggest aesthetically appropriate remedies tailored specifically to the needs and tastes of the client. Blessings ceremonies will either be performed or discussed if needed.

The art of Feng Shui is a 5000 year old tradition based on the concept that everything is made up of energy called Chi. When Chi in an environment is blocked or stagnated, it can disrupt the lives of the occupants. Feng Shui endeavors to arrange an environment that is in harmony with the flow of Chi.

The purpose is to create happy family life, to improve prosperity and wealth, to bring helpful people into one’s circle, to maintain good health, to bring blessings to the family’s children, to increase knowledge and fame, bring promotion and success to one’s work, and to keep relationships and marriages harmonious.

The practice of this ancient art can help an individual achieve an overall improvement in life, or it may be used to accomplish specific personal or business goals. Feng Shui can be applied to a space of any size; whether that means a small studio apartment or a large house. It can be employed by businesses in their office, retail or commercial space.  Feng Shui has also successfully been used in the design and improvement of parks and public spaces by Harmony in Your Environment.

May everything goes as you wish!