Monthly Horoscope


Rooster Month Overview: This month champions introspection, spiritual connection, and environmental harmony. Embrace change, trust the divine, and deeply value authentic relationships.

Rat, as this Rooster month unfolds, it’s evident that one chapter of your life is drawing to a close. Such conclusions, whether chosen or imposed, often come with a sense of protection and security. You’ve learned the art of setting boundaries, and it’s commendable. However, while self-preservation is vital, ensure that these protective measures don’t become impenetrable walls keeping genuine connections at bay. The universe is prompting you to harness the power that’s backing you. To channel this force effectively, make sure you’re always in a commanding position in your life. This is a fitting moment to delve into Feng Shui, making those necessary adjustments to maintain this power consistently. Real power, after all, is a culmination of small, deliberate steps over time rather than hasty leaps. Your journey has never been a solitary one. A divine force watches over you, offering its guidance and protection. Tap into this higher consciousness. Let it be your guiding light, especially during moments of introspection and meditation. As you observe your thoughts, ponder on who’s behind these observations. Could it be the divine energy guiding you, nudging you towards a higher purpose? Embrace this period of reflection and growth, Rat, for it will shape the course of your journey ahead.

Ox, in this Rooster month, it’s imperative for you to remain steadfast and authentic to your core beliefs. Though compromise might appear as a temporary solution, it could steer you away from your truth. Remember, what’s truly destined for you can never be taken away. So even if there’s a momentary semblance of loss, understand that it’s only making space for something even more aligned with your path. It’s a period to assert your worth. The universe sends a gentle nudge to reaffirm that you deserve the best. Be fearless in your pursuits, and don’t shy away from challenges. Embrace the adventures and blessings unfolding on your path. Let go of the lingering thoughts of setbacks or past disappointments; new horizons are beckoning you. Take a moment to introspect if you find yourself increasingly restless or irritated. Often, our external surroundings mirror our internal state. A cluttered environment could lead to cluttered emotions. Purge unnecessary items, declutter, and create a harmonious space around you. While it’s natural to take pride in one’s accomplishments, ensure that your achievements remain grounded in humility. Power, when used recklessly, can lead to unforeseen consequences. Remember, Ox, your strength lies in your stability and grounded nature. In moments of uncertainty, seek reference points, and embrace flexibility without losing sight of your essence,

Tiger, as the Rooster month unfolds, it’s crucial to recognize that, like the astute hunter you are, patience is key. Every pursuit, every goal requires its perfect moment. Now might be the season of waiting, a time to retreat and observe rather than charging ahead. If feelings of stagnation, apprehension, or a sense of being astray cloud your spirit, understand it’s not indicative of a lack of momentum but rather an urging to be mindful, to recalibrate. The crispness of fall suggests a moment of reflection. Cast your gaze skyward and let your aspirations be your guiding star. Reevaluate your commitment to your journey. Have some of your actions been dictated more by a need to control outcomes rather than a genuine investment in the process? The universe gently nudges you towards authenticity. It’s time to be wholly present, in conversations, endeavors, and interactions. By immersing yourself fully, you’ll find the universe reciprocates in kind, often more generously than expected. As autumn leaves rustle and fall, let it remind you of the value of consistency and methodical effort. Amidst the noise and distractions of daily life, challenge yourself, Tiger. Seek clarity, focus, and directness in your actions. Doing so will pave the way to a fruitful and fulfilling path ahead

Rabbit, as you journey through this Rooster month, it’s a pivotal moment to introspect and confront the reflections staring back at you. The law of attraction elucidates that we draw energies akin to our own, but this isn’t about fault or blame, especially if you find yourself amid challenging circumstances. Avoid misconstruing this principle; it’s not about reproach but about understanding. Certain life episodes are preordained, designed to challenge our spirit and resilience. Instead of getting tangled in why, focus on the intricate tapestry that your life weaves. Examine your relationships, chances you took or missed, aspirations, setbacks, and triumphs. Reflect on your reactions to life’s myriad situations. Recognize patterns and be attuned to what feels recurrent. As you navigate this introspection, do so with compassion. Release judgment. Embrace acceptance and unconditional love. Remember, at your core, you are a beacon of wisdom. You’re both a student and a mentor, constantly evolving while imparting your gained insights. This month, especially, let love guide you. Rekindle the romance in your relationships. Enhance the love quadrant of your living space. Perhaps, treat yourself or your loved ones to a bouquet of flowers, symbolizing affection and rejuvenation. Rabbit, celebrate this phase. Your hope is rooted deep within the eternal rhythms of nature, reminding you that after every downturn, an uplift is bound to follow.

Dragon, as the Rooster month unfolds, you’re invited to turn inward and reflect upon the wellspring of strength and authority within you. There may be moments when you feel drained or sense that the vigor you once had is dissipating. Sometimes, despite our most ardent desires, not all avenues open up for us. If you feel stagnated or directionless, understand it may be the universe’s subtle nudge for you to hold steady, to pause and realign. Attempting to force progress or relentlessly pushing against the currents can lead to unintended consequences, akin to a bull causing havoc in a porcelain store. Instead, delve deeper into understanding the roots of your power. If you engage in spiritual practices or divination, consulting the I Ching might provide clarity and insights to the questions brewing within you. Stay grounded and maintain a keen awareness of your surroundings. This month, more than ever, you need to strike a delicate balance. While it’s crucial to stay engaged and alert, it’s equally vital to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed or excessively stimulated. The key lies in conscious presence, Dragon. Embrace serenity, be patient, and trust that when the time is right, the path forward will unveil itself.

Snake, as the Rooster month unfurls, you are in a unique position of power. Possessing the vital energy required, you can either conclude pending endeavors or kickstart new ventures. Recognize that energy, in its essence, doesn’t vanish but merely transforms. Thus, you are equipped with all the resources necessary to propel forward. Release any resistance and surf the waves of momentum. If your mind has felt cluttered, or restlessness has impeded your peace, consider delving into meditation. Alternatively, embrace moments of introspection to harness and channel the energy that surrounds you. A potent aura of generosity envelops you this month. Whether you’re at the receiving end or in a position to bestow, understand that the act of giving, if done sincerely, is a cycle of prosperity. A selfless gesture has the might to counteract countless adversities. Engage with charity, not as a means of gaining leverage or control, but purely from the heart, expecting no returns. Your senses, particularly the olfactory ones, will be heightened. Embrace this sensitivity by surrounding yourself with fragrant aromas. Consider candles, incense, or aromatic herbs and essential oils like lemon, lavender, or orange. These fragrances will not only elevate your daily experiences but also align your immediate actions with your long-term aspirations.

Horse, during this Rooster month, remember that after the heaviest of downpours, the clearest skies often emerge. Should there have been turbulence in your journey recently, let these challenges be your stepping stones. Keep your vision directed upwards, for there’s a proverbial rainbow waiting, with promises of unforeseen treasures. Your relentless drive and perseverance are about to bear fruit, and the outcomes might just surpass your expectations. However, if the scales of give and take have been imbalanced, it’s time for introspection. If you’ve constantly been on the giving end, often without adequate reciprocation, consider recalibrating this dynamic. While generosity is commendable, self-preservation is equally crucial. If a pattern of unfairness emerges, redirect your energies. Be open to receiving, for in embracing vulnerability, you unlock a potent strength. Comforts and challenges alike present creative avenues. Let each obstacle be a canvas for ingenious solutions. Consider revisiting your living and family spaces, aligning them more harmoniously with Feng Shui principles. But amidst all external advice and signs, always remember: the most profound wisdom is innate. While periods of introspection and solitude can be enriching, prolonged isolation and excessive rumination may hinder progress. Trust your intuition; it’s the guiding star amidst the vast cosmos of thought, pointing you towards your true north.

Goat, in the embrace of the Rooster month, you are gently guided towards introspection: to rest, meditate, and infuse awareness into your daily rhythm. It might sometimes feel as though the world is bustling around you, leaving you adrift, or you’re frozen, much like a deer caught in blinding lights. However, remember that the universe carries a potent energy, bearing gifts and bounties. Embrace a spirit of generosity, whether you find yourself on the giving or receiving end. Your interactions with others, regardless of their social standing or apparent wealth, should reflect deep respect and equality. Recognize the value in everyone and radiate this belief. By doing so, blessings will gravitate towards you, forging a path of lasting success. Yet, be wary of the trap of transactional generosity. True giving, devoid of any ulterior motives, springs from an honest heart and carries no weight of expectations. With such sincerity, you not only uplift others but clear a path for your own fresh beginnings. This month, your senses are finely tuned to the symphony of nature. Relish the melodies of chirping birds, the hum of bees, and the nocturnal serenades of crickets. Consider enhancing your ambiance with harmonious music or the gentle tinkling of wind chimes. Such auditory pleasures will ground you, deepening your connection to the Tao and the greater rhythm of life.

Monkey, as the Rooster month unfolds, you stand at a crossroads reminiscent of a chess game. With the keen insight of a grandmaster, trust in your innate abilities and craft your strategies. Engage in a soulful dialogue with your higher self, ensuring every move aligns with the grand tapestry of your life’s narrative. The universe is in constant communication, providing hints, messages, and signs to guide your actions and decisions. As autumn’s embrace draws near, so too should your connection with the metal element. It serves as a clarifying force, helping you discern between what needs to be released and what is essential to retain. In moments of doubt, when external advice clouds your judgment, delve deep within. Ask yourself: “Amidst the cacophony of voices, can I isolate my inner wisdom and proceed with conviction?”Moreover, recognize the power of illusion. Understand that sometimes, when things vanish from sight, they fade from the mind as well. Use this ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy to redirect focus only to what truly matters. Furthermore, illusion is not just about deception; it’s a canvas, offering you the liberty to paint your desires and manifest your dreams.

Rooster, in your namesake month, a radiant light bathes you, illuminating the vast terrains of your existence. This period grants you unparalleled potential to evolve on all fronts: physically, mentally, emotionally, and even intuitively. Your achievements now stand out in stark relief, much like landmarks under a floodlight. Your vision, sharpened to a laser-like precision, discerns details with an uncanny clarity.  As the universe intertwines its threads in intricate patterns, you’ll find yourself witnessing meaningful coincidences. Maintain your Feng Shui practices with utmost intentionality. Document these instances of synchronicity, for within them might lie subtle patterns and messages from the universe. Don’t dismiss even the most fleeting of occurrences, for instance, the sudden thought of a friend followed by their unexpected call, or a desire materializing as a surprise gift. The impending embrace of autumn, coupled with the dominant metal element, calls for discipline and the establishment of firm boundaries. Ground yourself in these transformative times, clarifying the borders of your personal space and psyche. Amidst this profound evolution, remember to harbor a robust self-esteem, celebrating the uniqueness and strength that is quintessentially you.

Dog, in this Rooster month, ethereal blessings seem to be descending upon you. It’s as if a divine presence has chosen to intervene, bringing forth miraculous transformations and healing. In whatever circumstance you find yourself, remember to have faith; celestial guardians are keeping a watchful eye, ensuring you’re never truly alone. Listen closely, for the wise ancients are communicating with you, whispering messages of insight and wisdom. By syncing with this elevated consciousness, you’ll find your spirit taking flight, transcending mundane concerns. Aligning your environment in harmony with Feng Shui, especially by securing commanding positions, will further bolster this spiritual communion. Revisit your fame area and contemplate its resonance. In moments of reflection, ask yourself: “Which bygone lessons hold the keys to my brightest future?” The water element is particularly potent for you this month, embodying both depth and mystery. While the paths you’ve traversed become clear in hindsight, the road ahead remains shrouded in mist. As you tread forward, balance your confidence with humility, for that’s the true essence of embracing an unknown future.

Pig, during this Rooster month, the heart of your home – the kitchen – beckons you. Reflect on its essence; does it uplift your spirit or weigh it down? This is a prime time to introduce modifications. Decorate it with cherished memories or images that ignite your joy. As you whip up your favorite meals, let melodies envelope you, fueling positivity and spirited energy. Ask yourself: how can harmony be enhanced in your haven? With Autumn’s gentle embrace around the corner, it brings an aura of reflection. This Rooster month amplifies your mental acuity, guiding you to set firm, yet beneficial boundaries. While this task might seem daunting, remember, when you anchor yourself with strong boundaries, not only you but everyone around benefits. Lastly, as the leaves turn golden, let it be a reminder of your own worth. Rejoice in your achievements. Wear your self-esteem like a badge of honor, and let the world see your luminescence. Opportunities are knocking, Pig, and this is your moment to shine!

Inspirational readings by Marina Lighthouse