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Year of the Ox, Month of the Rooster

Autumn is almost here! We are entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Rooster, while the animal that governs the year is the Ox. Ox and Rooster share a three-harmony relationship with Snake. Ox/Snake/Rooster is also known as a harmonic trinity. This translates to a positive combination.  One can find success in work or family affairs if one can objectively proceed in an orderly fashion.

In business, remain steady and keep on your current course. This is a great time to concentrate your efforts on yourself, and also on business management. Adopt a practical attitude.  Listen and observe. Remain straightforward and open-minded, while keeping both feet on the ground. Reflect on the harmony in close relationships, and focus on completing any unfinished business.

Monthly Quote: “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” — Herman Hesse

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Month of the Rooster – Year of the Ox

Rat – The rat and the rooster have a squared relationship to one another. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always an argument but it does mean that they have different perspectives. As long as you can keep an open mind towards the perspectives of others, and continue to walk in beauty and feel gratitude, you will experience luminosity and bask in the glow. The more generous you are, the more power and support you will have. Your authenticity is at the core of the issue – now is a time to let loose and reveal your authentic self. Remain flexible. If you don’t practice yoga, at least engage in stretching exercises and breath-work. Doing so will help you gain clarity, flexibility, psychic awareness, and increased energy. Embracing your nimble side will help you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Ox – As mentioned above in the introductory comments for the rooster month in the ox year, these two are engaged in a three-harmony relationship. Now is an excellent time to go out and experience nature. Embrace Autumn. Visit trees, flowers, rivers, streams, mountains or whatever natural environment surrounds supports you. Connect to nature and its grounding energy. Many times in feng shui we use crystals to attract positive energy, and also repel negative influences. This is a good time to carry or wear crystals throughout the day for healing and protection. Doing so will help you overcome any limitations in your perspective, and will open your mind to the unlimited possibilities all around. It’s also time to apply some effort into an endeavor. Get ready to use some of that super-ox energy to drive yourself toward a definite goal. Know that if you do, the energy spent will be well worth it.

Tiger – Recently, on a trip to Pacific Grove, CA, I gazed upon some of the hundreds of homes built in that charming community. Later that evening I dreamt of the spirits inhabiting the land. In my dream buildings were nonexistent. In their place were sand dunes, and cypress trees, and native spirits that emerged peacefully through the trees and headed down the hill toward me. Nature spirits are calling to you, Tiger.  This is a time to welcome their joy and magic. Take a moment in the stillness of nature and you may see and be blessed by the nature spirits of your area. Not only will you be able to heal yourself, you’ll be able to heal others as well. You’re supported in making life changes that contribute to the well-being of others. Let compassion flow from your heart and send unconditional love to all sentient beings. Kindness and compassion bring with them such a high frequency that you’ll be able to heal yourself and others. What kind of promise would you like to extend to the world? It’s time to declare a sacred vow to the universe. In doing so you will be blessed.

Rabbit – The rabbit and the rooster have an oppositional relationship. Sometimes this can bring very dynamic energy! Don’t be shy about sharing your gifts and declaring to the world, “This is who I am and what I stand for.” Take a stand, reveal what really matters to you. Bang a gong, beat a drum, get your message out there! You will feel truly liberated. Some part of you really needs to feel free right now – go with that energy. Just as your friend the ox was reminded in their horoscope, crystals are a beneficial item to carry or wear at this time. You might even place one on your nightstand. If you already have some, this might be a good time to clean them. One method is to place them in salt water, then put them out in the sun to remove any stagnant or negative energy they may have accumulated through protecting you. Crystal power may be just the right fuel to give you the boost needed to accomplish your desires in the months to come.

Dragon – In Feng Shui and in many traditions we honor and we think about the ancestors, and we express our gratitude for them. Your ancestors are there for you,  supporting you in the fulfillment of your dreams. Watch for messages or signs or synchronicities that may occur. Open up to them so that they can send messages that will enable you to walk through situations with the least amount of burden and conflict. Meditation and dreaming allow your ancestors to communicate with you. Have gratitude for their help and guidance. Listen to them and there will be a revolution at hand. As your inner fire energy ignites, your frequency will bring change, healing and an invitation for you to shine you’re light for others. Keep things simple, and plain, and easy to understand when communicating with others. Keep yourself fluid. Your body needs to stretch so that you can stretch in mind and spirit as well.

Snake – The symbol of the snake twined around a rod is used often in medicine. You have the ability to be a healer, whether through Reiki, shamanism, any of the sacred healing arts, or just by being another person’s neutral and empathetic sounding board. Heal emotional, physical, and mental wounds for yourself, and activate this healing power within you. If you feel the need for some self-healing, envision the resolution you desire, and be patient. It’s time to set some priorities so you’ll be able to accomplish your dreams. Let go of procrastination or perfectionism. Be aware of anything or anyone trying to pull you off your path. Take delight in your journey; there lies a dynamic balance that will bring stability to ideas and other issues. Mental balance will bring Peace of Mind.  Create some time and make some space for joy, peace, and happiness. You, and those around you are truly deserving of it.

Horse – The rooster and the horse have an interesting relationship. Roosters are known for their intense focus, and the energy of that focus will help you to resolve wounds or to examine so-called faults that will later become your virtues. Great healers have gone through hardships and survived. They have been wounded, and they have healed. I love the expression, “Where the roots grow deepest is where the wind blows strongest.” As autumn comes upon us, look to your past and recall some of your great lessons in life. Reflect upon how a situation has ultimately benefited you. When it comes to judgments about yourself or others, speak your truth with love. This is a great time to have a heart to heart discussion with a loved one so that they will know where your loving honestly is coming from. As Joseph Campbell put it, “I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”  The sun will start shining on you Horsey, and you’re encouraged through glowing radiance, to light the way for others.

Goat – Although there is a tendency this time to be agitated, or to feel the need for movement, the best thing to do is to find a silent place within your self and wait. This is not a time for action; it is a time of stillness. Honor yourself and get centered. Listen to your conscience and look to it as a guide directing you to the right or wrong that you’ve been experiencing in your own behavior. Seek serenity. Keep in mind this wise old saying, “the only Zen you bring to the mountain top is the Zen within yourself.” If an argument or a misunderstanding is challenging you, it’s time to forgive and forget. Be open to seeing the other person’s point of view. Cultivate humor and a loving disposition. We are here for such a short time – remember this too shall pass. Soften your perspective; leave the details of how the situation will be resolved to the universe. Make a peace offering. Just like your dear friend the horse, your horoscope for the month is that the sun will shine on you, dissolving dark clouds and bringing sunshine back into your life.

Monkey – It’s true that monkeys can get very bored. The quality of sameness or monotony is probably anathema to just about any monkey. Never fear, an energy just like that of the goddess Kali is coming into your life, bringing with it total transition and liberation from the sameness that has been dragging you down. You’ll be able to face your fears, and as things in this outmoded form come to an end, you can shed that which is no longer of service to you. Embrace this grand transition! The spiritual law of attraction will come to your aid, helping to shift your energies. Like attracts like. Your affirmations will attract the right person or situation into your life. You’re beginning a new and expansive cycle; don’t hold back. Relish what you’re feeling. Let the creative juices flow through you and allow them to easily replenish your soul.

Rooster – Are you attracted to looking up at the sky? Do you revel in how expansive and beautiful it is at night? Tap into that energy! You’re entering a fabulous new cycle. Don’t repress how you feel. Stand outdoors, reach for the sky, and visualize that vastness is one with you and that you are one with the universe. A positive change is headed your way. Sometimes blessings come in disguise. Take action by taking baby steps within major goals. Revamp your schedule and guard the time needed for your priorities. Should anyone try to distract or divert you from your path, just say no. You may be currently experiencing some high drama and conflict, or you may already have experienced it already, but it’s time to end the cycle by tapping into your own power. Your innate strength and abilities will come through in the most powerful ways. Go for it my little chickadee!

Dog – I think sometimes dogs bark to let the other dogs know what’s going on in the area, and just what it is they’re dealing with. Well, this is your time to gather your community or family around you and to communicate with them. Bring in your support group, which can also include your favorite plants and animals, anything that nurtures you in your environment. It’s time for you to reach out and share. Doing so will bring more longevity to you. No person is an island after all. No more procrastination. It’s time to “Just do it!” Break your goals into smaller steps, let go of perfect perfectionism, and cut through any fearful attachments that bind you with procrastination. Your very DNA can be transmuted into a new form. Shift your world so you can ascend. Meditation will give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance. It benefits your emotional wellbeing and has a fabulously beneficial effect on your overall health. In short, meditation is a mighty tool in your kit – so use it!

Pig – Wait a second! Is somebody calling your name? Is it time for your true and authentic life to start happening? Are you hoping for a sign? Yes, you’ve been called – make sure you pick up the phone! (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) Be on the alert for special messages. Perhaps it’s some feather that falls at your feet, or a ladybug that lands on hand. Maybe it’s a vivid dream you can’t shake upon awaking. Look for something mysterious and wonderful heading your way to give you a message. Something’s calling out to you to notice, respond, and act. Crystals play an important part in connecting you to Spirit, (just as they do at this time for your friends the rabbit and the ox.) Crystals attract just the right energy while also protecting you from negative influences. Align with your creative flow and gifts will manifest before you, showering you with abundance. Create some space to allow for it, whether this manifestation is mental, physical, or spiritual.

Written by Marina Lighthouse

Edited by Kristin Clark