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We are now entering a new lunar cycle—the month of the Monkey. The animal that governs this year is the Pig. The Monkey has a confrontational relationship with the Pig. Beware of altercations and keep a cool head because this combination can activate the Argument Star. The Pig and the Monkey have very different natures and opposing viewpoints in respect to life. Be vigilant about your security. To elevate your luck, be of good cheer and attend more events that convey happiness and uplift your spirit. These types of activities include karaoke, weddings, birthday parties, and other holiday celebrations.

To bring more peace to the world, let’s first start with ourselves. Forgive those who have hurt you; it is time to move on. By making an effort to release past grudges and practicing forgiveness, you will be able to walk around less burdened, with a spring in your step and with more energy as you step into month ahead.

Monthly quote~ “Peace begins with a smile.” –Mother Teresa


Month of the Monkey, Year of the Pig


Time to step up in your leadership role. Yes, you’re busy and you sometimes might find yourself feeling tired or alone, but know that what you’re doing is making a big difference in people’s lives. You support others in their efforts to reach their dreams. Even if you’ve been in the background in the past, now is the time to come forward as a beacon of light for those who strive. Fill that role, but also honor your boundaries and trust that solutions to challenges will manifest themselves. Be a shape shifter in your current circumstances; remain in sync with your own nature and don’t compromise the truth of who you are. It’s also time for some self-reflection, my scurrying friend. Ask yourself where you are in the cycle of life. When we understand where we are in any given cycle, we can harness resources to meet its corresponding challenges effectively. Remember that quiet compassion is sometimes the best course. View those around you with compassion, following the example of your meditation Buddha Avalokitesvara who is the guardian for anyone born under the sign of the Rat.


Stand tall and stand firm, my steady friend. Plough through the tension and fear that may plague you at the moment. Get into the spirit of the fire. It is time to face fears, and this may involve taking some risks. I invite you to use this time to break out of old patterns and to discard worn out conventions. Just because something worked one way in the past, doesn’t mean it will be effective in the future. Make yourself solid, then reach out and try something new. A good way to prepare yourself to do  this is to activate the fire element. Try gazing at a candle flame, or into a fire. Doing so will illuminate your heart – and the world. Live in integrity and embrace its cohesive power in all you do. Ask yourself how you can enjoy simple, sweet pleasures. Rejoice in small wonders and day-to-day victories.


Stealthy Tiger, by quietly listening to others you can play a role in liberating them from fear. Sitting quietly and focusing within can also shift your perspective and your life. If you want to ignite something new, it is necessary to let go of the past. Sometimes a Tiger may just need to slow down. It may look like the cool cat is just dozing in the sun, but maybe he or she is just intensely focused. A good exercise for you this month would be to stand facing west and viewing the sunset (if possible).  Imagine that all the blockages and limitations flowing from you and your heart are going down with that fiery orb. Doing so will carry away concerns, and even transform your energy. It is time to consider and then create that life that you’ve longed for and well deserve.



This is a good month for you. It is said that the entire universe manifested itself from its own awareness– and now you yourself have gained awareness. Consider this month’s message a reminder that everything flows when you aren’t resisting. This should be a season of gracious ease and flow. Trust that all is unfolding perfectly and in divine time, so let go and enjoy the ride. If you aren’t feeling as though you are travelling smoothly through currents of life, it may be that you’re trying to control a situation, or that you’re being too judgmental or self-critical. The antidote to this is to step into the stream of conscious appreciation and gratitude, and to allow others to support and help you. Going with this flow will create a wonderful, exhilarating month ahead. A good exercise for you would be to watch as water flows over your body while bathing or showering (or even when just washing your hands) and visualize that all things are flowing in your life.


Sometimes, love changes the course of a life. I invite you to get in touch with your healing energies. You are a healer, and can provide healing for others even if you’re not conscious of these gifts. Also, trust that whatever needs healing in your life is being resolved. No matter what happened in your past, remember that the past does not equal the future. Those who have gone through hardship and survived can be the greatest teachers and healers. Even if you have been wounded, know that this wound can create great healing for others. It has been said that wounds are simply cracks where the light enters the soul. A good exercise for you at this time would be to list wounds or challenges of the past and then write out they ways in which they actually benefitted you and taught you. Let go of any addiction to conflict or high drama that’s creating confusion in your life. Reach for your higher purpose and higher self in order to experience the peace that you, and those in your life, deserve.


This begins the great regeneration cycle for the Snake. Let this energy breathe life into to the kundalini energy that lights up cells and transmutes DNA into a purified wholeness. There exists within you a restorative primal power. Remember that giving creates a flow of love and health in your world. Step back and let it grow. Now is a time to gather resources but still be discerning. There are times to choose when to shine brightly for all to see, or to choose carefully who sees your true and vulnerable self. Shedding your skin can leave you tender a bit exposed; during regeneration is not the time to make hasty decisions or big moves. Even so, your potential is growing in leaps and bounds. Create a personal power object bag – filling it with talismans and trinkets – objects that are meaningful to you and that make you feel strong. Keep this near you doing your journey.


Horses can gallop fast and canter swiftly, they can be nimble on their hooves, and above all they’re strong. This month, focus on that aspect of your being. Be strong. Be the warrior that you are, and dispel darkness. Meditate and invoke protection against negative psychic energy and forces. Get grounded, and then assess who you are and where you are going. This is a wonderful time to get in touch with nature; trees, plants, flowers, streams, rivers, hills, valleys, and streams. Visualize that you are supported and loved, even if you aren’t sure of it. When you’re out in nature, see and know that your chi is being stabilized out there. The gift in this period is that it is a wonderful time to slow down and observe, though not a good time to take risks. You are a being of power. Allow your energy to move upward through your body to unite with creation. It is time for you to re-read and be re-inspired by a favorite book of wisdom.


Goats are sure of foot – and that’s a darn good thing since life’s pathway has presented you with many up and downs. There have been situations that were … uncomfortable (to say the least) but they’ve all strengthened you. And in that way, you’ve become someone with the power and ability to teach and heal many, if you so choose. In fact, you have profound healing abilities in those precise areas of life that have been most challenging. It is said that roots grow deepest where the winds blow strongest. Take this opportunity, if you so feel inclined, to be a beacon of healing for others. Your focused, objective observations illuminated the truth in a situation. Additionally, as we all know, if you can forgive and stop withholding love from yourself and others, your world and your very DNA will be transformed through the power of forgiveness.


It’s a good time for Monkeys to hang out with friends and loved ones. Communicate from your heart and share your truth. Know that you are safe. If you get the sense that a particular person doesn’t believe in you, or if you feel disempowered in their company, swing away from them on your vine. It’s time to cut back on time spent with those you don’t feel supported by. Instead, surround yourself with those whose vibes resonate with your own. Also spend some time with objects, animals, plants, and even trees that you feel a healthy connection to. Sometimes your friends act more like family than do your blood relatives. Find your peeps and bring everyone together. Should you find yourself stuck in anger, change gears by cultivating compassion. Courage comes from an inner fire. Finding (and feeling) your will, strength, and compassion will help you blaze new pathways.


The ancient Chinese found the 7th month to be particularly challenging one. The best way to turn a potential cock-up into a cock-a-doodle-do (or to at least navigate this tricky time) would be to cleanse yourself; body, mind, and soul. Clear clutter, give thanks, and get in touch with your inner spirit. On a physical level this is good month to detox, maybe even fast for a day if it is safe for you to do so. Love it, use it, or get rid of it – sometimes removing even just one object from your environment can shift the energies of a space. There’s a caution against burnout or emotional depletion for you. Please take time to nourish yourself before severe tolls are taken. Your top priority is to nurture yourself so that you may realize your value in the world. It is said that a great teacher is a treasure; this is an excellent time to go treasure hunting.


Time to look at things from a higher perspective. Where one might be caught in the muddle of life, you can choose to pad on up to the top of a mountain, thus gaining perspective and a greater understanding of what’s happening below. In other words, rise above the fray. Take heart; courage and stamina fill your life. Now is a great time to face fear and overcome it. Indeed you have a marvelous strength to conquer any adversity. Trust that your prayers are heard and answered in accordance with your higher good. You have the capacity to channel extraordinary life force – focused observation illuminates the truth. It’s time to release doubt and shift your life. Welcome the change and renewal that is upon you. Ask yourself if you can cut through the frenzied cacophony of drama addicts and attention seekers to create clear, focused responses to the chaos they would sow.


There is an abundant spirit surrounding the Pig this month. You can create your own abundance, and projects – especially those in the arts – are well favored. A word of warning though, do not engage in conflict. It’s a great month for vacation – especially a vacay from those around you who are in high drama mode, or who seem to keep themselves in conflict. Such energy only brings chaos and confusion into your life. A lack of inner harmony creates an unhealthy atmosphere. Focus on new directions, and leave your comfy niche behind. Just because something worked once upon a time doesn’t mean it always will. When you wake up in the morning, focusing on the emerging sunlight, a good thing to ask yourself is, “What is my favorite excuse for not meditating?” When you find the answer to that, address it by creating the perfect space for your practice. Experience positive power through direct experience – you can do it!

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark