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We are now in a new lunar cycle – the month of the Rat. The animal that governs this year is the Pig.  The next two lunar cycles are known as the “Tail of the Pig.” It is a time to be diligent. The Metal Rat comes into its own January 25th, 2020, and this will mark the beginning of the year of the Metal Rat! So until then keep those protective talismans on, and be sure to do a good deed every day to ensure the best possible luck.

Paying attention to the prevailing currents will enable you to deal with all that comes your way. “Keep Calm and Carry your Tiger or Combo Charms.”

Thank you for all the love and support throughout the year.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Marina Lighthouse

Month of the Rat in the Year of the Pig

Rat – There are prospects of a long-lasting, intimate relationship on the horizon for the Rat. If you are already in a relationship, it will be harmonious and garner more satisfaction. This month will be a time of transformation. Show patience and everything will come to you in perfect time. Your cheerfulness is contagious and will bring happiness and joy to others. You will find yourself overcoming obstacles this holiday season and will be able to perceive truth even in the murkiest situations. Up for some treasure hunting? You will find the ultimate bargain in something that others seem to think is worthless. You’ll see its true value and SCORE!

Ox – Be conscientious in all your dealings with others and your attention to details will not go unnoticed. You’ll find approval and success in a project that you’re working on, and it will come to fruition. Your efforts will be recognized and you will be rewarded. You’ll be smiling because you finally have the ability to release burdens that you’ve been carrying on your shoulders. Could the Ox really be Santa Claus in disguise? Your enthusiasm will be contagious.  Remember to replace the guilt-inducing phrase “I should” with “I could… but I choose not to do it at this time.” Listen to music and dance with wild abandon. Finally, you are free and uplifted!

Tiger – Good news! Your spirit is regenerated, as if the pilot light within yourself has been reignited. You’ve got a tiger in your tank! Some matters at hand will proceed better than expected; you could even receive a reward.  This is a time of happiness. Perhaps you’ll attend a marriage or begin a new relationship. Just a little warning: Avoid going to extremes; ground yourself. If you can stay grounded then you’ll be able to perceive truth even in the most veiled situations. Something that may appear frightening initially will be followed by a sense of relief. Smile.

 Rabbit – Keep your bunny paws on the ground. Even though the holidays are here, you need to exercise control and not attempt to do too much. Yes, your excitement will be contagious and people will enjoy your fun energy. However, stay grounded to maintain the stability and security you need. Modify your demands on yourself and others; your plans may be overly ambitious. Adapt your expectations as they may prove to be too difficult to achieve. Avoid rash decision-making. Multiple factors can confuse the situation. The wise choice of action is to pause and give your mind a break. Don’t over-analyze; trust in the process. When it is the right time to make a decision, the way will be shown. Your hard work will pay off. Just don’t be unrealistic and you’ll have a Happy Holiday.

Dragon – Fortune smiles on the Dragon this month. Watch for a sudden opportunity that must be grasped because it is of a short duration. Expect a rapid turnover in business. You could receive a possible promotion for your resilience. If you have been under the weather, a quick recovery is forecast. You will be able to align your spirit with your passion. Take time to be still. Contemplation and meditation are in good keeping with your current cycle. Free yourself–put on some of your favorite music and dance. Dancing is very therapeutic. “Dance allows people to experience themselves in ways they didn’t know they could.” You will feel true freedom.

Snake – An unexpected blessing from the heaven realm is bestowed upon the Snake this month. One of the stages in your life has come to a conclusion, and another one is about to begin. Keep your heart centered and wise. Express unconditional love, kindness, and compassion for all humanity. You have huge creative potential, and possibilities are manifesting. Live larger than life; make the most out of every experience. Hold perceptions that empower you rather than diminish your psyche. If you’ve given your word to anyone, stay the course and follow through.

Horse – Go on an inner journey. Like an eagle in the sky, take the opportunity to truly see your life from a higher vantage point. Your diplomatic skills will be useful in the successful mediation of a relationship. There will be a decision in your favor. You have the power to metaphorically jump over the high hurdle of adversity. Take heart and face your fears. If you are feeling isolated and unsupported, you may have developed a skewed perspective regarding your own emotions. Seek help from other dimensions such as spirit guides, angels, or ancestors. Feeling oneness with humankind can help heal and ease your mind. Plans with altruistic motives will be fruitful.

Goat – You are in a period of growth but you must harvest soon. Everything goes up and down in cycles. The prosperity you are experiencing now will level off, so plan carefully. Do not take a nonchalant attitude towards your investments and finances. Someone around you is going to be mysterious and will hold back the truth – you’ll find out later.  Don’t panic over something that initially may alarm you. It will be followed by a sense of relief. The holidays are a time when you can see through the eyes of your beautiful inner child and know that all opportunities are present in each moment to create something new and exciting in your world.

Monkey – You will be recognized for an accomplishment that could result in a raise or a promotion as there is a sign of a reward or prosperity coming your way. Continue to dedicate time to developing your daily spiritual practice. Warning! If you said a prayer or made a promise to the universe, for example: “If I get this promotion, I will give to charity,” make sure that you fulfill your obligation. The heavens are watching you, so don’t falter. Rev up your engine, initiate, and commit to a positive new future.

Rooster – You will receive a small but unexpected financial gain or find out that something you own may be of greater value than originally thought. Be sure to honor all agreements.  Let your emotions and thoughts hold the highest frequency of who you are now, and release your old patterns and vibrate on a higher dimension. You have the ability to create whatever you want. Your challenge at this time is to remain focused. To help clear your mind, clear your space of clutter. Removal of even one item at a time can make a difference. If you’re looking for someone to work with or a new partner, choose a person who really appreciates who you are today.

Dog – You can find happiness now in your romance, but don’t presume it will last forever without making an effort. Your investments will be fruitful but do not take a casual attitude towards them. You have huge creative potential and your planning is right on target. Go outside, bundle up if need be, and enjoy the vastness of the universe. Reach your arms up to the sky and visualize you are bringing joy and bounty and greatness into your life. Feel the heavens lifting your spirit. Success! This is a time for healing and enrichment. From your individual success comes a new vision that enriches your community and soul.

Pig – An extraordinary event will take you by surprise. It could be an unexpected proposal. Eccentric and strange ideas are presented to you that will eventually prove to be successful. But like seeds, they will need to grow, so don’t expect an instant manifestation. But definitely take note. Through your patience, things become clear.  Your illuminated mind knows that everything is coming at the perfect time. Take a look at your life. Explore what’s working and what’s not. What baggage do you need to let go of at this time? Make the necessary repairs in your spatial environment as well as taking care of your own physical self. Heaven is bestowing a special favor; success is in your picture!

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