Monthly Horoscope

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present


We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Dragon, while the animal that governs this year is the Rat. The Rat combined with the Dragon is one of the best blending of animals, astrologically speaking. We are optimistic that some of the world tension will recede, that we’ll see breakthroughs and will attain a higher understanding regarding the true state of our collective journey. Because Dragon and Rat thrive on one another’s energy, with each truly appreciating the company of the other animal, this is an excellent time to reach out (virtually) to enjoy and appreciate your colleagues, friends, and family.


On a deeper level, change along everyone’s path is unfolding. We are all growing and developing, and soon all will reflect this evolution. A detox (both cosmic and physical) is what’s called for here. We’ve collectively needed more rest  – now is the time to make sure we get it. If you haven’t yet but know you should, improve your sleeping or eating habits. This will lead to a more clear expression. (We realize that not everyone has the luxury of rest right now – we owe tremendous thanks and praise to those medical professionals, caregivers, delivery drivers, and others who are working so hard to keep things like grocery stores running. Blessings upon you.) We are all growing so we can be ready to handle anything headed our way with compassion, grace and effectiveness.


Be patient, be kind. Stay true to yourself, and trust that spiritual growth is serving us all now. If you can, please donate to causes that serve the less fortunate among us. We need to take care of ourselves, and also need to do what we can to care for others. You might be fearful of change. Keep your boundaries, and don’t worry about the extra tension you feel when things are in flux.  


“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” ~ Marie Curie




Here’s the thing about a cat and mouse (or rat, if you will) game. It’s a karmic lesson for both feline and rodent. If you’re the cat, you need only concern yourself with the lesson intended for the cat; the same is true for the rat, yes? Dear Rat, do you get the feeling you’ve been suffering from a heavy karmic lesson? Perhaps in this lifetime or another? Have you played a part in something that perhaps had a huge (and maybe unintended) effect on a person or a situation? If you can focus on the message of the resulting lesson, get to know it deeply and internally, you will finally be free – enabled to move onward and upward. You’re now in a place where you can stop a cycle of manipulation, or of being manipulated by the unkind and unjust. Stand ready to prevent a Karmic escalation to keep the situation from getting worse. Accept the spiritual gifts of mercy and compassion; adopt an attitude of love and understanding toward those around you. You have a big effect on others. The time to create an expression of peace in now. Visualize your heart lightly glowing and send this healing energy to your fellow humans. Heck, go big, and extend it to all of mankind.


You, my friend, are a hard worker. No doubt about it. Oxen plough the fields, forging ahead through obstacles like no one’s business. It’s an admirable trait. At the moment though, it’s time for a step up – which means stepping down. Or not stepping at all. You see, sometimes we think that more effort means more advancement, but in spiritual matters maturity means less wrestling, less attempting to gain control, less struggle. We can stand still, allowing our attention to be directed away from our limited perspectives. When we do this we become more open to receiving divine essence. This is a time of flexibility. You can melt into that part of whatever makes you a divine, creative, and healing soul. Stop fighting against the flow of life. Instead, move with it. As you grow in trust and wisdom and self-love, you will find yourself capable of surrendering to the sweetness that abounds when you free yourself of strife. Everyone can make molehills into mountains, intentionally or not. You’re being asked to let go for now. Go with the flow.


Pssst, Tiger! Did you know that there are no mistakes in the universe? Did you know that all events, circumstances, and relationships unfold in perfection with timing and a grand intelligence? Yes! Everything is a part of the Divine plan. This may be hard to feel in tune with sometimes… say you’ve tracked a gazelle for hours, days, months it seems, and it somehow got away? Or you wanted that promotion, or that prize, or that relationship, only to watch someone else prance by with it? It may make you wonder if anything is ever going to come together for you. The answer is a resounding YES! Timing is always at play. We may not understand it, and it is tempting to dislike it heartily, but know that our vision is limited. The big picture is not easy to see when we want something Right. Now. You, Tiger, are a clever sort, though. Understand that there is a flow to things, and often the purpose of the flow is so there can be time for you and the things that are meant for you, to grow and develop. To be ready. Dreams and Divine destiny are manifesting right now, whether it’s obvious or not. All will continue to unfold according to your highest and best good. Be at peace. You are not forgotten or being underestimated. All is well. Don’t be a twitchy tiger – relax and enjoy the Divine plan as it unfolds.


Rabbit, bend your velvety ear toward me and listen. You’re all aquiver, and it’s important for you to understand the source of the shivers. Anticipation, not fear, is what should be setting your nose a twitch. You stand on the verge, embarking on a new phase. It’s been quite a journey – the work of many lifetimes – for you to gain the ability to perceive the light of divine energy that is shining from underneath dread and fear. Soon you will be able to make this cosmic shift. Be aware that with such a shift there may sometimes be a deep testing. As you hover before this portal, recognize such a circumstance for what it is, an opportunity to develop your internal security before moving forward. Breathe deeply. Inhale security and strength. Relax your shoulders. Feel safety as if it were a cloak enveloping you – and be ready to pass over the threshold to the truly blessed journey ahead.


Dear Dragon, there is certainly a lot of chaos and confusion in the world at the moment. Amidst this cacophonous backdrop, believe it or not, something auspicious is coming your way. In abundance! A treasure, tangible or intangible, for you to wrap yourself around. Perhaps you will be replenished, restored; a new creative spring flowing through you! Live in gratitude, and allow yourself to receive riches beyond what you thought was possible. The blessing could be a new partnership, life path, career opportunity, some kind of spiritual healing, or financial reward. All these are things you can enjoy and even share with others. Stand true in your beliefs. Be open and trusting, and see the magnificent blessing headed straight to you.


Dear Snake, you have heard of ecdysis even if that particular word is unfamiliar you to you. It is the place in the cycle during which reptiles shed their skin. There is a period before that happens when scales may become dull or dark, and the spectacle (a clear scale that protects the eye) becomes milky, rendering one temporarily blind. This condition is called “opaque”. It’s an uncomfortable time for sure. Imagine what a relief it is though, to be through with that cycle – to literally have the scales fall from your eyes so that you may see clearly. There is a situation in your life that you will finally begin to see in a new light, with clarity and a different perspective from what once appeared to you. Be patient with yourself and allow the revelation to come to you in the perfect time. You have yet to perceive it fully, so don’t rush things. When the time is right you will realize that you are seeing with much greater clarity than had previously been possible – and will feel great relief at the confirmation that your intuition is spot on.


Dear Horsie, there are some times, or even some years, that we may want to gallop through as fast as we can just to get them over with. The thing is, often galloping just kicks up a lot of dust, obscuring the true path. As you travel through the year of the Rat, know that here is an opportunity for more advanced spiritual classroom teachings.  Take off the blinders. Open yourself to receive direct inspiration from higher sources. The way a situation appears to be happening just needs to be. Don’t fight it. Allow it to exist as it is.  Breathe. Internalize calm. With this attitude you won’t expend unnecessary energy. This will help you remain strong, alert, and able to flow in the direction that you need to be flowing.


Believe it or not, my sure-footed pal, even with everything that is going on right now (and we know it’s a lot), you are being presented with gifts and blessings.  This bounty is as a result of efforts you have made and actions you have performed. Sometimes, as you’re nimbly leaping up the side of a mountain only to be faced with the remnants of a rockslide, or a gigantic fallen tree in your path, you don’t realize that you’re actually being blessed. The thing is, sometimes the blessing itself is unrecognized but in reality it is helping avoid a thing that would cause unnecessary pain or suffering. Or maybe it’s causing a detour around something that might distract you from your true path, thus lowering your vibration. Only later may you realize the enormity of the gift you have been given. Only later may you realize that that you are surely loved and protected. Such a moment in anyone’s life is precious because it’s a true gift in disguise. Cultivate a heartfelt gratitude, recognize blessings once they come, and they will serve you perfectly and properly. Open to receive, knowing that you deserve it.


You that know monkeys are a very social species, right? And that within their social networks they exhibit a lot of behaviors similar to those of humans?  Good news for you, my friend, because at this time on your life path you may greatly benefit with assistance from others. Sometimes we need an external nudge to help us make that connection. Do trust your inner teacher. In fact, you are being asked to discern the level of influence others may have over you. But don’t be frightened; the divinity of love surrounds you. If you’ve been feeling like your energy field is low, this is a great time to do a clearing, and to push fear out of your world. Ask a spiritual friend to help you do a space clearing or a Chi adjustment. Now is a good time to release old energies that do not belong to you. These actions and healing processes will help bring an awareness of the intricate reasons you may not be feeling like yourself.


My dear, feathered friend. It seems impossible that during these strange days there could be anything to crow about. In fact, during this time it may even be considered unseemly. Struttin’ and a crowin’ during global challenges are pretty much verboten. I’m sure you know this, but I’m about to tell you something that may make you want to crow with joy, and you can – as long as you promise to do it internally. You know, with your beak closed. Settle for that happy, crowing feeling in your heart and belly. Ready? There are magnificent blessings coming your way. It could be a new partnership, a life-path career opportunity, it could be financial in nature, or something so wonderful you and I can’t even conceive of it in this moment.  Be open and trust and you shall receive. Here’s the thing – it’s important as you are being so blessed for you also to share something of what you have with others. This does not mean you should give out of fear, obligation, or guilt. Share in away that expands rather than depletes you. Just give what feels good and right in your heart. Say, that internal crow has to go somewhere. Visualize it being transfigured into joyful sharing. Then act on it. Do this and you’ll experience even greater abundance. Divine grace smiles on you.


You hear a lot about cats having 9 lives, but not so much about dogs. I wonder if this just means felines have better PR around the whole many-lives thing? I’m thinking of this, my canine pal, because of the things accumulating in your life now. You have wisdom gleaned over many experiences and lifetimes. In fact your knowing is enhanced, and your very soul is in a process of knowledge-integration and spiritual weaving. In the here and now, this means that skills and abilities that you hardly recognize will become more obvious to you now. You may feel strangely like studying something different – and that is the path you should follow. Be open and trusting in your journey. You are being asked to encourage the activation of past life abilities, and to adapt them to your current lifetime. This can be done by breathing yourself into a quiet space. One that allows for letting go of old pain and issues. There is a strong past life pattern that is operating in your life right now. This is neither good nor bad, just something to be aware of. It’s up to you to trust your heart, and to discern for yourself what feels right. A new pattern is leading you to new expression.


Pigs are not, as a general rule, nocturnal animals. This is true even of wild boars in human-free areas when left to their own devices. I’m not asking you to go against your nature, my porcine friend – but you might pay close attention to the cycle of the moon this month. There’s been a strong message that it will play an important role for you.  Another message pertains to the perfection of Divine timing. Sometimes change is not so obvious, and yet growing is happening. Realize that all is in accordance with perfect timing. There is an opportunity for a deepening of an existing partnership, or the possibility that a new one is manifesting. Know that all is well in your world. Fill your heart with love and peace. You’re not forgotten, nor will your gifts be under estimated. Thing timing. Share something of what you have with others in a way that expands rather than depletes you. The universe seeks to restore, replenish, and create through you. Open your heart with gratitude.

By Marina Lighthouse and lovingly and creativity edited by Kristin Clark

 “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” – Seneca