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We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Snake – while the animal that governs this year remains the Pig. Astrologically speaking, the Snake and Pig are considered to be opposites among the Chinese animal signs. Prepare for difficulties. This is a time to conserve energy. Self-cultivation is the key, so develop a meditation or relaxation practice that will help you to deal with issues clearly and unemotionally as they arise.

A concept that resonates with most of the signs this month is look for win-win solutions in situations. Focus on the aspects that everyone agrees on and then open your mind to compromise and working together. Seek out a moderate approach.

Be very selective when dining in restaurants as with this alignment we all are susceptible to food poisoning or other problems due to unsanitary conditions. Stay aware of recalled foods: Don’t overeat or overindulge.

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Practice moderation be mindful and the month will go by brilliantly.

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Month of the Snake – Year of the Pig


It’s time to make conscious choices about creating balance in your life. Harmony begins with the self and radiates out toward others. When you’re in harmony with yourself and nurture yourself, you’ll be able to take responsibility for your actions thus creating a sense of harmony in those around you, and in your personal circumstances as well.  Another conscious choice to be aware of and to act upon is to work on restorations and positive resolutions in disputes you’re involved in. Your good intentions in this regard will cause you to have an ally. This is a time to ask yourself what you can do to serve others, rather than asking what you can get out of a situation.  Carry this mindset and everything will go better. Scurry away from situations that are out of integrity with your beliefs. Take care to avoid chemicals and toxins at this time. Finally – see the light at end of the tunnel! It is time to make long-term plans for a joyful future. Celebrate!


Even the mighty Ox needs help sometimes. In this case you will need, and have, help in targeting your intentions. You will be able to hit your mark with both intention – and detachment. This sounds tricky, but not if you frame your goal with thoughts such as “It is my preference to have such and such.” This mindset allows for intention without you wrapping yourself around the axel of what HAS to happen. You will hit your mark with this particular combination of intention and detachment. You are on point but must not create angst regarding outcome. Find the blessing in your current situation. Every situation holds the opportunity to grow and learn. Do so with grace and the ease that comes with the knowledge that the universe has your back, and that things will work out for your best and highest good. If you block energy, things will only get worse. In contrast, if you can relax and recognize the blessings in an unwelcome or in what appears to be a less-than-ideal situation, you will open yourself to receiving support, healing, and positive energy. Instead of worrying about a situation, use positive affirmations. Remember, we all heal through power of gratitude. Get out in nature! It is calling to you. Recognize the gifts and true treasures Mother Earth brings to us. Remember also, that these treasures need your protection.


The sun is now shining! Stretch luxuriously as only a Tiger can. Celebrate, and remind yourself of the laws of success; everything you place your intention on will manifest an experience. Expect the best and praise it in advance. This will unleash magical energy, magnetically drawing positive circumstances to you. At the same time, remind yourself to let go; stop clawing, struggling, and trying to force things to happen. This just leads to frustrations and blocks. When you welcome the higher powers, you automatically create space for supportive circumstances to flow toward you. Doors open with solutions and exceedingly wonderful outcomes! It’s time to let go of struggle and anger. Trust that the universe is on your side. Forgive yourself for what you think you’ve done or not done – forgiveness of self and others will bring peace to everyone involved.


This is a mystical time for the Rabbit. The stage is set and the world is waiting for you to take your place. Centering meditation and prayer are a good practice at this time. You are devoted. If you view the world as if everything is sacred – then how can anything be wrong? If you have a relationship with Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, know that this is a time she will hear your supplications, and will be particularly beneficial in helping you to let go of a situation with forgiveness and compassion. It is time to let go of arguments, or judgments, or long-term hurts you’ve held. Licking your own wounds just leads to matted rabbit fur. Compassion is key here. Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself what you’ve done (or left undone). Doing so will allow energy to flow more freely to you. Visualize a win-win situation; blending the ideas of other people with your own will help you to come up with solutions that are in a word, magnificent. Stay centered and balanced – seek out a moderate approach.


Ask yourself, Dragon – what’s the difference between you and a hamster? One answer is that hamsters seemed to be designed to spin in their wheels, frantically going nowhere. The proper environment for the Dragon is the open sky, or in its lair during times of rest. It is a challenging thing – nearly impossible even, for a Dragon to spin its magnificent body around and around in a hamster wheel. Ask yourself another question – why has life has gotten so frantic? It’s time to consider how stressed you are. When you’re running around, or rushing from one thing to the next, you’re a human doing, not a human being. Be careful with yourself.  Life will be more fulfilling and you’ll be able to enjoy it more fully if you can quiet down and take some time in contemplation, say by meditating daily. This is true even if you don’t have a formal practice of doing meditation. Your soul, body, and mind are together casting their vote for quiet time and reflection. Do so and you’ll receive insights such as the following:  You have every right to excuse yourself from being in the presence of those who would bring unnecessary drama into your life. Your true obligation is to yourself.


When the month aligns with your animal (as is the case for our sinuous, serpentine brethren this month), it heralds a miraculous time for that animal to be inspired. Innovative and exciting ideas tend to meet with success right now. If you’ve been contemplating a relationship, now is the time to move forward. Be persistent! Your dreams are within reach. It might be helpful to break projects into small steps to gain that lovely feeling of accomplishment with each step (or slither?) you take. Act today to overcome procrastination.  Stick to priorities and promises. Commit to your dreams for the long haul. Also, know that a situation that’s been troubling you is over. You can breath a sigh of relief and then let go at this juncture. Someone in your life may finally be free of their dependencies or addictions.


What’s up Horse? Are you sabotaging yourself with thoughts and hidden beliefs that are prohibiting a higher good?  You may think you’re doing all you can to manifest your reality, but maybe you’re giving into thoughts along the lines of, “I can’t do this – I’m not worthy, lovable, capable, or (fill in the blank).”  Whoa there! What is this hitch in your giddy-up?  It’s like you’re locked up in a stall of your own making. The excellent news is that there is a key, and you can let yourself out. Start by addressing the beliefs that have stalled you and have kept you from getting ahead by countering all the hard work you’ve put in to achieving goals. Take the time to inventory your thoughts, and then get out of your jail by exchanging helpful thoughts for the old worn out and untrue ones.  Getting outside will be helpful in this endeavor. Go for a gallop across an open field, or just laze somewhere in the great outdoors. Let the sunshine in! Choose peace always. If you have a choice to make, think of the possibilities then ask yourself which choice brings a sense of piece to your body, mind, soul. There’s your answer right there. If you can open yourself up (and I know you can,) wonderful news is on its way to you. This will bring a new beginning and a happy ending to your greatest concerns. This is just around the corner.


Goats are due for a positive change. You’ve outgrown situations that once appealed to you, and you now find yourself laboring in circumstances that may be uncomfortable, but that are actually blessings in disguise. This is because they are pushing you to make positive changes. Think of these situations as a gift from the universe. If you feel pushed beyond your comfort zone, let go and enjoy ride. The universe has your back, supplying helpful people and the things you need in order to (thoughtfully) move on. Going on a retreat to the mountains, or even just taking your hooves there for exercise, a picnic, or meditation, will help to center you and allow for positive change. Devote regular time to priorities and the big picture. If there are issues at work, focus first on aspects or pieces of the issue that everyone agrees upon, then open your mind up to the possibilities of compromise and working together. I prefer the term “tenacious” to “stubborn” when used as a descriptor of Goats – but in this case, I’m going say stubbornness will not be helpful here. Of course, neither will rolling over and letting people trample you or your ideas. Compromise is definitely the sweet middle spot. You are a great manager  – by choosing this middle path you will find success.


You’re getting ready to manifest something really wonderful. It’s time to swing away on your branches and be free from restrictions. You have the power and ability to change your life. It is your right to experience more freedom; take time to take a break so you can think about your desires and how they might dovetail with available options. If there are situations you’ve outgrown, its time to leave. Question any rule you’ve imposed upon yourself, and say “no” to any who are overstepping boundaries with you. Never doubt your capabilities. Your creativity and ability can make a difference, and they can also ensure that you are destined to succeed. It may be time to expand your career, but be sure to hold time and space for family and loved ones. It just may be time to give a special gift to that special someone!


Sometimes a Cock-a-doodle-do is loud, but for our fine-feathered friends, once in a while there’s an inner cock-a-doodle-do as well. It’s time for you to trust your inner guidance. Listening to that tiny little voice can give you the strategy you’ll need to win at the game of life.  Follow your bliss, and pay attention to inspired messages coming through to your spirit. Focus on your strengths, not what you perceive to be your weaknesses. Whatever you love to do, whether that’s a hobby or even simply using your skills to interact with people, know that even if these talents need polishing, they do exist. The more you bless and appreciate whatever your strengths in these arenas are, the more you focus on them, the more they’ll grow.  The same may be said for those perceived weaknesses. Focusing on those gives them too much attention. Envision the positive and the negative thoughts as plants. Which one will you water in order for it to grow big and strong? Anytime you find yourself giving undue thought to something you consider yourself to be doing poorly, come up with a positive affirmation that you can chant silently or out loud as the situation warrants.  Messages of love and healing are all around you. If you need to reach out to a brother, or a brother figure, and make peace with them, now is a time to do so. Start on the aspects that everyone can agree on and soon you will be blending ideas and finding a strengthened solution.


There could be new partnership coming in to your life like a twin flame.  Once you find one another, everything in your life will reach new heights in love and light. Keep your heart open, stay positive, and follow guidance to manifest your prayers about your love life. For pups who are already cradling a soul mate in their paws, be sure to note the right actions to ensure your part of the process is unfolding as it should. With a sense of trust and strategy given to you by divine, move forward. Follow your bliss and the inspired messages that are coming to your soul. This is also a good time to make time to review and contemplate your accomplishments. You’ve done so much in life to be proud of. Now it’s time to decide what to do next. Don’t be leashed by conventional thinking. Be the real you.


This is a time to be generous, even if you can’t distribute the contents of your trough to others, or make big charitable donations right now.  A form of generosity is to make sure to see all human being as important in the divine scheme of things. Deeply consider the way you treat people.  Show others you believe in them. Pay attention and be mindful of your preconceived notions or perceptions. Your belief in others has a far greater value than you can even conceive of. Keep this saying in mind, “You can only receive what you are willing to give.” Keep purifying motivations so that they’re only about love and service to others. In this way all experiences are elevated. Trust that your prayers are being answered, even if you don’t see evidence of this yet.  Know you’re on the right path.  You hold a deep inner strength, and courage, and kindness – more than you may be aware of. Be strong in your convictions, even if the right answer to tell someone is no.

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark