Monthly Horoscope

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present


We are now entering the month of the Rabbit, while the animal that governs this year is the Rat. When the Rabbit is combined with the Rat, they create a squared relationship to one another. They can frustrate each other and the relationship can be incongruous, or lack harmony. On a positive note, a squared relationship also means that each can bring a different, positive attribute to the table. The Rabbit can bring a calming influence, and the Rat’s intelligence can help us to become wiser and more cautious, in turn, helping us to make careful decisions.

Be prudent, and think before you act this month. This is a good time to read the fine print; you will be able to see the hidden catches. Be sure not to take advantage of others. If people around you become moody, take time out to be clever and to cheer them up. Give with your heart, and a treasure is sure to manifest before your eyes.

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” ~ Marie Curie



Rat –  We know you love the safety, security, and sameness of your nest. You are industrious, and work to make everything just so for you and your loved ones. It’s comfortable, you’re comfortable; familiarity feels secure. Sometimes though, we must be strong and whole and true, while all around us things are shifting and changing. You are a powerful being who can shine light, bringing truth to a situation while standing tall. Sometimes the timid little mouse needs to be reminded how powerful strong it can be. Right now, your strength, the strength we know is there (and deep down we’re guessing you do too), is needed. Keep yourself strong physically as well. Weather the changes – and get ready for something positive…you’ll be able to wait for the right moment Hint:  Indications are that the full moon will bring auspicious energy to you and the situation.

Ox –  You stand, traces loosened, at a threshold. Before you lies a way of being that is beyond the fear and setbacks you created for yourself. You’re ready to pass into a new life cycle with peace; giving spiritual service to humanity with joy. You are about to embark on a quest and will have the opportunity to face off against your deepest fears. Doing so will allow you to throw off your yoke; bringing liberation into freedom. Love triumphs over fear. The best defenses against threats are unconditional love and compassion, coupled with detachment. Make no mistake, to stay exactly where you are would be a trap – don’t fall for it.

Tiger – The conventional reading of the phrase, “catch a Tiger by the tail” seems to imply difficulty due to a certain danger but when I look at your horoscope for this month, my feline friend, it seems like it would be a strenuous challenge because you’re everywhere! Powerfully and positively so! You’re able to handle multiple projects and many different parts of your life consciously, and you will find perfection in execution. You’re not limited to one task at a time. Surrender to your inner guided wisdom and creativity because there’s a lot you can accomplish! If you feel strongly about working on a particular project, now is the time to focus on it. You can handle many things at once. This is an auspicious time, and something very special and noteworthy will be occurring shortly. Enjoy!

Rabbit –  A great time for bunnies is in the early spring, when the daylight gets that much brighter and it’s easier to see. Sometimes though, this season, even when it’s on the very threshold of the hutch, can seem very distant. Surroundings need more illumination. It takes great courage to trust your own inner light, but you can. Not only that, you must! You’re being asked to trust your inner guidance above all others just now. Have faith in your own heart, and know that you are in good with the divine. Your journey is taking you into spiritual maturity, and you need to acknowledge that you hold a spiritual truth in your own heart. Yes you can learn from others, but always honor your own inner teacher. Good news is coming your way – it’s like finding Jade hidden underneath an unassuming rock surface. Your outlook is auspicious

Dragon – Well now, Dragon! We know you love a good treasure – and you carry within yourself a very precious one. You’re being guided to honor your treasures without hoarding them. They include your ability to transmit joy, happiness, and healing. Honor your inner healer, whether formally or informally. You are supported in the role of healer, and in whatever way – unusual or practical – this role is unfolding for you now. You’ve just completed a relationship or project in the universe. Once you’ve winged your way through, it’s a good job, well done. The Universe is telling you so.

Snake – There are times, say when you have recently shed skin and may be tender, that you are called to be discreet until you find inner strength. Secure in a toughened epidermis, you may feel empowered to share your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs without wavering. Other times we benefit by actually taking a risk –  allowing the inner self to shine forth for all to behold. Perhaps you’ve been holding back on sharing your thoughts and feelings on personal matters. You need to examine if this is actually holding you back. You don’t have to make a grand announcement, but it’s important that you share. You don’t have to convince others or be convinced of anything yourself. All you need to do is listen to your own heart. There is help coming to you after many challenges and trials. Almost like a mother and child reunion, your help will come and the outlook is wonderful.

Horse – To everything there is a season – a time to gallop, and a time to be still… this is a time for the horsie to turn inward. Put on blinders for a short time if the distractions of the world prove too much. It is time to work on your sacred self. Peace, prosperity, assistance, and untold blessings are coming to you even as you engage in this meaningful work. This task will be richly supported and rewarded. Sometimes you feel like you are not fit for the current culture. Rather than focus on that, I invite you to recognize this truth. You are meant to help the new culture grow and change. Yes, you have a rebellious streak, but this holds genuine value in fierce gentleness and compassion. Live in your feminine power now. If you’ve recently experienced some kind of misfortune, look again because it will turn into good, and you will find closure.

Goat – Early spring is a great time for Goats! The meadows are greening up; mountain wildflowers are poking their colorful heads out. Your energy field itself is growing stronger, and electricity is starting to pulse through your being. Take time to honor and nourish your nervous system as you increase potential new levels of spirituality which will impart new thoughts and actions. Your words and intentions will have more potency. Let your energy field continued to grow through chanting so that intuitive attention, energy work, and healing can happen – whatever feels right to you. You’ll find treasure and opportunity where you didn’t expect to find it. Seize the day!

Monkey – Hey, Monkey! What’s that whistling through the treetops? Gaze up into the forest canopy and you’ll see soon enough – something good is coming your way! Great opportunities for creative fulfillment – and the assistance you need is coming to you. You’ve been holding a secret in your heart – perhaps a wish to be a healer, or to publish a book, or to teach, to write, or to sing. Take a moment now so that you can feel that part of your wish manifest. Can you imagine how happy you would be? Monkey People need to dream big, and imagine what it would feel like to live as you do in your dreams. Ground yourself and let the manifestation begin.

Rooster –  You know, Rooster, you can announce the sunrise – but you can’t force it to come any sooner than the turning of the planet will allow. Something in your life is about to reveal itself with greater clarity. The picture will seem clear. It will bring you great relief, and a confirmation of your intuition. Allow the revelation to come to you at the perfect time. This important situation is still unfolding, and you have yet to perceive it fully. BE PATIENT! But also curious. Trust what you feel unfolding now. Don’t rush it. Evidence will become concrete soon enough. Something you have perceived (or will perceive soon) is accurate. Keep focus. Help will be coming to you from all sides.

Dog –  Congratulations, Dog! Pups tend to love the excitement of going somewhere – anywhere! I’d say grab a leash, we’re going – but you should leave yours behind. You are embarking on a new phase. You will be liberated from the kennel of fear and to bask in the freedom of love. You’ve had quite a journey; many, many lifetimes and much work was required for you to be able to perceive and manifest what’s going on. Right now you are on a karmic threshold, through which you can shift from a fear base to a love base. Loyal Dog wants to help others, which is great, but how can you assist if you move into fear mode yourself? First thing to do during this transition is to stabilize yourself in your new vibration. Et Voila! Your ability to help others will increase naturally, with grace and ease.

Pig – You, my porcine pal, tend to be very popular. It’s one thing to know it, and another to own it – to really feel it in your heart and soul. You are enough! More than enough! Don’t give in to social conditioning that says you’re not, or hints that you must compromise your values. You’re being asked to live in your wonderfully creative, compassionate, feminine power now. Both women and men who can embrace their feminine power are able to love, to have empathy, to be truthful, and to honor what really matters to them. This is regardless of whether such grace fits contemporary culture values. You’ll find yourself surrounded with great authentic relationships. There is a happy ending to your trials and tribulations. Don’t wallow in the past. Live in the present moment and rejoice!

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By Marina Lighthouse and lovingly and creativity edited by Kristin Clark

 “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” – Seneca