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We are in the lunar month of the Rooster. The Rooster and Pig combination reveals a need to work on communication in order to have a positive outcome, both globally and in interpersonal relationships. Both are very devoted partners. Pigs are generous, so they’d rather not touch a subject that has even the slightest chance of offending someone. Roosters are less tolerant and like to tell it like they see it. Through understanding and patience, this intense combination can prove favorable.

The beginning of the Autumn season should be an interesting ride. Use mindfulness and remain in the present moment in order to see circumstances for what they truly are. Whatever the choices presented, choose the one that brings the greatest feeling of peace to your body and mind. There is always a peaceful alternative to conflict. Choose peace. This is the answer.

Monthly quote ~ Appreciate the past, look forward to the future. Live in the now.

Month of the Rooster – Year of the Pig

Every situation offers real opportunities to grow and learn. Remember always that challenging things that occur are nothing that is done to you, they’re done for you – again, with the aim of making you better, and smarter, and putting you on the road to fulfilling your greatest potential. Seek to discover the unrecognized blessing in your current circumstance. Visualize that a difficult situation is resolving perfectly. Once you can see things that trouble you from a different vantage point, you have the strength and capacity to overcome adversity. There is absolutely no need to worry if you can remember to use positive affirmations. Face your fears! You have a great capacity to channel energy. Here is a turn for the better. Stay positive, and a beneficial person will appear, bringing you favorable developments.

It’s a time to physically place around you objects that make you feel stronger, or that are meaningful to you. Shine brightly (like you do!) but do so only in front of those who will understand your true self. No hasty decisions right now. If something doesn’t feel right, hold back. You are a gifted teacher, and you’ve recently gone through many experiences that you can share to help others. In fact, you are being urged to do so. The wonders of the world will unfold before you. Life’s glorious and endless diversity offers you much excitement. It should be a very good month for you. Here’s a reminder: put aside all that has been said about you, even if it was said by you. Don’t carry these outmoded ideas with you. Remember one thing. Unless you know something on your own authority, it has no value, no meaning. Just go on with total openness and see for yourself.

This is the time to focus on your strengths, even in the face of what you may perceive as your weaknesses. Your strengths could be your compassion, kindness, or the winning way you have with people or something else entirely. In any case, even if you need to polish certain talents –recognize them as assets and strengths. The more you yourself appreciate what you are doing (or have done) the more you will grow and those pesky, perceived weaknesses will fall away. View yourself with loving compassion. A powerful antidote to the poison of low self-esteem is to focus on your strengths. Doing so will clear the way for you to connect to your own wisdom and intuition and deep insight. This can signal a time of illumination and transformation; you’ll have the ability to recognize truth even in dark situations. In fact, it is only by experiencing truth on your own that freedom occurs. Know too, that even if you are experiencing difficulties, the inexorable march of time will progress, and things will get easier.

Something delightful will happen or has happened for you, Rabbit! A prayer has been answered. Focus your manifestation power on financial independence. (Maybe picture yourself pulling it out of a hat, much as one pulls a rabbit out of the hat ) You have nothing to fear; the energy of prosperity for you or a loved one is knocking at your door. It is important that you surround yourself with objects that bring you happiness or remind you that you are supported. Also, dress for success in colors or outfits that make you feel empowered and at your personal best. You are seeking love as the means of balancing your life. The sound of vibrations such as striking bell or tuning fork or note on musical instrument may have a profound, reverberating effect on you. Clear yourself, or clear energies around you using this technique. Do not cling – embrace change. Know that all is going to be okay. You will have support to make the desired changes in your life. You are assisted in high places – and this will make your endeavors successful.

Stretch your beautiful wings and fly, Dragon. Through flexibility and movement clarity, energy, and psychic awareness will increase. (Dragons who practice yoga, or Tai Chi, or something similar, have the happiest, most fulfilled lives.) Know that you are loved and supported. Relax, communicate from your heart; share your truth. Energies that support you want your connection, whether other humans, animals, plants, or trees represent these energies – take time to connect and communicate with them. This is an excellent time to spend time with family and friends. Share meals! Take time for your people. Doing so will make your life more happy and joyous, and you will live longer. Remember the old adage, “The fool who knows he is a fool is that much wiser. The fool who thinks he is wise is a fool indeed.”

It’s been an interesting year for the snake… I probably don’t have to remind you to meditate regularly. By taking quiet time to reflect and to think deeply and to receive insights, your soul, body, and mind will be much more in tune, and will more easily adapt to whatever situations arise this year. If you have no formal meditation training, that’s okay. Just take time to quiet yourself. Close your eyes, breathe, listen. Remember to communicate from your heart. Be bravely willing to stand before crowds and share from your center. Once you have gained insight, don’t hesitate. This is the time, your time, for communication. You can be a true leader by communicating, and modeling that trait for others. Be authentic. Taking a moment to discover your inner truth will have a profound healing affect on your life. Work through awareness. Your essential knowledge has not been erased, it has been merely been planted deeply within you, and you must search in the right places to discover it. Life is a river – it goes on moving and changing. You cannot predict the next moment. If you attempt to hold onto something, you’ll find that it is slipping out of your hands. Stop your clinging, and free yourself from attachment.

Balance your career and your home life. If one feels lopsided and you know what side that is you’ll be feeling burnout and unbalanced. You can rapidly shift energies by devoting time every day to priorities. Even 30 minutes spent in meaningful way can lift mood, morale, and motivation. Play is a requirement right now. Be sure to delegate work to others, and say no to unrealistic demands on your time. Be honest with yourself about keeping boundaries in work home life. Be sure that you spend time in activities that make your heart sing with joy. Things are falling into place. Life is a great river – do not resist it. Go with the flow and with gracious ease. By not swimming against the current you’ll be able to enjoy the ride. Horsie, if you’re near river or flowing water, try to visit and be one with energy. Remember, you’re not trying to cross the river or hoof it up stream, you’re just there to tune in with water’s flowing nature. If flowing water is in short supply where you are –just take a shower and visualize everything is flowing. Continue to believe in yourself, and seek success as it emerges in your life even if it often occurs in unexpected and unforeseen ways. Just like a horse under a whip, burn and be swift. Awareness is the fire that burns all that feels wrong, or no longer serves you. When all that is burned away, you will be left with great sharpness, swiftness, intensity, and an amazing wholeness of being.

It’s time to work your magic! Goats need to get in touch with the magical abilities they’ve used the in the past, but have left untapped for quite some time. Pull them out of storage and use them. Focus clear intention, positive expectations, and desires. Decide what you will or will not accept in a situation, and have positive faith in a good outcome. Things will flow in your life and you’ll feel secure. By setting aside your intellectual beliefs, you will awaken your intuitive wisdom. Visualize that divine energy is flowing into every molecule of your body. You are a divine being, from the top of your ears to the tips of your fingernails. If you can envision yourself like this, then you can live without fear. It is said that the mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in love. The heart knows how to trust; it is trust that makes it one. And when you trust you suddenly become centered. That’s some powerful goat power!

Just like your other friends in the zodiac, it is important for a monkey to meditate. Be still and listen. You will need your time alone so you can be honest with yourself. Consider joining a group or taking a class. There are CDs available, and there are apps and online streaming meditations as well. You’ll receive insights that will bring great gifts. You don’t need formal training. Just sitting quietly will bring you stability, uncomplicate your life, and even lead you to solutions for challenges surrounding you or your projects. A wound may even be healed. Remember the things that happened in your past – no matter what they were – do not need to exist in, or permeate the future. Remember too that where there are cracks, light can enter your soul. A great exercise for you, Monkey, is to write down the benefits that came from a challenge you have experienced, and then visualize the situation healed. There are always benefits that arise from adversity because the universe is always loving us and leading us and teaching us. It’s up to us to be still enough and observant enough to recognize this. Regarding any “monkey business”, seeing where you’ve been foolish in the past, and then releasing that energy, is even now transforming your being and consciousness.

A healing power has awakened and you feel compelled to help others. Just as you have been healed, so you want others to feel health and vitality and to enjoy themselves again. If you’re asking if you need to stay put or move, now is a time to plan your future, cultivate energy, and stay put. The cycle will change shortly. Once you’ve done the work of planning, or taking care of others’ immediate concerns, set aside fears and restrictive feelings, and be open to the joys of healing. Let go and say “yes” to life! Be daring! Dance to your hearths desire! Crow from the rooftops! Go beyond predictable feeling and behavior. Laugh and explore! Sometimes life can be messy, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s time to follow your dreams and to clear out mental and emotional clutter. Don’t place rules on yourself. This is your time, Rooster. Remember the quote attributed to Buddha that says, “Do what you have to resolutely, with all your heart. The traveler who hesitates only raises dust on the road.”

Don’t you find it best to be by yourself and listen carefully when you’re trying to receive divine guidance? Just now, my canine friend, you need quiet calm and peace. Shut out the noise of the television. Take a break from the ringing of the phone, the buzzing of the text, the bright and busy lure of the computer. Spend some time each day relaxing in a quiet space. Still yourself, and don’t try to make anything happen. I know that this is hard for an energetic pup, but it’s so necessary. You need to take time to breathe and hear the rhythm of your heart. Listen to what your inner loving self is trying to tell you about your heart, body, and mind. Then, and only then, should you take action accordingly. An exercise you could do would be to picture yourself as shape shifter. What perspectives would shift were you to take on the form and feeling of a tree, an animal, a stone? Your past does not equal the future, and by shifting your point of view and widening or changing an outmoded belief system, you can bring about a new destiny. Be fair to others – and to yourself. Analyses of rocks brought from the moon estimate its age at somewhere around 4.51 BILLION years. In other words it’s been around a long time and has seen more changes than we can fathom. Instead of howling at the moon this month, why not gaze upon it, drinking in its beauty and its ancient wisdom?

International Women’s Day is months away (in 2020 it will be on Sunday March 8th) Nevertheless, now is a time for you to consider the significant women in your life – whether it’s your mom, wife, sister, girlfriend, or daughter. It’s possible that when you stop to focus on this person, particularly if it’s the first person that popped into your mind just now, there may be some…complicated feelings. Unhealed wounds or thoughts can block dreams and lead to imbalances. Ask the higher realms to help you release any toxic associations with females that you may be harboring, whether the individuals in question are on this plane or another. You can send them loving vibes, releasing them and the relationship into compassion and love. This is a very powerful exercise to do. Once this is accomplished you can say yes to life, and be free to revel and dance to your hearts desire – without hang-ups. You can move forward; laugh, explore, and go beyond your predictable behavior. (Flying pigs, anyone?) By clearing out mental and emotional clutter you’ll move beyond a situation you have outgrown. Even if at first this is a case of fake it till you make it, your willingness to engage in this exercise alone will alert the higher realms that it is time to assist you. Freely follow the rhythms of your heart and see the blessings in your life. These blessings can greatly help someone else who is distressed or in pain. Live in joy and peace even among those who are troubled. Transform yourself and you can really help others.

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark