Monthly Horoscope

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present


We are now entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Snake, while the animal that governs this year remains the Rat. The Rat’s verbal games may tire the Snake, as Snakes consider themselves to be deep thinkers and are more secretive and observant.

Tendencies this month are for the stock market to be less jumpy. Politicians without a true progressive agenda will be exposed for being incompetent and ineffective. On the job front, those who can communicate innovative ideas and demonstrate ceaseless energy will be appreciated and rewarded for getting things done.

The universe is calling, and we are again asked to get in touch with our purpose and soul’s Passion. Again, and again we are asked to live up to our potential in all of our uniqueness. Your soul chose to be of service by not fitting in so that it would remember through discomfort that it was meant to help correct and heal the consciousness of our planet. Once we align our consciousness with the Peace and Love that exist in our hearts we can inspire all!  At this time we are supposed to disconnect from the old mass consciousness and let go of that which does not serve us any longer. When we connect to and vibrate in sync with what is important and true, we pioneer a different consciousness that will rise for everyone.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”– Lao Tzu


Rat – Dear Rat, did you know that your astrological namesake is known for being a superb athlete? It’s true. In fact, studies have shown that the average rat can carry at least a pound – more than its body weight. (The mechanics of how they figured that one out are fun to think about… did the scientists give them tiny rat-sized barbells to lift? Weigh them down with itty bitty, but heavy, Louis Vuitton luggage?) Joking aside, weightlifting during exercise is a good thing but otherwise, not so much. If you been feeling tired, angry, depleted or just not yourself, then you may be carrying the heavy baggage of old energies that need to be released. Try saying out loud, “I now dissolve and disintegrate any contract or permission I’ve ever given consciously or unconsciously in this or any other lifetime, to any being that does not unconditionally love me. I now release all attachments and I release them with compassion and love.” Try it now. I’ll wait. Have faith in yourself and do not lose focus. We can get too attached to earthly energies, and sometimes need help finding our way to the light. If you are determined to get there, help will come to you from all sides.  Know that assistance is forthcoming – yes, something auspicious is headed your way.

Ox – In the past, your Oxen brethren’s strength was prized for its ability push through and break apart wild and previously un-trodden ground. My fine bovine friend, leave the cultivation of already-established furrows to other animals.  No need to resentfully go over and over already plowed territory. Choosing a different path, thereby shedding old vexatious energies can prevent physical and mental depletion. Now is a chance to free yourself from suffering, and empower yourself in to the bargain. Does that sound good?  It should! Here comes a prescription to do just that – but it arrives contained in a possibly loaded word, one that may require a bit of meditation to fully understand and embrace.  Forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness is a powerful spiritual practice. It helps disconnect your energetic circuits from people, places, situations, and memories that drain power from the present moment and slow down your spiritual growth. Forgive now and find peace of mind, joy, and the manifestation of your heart’s desire and purpose.

Tiger – My feline friend, did you know that compared to other big cats, tigers in the wild can actually be surprisingly easy going? There’s even a recorded case of a male tiger coming upon two orphaned cubs. Other big cats might have seen the cubs as future rivals and ended their lives right then. Not our tiger – he nurtured, defended, and trained them as his own. In other words, a situation presented itself and he went with it. Ever flowing, always nourishing and natural. Consider this message a reminder to relax and allow life to flow. This does not mean that you should become a like loose leaf blowing around mindlessly in the wind; it means rather finding power in being flexible like bamboo. Flexibility makes for powerfully creativity. When we are strong within we are able to move in a direction without losing ourselves. There is in this, a quality of surrender that is not always effortless for a Tiger. It’s easy to make a mountain from a molehill, but retaining serenity and flow at this time – no matter how sticky or unsolvable a situation might appear to be– is important. Just let it go, and all will be as it should be and in its proper place. Trust.

Rabbit – You have fine reflexes, my lapin friend. The slightest movement in the brush, or scent detected by your twitchy nose can make you bolt. Here’s the thing, this month the Rabbit is in tune with the overall energy of the month. Sure, there may be some slight discomfort but you need to know on a cosmic level that you’ve chosen to be in service by not fitting in. It’s time to unplug from mass consciousness on a deeper level. Let go of status quo beliefs that would normally send you dashing for the camouflage of the brush. Abandon thought forms that do not serve your higher destiny. Do so even if embracing your uniqueness may seem challenging. Remember that when things are not feeling right for you, you are actually helping to channel and correct all consciousness on a greater plane. At least know that it’s time to revise any impulse that might hold you back, or keep you from honing your spiritual power. Prepare to move ahead in divine destiny. Do not fear, your Divine Self is waiting to greet you in radiant spiritual beauty and strength.

Dragon – Dear Dragon, just as musical instruments have a higher or lower resonance, so do you. When you are still you can actually feel its thrum, can’t you? And as you grow spiritually, your own pulse is being refined. It is possible that in order to raise your vibrations you’ll find it best to leave behind people, places, or situations that do not bring out the best in you. The more soul and spirit-enhancing vibrations are nurtured, the less there is to fear. You may find this transition really doesn’t need to be dramatic, Dragon. Even small adjustments and little changes like refraining from gossip or choosing not to engage in disagreements or arguments, can make a world of difference. Choose to smile – to be gentler, more kind. Chant, meditate, or even dance daily. Be brave as you trust in the power of this evolution. Stay true to your spiritual principles, for your spiritual victories will be great indeed.

Snake – It is a fact, my sinuous pal, that there are five species of snakes known to fly. It’s true, but if you look it up (and I hope you do, because it’s interesting) you’ll discover that these tree-loving snakes contort their bodies in such a way as they leave the branches that they’re really gliding through the air. You though, are a different matter this month. It’s more like you have wings and are spreading them in actual, elevated flight. Just as when a Phoenix is born from a celestial fire anew, there is for you a heavenly purification, preparation, and initiation going on. Rise to the occasion by performing deep cleansing and purification to prepare for a new level of consciousness.  It’s time to sort through your things, letting go of what you don’t wish to take into your new life. Don’t fear the challenges. It’s a fresh start.  Such good news after all you have been through! Do what you need to do to let go, and then get ready to ascend. This juncture will bring you greater happiness and prosperity. Go with trust and confidence.

Horse – My equine friend, you know that a horse’s tail is a mostly utilitarian thing. It provides protection from insects, and a bit of cooling in the summer, warmth in the winter. It’s not there just because it’s pretty… but this month, you might as well possess the glorious plumage of a peacock’s tail. Magnificent and genuine beauty that inspires harmony and happiness. There is, already residing within you, a stirring to create something beautiful. Allow your kundalini energy to rise so you can grasp the gorgeous inspiration headed your way. You’ll fairly burst with life as you shepherd this healing force of divine beauty into the world. Whatever projects you’re working on or contemplating now align with the heaven-sent creativity that is your birthright. Nothing is required of you but that you follow your intuition and take the first step. Be patient and trust yourself in the Universe.

Goat – Did you know that goats have rectangular pupils? It’s true – and that helps them to see up to 340 degrees around, without having to move. Good thing, my friend! This impressive sense will help you to see the gifts of abundance and prosperity that are flowing to you right now. Here’s the thing, you’re being asked to open up, and then open up even more to receive the great bounty. Your eyes, heart, and most importantly beliefs need to be open. You must trust in order to receive the full magnificent of a blessing as it comes. Otherwise it’s like asking for an amazing feast to be served on tiny a dessert plate, or for a whale to be contained into a goldfish bowl. If you’ve been through a challenging cycle during which your creativity has felt impeded, there is a sign that abundant universal energy is coming your way. Be grateful every day for what you have, and know that good things are coming to you. Live life with gusto and be ready to receive.

Monkey – Did you know that monkeys in the wild migrate? They often move from one habitat to another looking for food and shelter, or to get away from predators. They travel light – you ever see a monkey carrying a suitcase? During this intense time of spiritual growth you should take a clue from your namesake. You are being asked to travel light by letting go of old baggage. Put down whatever pain you’ve been carrying, and consciously release it. Shed anything that no longer serves you. Right now there is a life pattern of contrasts, which is strongly operating. This is neither good nor bad. You’re being helped to grow in a supportive way or maybe in a way that is challenging you to become stronger. Perhaps someone or something has manifested as a teacher and is teaching you to let go of a relationship or of a philosophy. This won’t happen overnight and that is fine. Trust that you have the skills and talents needed to process and integrate the lesson. This can lead to the healing of a past life pattern.

Rooster – My Cock-a-doodle pal, if you’re going through chaos in your life it’s because you’re allowing yourself to grow! Have faith and keep moving onward and upward. You are being guided. They say it’s darkest before dawn – something you should know something about considering your daily date with the rising sun. Trust as you enter into the darkness of the unknown parts of yourself, that you will emerge into the light reassembled and reborn. Sometimes for this to happen we must delve into our shadow side, and examine it with care. Perhaps we admire or despise certain characteristics and traits in someone else. When we arrive at these judgments, it truly is a part of ourselves that is seeking to be integrated and expressed. It’s our higher selves trying to get our attention. The quickest way to get in touch with our shadow selves is through noticing our judgment of others. Allow feelings to come up and then pass away without fear. Eventually the beauty underneath will reveal itself.

Dog – Sometimes a dog will chew and chew and chew on an old bone, long after the meat and the flavor are gone. Long after it’s any good at all. My canine pal, now is a good time to release anything that is not serving you. Indications are there are some old energies you need to release, ones that do not belong to you. Releasing attachments that no longer serve will allow you to experience great healing. Rat and the Dog are going through some similar experiences this month – you might read the Rabbit’s message with an eye toward the exercise described there. You may have a psychic skill in helping non-physical beings find their way into more peaceful consciousness. Perhaps it’s an ancestor or an old friend who is no longer on this plane. If you feel this may be the case you might benefit from seeking out training from a trustworthy skilled practitioner who approaches this task with love and kindness in their heart.


Pig – Spring has sprung, the flowers are growing and there is a delightful sweet breeze in the air. Yet here you are, feeling penned in, and that life just isn’t fair. You may ruminate in your current circumstances that petty people around you have the upper hand, and that righteous folk (such as yourself) can do little to improve their lot. Do not despair, but understand that the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to wait for a more favorable climate to make a dramatic action. Use this time of waiting to unplug from the mass consciousness on a deeper level than ever before. Really let go of beliefs that don’t serve your highest destiny, no matter how fine they seemed at first.  In this quiet moment, it’s time to revise something inside of you that would hold you back from owning your spiritual power and moving ahead in your divine destiny. Embrace the internal changes and soon you’ll be enjoying a turn for the better.

By Marina Lighthouse and lovingly and creativity edited by Kristin Clark

 “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” – Seneca