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Year of the Pig – Month of the Dragon

We now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Dragon. The animal that governs this year is the Pig. When the Pig is combined with the Dragon, a caring and affectionate relationship is created bringing luck and harmony.

The Dragon is an independent and brave sign with a warm heart. The Pig has an affectionate nature. Pigs love friends and family and to be of service to those they care about. Both signs can trust one another to be loyal partners. So with all these good feelings abounding, the holiday season should be off to a great start.

Spent time on developing and nurturing personal relationships. Compatibility will prevail. Expect to have some FUN. There will be more risk-taking and gambling in the stock market as the Dragon month favors those who follow their impulses – and the Pig is known as a lucky sign. Their combined influence can bring profitability and benefits to those who follow the Dragon’s lead.

Monthly quote – “I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.” ~ Roy Croft

 Year of the Pig – Month of the Dragon

Rat – You have multiple options to review and consider. Shut out the noise of others and their directives or wishes regarding how they believe you should choose. Take the time to center yourself; listen to your own voice. You can transform yourself only through quiet contemplation. Trying to please everyone else will cause happiness to elude you. North is your power direction and can bring wisdom. Take a few minutes every night to stand at a door and face North. Breath into the stillness. Doing so will put you in tune with your ancestors, who are always with you and always ready to help.

Ox – Your wisdom is blossoming, even if there are situations that feel unsettled in your life. There is a reason for them and much good will come from them as a result. Your ancestors are sending incredible support to help you fulfill your dreams. Allow love to grow and bloom around you; you’ve waited a long time for these emotionally fulfilling things to occur. This spring is a time of manifestation. Take time to center yourself and look within. Wherever you’ve been, you know the path. Make choices by spending time in your inner space and listening to your heart. Joy will lead you to a vibrant life.

Tiger – Why are so many people miserable? It’s because they hold on to things they shouldn’t, and clinging brings misery. Clean up on aisle two! It’s time get rid of anything that clutters up your life or makes it feel disorganized and in disarray. This de-cluttering should also apply to people who take but don’t give, they should be released as well. You have the heart of a warrior and this is not a time to be timid or to retreat. Immense courage is yours for the taking. Throw back your shoulders and step forward. Acknowledge your fear, but take action in spite of it. Remember that fearless just means fear less. Using your example, people will begin to act on their own truth. You have clear guidance and will show the way for others.

Rabbit – There is an immense energy around you – and you’ve been called. If you’ve been waiting for your life to shift, that waiting is over. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it. Your spirit guides are sending you the message that the gateway has been opened. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see the signs, whether it’s a rainbow splashed across the sky, a feather that crosses your path, or pennies that mysteriously appear. Pay attention to your dreams. The more spiritual you can become the better; this will pay off in the year ahead. Know that a fair decision is coming. Stand your ground. A situation will be healed.

Dragon – This is a very creative time for you. Time to reach for the sky. Expansive energy, vitality, and passion are all qualities that are exploding in your life. The sky is the limit! In fact, a great exercise for you to do this month is to stand outside with your arms reaching up to receive the wonderful energy from the heavens. This is an excellent time for you to move in new and positive directions. If you’ve felt unhappy, or as if your life has lacked purpose, here is your wake up call. “Hello, Dragon? This is your heart’s desire calling. How about you make some choices that will align us both? Great, looking forward to being with you!” Right now is a time of cycles, and it’s full of blessings that you and your choices can bring into the world.

Snake – Like a snake swallowing her own tail, spring is a symbol of renewal and regeneration through cyclical rebirth. This is a time of transformation in your life; let the current momentum transmute the old into the new. Take your tail off the brakes so that the changes bringing new form can come swiftly and without resistance. South is your power direction this month. A great exercise is for you to stand, eyes closed at midday, facing the South. Feel the warmth of the sun opening your heart center. Absorb the abundance of the universe into your very being. Signs will guide you in the right direction and all the resources you need will miraculously appear.

Horse – During the month ahead things are not as they seem. Something that may appear to be bad may actually be good, and vice versa. Do not take anything at face value; look beneath the surface. There is a trickster energy that can either trick you or be embraced by you. Can a horse howl at the moon? If you can, do so especially during the full moon this month. This will break up stagnant energy. Your neighbors might think you’re a bit wacky – but neighing at the moon rather than howling just doesn’t have the same effect, does it? There’s an element of confusion regarding something that’s come up. If you’re mentally torn or desperately trying to get a grip on a situation, take a break and trust that life’s process is unfolding as it should. When you need clarity of mind, be still and the way will be shown to you. Don’t make decisions while confused. Follow your own insights and advice over the advice of others. If you have a secret, it’s best to keep it to yourself for now.

Goat – Life is offering you a blank slate right now. Be open to success and look at all the wonderful things you can do. When you listen to divine guidance you always come out a winner. Allow others to shower you with the gratitude you deserve. This month would be great for you to be with water. A good exercise for you as you shower at home is to visualize that as water flows over your body, everything is flowing in your life. If you can, spend time near a stream or river, imagining it as a metaphor of letting go and entering the flow. Live in the world. Don’t let the past or the future affect the present. Be in the now and don’t let what has happened, or what is to become, stand in between you and the reality of the moment you’re in. Do this and your whole existence will rejoice.

Monkey – Memories can fill your heart with many emotions. It’s important that you don’t look at the past and think it was better or worse than what was truly the case. People from your past may reenter your life unexpectedly. Children, or perhaps reconnection with your inner child, are a prominent feature for you at this time. Know that you are divinely guided, but remember also that the time to make a decision is not when confusion surround you or an issue. Don’t force it. When a seed has been planted, we know it is growing even if we cannot see it at the time; believe that things are happening. Be patient. Let the seed grow. As it does you’ll be able to see whether it is a weed to be pulled or a blossom to be nurtured.

Rooster – A divine, creative spark lights you up inside and out. You possess rare insight and regenerative powers. You will achieve success in your creative attempts, so express the artist you truly are. Nature is one of the greatest healers, a balm to body, soul, and psyche. This is the perfect time to get out and frolic in it. Soak up the rays of the sun, hug a tree, dance in the rain! Recognize yourself as a part of the natural world and truly experience it. This will assist you in your process, affording you greater focus and an expanded vision. You’ve worked hard to create the things in your life that you treasure, so with your treasure be sure to honor mother earth, the animals, and the environment by giving back and protecting them.

Dog – Like a joyous hound, you’ve picked up the scent and you’re on the right track. Your heart is open with compassion and kindness; a good sign as you begin a wonderful journey. You have no need to fear, as your guardians are with you, guiding you along. You have many unique gifts to offer, so be free of what has held you back. This is excellent time to take trip, or to try a new class. Try new styles or anything that gets you a little out of your comfort zone. It’s fine to do what you’ve been doing, especially if you really love it, but push your boundaries. An amazing new vista is on the horizon. Venture forth!

Pig – They say the truth will set you free and this is, well… true. But it’s not the whole truth. It is essential to understand that truth must be found for yourself by yourself. It is only by experiencing your own truth that real freedom can occur. Know thyself. Your hard work and sincere efforts have led you to safety and security. Now take a break and enjoy the magnificent life you’ve created. It is time to celebrate a new event. If the opportunity arises, go for it. This month is an excellent time for you to embrace the setting sun, and all it can symbolize. A great exercise for you is to stand facing the West. Imagine all the limitations or disappointments of the past flowing into the setting sun. Let the sunset carry concerns away from you, transforming them into a positive energy.

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark