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We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Goat- while the animal that governs the year is the Pig. The Pig has a Three Harmonies relationship with the Goat (Rabbit/Goat/Pig), so there will be a general improvement in things as compared to the last few months. This combo brings with it a vibration of enjoyment, which is expressed when dining out, going to parties, or enjoying memorable meals (i.e., summertime picnics, parties and barbecues). Of course, all this great eating and breaking bread together will generate positive relations.

Stay in tune with the harmony of this alliance (Goat and Pig), and remain detached from the drama. Don’t get pulled into the various plot twists and turns or the emotional outbursts of unstable and reactionary people. Unnecessary drama can pull you down. Instead view it as you would a movie, and maintain a detached perspective. It will drive you crazy if you continue to focus on other people’s issues or engage in gossip or the prejudgment of others. Get in touch with the compassion in your heart; it will be better for everyone involved, especially you!

“There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.” ~ Lady Blessington


Goat Month in Pig Year


We are entering the month of the Goat, and although Rat and Goat have a confrontational relationship, this month the effects can be mitigated nibble by nibble. First of all, have faith in yourself and do not lose focus. Prove yourself to be determined, and help will come to you from all sides. This could be a good time to increase the metal element in your environment. Doing so will help you, especially during those times. You know, when others insist on giving you advice but it seems like the only advice they’re allowed to give you is a roadmap to the metropolis of confusion? Activating the metal element will help you to ditch your befuddlement, listen to your own voice, and find your inner strength, truth, and discipline. Once you achieve that, it’ll be time to take the bull by the horns, strategize, and mobilize forces. Reexamine life plans; your destiny awaits you. This lunar cycle is an excellent time to rethink and reshape your path.


We are entering the month of the Goat, and although Ox and Goat have a conflicted relationship, all is not lost. While this is a time for Ox to play it somewhat safe, you will prevail through self-restraint, careful preparation, adaptability, and the use of creative resources. A good question to reflect upon at this time is, “When has fear or risk held me back from positive growth, and what steps might I take to break through this block?” (Hint: the answer to part of that question may very well appear in the second sentence of this paragraph.). Fear sometimes restrains people from taking risks, but you can move forward and toward your goals, provided you do this consistently and gently. No jackrabbit starts for you, my steady friend. Even with this measured approach it’s important not to allow mundane responsibilities to bury your youthful aspirations. Keep your dreams alive by dedicating a period of time each week to allow your creativity to shine. Avoid an addiction to high conflict and drama. These will only bring confusion and distraction into your life. Tame this tendency in order to free yourself from strife and the attainment of peace. Implementing the wood element by introducing plants or natural scenes will aid in this endeavor.


There is magic in the air for the Tiger this month, and good fortune should come to you very quickly! You must stay focused on the needs of the moment, and distance yourself from any thoughts or people that threaten your inner stability or undermine your tenacity.  There are those around you who tend to make situations worse, or you may feel at times utterly spent or exhausted – as if this Tiger’s tank is empty. Certain risks may seem even riskier now. The gifts you hold have qualities that serve you well in some situations, but not in others. Guarding yourself from inappropriate actions will give you the power to overcome any obstacles in your life. Tuning into your sensory perceptions can help to quell even those fears you thought insurmountable. Address unfinished business. Look for a vibrant image that signifies the importance of completion. Be willing to be empty so that you are open and ready for new beginnings.


In Chinese folklore, Rabbit and moon have a close connection. This certainly seems to be the case at present! Lucky Rabbit, the moon will gently play with your life force this lunar cycle. It will illuminate the summer night and brighten your heart. Certain phases of the moon are very favorable for activities, and timing is extremely important for you just now. See if you can time your projects around a lunar schedule. If you have a big plan or project, play conservative and wait for the right moment. If possible, wait until the moon is full and all will be auspicious. You can overcome the fear of not being able to attain what you’re hoping to achieve. In fact, you’ll be able to hop over present difficulties as you realize that YES. YOU. CAN. You’re full of self-expression and will be able to inspire others. Share, and you will receive a very positive response. If there is a conflict looming large in your life, view it as an opportunity expand your mind and explore a creative solution. If you have a combo living /family room, you might think of adjusting the space by creating two sitting areas. One a quiet, or yin, area for reading or reflecting, and one more social yang area, say for watching TV or entertaining. This is a good way to find balance. Enjoy.


This is a sweet time for the Dragon. Abundance surrounds you.  You’ll be feeling generous and others will show you generosity in turn. Just as the summer fruits are ripening, you will discover ripeness and reap rewards, culminating in a harvest in your life. Wisdom from the higher realms will help you appreciate and share the richness of the earth. You’re looking in the right place for spiritual riches, and are generous with your treasure; thinking of others and their needs. During this lunar cycle you have an abundance of energy and the wisdom to use it wisely. How perfect for the Dragon! A Rabbit or Tiger person may bring you good tidings and with the blink of an eye your luck will change for the better. Even if you think you have had a misfortune, bad luck will turn out to be good luck. A question to ask yourself is “When communicating with others, do I tend to see our differences or what we have in common?”


