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We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Pig. The animal that governs this year is also the Pig. When the year is aligned with the corresponding month, it is said that the true nature of the year is finally revealed. We will look at three ways this may manifest.

We can expect things worldwide to be a little mellower (we hope!) This is because the cheerful and lucky pig has a healthy appetite, and is content to share a meal in the company of most of the other animals in the zodiac. Perfect for our thanksgiving holiday. Being social and reaching out to others is favored. It is likely that many of the animals may experience events and changes that on first glance would appear to be negative. If this is the case for you, try not to feel too discouraged. It’s best to meet the trial with serene bravery and then move on, as in most cases the situation will lead to an extremely positive outcome, whether it be in business or close relationships.

Paying attention to the prevailing currents will enable you to deal with all that comes. “Keep Calm and Carry your Tiger or Combo Charms.”

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” ~ Brandi Snyder

Individual Horoscopes  – Month of the Pig

Month of the Pig in the Year of the Pig


You have the ability to see things exactly as they are, without judgment or reaction, without attraction of repulsion. This is a time for you to center yourself in your own energy to find your true wisdom. When your thoughts become repetitive or when you experience a lot of mental chatter, it’s time to give your mind a break. Find steadfast calm and natural rhythm by being in touch with your inner guide.  Be sure to stay hydrated at this time. If you find yourself excessively hungry (rather than just the normal little nibbling hunger Rats get!) If you’re experiencing symptoms of fatigue, or are having difficulty concentrating it could be dehydration in disguise. Blessing your water before drinking it will give you a boost of positive energy. Avoid drinking chemically altered fluids like coffee, soda, and alcohol. It’s a good month for the Rat so make the best of it – your heart chakra is open.


You have a tendency to be overly meticulous right now. Stop focusing on all of the minutia and missing the big picture. Take a good look in the mirror and make peace with the reflection you see there. Stop excessive clinging to self-illusion and accept your reflection exactly as it is. By letting go of what you thought was there, you open up to the amazing new ideas that surround you, and abundance flows through you. That said, it’s time to overcome illusions. Don’t let desires blind you. What looks incredibly inviting may actually be something that obscures the truth. On another note, this is a time of celebration. It’s not easy to overcome conditioning but you’ve made steps forward. Now is the time for Oxen to cast aside their yokes and take a necessary rest. Find time to relax; leave worry and guilt behind on the dusty trail. Enjoy yourself.


You have a strong protective force field around you. On some level you’re gong to feel more prosperous, and there could be an accumulation of wealth for you this cycle. Perhaps it just the gift of feeling you can really sustain yourself. You will find exactly what you need. Your vibration attracts good fortune. Don’t look to the clouds or heavens for the energy you need – it’s inside you, heart, mind, and spirit. There’s a tiger in your tank! Remember, you’ve been granted these great gifts. Don’t forget or disdain those who are less fortunate. Free up your emotions and rediscover the pleasure of being with others. Stop trying to force things to happen.  Such actions will only interrupt the universal flow and cause blocks. A past prejudice has again popped up in a new form. You’ll be surprised by it. Keep an eye on snap judgments, this is how you’ll recognize its return. You’ll be able to see through deception – your extra sensory perceptions will be spot on. The Universe is on your side.


Do the work closest to your heart and you will be fulfilled. Meditate regularly. A meditator finds immediately what their true work is. They don’t have to think about it, it becomes so clear there’s no question or doubt. When you start the right work, the work then becomes your meditation. Listen to the rhythm of your breathing and let it restore a natural sense of calm. This time belongs to you; don’t rush. That said, you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams and your life’s purpose and now is the time to make your move. Take action calmly, yet without hesitation or delay. You’ll find things are in sync and will work together. On another note, remember to forgive others and yourself. There’s a natural order of give and take and you’ll have the ability to see both sides of an issue with clarity. If you feel an affinity to the Goddess Kuan Yin, know that she is there for you.


We are all full of many prejudices. Bundles of them. Don’t flap your glorious wings and fly into this trap. When our prejudices lead us to a conclusion, it is a deception. Watch out for snap judgments, or for when you feel that that you understand something without actual concrete knowledge. If this should occur, check to see if a past prejudice has popped up in a new form. You’re sensitive and delicate; remember you can also be strong and courageous. In every situation there is an opportunity to grow and learn. There are many unrecognized lessons in the current circumstance. As you glean the blessing amidst the challenges, benevolent energies flow to you, accelerating healing and manifestation. Something is finished, and as one door closes another opens. Leave chaos and panic behind and discover your capacity to dominate a situation. Courage returns to you, and you will resolve an emergency. It’s time to train your mind. Delve into a subject that you want to study, but haven’t made the time for.


Starting a journal this month is a really positive thing to do. Write things down, record your thoughts – this is key. You’ll discover new ideas, will experience the joy of acquiring knowledge, and of giving and sharing those brilliant nuggets. Embrace your alone time. You’ll be surprised at the beauty and joy it brings to you. Shedding old skin and exposing tender new flesh may make a snake feel vulnerable. Don’t be fearful; the greater the insecurity the bigger the reward. Remember that self-responsibility makes you free. You can sail your ship even without headwinds. Complaining gets you nowhere. Find the right strategy and strength to move on instead. You can do it, and you will be spiritually supported. It’s time to have a heart to heart discussion with a loved one. Make your feelings and your beliefs known. Your relationships will deepen and you will know that you’re loved for who you really are.


As they say, mischief is yours, sorrow is yours, but virtue also is yours. You yourself are the source of the purity and the impurity. The biggest mistake people can make is that they think that their particular climate is created by outside forces. In reality it’s created by one’s inner decisions. An atmosphere exists on the outside but it arises from the deepest core of your being. Once you’ve seen the truth of this you need not live in hell at all. It’s your choice. By distinguishing blame from error and responsibility, you free yourself from rigid mental schemes. Discover the benevolence of your inner being as it overcomes all judgment and accepts the possibility of humans making mistakes. Stop being so rigid. You need to find the unrecognized blessing in every opportunity to grow and learn. It could be something that you are learning or gaining in order to accelerate the healing and the manifestation that is trying to gallop toward you. You are beyond conventional; free, wild, fierce, passionate and compassionate.


You have the ability to cut through obstacles, intentions, doubts, and fears that deny you access to joy. You’re protected. Remember, it is said that those who live with their thoughts in the past experience depression and regret. Those who live in the future experience fear and anxiety. The only place one can be happy is having one’s mind in the present moment. You have been hurt and are very angry at some situation. Now the time for hate, resentment, envy and anger is finished.  We don’t like to stereotype goats, but don’t be stubborn. Love can return. Open your heart to divine love. What more do you need? A strong energy of healing surrounds you. It is a good and safe time for you to change to a healing career or to study healing modalities if you so desire. Let the element of water help move you to your next place.


Sages have said, “Be quick to do. If you are slow, the mind delighting in mischief will catch you.” To do good means to share to love, to serve, to be compassionate. These are things a miserable mind cannot do. A miserable mind can only say, “I don’t want to do it.” Or more diplomatically perhaps it will say in a wheedling way, “let’s just pass on this until tomorrow.” Don’t listen to the mind if it is postponing opportunities to do good things. Take selfless action and immediately you will bring yourself joy. Finally two elements will join together as one and make things work. There could be a great union. This is a great time to learn a new skill. Try something creative in order to truly express yourself whether through writing, playing music, sewing, making jewelry – whatever appeals to you. You have hidden talents lying dormant. These need to be expressed, otherwise those same energies can turn on you, leading to negative behaviors (the wrong kind of swinging through the trees) or even addiction. You have been given great gifts, don’t look down on those who are less fortunate. Free yourself so that you may bask in the company of others, without judgment.


Be fearless.  Be calm, be loving, be silent, and you will be wise. There is around you a vibration of abundance.  Some gifts or treasures are coming your way. Could it be raining jewels? Remember to always be compassionate with others and yourself. Understanding and intimacy are qualities you can offer and receives. Get beyond your fears or negative brain chatter. If you feel yourself haunted by shadows, know that they are illusory; turn around and laugh at them. There’s pure power in joy. Stay positive and filled with faith. Manifest your desires to enter reality. Find the humor in a situation. Enjoy a good laugh. New things are coming in – opportunities or situations that will bring fresh perspective, creative energy, or leadership opportunities. Stand by, get ready to crow. It all starts now.


Sometimes, an individual who looks to be an enemy may actually end up being your greatest protector and ally once you befriend them. If you’re feeling challenged by someone, you need to find out what it is that makes them tick. Approach them gently, not with growls and bared teeth. Once they know you’re not there to hurt them and are indeed an ally, they can become a benevolent force of positive good in your life. It’s easy for us all to see how foolish others are, but can you look at yourself and see your own absurdity? If you can do that you’ve taken a great step forward,. Seeing your own foolishness is already transforming your consciousness. You have looked at darkness through a lens of difficulty and sadness that has long been in your life. Now is the time, with consistency and faith, to overcome your obstacles and appreciate the gift of your life. You already know what you must do. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly . You’ll be guided to make important and happy life changes – soon!


Oink. It’s your year, and your month. An obstruction will be moving out of your way. Find a meaningful piece of jewelry, or an object, or any item in your possession that brings you positive energy or a feeling of empowerment when you see or touch it.  Keep it around you as a touchstone. Here’s a reminder that you are not being influenced from the outside. It is your inner will that leads to decisions that come from within, creating your life challenges and dramas. Once you’ve seen this, you may not live in hell at all. You may live in bliss and happiness. Your choice. Clarify your lifetime objectives. Be sure to break big goals into small ones and take one step today. There’s no more procrastination or preparing. Whatever it is, you need to just do it. Understanding is what makes your actions worthwhile. You have a unique ability to be honest and sincere with yourself and with the world. You are a valuable and beloved person.


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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark