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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope – YEAR OF THE RAT – MONTH OF THE GOAT

We are now entering a new lunar cycle—the month of the Goat. The animal that governs this year is the Rat. The Rat has a confrontational relationship with the Goat. The two have very different natures and opposing viewpoints. Beware of altercations, and keep a cool head because the Goat-Rat combination has the potential to activate the Argument Star. As a safeguard, carry or wear your charms. To elevate your luck, be of good cheer and attend more events that convey happiness and uplift your spirit. These types of activities include karaoke, weddings, and birthday parties. Participation counts even if the event is on Zoom and you are wearing a mask!

As the phrase goes, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Starting with ourselves we can bring more peace to the world by giving special attention to our personal relationships. Bringing harmony and peace to them will balance and heal you. Forgive those who have hurt you; it is time to move on. Making an effort to release past grudges and to practice forgiveness will enable you to move through the world less burdened. You’ll go forth with a spring in your step and a refreshed energy.

Monthly quote~ “ “You are the sky. Everything else—it’s just the weather.” – Pema Chödrön 


Rat – There seems to be some disagreement regarding Rats and migration. Do they or don’t they? What we do know is that Rats are capable of traveling long distances. For instance, Rats that live in rural areas or places with an abundance of agricultural fields may travel some distance to be closer to manmade structures in the winter, returning to the fields in the summer. Just imagine the journey for one so small. How do they know where to go and how to get there? As with most animal behaviors instinct is a driver here. You, my friend, are being guided in the right direction even if you do not fully understand what is happening in your life just now. You’re being asked to trust and allow the circumstances in your life to unfold. If there are delays in the unfolding, don’t force the issue. Let it settle and sort itself out. Interfere as little as possible. This does not mean you have to let anyone take advantage of you. Nor should you prevent yourself from expressing truth about what you’re feeling. This is a great time to get into energy of the South direction. Feel the warmth of the Sun, and open your heart. Speaking of opening your heart, could love possibly be in the air?

Ox – Did you know that Oxen see things very differently than humans do? (Of course we’re not talking about philosophical differences just now, though I imagine there would be some disagreement there too, with statements coming from the anti-yoke faction for instance.) We’re talking physically. Since Oxen’s eyes are placed on the sides of their heads they have 300-degree vision, while humans have about 180. This larger field of vision means they have a much smaller blind spot, thus a greater view of what is all around them. What does this mean for you, my bovine buddy? Consider this a nudge to use your discernment for the growth of your soul. Allow yourself to be guided toward the most uplifting, helpful experiences. Discernment is not judgment. It does not render some things better or worse than others. It can though, be used to make choices that allow for expansion rather than constriction. Constriction is so draining. Nature is a great healer, so spend time with trees if at all possible this month. Soak up the sun’s rays and dance on a lawn! (After slathering yourself with SPF 70.)  You’re a part of the natural world. Show patience, and trust that recovery is occurring in the right time and in the right way. You’ll feel like a Phoenix rising from the flames; transmuted into a new life, a new beginning.

Tiger – There is the saying that a Tiger cannot change its stripes, and this is true. Believe it or not, every Tiger has a distinct pattern both on the fur and on the skin below, as unique to the individual as are fingerprints to humans. The old saying has assumed a somewhat negative connotation, as if a change in stripes would be somehow for the better. My feline friend, I’d like to point out that in your case, no change is necessary! Remember that you are a powerful being of light. Your roots are strong. They can help you to be at peace with your truth and to stand your ground. Shine and embrace your strength, power, and knowing. Stay true to yourself. That said, what you do is not who you are. It is time to break out of old patterns. When you choose a new way, you feel transformed. Time now to review the word love. 1. A strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship. 2. A strong feeling of affection and concern for another person, accompanied by sexual attraction. Ring any bells?

Rabbit – It is easy to see where the phrase, “Don’t go haring off ” comes from. My friend’s grandmother from the UK was fond of admonishing us with these words. It meant that we were going too fast, or reacting too quickly – sort of the way a rabbit might leap away, heedless of direction when startled. There is a situation in your life that is about to reveal itself to you with greater clarity. Be patient and allow the revelation to come to you. Trust that divine timing is in play here – no need to scramble, or hare off in search of answers. Take care to keep your balance. A fire that burns too brightly burns out. This is, though, a transformative time.  One in which to face your fears and take risks. Break through outmoded patterns and conventions. Mindfully change up your routines and habits. Every time you modify an old habit, my Rabbit, even if it’s just changing your breakfast food – whether you eat a cucumber instead of your usual carrot, or simply switch up which shoe you put on first in the morning, you begin to hop out of a limiting definition of self.

Dragon – My Dear Dragon, one of my favorite mottos is attributed to the famed writer and professor of comparative mythology and religion, Joseph Campbell. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” It reminded me of your horoscope this month. Have faith and know that you’re being divinely guided, even when you have doubts. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be, and believe it to be so. Remember, every thing was created because someone believed it was possible first! Have patience and apply the principle of trust. Surrender to love, and be in love with all the parts of you. If you consider yourself an introvert, this might be a good time to honor the counter side of this and involve yourself in community. (Online, over Zoom, or from behind a mask, of course!) This is also a time to keep your emotions in check. Look for ways to focus on nourishing your emotional and physical life.

