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Year of the Ox  – Month of the Goat

We are now entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Goat, while the animal that governs this year is the Ox.  The Ox has an oppositional and difficult relationship with the Goat. Both have a tendency to become resentful and to easily feel unappreciated. The Ox may feel that they are (thanklessly) working hard to keep things afloat and stable, while the Goat feels unappreciated for their creative sensitivity. It takes a lot of understanding and patience for this relationship to progress smoothly. This month, we must keep in mind the spirit of cooperation and our ability to navigate around obstacles. It is best to be flexible like bamboo and bend easily, otherwise things can become brittle, unstable, and easily broken.

When you are faced with complications, remember to look at the big picture and bear in mind that it is never firmly fixed; you’re living in an ongoing story. Ride the current instead of resisting. Go with the flow and even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be conquered. All the animals should take a hint from the first part of this month’s Snake horoscope.

Monthly Quote: “Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.” — Karen Ravn

Month of the Goat – Year of the Ox

Rat – When people think of animal friends, their minds most often go right to dogs, or in some enlightened folks, cats. (Though let’s be real, your cat doesn’t consider herself to be your friend but rather a deity you must worship. But I digress.) It might surprise you to know that scientist have studied rat friendship and discovered that they are some of the most loyal beings in the animal kingdom. In one experiment the subjects chose to rescue a fellow rat from what appeared to be a perilous situation over pushing a lever that would deliver a tasty piece of chocolate. Even better, in the experiment, some of the rats first rescued their friend, then got the chocolate and shared it. You yourself are a good friend; understanding that when the pull of attraction is accompanied by enough patience to let things develop naturally, true friendship is the result. This month your Peach Blossom luck is radiant and you’ll experience an attraction of opposites. Perhaps you’ll gain a new friend or relationship; something that will delight you. In the midst of this, take some time to consider your evolving feelings regarding others. You may find that deeply buried wounds of the past are coming to the surface, ready and available to be healed. A caution here: be aware of your wound, but don’t help it grow. Let it be healed but know that will happen only when you get to the root of the pain. Know also that you possess gifts that are not lost, merely forgotten. Remain calm in the face of irritation. Wash away the stains of upset and stay the course through life’s storms.

Ox – Have you ever heard the proverb, “Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean?” A lack of oxen? Horrors! They do the work, they plough the fields, they provide the family with a livelihood. Still, cleanliness is such a good thing. Your evolution begins with a good Spring/Summer cleaning. Letting go can freshen your outlook, unburden your heart, and create more room to grow. Speak compassionately to others and yourself. Perhaps you are frightened by imaginary shadows? Change your perspective and laugh at them. Move forward as a totally grounded being, and accept what comes your way. Put aside any worries you may have regarding what might appear to be a sacrifice now. Remember that periods of decrease awaken your resourcefulness and sharpen your sensitivity to the world around you. This is an opportunity to find out that life can be rich and meaningful without all the ribbons and the bows. Do not let go of the dreams, ideas, and creativity of your youth. Engage in an artistic endeavor. Focus on allowing your creativity to shine.

Tiger – I have always loved the William Blake poem “The Tyger.” I was initially transfixed by the potent imagery of the bright tiger, but as an adult I came to more fully appreciate the questions it asked regarding the nature of God and creation. Could the same God who created the vulnerable lamb create the fearsome beast? Why would God allow such a ferocious and terrifying animal to exist? Of course, it all comes down to a question of balance. Of Yin and Yang. Are there times of fabulous joy? Of course. And there exist as well times of intense despair. The silver lining is that times of great sorrow have the potential to become times of great transformation. In order for transformation to occur though, we must go deep to the very roots of the pain and allow ourselves to experience it. This is a good time to free your self from rigid mental schemes. Accept the fact that humans make mistakes. Do not waste your energy on blame or self-pity. Use that energy wisely. The fire of wisdom is what inspires and attracts. We have a choice to stay small or to think abundantly. If you are shut down inside, nothing you’ve got is ever going to be enough, or bring you joy or peace of mind. Open yourself to all of life’s wild mystery, and experience true freedom.

Rabbit – Did anyone ever encourage you to eat your carrots because they were good for your eyesight? And remember how sharp-sighted Bugs Bunny was seldom seen without one, and you kind of had to think that there might be a connection? Rabbits like to eat carrots therefore rabbits have good eyesight. Well… yes and no. They’re farsighted, really good at seeing long distances, but close in they have a 10 degree blind spot right in front of their noses. I’d like you to find a quiet, still place this month. Somewhere you can contemplate getting rid of your own blind spot. You have the potential to develop insight regarding the flow of emotions and the irritations that anger you as they come to the surface of your mind. Identify, face, and release it all. You’ve gained great gifts. Exercise compassion with those who have been less fortunate. Let go of judgments and rigid ideas of good and bad, sinful and virtuous, acceptable and unacceptable. Feel free to feel good and to spread that goodwill around. When your cup is overflowing, why try to contain it?

Dragon – Did you know that the word dragon comes from the Greek word drakōn, the root of which is drakein meaning “to see clearly”? Remember the old saying, “In the bright light of day, all things become known?” Well, my Winged Wonder, your outlook is brighter and all signs point toward a more rapid progression of sorts. Your evolving consciousness allows you to see the positive far more than it does the negative. After all, self-responsibility creates freedom while complaining about others gets you nowhere. Discover the right strategy for you, and find the strength to move on. Don’t allow others to impose their shoulds or shouldn’ts upon you. You’ve your own mountains to conquer, your own dreams to fulfill. Pursuing the goals of others and buying into their expectations can only weigh you down. Release those burdens and soar to the heavens above.

Snake – I recently came across a tidbit about how when a snake encounters an obstacle such as a twig or a stone in its path, instead of the brain signaling a muscle in the body to tense up and avoid it (as the human brain would), the object is simply met by the passive properties of the snake’s body. The snake’s body automatically conforms to the shape that the object puts it in, and then slithers merrily on its way. Their path may still be altered, but they aren’t over-thinking it, if you get my drift. It seems to me that you have the power to overcome obstacles in your life, and even to conquer fears once thought insurmountable. Just study your reflection in the mirror. Is it not transparent and pure? Stop your obsessive thinking and accept that beautiful impression before you. Profound learning experiences exist in opposition and often lead to much greater understanding. In fact, opposing forces frequently highlight the unique qualities and strengths of both sides. Watch your temper. Anger can be your greatest enemy at this time. Stop fighting. There is plenty available to you, you just need to let it in. Also, kudos to you for guarding your five senses from inappropriate action.

Horse – Recently scientists studied the mutual grooming habits of a specific set of wild horses. They watched their subjects groom one another, in a horsey way of course – curry combs and mane-brushing were not involved. They observed a definite social hierarchy within the group, but its manifestation shifted with the seasons.  In summertime the lower ranking individuals tended to have a more grooming partners that they did during the rest of the year. In the winter, higher-ranking horses had more grooming partners while their low-ranking counterparts did not. In other words, someone’s being excluded in the winter. Thank goodness for summer, eh? Feeling left out or excluded brings up feelings of being small and helpless. This sense of helpless isolation likely comes from early childhood experiences. Well don’t despair, summer is here and you have an all-season pass to stop that tape from playing. Quit tormenting yourself with the false idea that you are somehow not enough to be accepted and included. You are not an outsider, no need to feel like one. This is a sweet time. Even in small tasks pat yourself on the back and reward you for work well done. Self-responsibility will set you free. Enjoy the sweetness, and your relationships. You’re able to offer service without fear of criticism. Revel in the abundance around you!

Goat – It won’t surprise you to know that goats can have an intense focus when it comes to food, but did you know that they also focus deeply on social interactions within their circles? Although they display more independence than their cousins the sheep, if you watch a gathering of goats there’s a lot going on. They call to their buds, sniff, play, touch, and lie down together. I bring this up because now is a time for supporting efforts that may require a harmonious and integrated cooperation with others. A genuine spirit of goodwill toward one another can override glitches and uncertainties in any group effort. This will also go a long way toward strengthening individual connections. This said, don’t let go of your personal dreams and ideas, or the creativity of your youth. You can sustain the objective clarity needed to keep your dreams alive, regardless of what’s happening right now. A fresh and vital flow now surges throughout your entire body. Get going! Actively change habits, even if it’s just a little at a time. Transformation lies ahead. Boredom and fatigue melt away. This is a time to take a deep breath, to let go of the old, and to welcome the new.

Monkey – The flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz were creatures that had to do the bidding of the Wicked Witch of the West. And hey, maybe they didn’t want to. This relationship power dynamic was so striking that the term Flying Monkeys is sometimes used today in popular psychology to describe individuals who are acting at the behest of another. Not you my Simian Sweet! You have your own mountains to conquer and your own dreams to fulfill. It’s time to lighten up and shed the expectations or desires of other people. After all, how can you fly high if you’re thus burdened? This is a good time for you to discover inner freedom and to follow your path with confidence. It is more than possible for you to overcome the fear of non-achievement, leaving you free to fly above present difficulties. Just as the wind penetrates and disperses the densest of clouds, you possess a penetrating understanding that makes it possible to see through what is temporal, and into the eternity of truth. Pretty heady stuff… a gentle approach will do.

Rooster – A healthy rooster will molt yearly, in tune with the seasons. Shorter days and lower temperatures (I know those two things a Very Hard to imagine right now) let the rooster know that now is the time to drop last year’s plumage and grow a fabulous array of feathers to replace the old. Once those feathers are all in – Cock-a-Doodle-Doo becomes a feeling of Cock-a-Doodle-Completed! And then the whole thing gets repeated. You, my Barnyard Buddy, have come to a point of completion. Celebrate the end of one thing and the beginning of something new. Pull back the curtains and allow the light to shine forth.  Being mindful of an action’s consequences will allow you to live more consciously, responsibly, and in harmony with the Tao. Practice compassion and caring with those who have less than you have been blessed with. Rediscover the joy of being with others.  Don’t let go of the aspirations and ideas of your creative self. They’re calling you back and asking you to play with them. Enjoy!

Dog – There is a saying, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” that comes from a poem by Robert Frost, though the poem sort of points out he himself isn’t necessarily a fan of the barriers. Maybe he’d appreciate fences more if there were a dog involved. Say a very excitable one with largish teeth? This month it’s up to the dog to keep to its boundaries; this is a good time to imagine a fence around you. It’s specifically for your protection though. Don’t allow yourself to become entangled with anything. Steer your passion into artful and creative things. Learn to discriminate between neurotic attachment and true compassion. Be calm, don’t show your teeth; your worries will not protect your loved ones, and they just might make you both unwell. It’s time to de-stress. Many perfectionist pups are particularly vulnerable to anxiety of one kind or another. Make a point of doing something to lighten up. Fix yourself a spaghetti dinner, buy some flowers, unload by howling at the moon! At this time the opportunities presenting themselves to you are in the direction of expansion, abundance, and growth. They may have to do with a new business opportunity or even a new relationship; something that gives you a sense of well-being. Still, listen to your inner guidance to figure out what is worth pursuing. Too many projects create too many balls in the air and it could be confusing to know which one you should fetch.

Pig – Pigs differ from humans in a number of ways (thank you, Captain Obvious!) but a difference of interest this month is the difference we have in vision. Humans are trichromatic, which means that there exists in our eyes three pigment cones that blend together, creating the myriad shades we perceive. Pigs have only two pigment cones, which means that they can see some color but nothing so rich as what we get. What does this have to do with you? Well, you get the best of both worlds this month. On the Pig side, fewer pigment cones means fewer distractions – and this is a very good time for you to simply sit, shifting your attention from the outer to the inner. You need to rest and renew from the inside out. Close your dichromatic eyes and meditate. Doing so doesn’t have to be a serious thing, or a difficult one. Indulge yourself in the simple freedom of turning inward whenever you can. Observe the show without getting caught up in the drama. This month is also a good time to embrace your human vision side. You know, the trichromatic side that allows you to enjoy this world as a symphony of brilliant, delicate, subtle, shaded, bold, and pure blended colors. Enjoy the beauty in the universe and open yourself up to the pleasures of life. Something I like about you, my Porcine Pal, is that you take genuine pleasure in other people’s successes and achievements. You get inspired and that encourages growth in others too.

Divination and Inspiration by Marina Lighthouse Written and edited by Kristin Clark