Monthly Horoscope

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present


The Snake and the Ox together mean a time of great connections. They’re very compatible in all ways, and create part of a three harmony relationship; Ox, Snake, and Rooster. The Ox is constant and reliable, which appeals to the Snake’s nature. According to Chinese Zodiac, Snakes are usually well-educated, decent, smart, and humorous, while the Ox has a steady, constant approach to life. The combination will easily offer us encouragement through any tough spots we might encounter. This is a time you ay depend on both yourself and others to get you through any challenging times.

This combo also translates to good business. Patience and perseverance in the achievement of goals are inherent in both of their natures, and neither one is inclined to make spontaneous decisions. Keep this in mind in order to achieve the maximum benefits of this month. Be ready (like the Ox is) to spend your strength on a common cause or for the common good. Combined Ox and Snake energy can make plans a reality, and the Snake’s influence can aid us in carefully planning a strategy for further action. Remember to help others not just with your words but also through your actions. Listen for valuable advice, and follow it in order to succeed.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” ~ Douglas Adams


Rat – It’s time to be a rebel! Discover your own nature and live your life accordingly. I pity the fool who tries to ensnare you this month, my friend! You have a certain aura about you just now – a magnetic energy that keeps you from becoming trapped by others. You’re outside the confines and limits others may attempt to place on you. This will bring you power, assistance, and untold blessings. Become an inspiration for others to draw from, so that they can grow too. Look to transform your situation in order to best teach in whatever way is needed for different students (that is, students in the classroom of life.) Be strong in your nonconforming independent nature. You cannot be taken advantage of.

Ox – There comes a time when one must unwrap the bandage from an abrasion, or peel the band-aid from a scrape so that oxygen can do its healing thing. Well, my friend, by covering your wounds with armor, you are preventing yourself from being healed. Lashing out at others will only keep you from getting the love and nourishment you need. If this description fits you at this time it’s time to stop fighting. There’s a lot of love available to you, if you just let it in. You can start by forgiving yourself. Enlightenment is a combination of many small steps; each one is a drop of water that collects to form a divine ocean of peace, love, and unity. Let your love light shine to others each day. Open yourself to universal energy and connect with others in this same energy. Train your mind to be steady and strong. Now is the time for your mind training exercise to begin.

Tiger – When you are truly in the spirit of adventure, you’re moving like a child full of trust stepping out of the darkness and into the unknown with a sense of wonder. This openness can lead to the greatest adventures. There may be danger on your path, and you may not ever reach your goal, but one thing is certain. The very adventure will help you grow. Yes, there may be many challenges along the way, but embracing the journey is the only way to the cultivation of the self. Flow into a new energy. There is momentum in your life as the path unfolds. This is exciting! As you grow and change your life, circumstances will reflect your inner evolution. There is a fusion of both creation and the potential of creation. If possible, journal your journey.

Rabbit – A sense of grace surrounds you. As in a Zen teaching, if you drop all that has been given you by others, there will be a totally different quality to your being – a natural innocence. With the persona you used to cling to gone, you can experience a resurrection of innocence. You’ll be like a child again, reborn in this playful, beautiful, childlike expression of yourself. Ask the universe for help. Asking does not make you weak. Asking for help aids your growth in trust, wisdom, and understanding of the laws of nature – and how they operate. As you learn to receive, you’ll realize that there is more going on than we see. Now is the time to have a conscious relationship with the divine. Ask for those energies that unconditionally love you, and thank them for their guidance and assistance. You’re here to bring a message into the world. Share your knowledge with others  – this is your path.

Dragon – Dear Dragon, do not cling to the past, because clinging to the past is absolute nonsense! It’s no longer here…what is gone is gone. Face the fact that it’s no longer extant. Any effort to repeat it is a sure way to stay stuck in all blueprints that you would otherwise have already outgrown, had you not been so busy clinging to something you’ve already been through. Don’t let life pass you by. There is a situation here that is about to be revealed. Just as the sands shift, now things will be quite different from how they once appeared. This clarity will bring you relief. Be patient and allow the revelation to come to you at the right time. Establish your consciousness on the right path. Stop wrestling with your hopes and fears. Staying in clear consciousness (through meditation, maybe?) is the best way to stay on the right course.

Snake – It’s time for you to find an inner guide also called a witness. You need to awaken the Buddha within your life so that you can be showered with blessings. The truth of your deepest being is trying to show you where to go right now. Indications are that you will feel more integrated by moving outward from the center of your being. This will be exactly where you need to go. Now is the time to empower yourself with divine help. Learning to ask for divine help will also teach you the art of surrender, because that’s when there’s space for something wonderful to begin. Always ask for genuine guidance, and unconditional love. Snakes can be associated with enlightenment and wisdom. When you’re awakened and enlightened, you can be a mind stream for many practitioners, and a great inspiration. Bringing benefit to beings around you can prove to be a great help to yourself as well.

Horse – The format you’ve used in the past will not serve you well in the present. Tomorrow you will have to decide anyway so why not do it today? Do you think you’ll be wiser tomorrow? Not to scold, but do you think you’ll be younger than you are today, or fresher? There is too much “what -iffing” in your life right now. If you postpone things, you’ll begin to feel dull, depressed, incomplete, and stuck. Cultivating a bias toward action will bring relief. And with expansion you will feel once more alive and active.  Put aside the postponement! This lifetime is a combination of many lifetimes. Be patient, open, and trusting of your journey. This could be an intense time of spiritual growth, integration, and the shedding of old issues that no longer serve you. You’ll ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long?” This is a great time to begin (or be consistent with) your meditation practice. Sitting regularly will help to turn you away from the wrong path, and will aid you in traveling the one you know is right.

Goat – The veil of illusion that has been keeping you from perceiving reality is starting to dissipate. Awareness is growing as a result of your consciousness. You need not struggle to make it happen. Any sense you might have had that you’ve been groping in the dark is now dissolved, or will be dissolved soon. Your body pulses with new electrical energy. This will help nourish your nervous system and increase your spiritual potency, creating more impact in the world. And just like getting used to driving a powerful car, you’ll find you are in control. Celebrate your creative energy and the feminine. A new vital energy of life-force and creation vibrates throughout your whole being!

Monkey – Despite the example in The Wizard of Oz, flying monkeys aren’t always a bad thing! Like a bird being freed from a cage, you can open your wings and soar. Remember to move out of that cage first! The whole Sky is yours! Freedom and understanding are keys at this time, so spread your wings and feel the openness the universe has to offer. The bars on the cage were part of an illusion, and you’re being summoned to go out with grace and encouragement for others. It’s a time of a new understanding. As you stand on the threshold there is a path that is being presented to you that is beyond fear. You are fast approaching the karmic threshold where you can shift from a fear-based to love-based embodiment. Somebody who you once thought of as an enemy will now become an ally.

Rooster – Only meditation brings you a light that shines in every night. Everything can be transformed and then you’re ready to share your inner riches. All you need to do is relax right where you are and let it happen. Sharing yourself and your creativity in your work and in your relationships every day creates benefit for yourself and al those around you. No special preparation is needed. This is the right time. Something that is coming your way? Opportunities, teaching, and circumstances all await you. You can allow yourself the joy to be in your life right now. It’s not easy to overcome the conditioning and ways of the world. Be bold.

Dog – Trust. Now is the moment to take the giant leap. You’ll feel exhilarated. Trust life. If you don’t trust, then you cannot put your mind aside. When the heart is innocent, the walls disappear. That which is taken away from you is not worth keeping, and that which cannot be taken away from you, should not cause fear of it being removed. You can never lose a real treasure. Magic comes into your life in the most beautiful ways, and usually it’s not exactly as we imagined it. It’s even more perfect then we dreamed! If great good comes in and it is in an unexpected form, accept it!

Pig – Life has been given to you. It’s time to create, rejoice, and celebrate. Now is the time to celebrate humanity. This is a time of communication, and sharing the riches that each of us brings to the whole. Do not cling. Do not grasp. Remove any feelings of inferiority or superiority. Recognize the common source, and then we can all link together in the treasure of love. Looking to you, my Piggy friend, to help us all unite and heal. There are no mistakes in the universe, and all events, circumstances, relationships, and situations that are not unfolding, are part of a divine plan that is unfolding. If something is happening to or for you right now, then that’s perfect too. It is safe to trust this. Know the answer is “yes!” The timing could not be better. You are not forgotten, nor are your gifts being over or under estimated. The divine plan is unfolding before you. Trust and inspire.

Divination and Interpretation by Marina Lighthouse – written and edited by Kristin Clark