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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope – YEAR OF THE RAT – MONTH OF THE PIG

We are now entering the Month of the Pig in the Year of the Rat. The relationship between Pig and Rat is compatible. Both enjoy being around family and friends, and are loyal to those they love. There are elements of sharing, flowering relationships, encouragement and fertile ground for expansion and abundance, yes, even in this pandemic. Things will start to feel better.

Next up: The month of the Rat. The animal that governs this year is the Rat. Whenever the yearly sign and monthly sign combine, it is said that the true nature of the year is revealed. This has been a very “interesting year”. So take note of the attitudes, events and energies that surround you in the Rat month, as they will reflect the course of the year ahead, and you can prepare accordingly.

Monthly Quote: “Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment.”  – Thich Nhat Hanh

Rat – The lunar month of the Pig is arriving. We know that the Pig is the last sign of the zodiac cycle and that next month will be the double Rat month, meaning year and month are the same. It is said that when the sign of the year and the month are the same, the true nature of the year will be revealed. Dear Rat, it’s important for you to cleanse yourself. Purify and clear clutter. Let go of objects and relationships that no longer serve you. Go within. Meditate and give thanks. It’s time for a detoxification of both your physical body, and your environment. Choose a time-honored approach to achieve your goal, and you will see gradual progress in a very positive direction.

Ox – The Ox’s soul loves the truth. This is a message telling you to hear, speak, and even think the truth. It’s time to communicate with your heart and to share your reality without hesitation. This is not a time to be shy. It’s a time to heal through communication. It’s a time take the risk of connecting with others in a forthright way. Declare your truth for all to hear, without fear of being rejected or misunderstood. Do this, and find harmony, balance, and peace within. This will aid your sense of wellbeing tremendously. You deserve that.

Tiger – Your divine roots go deep like those of the trees in an ancient forest. Great healing is available to you right now and grows within you. Don’t doubt yourself, you’re much more than you can imagine. Find your inner power through contemplation, reflection, and meditation. This is a time to go to a local park or wilderness area to commune with an ancient tree. Still yourself to feel its divine nature. Connect with its longevity and the depths of its roots. Once you do that you can “bite through” a difficult situation by acting to restore order. It is time for you to see the truth in this situation; until you do so, your progress may be blocked. Yes, with sensitivity and a tenacious devotion to the task, you will attain success.

Rabbit – You can be anything you desire, a shape shifter letting go of attachment and identify. Seeing the world around you with new eyes will be ever so valuable. You can grasp the point of view of others, and then make your next move accordingly. If you’ve struggled to manifest your dreams, it’s time to change the way you see another person, or even your situation. Shifting your point of view, your belief system, can bring an entirely new destiny to your being. Your intuitive knowledge at this great time will allow you to penetrate confusion with a heart of wisdom.

Dragon – With the Autumn months now upon us, it’s a great time for reflection even if there is still an unsettling situation in your life. Let it be known there’s a reason for it, and much good will come as a result. Get in tune with your ancestors, they will be sending you messages through dreams, coincidences or synchronicity in events that surround you.  Watch for messages from your forebears and remember that regardless of what has happened on the surface, you can know that your prayers have been answered. Call to your ancestors if you need support. You’ll see a gradual development that will slowly but surely move you forward into a divine sense of your own being.

Snake – Just like an Eagle that soars high above the Earth, you now have a higher perspective. You posses the courage needed to fulfill your life’s purpose. This intense energy which now possess you can bring justice to you and to others, vanquishing wrongdoers. You can overcome obstacles. During this time, you can view things from a rarefied vantage point. Take heart and face your fears. Your prayers will be answered.  You are resolute in your connections and your determination to follow the path. Your inner resolve shows great integrity.

Horse – There is an attraction of opposites happening in the Horse’s chart. The attraction could involve temptation, or seduction even. There’s definitely a quality of magnetism potentially leading to a passionate encounter or a coupling of some kind. Such a thing could either bring great delight or great trouble. Fine for those looking for a new relationship but if not, prance carefully my dear friend. Use this time to detoxify your body and clear your mind. Strive to understand how mind and body work together. Cherish the here and now. It’s time to create spaces in your home where you can feel absolutely at peace. Doing so will create a template for peace in all areas of your life.

Goat – Those who have been wounded and yet survived may become the greatest healers of all. A good exercise for you, Dear Goat, might be to write down a thing that has wounded you in the past – and then to list beside it the benefit that actually arose from the situation created by the wound. It might be difficult to see at first, but I promise you, with open reflection, and a wise heart you will see. This is a path of personal, spiritual development. Take a sincere, faithful, and consistent approach to performing this exercise, and you will grow. You are a healer, providing healing energy for others, even if you’re not conscious of it yet. Whatever needs healing in your life will be resolved. The crack in the vessel is where the light enters the soul.

Monkey – Are you ready to turn the page? This is a time for you to expand beyond your self-imposed limitations and illusory boundaries. New horizons await you! Perhaps it’s time to do something different and exciting. Even in the pandemic one can experience new adventures, as long as one does so while keeping to safety protocols. This is an era of expansion with vast new and wondrous vistas. Start by gathering information and then venture out. Your monkey mind needs the simulation of the conceiving of new adventures. You will find a balance and a sense of wellbeing. Right now, a monkey needs this kind of outlook to have in order to achieve peace of mind.

Rooster – Your single mindedness is truly important in your life right now. You really need to let go of everything else. Focus your intention and your passion on one thing rather than scattering yourself in all different directions. Focus, focus, focus. Heading in myriad directions will sap your strength. Cut waaaaayyyyy back on activities that aren’t essential to your goal, and you’ll find it’s just a matter of time before miracles begin to manifest. Your slow but steady progress will lead to gradual and steadfast development.

Dog – The phone has been ringing. Are you now ready to answer it? If you’ve been hoping for a sign, here it is right now! Your guides and loved ones are sending you a message of support and healing. Evidently you stand at a gateway for communication right now. Believe. Look for signs and messages from the spirit realm. These could appear to you in the movement of the clouds. A wink from the universe, so to speak. Take it all in. Sometimes we spend so much time waiting for life to happen that we miss the joy of the current moment. Follow the signs and miracles will occur. Cherish the here and now, and ground yourself in it. The way will be shown to you, making you less likely to be thrown off balance by the unexpected.

Pig – There is a transformative energy around you. Just let go of the old, my friend. Your keywords at this time are initiation, elimination, and harvest. Yes, gather your inner resources. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t go ahead with it. Trust your heart, and remember chaos can bring positive change. Almost all change comes when you don’t expect it, so don’t be concerned. If there is confusion in your life, it will work itself out. Be receptive, devoted, and have patience in your role. Now is a time to embrace support and being supported. Like a wonderful Earth mama, your receptivity embraces all.

Divination and Interpretation by Marina Lighthouse – edited by Kristin Clark