Your supplications, prayers, and heartfelt pleas for help have been heard by heavenly forces. Your past acts of kindness will now pay off. It’s as if heaven now bestows a special favor. Just be certain to remain grateful. Show appreciation by offering incense day and night. The Pig Year can be a tricky one for the Snake. It’s as if heaven is giving you a get out of jail free card, though. Remember to slither slowly yet surely toward your goals. Be adaptable. Take a time-honored approach. Your gradual progress will lead to true development. You have an ability to steer your passions in artful and creative ways. Do so without consuming others with your fire. Remain pure, and do not follow lustful entanglements. Yes, you’re mesmerizing, but be mindful. Discriminate between erotic attention and a true heart’s pure love and compassion.


Now is the time for the Horse to follow auspicious signs and to choose the right course of action. Making the right decision at this juncture will lead you into a divine transformation. This lunar cycle is an auspicious time to develop more self- discipline and concentration. It is a time to strengthen your character, gain self-awareness, and realize your vast potential. Like a spectacular diamond, you seek to illuminate space via pure consciousness and enlightenment. You have found your destiny, now you must follow it to the end. This is also an excellent time to ask yourself, “When is my gentle action more effective than brute force?” Remember, much can be accomplished by emulating the invisible wind; moving persistently toward your goals. Examine what you’re holding on to, and then release the brakes so that change can come easily, swiftly, and without resistance.


This is a great month for the Goat! Imagine a boat sailing downwind. Things are going your way, and all will be favorable. Life is beautiful! Embrace the happiness and delight in interactions with others and the world itself. Be openly communicative with those around you. Show your good will and friendly persuasion, and your self-expression will dazzle all. You have charisma, and attract people to you. You’re moving up and in all positive directions. If you’re a Goat who has ever felt an appreciation for the finer things in life, those will manifest for you. Just remember if you engage too passionately in situations you may throw yourself off balance, harming both yourself and others, so play it cool. Remember to put yourself in power positions. A Feng Shui example of this would be to sit in a position that allows you to see the front door entry.


Just like the Rabbit, you are gong to be strongly influenced by the lunar cycle at this time. The month will become more auspicious as we draw closer to the full moon. Timing is important. For the first part of the month, whatever your plan or project, you need to wait. The full moon will bring clarity and illumination, like a thunderbolt bringing you brilliant consciousness and creative power. Be disciplined. When the time is right you’ll be able to exert authority. Implement the right strategy and mobilize forces. A fusion of sensuality and spirituality will be transformative. During this, you’ll be firing on all pistons. You find power and magnificence at the juncture of the spiritual and the physical. This is the time to let loose the strength of your desires, focus on your goals, and find freedom.


There’s a never-ending cycle of yin and yang in life. Finding, examining, and internalizing this knowledge will allow you to see the light, and your life will be replenished with joy. This summer will find you celebrating the completion of a job well done. The wisdom you seek now is transcendental in nature. No matter how far you’ve come on this journey, know that there’s no rush. Patience now means everything. It’s time to ask yourself where you are in the cycle of life.  Find a sanctuary within your environment and spend some quality time there. Use aromatherapy and soft lighting. Relax with luxurious lotions, shampoos, and soaps. Whether you want to wake up with mint, or find serenity with rose or lavender, embrace a sense (or scents 😉 of beauty.


If you can hold off on what needs to be held off on, and and persevere with whatever it is that calls for perseverance, the outlook is very good for the Dog. There is an energy of sharing, of reaping rewards, of expansion, flowering, encouragement, and abundance, all surrounding you like a lush and vivid bouquet of flowers. If you feel as though your mood is becoming too fanciful, or your mind is going off in a lot of directions, it may mean that you’ve become unfocused. Now is a time to communicate clearly, especially with your loved ones. Don’t be judgmental. Partnerships are very important. As you bring yourself into tune with the cycles of life, it becomes easier to see what it is you’re holding on to, which in turn, helps you to release the brakes so that what needs to come can come. This is the way to embrace change with ease.


Play it safe, Little Piggy. You may get misinterpreted. You have great wisdom to share and you’re not shy about giving advice. You’re blessedly free of outmoded conventions and unconcerned about with other’s opinions of you. This is swell and refreshing, but just remember not to become too eccentric. Flying pigs are interesting to watch, sure… but they’re a little disconcerting too? Loosen up your ego in order to achieve your goals. There may be some dramatic shifts in power coming up that will, like thunder, or an earthquake, wake you up. This is a good time to implement fun rituals that support and attract people to your home, like having a regular game night or fun themed meals. The creation of meaningful rituals can help establish order in life as well as engage and entertain you and your loved ones. Share the love!

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark