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Year of the Pig – Month of the Dog

We are now entering the new lunar cycle, which is that of the Dog, while the animal that governs the year is the Pig. The Dog and the Pig can coexist peacefully. They can overlook one another’s shortcomings. Their personalities are very distinctly different, but within that uniqueness there is a nice creative synergy. They’re good at understanding each other’s moods and natures, so we can expect some emotional outburst but things should bounce back. Social activity is favored at this time. Hang out with friends and family.

Monthly Quote – “Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost.” ― Helen Keller

Month of the Dog – Year of the Pig


Rat – Don’t delay listening to the rhythms of your heart. Clear out mental and emotional clutter then let go and say, “yes” to life! You don’t need to scurry around trying to meet others’ expectations. Remove yourself from the world of distraction and false dreams. The mind continuously creates interference. If you can manage the state of “no mind” even for a few seconds (which is what meditations is all about) you’ll be surprised with the results. Inner focus will help create awareness, helping you to live in the present moment. This is a time for Rats to attain mastery and open doors in their minds that they didn’t know existed.

Ox – The Buddha said, “It is sweet to live arduously.” Steady Oxen may be asking themselves, “What the heck does that even mean?” Life is joy when you live it raw, when you live it all in its wildness, working hard and playing hard. Of course there are bound to be difficulties and dangers but that’s life, and without the quickening of the heart that comes with a brush with those predicaments, it’s not really life at all. You feel yourself in the moment, you begin to see the larger picture, and that’s when real change begins. Cherish yourself and the luminescence that shines from within.

Tiger – Quietly consider what is right and what is wrong. Be open to all opinions, but be wise. Don’t be in a hurry to decide something that isn’t true just because you feel pressure to make a decision. Be patient and wait. Truth is worth devoting time to. You’ll have a clean slate. This is a good time to create outer harmony in your home environment. This can be accomplished by small tweaks – fresh flowers on the table, clean windows, scented candles, a spiffy new pillow sham, (tiger striped, maybe?) Create beauty in your surrounding and your whole world will become more beautiful. Things should go well for you this month. Smooth sailing ahead – it’s an auspicious time.

Rabbit – Meditation is an alchemical process. With gentleness you can overcome anger, generosity overcomes meanness, truth overcomes deceit. This is also a good way to transform negative into positive. Let things sit. Absorb. There’s huge creative potential, but no answer at this time. Now is a good time to seek advice, or prepare to become an elder yourself so that you can help others. The greatest leaders are those who serve by enabling others to reach their dreams. It’s an auspicious time for you – but one that is more Yin than Yang at the moment. Still, when it comes. change will happen quickly.

Dragon – To go beyond judgment of good and bad is the way of watchfulness, and through watchfulness change happens. A mind beyond judgment watches and understands. Awareness says simply watch – don’t choose at all. You’re in observation mode. Things will be revealed; you’ll know who the “man behind the curtain” is. By being focused everything but your goal will disappear. Concentrate on what you desire – not on what you do not want. Diminish activities not essential to your goals, and in a matter of time miracles will begin to occur.

Snake – All beings tremble before violence. All fear death and all love life. Practice nonviolence Love, compassion, sharing – these are natural. Knowledge comes from outside- wisdom from within. This is your time to love and be loved. Imagine a golden ray of light radiating from your heart center to the heart of another individual. This is a time for you to be a teacher. Remember you yourself learn as you teach. At this time it is important to give the gift of knowledge – perhaps pass on a tradition. Relationships with others are in the forefront just now. Stay as you are and be happy. Much is to be gained by waiting for the right moment.

Horse – It is said, “a fool sleeps as if they were already dead, but the master is awake and lives forever. They watch. They are clear.” Now is a time to observe every action you take, and scrutinize the very thoughts that pass through your mind. Be mindful of even small gestures like walking, talking, eating, taking a bath. Be on guard against the desires that would take possession of you – watch every one. Truth is always simple and beautiful. Be clear. Use this month to rest, contemplate, observe. You are a wounded healer with the ability to instill profound healing in others. Healing energy is surging through you. Your strength lies in the difficulties that you’ve overcome.

Goat – Let go of the old and make way for new energy and a new beginning. If possible, detox during this next cycle. Eat lightly and drink lots of water. Consume food with strong life force. (More present in foods that are not prepackaged or processed.) The East direction has strong benefit for you right now. Take advantage – either by adjusting the east section of your environment or going Eastward. Be quiet and loving and fearless and you will be wise. If it feels like you are going against the current, let go and ride the wave. To continue the water metaphor, now is the time to float, and not get in too deeply. It’s better to stay put and let things wash over you. In other words, go with the flow but don’t make waves.

Monkey – It is said, “To strengthen the crooked you must first do a hard thing – straighten yourself.” It’s easy to look at other people’s faults and yet very difficult to see your own. Know yourself – who you are, where you are, and what your faults are. The miracle in this is that coming to an awareness of a fault through your own consciousness causes it to dissolve like ice in the hot sun. Cycles repeat themselves, so examine the challenges of the present through the lens of something similar that occurred in the past. This will allow you to gain insight when it comes to knowing the most beneficial action you can take for the present situation. Transform any inner grievances. Do it now. You don’t need to forgive the act but there is power in forgiving the person. You no longer need to carry the weight of a heavy grievance it with you. Ask yourself, “In what area of my life do I need to bring peace?” Then take action.

Rooster – See what is and see what is not; control your mind. There’s a fresh new cycle starting, and it’s time for you to wipe the slate clean. Release the old and start anew. What’s happened in the past doesn’t need to be repeated in the future. Though it’s difficult to release old routines and relationships, if they no longer empower you don’t cling to them! This month the East will have a strong influence. Concentrate on that direction and all its associated meanings, i.e. the rising sun, new beginnings… you get the idea. If possible, several times in the next month stand facing East, letting the rising sun’s energy imbue your whole spirit.

Dog – It’s easy to see the faults in others, try seeing yourself. Figure out who you really are and examine what your faults are. By being honest with yourself and seeing your sown faults clearly, you’ll be able to shine the light of awareness on it and the fault will cease to be. Be open. Hold on to your integrity. Like your friend the horse, you are also a wounded healer. This month, take the time to list wounds or challenges from the past, then really think about what benefit came out of each of these situations. It may help to list them aloud. You can also repeat to yourself, “I am a healer, I am healed. So be it.” Your strength lies in the difficulties you’ve overcome, so there’s definitely a lesson that you’ve learned that can help others. If you can get into all this, there’ll be a magical moment for a worthy soul. Yours.

Pig – Accept your responsibility for the choices you’ve made.  Here’s an affirmation for you to say to yourself this month: “Whoever I am in this moment is my choice. If I want to change who I am, I am absolutely free to do so. No one has the power to keep me from changing if I am determined. If you want to be a flower, be a flower if you want to be a thorn, fine, but if you choose that, how can you be a flower to others? This month is a good time to use water to help you flow, to transform emotions or situations. While you shower, imagine that things are flowing over you and off of you. When you’re truly in a state of flow you aren’t pushing to go faster, you aren’t swimming against a current, you’re just letting go and enjoying the ride.

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark