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Happy New Year! Year of the Ox – Month of the Tiger

It’s time to welcome the governing animal of the lunar zodiac. Three cheers for the Metal Ox! As with every year, we begin the Lunar New Year with the month of the Tiger. Although the Ox and Tiger can love one another, there’s an element of, “I just don’t get where you’re coming from…” and also the possibility of either of them leading the other astray, intentionally or not. Kind of like a gracious host serving a rum-laced holiday cake, only to discover that their guest had been celebrating three months of sobriety.

Astrologically, this means a lot of unexpected ups and downs as the year begins.

Politically speaking, misunderstandings can lead to problems. Visualize peace for the world.

On a more personal level, when explaining things to others, whether it be a coworker or your partner, be sure to communicate very clearly. Take the extra step to have them repeat things back to you before you head off. Be sure you each communicate what is expected from the other, and that you are on the same page.

One thing we can all do is quiet the constantly chattering inner voice of our heads, and instead listen to the drumbeat of our own hearts. Pay attention to that calmer voice. The one that speaks of the right path in life, the right conduct in life, the right relationship in life. Remember that nature is one of our greatest healers, so spend time with trees, soak up the sun, or dance in the rain. Often healing needs to occur on the inner plane before it can be made manifest on the outside. We all need to hold a vision of the solution we desire, and have patience that recovery is occurring in its own time. Look for a message alerting you to the next step to be taken toward the collective highest good. Stay open, and expect spirit to speak to you, showing you the way to prosperity in the different aspects of your life.


Monthly quote: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” — C.S. Lewis

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Year of the Ox – Month of the Tiger

Rat – Rats who have not been previously socialized to humans are mistrustful and skittish. This is true even in the event that the human in question has the best of intentions, and means to be kind. When you think about it, you kind of have to assume that most people who voluntarily pick up a rat with bare hands are folks who like rats and will treat them well. If only these skittish sweeties knew that there are entire organizations of rat fanciers who put quite a bit of time and effort into ensuring happy lives of ease and luxury for their pint-sized pals. (No really, look it up!) Imagine what a trembling creature’s life could be, if only it could get over its distrust of the unfamiliar! I thought of you, my friend, because something you may have rejected at one time is something you will eventually respect. Be open to the teachings of every tradition, and take care to be respectful of every lineage, even if it’s one you’ve not been familiar with in the past. Look for answers in different places. Trust that your life is being benevolently directed. Ask yourself, “Can I allow myself to truly let go and trust that all is as it should be?” And while you’re at it, be sure to spend time in gratitude for each moment you experience.

Ox – There is some reason to believe that bovines, such as the Ox have the ability for precognition. That is, they can plan ahead, taking an accurate guess regarding what will happen in the future. (Albeit, this is often due to having experienced something in the past. A mother will place her body between her calf and animal known to the herd to be unpredictable. This shows a certain foresight about what could happen to her baby if left exposed.) I mention Oxen and precognition because as the New Year begins, if you are inclined to use divination as a tool, now is an optimal time to do so. The I Ching can reveal and direct you to the correct path. Make plans for the future but don’t act on those plans until you are ready, and feel secure in stepping forward. Illumination, enlightenment, and celebration are coming your way. Tap into your Ox nature to be practical and patient and steady as you move forward. Take the time to tie up loose ends, and make an effort to ensure that those you leave behind feel strong and secure.


Tiger – It is said that a Tiger cannot change its stripes – and this is true. Each tiger is born with its own markings, as unique to the individual as fingerprints are to humans. But we all know that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts. It’s what’s on the inside that’s important, right? It’s time for you to consider a thoughtful change that goes beyond the superficial, my friend. Just because you’ve always done something in the past doesn’t mean that you need to continue it in the future. Try something new. The path ahead is illuminated. You have a miraculous insight into how to manifest your reality in the most amazing way. Whether expressing your love for nature, humanity, or the divine, truth shines from you. Use the element of surprise to call people’s attention to your endeavors. Use music in your environment to help rouse you from your routine, lift your spirits, and perceive new and glorious choices.


Rabbit – A Rabbit’s teeth grow continuously throughout their lives and because of this, they need to constantly nibble on something hard in order to keep their pearly whites in good shape. This is why you find them in the wild chowing down on tree bark and twigs. In other words, wood is generally considered good for them. The thing is, the wood element plays an important part in your month ahead. See, when the wood element is out of balance one can feel agitated, irritable, and angry for no apparent reason. Add the element of fire to resolve this and move forward. It’s time to gather up your energy. Don’t take everything at face value. Look beneath the surface. Find the humor in difficult situations. Step out of your mold. Perseverance will pay off in a reward greater than you can imagine. Don’t look back with longing. No matter how secure the past seemed, it caged you into an artificial sense of who you are. Free yourself, and hippity-hop along the road to freedom.


Dragon – Dragons in stories of old are rarely known for their timidity. After all, it takes a brave sort to fiercely guard treasure against all comers, or to wing ones way across the vast sky and into the unknown… but sometimes, just sometimes, looks can be deceiving, and that flutter of a wing is actually a tremble betraying some anxiety. How can you let go and trust that all is as it should be? All we can say it that this isn’t a time to be timid, or to pull back. Speak up for yourself.  Step forward and take a chance. You can expect a letter, phone call, email, or conversation that will let you know the next step to take. Know that your influence is growing, so take care with your actions, words, and deeds. Behave as though your very thoughts are being recorded in stone. Show goodwill toward all; collaborate with those who are like-minded.


Snake – Something we don’t hear too much about is how very valuable Snakes are to the survival of humankind. It’s true. They’re incredibly important in terms of biodiversity – and really, key to our ability to feed ourselves. This is because they keep the population of crop-eating pests down. Farmer’s friend! Let’s hear it for sustenance! Thank you, Snake, for your help 🙂 In the midst of chaos and confusion hold firm to your belief in serving others. Focus on the well being of those around you, and your needs will be met. Remember you are a spark of the divine come to earth to experience itself in human form. Don’t let power go to your head though. Sometimes being passive may become destructive – be wise in your actions.


Horse – I learned a new word today: Biosecurity. Specifically, I learned it in connection with best practices for the health of Horses. A major component of ensuring biosecurity is cleaning the horse’s living space, and clearing away anything that might harbor undesirables, such as pathogens. Let’s apply this protocol to our own environment, shall we? It’s time to cleanse your body and your environment by doing a space and clutter clearing. Let go of the old. Discard that which is unnecessary. Doing so will make way for new energy and new beginnings. Eat lightly and consume lots of water. Horses are gallop-ahead types, but as we cross the threshold from one activity to another, we should pause before we proceed. Ask yourself, “How can I be patient during these transitions that require waiting, before welcoming the next stage?” You’ll find divine guidance and sense a higher knowing. Don’t make the same mistakes. Stop and consider the way you may fall into to a mode of thinking, feeling, and acting that did not work before. You are stronger and wiser now, act accordingly.


Goat – I know we’ve talked about how unusual Goat’s eyes are before, but here’s a quick reminder. They have rectangular pupils, which allow them to see panoramically. Goats have about 3:20 to 3:40 degree vision vs. 120 degrees for humans. I bring this up because this is a time for you to use your super sight. Pay attention to details that others ignore. Take interest in things others think beneath them. This will benefit you greatly. On another note, know that every seed of generosity eventually bears fruit. Remember that when you bless the world, it blesses you back. When you speak affirming, supportive words, they carry energy that returns you to you in physical form. Show appreciation, for everything is flowing from great bounty. Cherish the preciousness of this life and everyone and everything around you, and you too will be cherished. Endings give way to new beginnings, which can cycle around to another ending, seamlessly blending into eternity. Ask yourself, “Where am I in this glorious cycle of life?”


Monkey – Studies of non-human primates (that’s Monkeys to you and me) show that when monkeys like each other, like LIKE each other they flirt. They’ll get in to the face of their amour and smack their lips, follow each other around, groom one another, and eat together. Sigh, how romantic. Ask yourself, my Simian Sweetheart, “When was the last time I bought flowers for my beloved?” A nurturing attitude is essential to creating a successful relationship. Hint. Hint. On another note, this is a time of expansion and surging energy, activity and movement, and rapid growth. It’s an excellent time for medical procedures as your energy is at a maximum. This is a good time to start new things. Do not lose faith in your original vision of truth and beauty, and love. Hold these ideals eternally. Work hard on maintaining an open alliance with all who share your vision.


Rooster – People used to believe that Roosters did not have a sense of smell. Recent genetic research, however, points to the opposite being true. Scientists have discovered genes dedicated to that sense, and have even discovered a whole new set of olfactory genes that the fowl have but that humans don’t. I bring up this fascinating tidbit because, my feathered friend, your sense of smell plays an important part of your welcoming the New Year. A lack of aromatherapy or naturally pleasant aromas can lead to disconnection from a harmonious life. The remedy here is to remove any bad odors, cook with aromatic herbs and spices, and use essential oils. Embrace flowers and citrus scents. Doing so will bring pleasantness into your life. No matter your age, your grace is growing. Being in balance as you walk in beauty and feeling gratitude for all, will cause your life to be filled with immense splendor. It’s a perfect time to take a look at how far you’ve come and to ask yourself for a re-clarification of your highest goals.  Let go of self-importance and let the spirit enter your heart from the outside. Remember that only the wise are truly humble, and only the humble are truly open hearted.


Dog – Did you know that the field of canine cognition is a burgeoning one? Their brains are smaller than ours, but much of the architecture of said organ is similar to ours. There are centers all over the world that have been established to study they way Dogs think, which surely means scientists believe they have thoughts worth knowing. I’m telling you this because it’s time for you to think, my friend. Reflect on the choices you have been making recently. Look at these choices as soul decisions for your own unique destiny. (I look forward to seeing centers opened for the study of canine souls J) When you find advice from others confusing ask yourself, “Can I trust my own inner wisdom?” Yes you can! Give thanks in advance for all the grace and goodwill the divine bestows upon you. Expecting the best and praising the results in advance unleashes magic, mystical, magnetic energy. Here is a great exercise for you to do at this time: Stand facing South during midday. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun opening your heart center. Absorb the sunlight, and feel in your soul the abundance of the universe.


Pig – It is of course a myth that pigs are dirty. They prefer clean and tidy living conditions, and only roll in mud in order to take advantage of that substance’s action as a barrier sunscreen. Truly, Pigs prefer CLEAN mud. In other words, they like things nice. I bring this up because now is a good time for you to make sure that your area, specifically your home office, or the space you sit in to pay monthly bills, or wherever you it is that you focus in order to complete required tasks, is nice and clean. Make this a supportive area with sufficient lighting and defined boundaries. Add inspirational images and colors to bring a touch of fun to any serious tasks at hand. Consider going on a vision quest. Ask yourself, “Who am I? What am I meant to do with my life? What is my mission and what is my purpose?” Take time to explore the depths of your soul. Listen to the world around you. Be still and watch for signs. Write down your affirmations and carry an affirming phrase or supportive words with you. Apply yourself, for everything you do – even the tiniest accomplishments – are important. Cultivate goodwill towards all and collaborate with those of like mind. Help organize community endeavors. Do not hesitate to change groups if yours betrays its original fundamental principles.

Divination and Interpretation by Marina Lighthouse – edited by Kristin Clark