Monthly Horoscope

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present


We are now entering a new lunar cycle, the month of the Horse, while the animal that governs the year is the Ox. The Ox and the Horse have a conflicted relationship. There are differences, but with a bit of understanding on both sides those very differences could prove beneficial.

As we prepare for the summer, concentrate on completing any unfinished business and also take time to reflect on harmony in close relationships.

In business, remain steady on your current course. Regarding travel; because of the month’s Ox/Horse conflicted relationship, allow for delays and expect unpredictable weather. You may experience unexpected schedule changes and/or lost luggage, so buy travel insurance.

This is a good month to concentrate less on career and more on family. Take time to appreciate your significant other, and show them the affection and attention they deserve. Also plan to attend or host some pleasurable events if you can do so safely. For those of us who may have FOGO (fear of going out) and want get back to life here is an article.

Monthly Quote: “But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Month of the Horse – Year of the Ox

Rat – Recently I was skimming through back issues of Science Daily (as one does) and I came across an article about an interesting study – one that reminded me of you, my friend. It seems that some scientists at the University of Georgia discovered that rats are aware of the fact that there are things they don’t know. In other words, rats can think about their thoughts – it’s called metacognition. Think of it! Rats are metagognitators! (Okay, I made that last word up, but it sounds cool right? Like rats are super heroes, or a 1980s metal band.) You are aware! Respond in every situation with your special awareness, then everything you do will be good. Put your judgment on a shelf. A narrow way of viewing things restricts the juicy energy of life. Gnaw through the cage of your conditioning, and reach for the truth of your own heart. Use understanding and mercy when dealing with others- this is the best way to receive it for yourself. Allow wisdom to replace prejudice.

Ox – Fun fact! Oxen have a vision field of around 350 degrees, while humans must content themselves with a mere 210. The thing is, Oxen have a limited field of depth perception – but not you, my bovine bud! And it’s a good thing too, since your assignment this month (should you choose to accept it) is to spend some time looking deeply into the eyes of a friend or beloved child or family member. And when you’re done with that, go hug a tree if you wish. This is a time to commune with others and with nature too. Feel anew the thrill and wonder of your connection to the ALL that surrounds us. Nature doesn’t bang on a drum when it bursts forth into flower, but when we approach it with the right intention and spirit, many of its secrets can be shared. Engage in your spiritual practice daily and you’ll receive guidance should you seek it. And say, when you’re done gazing into the eyes of your loved ones and embracing trees, raise your eyes to a bird in flight and connect to the divine.

Tiger – It is unlikely that a tiger in the wild would, of his own volition, perform the same behaviors (what we used to call tricks) that a trained tiger would. This is because a captive tiger has learned to respond to operant conditioning by his trainers. Putting aside the issue of whether given a choice a tiger in captivity would choose a life on the stage – conditioning is something that happens to humans too. In fact, it’s important to remember that the judgments of the mind are a product of our conditioning. And we need to understand that whether we apply judgment to ourselves or to others, it keeps us from experiencing the beauty and godliness that lies within us all. It’s only when we can break through the cage of our conditioning that we’ll begin to see life as it really is. You, my purring partner, are on a threshold This is an important time for you to surround yourself with those who will support you in a love based reality. Give yourself the time, space, and grace to stabilize in this new vibration. Replace the pride of thinking you know all with the knowledge that separation in an illusion. Who knows? You just might gain some supernatural powers.

Rabbit – I realize that in the tale of the tortoise and the hare, the rabbit didn’t exactly come out on top. But what if the rabbit took what seemed to be a defeat, and turned the whole thing into an opportunity to learn and grow? Lesson number one: Just like the tortoise, you carry your home wherever you go. It may not be visible like his shell is, but that’s just fine – your home is there because you are there. No need to seek shelter anywhere else because you are self-contained. Lesson number two – It’s time to let go of the stories you tell yourself about yourself and other people. Release expectations. Take responsibility for any illusions about the world you may be carrying. Lesson number three: Slow down. Do what you’re doing but keep your inner-self calm. Remain at ease and be centered. This way you can continue to be focused and capable of seeing the path ahead.

Dragon – Dragons are famous for guarding their treasure, but this doesn’t have to be a negative or greedy thing. It all depends on the nature of the treasure itself. And if the treasure you‘ve tended to guard is the right kind of treasure, you’ll find yourself capable of joyfully sharing. As your heart opens your whole life becomes a distribution of love. The heart is in the middle of all 7 chakras. It’s in the very center with three below and three above. You’re coming from this middle place, and it’s fantastic because you’ll experience the joy, bliss, and benediction that comes with the force an opened heart chakra. There is no need to go anywhere or to make any special effort. Everything around you seems to be coming together now. Abundance radiates through your life. Focus on beauty and manifest harmony. Enjoy Bliss.

Snake – It is no secret that snakes shed their skin. A major reason they do is that the snakes themselves grow but their skin does not. Other times though, they shed in order to get rid of yucky things such as harmful bacteria or parasites. I bring this up because it’s time for you to shed some detrimental thoughts (and perhaps behaviors) related to judgment. There is a difference between assessment and judgment. Puritans have very narrow minds – proper, stiff and severe. They tend to judge situations as black-and-white, and this judgment is often the product of their conditioning. Whether judging others or yourself, you must shed this sort of thing as though your life depends on it – your happiness and wellbeing certainly do. Leave it behind so that your heart can be open, aware, and conscious. Be in the present moment and experience its simple beauty.  It’s good to seek help from others. Open up to the divine and channel a higher vibration. You are blessed with an opportunity to see and receive cosmic healing.

Horse – In Tiburon, California there is an interesting monument dedicated to the life of Blackie, “The Horse Who Never Moved”. It’s not a though he was never active. Born in 1926 or 27 he served in the U.S. Army Cavalry Patrol in Yosemite National Park, and was later a “cutting” horse on the Salinas local rodeo circuit. He retired at the age of 12 and was quite literally put out to pasture. For 28 years, all day, every day he good-naturedly stood in the same exact spot in the pasture – sometimes allowing kids to climb all over him and feed him apples, sometimes just staring thoughtfully into space. His quiet stillness inspired the townsfolk to preserve “his” spot with a plaque and a life-sized statue once he passed. It’s a monument as much to the art of stillness as it is to Blackie himself. My prancing pal, you might take a clue from Blackie. It’s time to get off the racetrack, or out of the rodeo and journey to your deepest core.  Cool, calm, and collected is the name of the game. Meditation is medicine. How beautiful the moments when we just sit relaxing. Try it. There’s nothing to improve, nothing to cultivate. Just exist in the beautiful present moment. Something good is coming your way, something that will draw on the opportunities, teachings, circumstances, and synchronicities in your life. Greater abundance, bliss, and creative fulfillment await you. Focus on the beauty in the world, and this will manifest harmony and inner content.

Goat – Oh, my! Do yourself a favor and google “playful baby goats”. You’ll have any number of video compilations to choose from, and I guarantee it’s a stress-reliever that will make you smile. (My favorite included a couple of baby goats dancing around on the back of a GINORMOUS bull, who just continued to lie there as though nothing were going on. Maybe it felt like Shiatsu massage to him?) If you don’t feel like watching videos, then you could just look in a mirror, my friend. That’s right. You radiate a childlike light in the world, and a sense of grace surrounds you. Enjoy playful communication with others. The innocence of a child is beautiful. The innocence that comes from life’s deep experience is childlike but not childish. A fully lived life gains wisdom and a quality of accepting every wonderful and ever-changing moment. An old pattern from the past that weighed heavily on you from is finally lifted. Be fierce and vanquish whatever is holding you back. Your old self may be sacrificed and your innocence resurrected.

Monkey – A perpetual motion machine is a theoretical machine that would work indefinitely without an energy source. The thing is, it’s an impossibility because it would break all kinds of laws of physics. (And no one wants to break the law… but I digress.) Your brain is doing its best imitation of a perpetual motion machine right now. Somewhere, somehow your head has gotten itself into a truly frenetic state. It’s time to get off the ride. An exercise that might help would be to spend 30 minutes writing down whatever thoughts pass through your mind. When the 30 minutes are up, read what you’ve written and you’ll be able to identify the source of your ruminative self-chatter. Drop it and it will disappear. Choose to live through your heart-truth, rather than your monkey mind. Be fierce and gentle. Adopt yin or feminine principles moving forward. Femininity is not weak, nor is it aggressive. It contains a fierce compassion that rejects judgment and rises again and again.  If you find yourself feeling disheartened, stop and watch a child at play. Embrace the energy of playful laughter, and be at peace.

Rooster – Here’s a question you might not have ever asked yourself: Can roosters swim? According to my friend, Mr. Search Engine, apparently they can, but usually choose not to unless there is a Very Good Reason. Ducks are somewhat similar to chickens and obviously love water, but chickens lack webbed feet, and so when they do swim it’s necessary for them to exert an exhausting amount of energy just to make forward progress. Your message this month comes to you courtesy of Lao Tzu. The way of the Tao is a watercourse way. Go with the flow. Consider the art of being passive and receptive without being dull or sleepy. In every moment of life we have a choice whether to enter the metaphorical waterway and float or to struggle our way upstream. Trust and relax and grow and know everything is happening, as it should. Seek to creatively nourish your emotional and physical life. Perhaps this will be through art, journaling, music, or dance. Your spirit needs to thrive once more. What you identify with becomes who you are. Be the magician who makes it happen.

Dog – Holy Moly! According to information gathered by the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent 103.6 BILLION dollars on their animal companions in 2020. That’s a whole lotta treats! Rover must’ve been a very good boy, indeed. But what did he do to deserve all those goodies? And did he feel good about himself when he accepted a special morsel for a behavior that made him feel ridiculous… like say, begging?  I mention this because like dogs, you enjoy a treat (or even a nice pat on the head?) once in a while, but if you’re tempted to compromise yourself in order to get it, you may be left with a bitter taste in your mouth. Compromise is dangerous at this time, and it can create confusion. Be clear-cut about your situation. If you’re confused, remember that you are confused. Don’t let others lure you into a conspiracy type situation in which you compromise your truth. Be true to your ideals and move forward easily, embracing receptiveness and non-aggressive behavior. Doing otherwise leads to unnecessary power struggles. Choose to live from a place of love and peace.  Know you are fine just the way you are; let your true self shine.

Pig – According to the Guinness Book of World Records the portliest porcine ever was a pig by the name of Bill Bill. Born in 1930 in Martin, Tennessee, Big Bill grew to be five feet tall at his shoulder and weighed a whopping 2,552 pounds. Speaking of a heavy weight, this month’s message to you is about carrying heavy loads that don’t necessarily belong to you. Find a way to release other people’s issues. It’s time to shrug your shoulders and see what it feels like to walk without their burden on your back. Chances are, much of the trouble is a head-trip existing only in your mind. Take care not to let it weigh you down. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated or cultivated by others by others. Drop the lie and see the truth. You are being asked (and empowered) to live from your heart. Realize that doing so is not only enough, it is a blessing for all.

Divination and Inspiration by Marina Lighthouse Written and edited by Kristin Clark