Snake – Summer time is the right time for Snakes for sure. They’re ectotherms, meaning the regulation of their body temperature is dependent on outside sources. Basking on a nice warm rock – something plentiful in the Western Hemisphere at this time of year – is a pleasant way to spend time. Even better, rocks retain heat, often until well after sunset. Speaking of which, have you looked at a sunset recently? This would be a great time (after getting your fill of warm-rock basking, of course) to experience and not just watch, the wonder of the sun dipping to the horizon, bathing fluffy clouds and the sky with brilliant crimson and tangerine streaks. Stand and face the West. Imagine that all blockages and limitations are released from your heart into the sun as it sets. Visualize all your cares and concerns being transformed and purified. Your energy field will grow stronger as spiritual electricity pulses through your being, creating a special light both beautiful and refined, within you. Do this, and then you can teach others about the power of gentleness. That force is not required, and that kindness can be the most healing, powerful energy of all. You are pregnant with possibilities – what will you give birth to soon?

Horse – My Horsey pal, did you know that while your namesake animal’s eyes take longer to adjust from light to dark that human eyes do, Horses are better at seeing in the dark itself?  This is particularly helpful, as we tend to be more fearful of things when we can’t see them. I bring this up, because it is time for you to face your fears, as you would face the rising sun. Allow yourself to stretch in a new direction. East is a good direction for this when you are literally facing fear. Give it a try! Stand facing the sun as it comes up; soak in the promise of a new beginning. It’s a time to wipe clean the slate, and to start again. You’re entering a new cycle. What happened in the past need not repeat its self. You may experience struggles, but view them as a karmic gift to help you grow. You have nothing to fear. You have a unique spiritual beauty to offer the world. Just as a precious pearl is created through the irritation of a grain of sand, so are circumstances in your life creating a special gift. You may use this exquisite offering to support the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Goat – Did you know that since Goats are so curious and agile, they are notoriously hard to keep penned? If a fence can be overcome, even by climbing, a Goat will inevitably escape to freedom. Why do I bring this up now? Well, this is a good time for self-examination. Honestly review your effect on others. Recognize that you might have caused harm to someone through your actions, whether you did so consciously or unconsciously. The unwelcome discovery may make you feel penned in. (This self-examination is especially important if you’re in a position of power over someone else; say you’re a teacher, parent, boss, or healer.)  Ask for forgiveness; forgive yourself. Choose this time to stop the cycle. Be agile, climb over the figurative fence of harmful action and concomitant guilt to the open pasture of liberation and peace. Once free, you can feel confident and strong, knowing you are a true leader stepping into the light. Yes, sometimes you may feel alone and tired, but know you’re making a difference in the lives of many. The greatest leaders are those who know how to serve, even if they are in the background. Now is your turn to step forward and become the light for others.

Monkey – You probably know that not all Monkeys have tails. You probably also know that some have prehensile tails, meaning they can be used to grasp or hold objects. Did you know that some Monkeys, like the Southern pig-tailed macaque have tails that are no more capable of holding objects than the tail of your dog? You may ask, “What’s the point of a Monkey having a tail if not to use it to swing through the jungle?” Balance, my friend. Non-prehensile tails aid arboreal monkeys by helping them to balance so they don’t fall out of trees.  Balance is a key concept for you in the month ahead. Even if you don’t understand why something is happening the way it is right now, with patience, experience, and wisdom, the situation will be revealed. Remain calm and even-handed and you’ll gain a higher perspective. Like a view from the tallest tree or the top of a mountain, you’ll be able to see the big picture. A valuable quality you’ll have is to see things from others’ perspective. With balance and patience you will prevail. You can be anything you desire. Let go of attachments to your old identity.

Rooster – You know that it’s a myth that Roosters crow only at the beginning of the day, right? Trust me, I know. My neighbors keep chickens; we hear their rooster at all hours. It’s actually kind of fun to hear him. He just sounds like he’s having a good time, saying to the world, “I’m alive and well, and the world is a beautiful place!” This is a good time for you to crow with the same intention! You are on a threshold. Radiant beauty surrounds you inside and out. You are in balance and your grace is growing. You can now shift from a fear base to embodiments based in love. This is an excellent time to spend in nature and in wide-open spaces. The more you sense beauty around you and in all your environments, the more it will fill your life. You are experiencing a regeneration of your spirit. It is a new day. Take a moment to stabilize yourself as you cross over to this new vibration. You’ll find you have the ability to help others naturally, with grace and assistance.

Dog – They say you can’t teach an old Dog new tricks. I don’t believe this statement; I think dogs are capable of learning throughout their lives. In fact, I think a Dog can definitely learn a new lesson from an old incident. In studying canine behavior, researchers have been able to actually assess canine ability to cope with emotionally difficult situations. Something from the past has been weighing heavily on you. Do not doubt that there is a lesson in this. Be sure to learn it, and then release it. Let go. Fear not, the weight will finally pass once it has thus been attended to. You have the intrinsic ability to restore yourself via this process. Be patient and trust that recovery is occurring in the right time and in the right way. The Divine has your back. Focus on what’s great, and let go what’s not working. Hold a vision of a solution you desire. Your emotional self will feel ecstatic! This is a good time to get out of the house (wearing a mask and otherwise socially distancing yourself, of course.) Find an open space, a place you find peace – pay attention to nature and revel in its beauty.

Pig – Rooting is a word we associate with Pigs for sure. It’s a natural behavior in which they use their noses to nudge or push into the ground in search of things to eat. In fact, it gets its name from one of the things they’re looking for when they do it. The kind of rooting I’d like to see you doing this month is a little different, my Porcine Pal. Now is a time to experience going deeper. It’s a time to put down your roots and prepare. Use this period to become grounded and to make plans for the future. Don’t proceed until you’ve done the work to make yourself secure about stepping forward, though. Plan for security in your future. Remember you are not a loose leaf blown about by the winds of fate. Visualize yourself like bamboo, strong and flexible. Become a powerful instrument for Divine creativity to implement as its tool. A burning fire is coming to the surface. It will illuminate your spirit and your world.

Divination and Interpretation by Marina Lighthouse  – Written by Kristin Clark