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Happy New Year! It’s the final month of the Pig year, also known as the Tail of the Pig. It’s time to enjoy that curly cute tail and get ready for the Lunar New Year. (More on that soon!) We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Ox. This concludes a 12-year cycle, Rat to the Pig 2008 -2020. The new 12-year loop begins 2020 and continues to 2032.

As we welcome the new cycle use this motto, “forgive and forget”. Be open to other people’s point of view, and soften any harsh feelings. Allow compassion to seep into the situation and you’ll meet with harmony. Leave the details to how things will be resolved to the universe, and see the humor in situations. Visualize the world at peace.

The Pig Year and the Ox Month combo is a positive combination. It’s a great time to be social. You can find success in relationships at work or in your family affairs. In business, remain steady and keep to the current course. Adopt a practical attitude. Listen and observe. Stay straightforward and open-minded, while keeping both feet on the ground.

People born under the signs of Pig, Snake, or Monkey should remain cautious. This month is the last time the Pig/ boar can gore you, so play it safe. Maybe you’ve already begun to experience these effects. Remember that one good deed can divert a hundred disasters.

“As many kinds of wreaths can be made from a heap of flowers, so many things good things may be achieved by a mortal when they are born.” – The Way Of The Buddha – The Rubin Museum of Art

Paying attention to the prevailing currents will enable you to deal with all that comes your way. “Keep Calm and Carry your Tiger or Combo Charms.”

Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Marina Lighthouse

Month of the Ox in the Year of the Pig

Rat –  Happy New Year! Big news for the Rat! Doors are opening and you will be getting what you want; your outlook is very positive… it all depends on you, though. Your attitude will determine how things go. Nervously nibbling or gnawing away at a situation, or cursing it, blocks the energy flow thus opening the door for worse things to happen. In contrast, recognizing the blessing in a current situation will result in supportive, healing energies embracing you. Healing is always available through the power of gratitude. Your hard work will pay off; do something fun! Take a well-deserved break and celebrate.

Ox – Happy New Year! There is a positive change for Oxen. You may feel pushed out of your comfort zone in multiple areas of your life, but know that the Universe is ready to stand by you. You are being pushed to be more self-sufficient and self-confident, and to stand up for yourself. The expression “strong as an Ox” didn’t come out of nowhere, remember! You have the right to excuse yourself from those who would bring drama into your life. There may be a brush with danger but no harm whatsoever will come to you; you will be aided by helpful people. The color yellow is lucky for you right now, as is the direction South.

Tiger – Happy New Year, Tiger! Luck favors those who are prepared, so take precautions to avoid problems later. It may be best to keep your secrets to yourself for now. Take all the precautions you can so you don’t fall into in a Tiger trap! Mind your own business. Stay positive. Finding the humor in situations is a way to help to manifest your desires so they can become reality. Enjoy a good laugh. Develop hobbies that make you purr with pleasure. Look to things that bring you joy – doing so will bring you longevity!

Rabbit – Happy New Year! Rabbit’s success comes with help from a higher power. Stop worrying about money. Doing so only attracts more money problems. You have support to make a desired life change now, so affirm and visualize prosperity! Know that your suffering begins at an emotional level. What to do? Why think about compassion, joy, loyalty, discernment, and wisdom, of course. These virtues will enable you to extend yourself to others without ever being diminished. You are very intuitive, and there are many insights deep inside of you. Take time to get cozy in your rabbit hutch, and reflect upon the desires of your heart, employing meditation and prayer. No need to take action right now; be patient with yourself.

Dragon – Happy New Year! Heaven is bestowing blessings upon the Dragon – just look around! You’re good at getting what you want and things should proceed smoothly with your projects. An argument or a misunderstanding may be resolved. The other party is ready to forgive and forget. It would be helpful if you could be open to seeing the other’s point of view. This will soften any hard feelings. Don’t breath fire at them when they apologize! Accept the apology. Have compassion for everyone involved – including yourself. A feeling of liberation and release is obtainable.

Snake – Happy New Year, Snake! Winter is a time of hibernation for snakes in the wild. You would do well to take your cue from them, and not put yourself out there or do anything brash just now. Wait for the right moment to take action. Detach from the drama you have been drawn into, AKA the upsetting world of human egos. Look for a helping hand to pull you out of the story. Let go of attempts to make everyone happy. Review documents and contracts carefully. There will be a fair decision. Just stay cozy in your den for now and let things play out.

Horse – Happy New Year, Horse! You’re good at getting what you want and things should proceed smoothly. Be sure to follow your heart, even if you can’t see an outcome or what will be manifest clearly. There is a situation in which you have to walk in faith and be true to yourself. You already know what you must do. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly. Make time to prance and play and enjoy beauty. Giddy up Horsie – have some fun!

Goat – Happy New Year, Goat! It’s time to take charge; be your own authority figure. The caveat here is that you should stay where you are and not make changes just yet. This is a time to gather your strength and strategize. Monitor your projects carefully. Play things conservatively so you can be surefooted, jumping to the highest peak with grace and ease when the time is right. Get in touch with the color blue – this will give you strength. (Try wearing it or using it in your bedding.) If you feel inspired to go back to school, or take a seminar, or attend a conference, doing so can be key to success in the future.

Monkey – Happy New Year! Monkey’s should wait for the right time to swing into action. Keep yourself safe; don’t try anything too brash. Know that everything is happening in divine, perfect order. The situation that has so concerned you lately will be resolved, aided by the power of gratitude. You’ll be carrying unique gifts to offer the world as you step into the New Year. Shiny opportunities will present themselves in whatever it is that you truly believe you can accomplish.

Rooster – Happy New Year, Rooster! Your feathers have become ruffled due to involvement in a project or personal situation that has you exerting too much mental and physical effort, with very little return. One way to negate this is to take care of yourself. Both sleep and exercise are necessary. In order to have more peace and purpose in your life you must nurture yourself. Some wonderful news is on its way. It may be news of a birth a wedding, or a graduation. Here will be an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals. There’s a sign of a new beginning –a new dawn to get up and crow about.

Dog – Happy New Year! Dogs are known to be loyal companions – let’s aim for reliable and conscientious as well! This is a time for you to be sure to be true to your obligations; a reminder to keep your word and stay the course. For instance, let’s say you made a commitment to the divine. And let’s say you did so this way: “Oh no! I seem to have lost the wonderful juicy bone I was planning to gnaw on later! Help me! If I find my bone I promise to give half of it to the ASPCA!” If you find that bone, you’d better be sure to give half to charity as you said you would – or you’ll wind up in the dog house for sure. At the same time, this is also a cycle during which it is okay for you to leave a situation you have outgrown – to question the validity of the role imposed upon you. Allow the universe to support you while you make your desired life changes. Your struggle may be with yourself rather than anything external.

Pig – Happy New Year, Pig! This is a time for Pigs to stay where they are situation-wise. Hold on to what you have and don’t even think of making a change right now. Truly, staying put is the best strategy. Piggies aren’t known for having big ears like rabbits or some dogs, but now is the time to use yours. Listen. Enjoy a quiet retreat. Less talk, more listen. Suss out what various aches and pains are trying to tell you. A body is always talking to those who listen. There is a lot going on right now, and you may feel overwhelmed. You are being supported. Obstacles can be removed and your endeavors successful. It is wonderful to be busy with work you love; express gratitude for the blessings that are taking up time – even if it feels challenging. If you are asked to travel, do so with confidence.

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By Marina Lighthouse and lovingly and creativity edited by Kristin Clark

 “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” – Seneca