Monthly Horoscope

Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present

Year of the Metal Ox- Month of the Dragon

We are now in the month of the Dragon. The Ox and the Dragon can make a great connection as long as they have similar goals in mind. Dragons have an impetuous nature; the Ox has a more steady approach to life. When it comes to being obstinate, Dragons have met their match in the Ox; each as stubborn as the other.

This combo can create an incredible powerhouse team for business. The Dragon is quite lucky in speculation, and the Ox brings diligence and dependability. For the world of finance, this brings the best of both worlds; creative ambition and a methodical approach for action. If politics flare at this time it will be big! The world’s politicians and diplomats should pay particular attention to postures and motivations when negotiating. Leave chaos and panic behind in order to root out and resolve emergencies that may occur. We all need to remain strong and courageous.

“Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place.” Amish Proverb

Month of the Dragon, Year of the Ox

Rat – Ahhh, spring has sprung… The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you my friend, are sure to be feeling more awake and present, involved and benevolent. Rejoice! Rejoice! Allow yourself to be lifted out of your struggle. Old patterns are finally ending, and something that’s weighed heavily on your shoulders is now in the past. You’ll feel more open hearted and spontaneous thanks to the energy of rebirth. Feel free to scurry lightly through the fragrant, open fields, twitching your nose appreciatively at the sweet scents of the season. Trust your inner guide. When you live your life with the energy of love, confidence in yourself is well deserved!

Ox – One of my fave plants is Oxalis, and I’m not just saying that to curry favor with you, my Bovine Bud. Something I like about many of the varieties in the species is their propensity for nyctinast, the rhythmic movement of plants in response to light.  Daily, when the plant senses light or its opposite, the leaves open or close. Take a cue from Oxalis and open up! But instead of sugars and potassium causing a chemical reaction, it will be compassion for yourself and others that will allow you to turn your face to the sun. Understanding, closeness, and kindness are qualities that you can offer and receive.  Let go and feel okay about sacrificing where needed. When the sun shines on you just so, less is more. Accept that everything happens for a reason, and that each event now occurring in your life has a benefit.

Tiger – Lions are more known for their roar than are Tigers. This isn’t to say tigers don’t roar. They do, but it is generally a means of communication with other tigers – not the showy-I-am-lord-beast-of-the-savannah-pay-attention-to-me kind of a thing that lions seem to go in for. In fact, tigers also have a quieter, form of communication that occurs at low decibels, below the 20 to 20,000 herz audible to humans. You, my big feline friend, can appreciate silence. Silence is born of a peaceful mind. This is a good time to embrace that quietude. There are times when it makes sense to be discreet. To contemplate and cogitate. To get a handle on a situation, and your part in it. Then when you feel empowered enough to share your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, you will not waver even in the face of a challenge by another. And from the deep quiet, your love for sentient beings will rise. You will elevate what is good, and become a means of healing our Earth.

Rabbit – Scientists agree that rabbits are generally smarter than we give them credit for. Not only do they have strong instincts for survival, they also possess the intelligence to incorporate learned behavior. Maybe we underestimate bunnies because they tend to be very cute – as if cute and smart can’t possibly exist together. At any rate, cute as you are I know how smart you are too, my lapin lovey. Still, getting your instincts and your rational mind to agree is no simple task but it is necessary for making the right choices. Manage to do so and you’ll find that balance and your capacity for good decision making will spontaneously return. If you feel as if you’re standing in fire now, respect its capacity to cleanse and purify as it burns off that which is extraneous and burdensome. You have entered a time for making new choices and these decisions will set the course for future stability in your relationships, work, and life.

Dragon –  Well hello, you winged wonder! We are actually in the month of the Dragon. This means it is a great time for you to concentrate. The key is to work on one thing at a time – but to do whatever it is you are doing well, thoroughly, and with commitment and dedication. When we think of dragons, we often think of treasure, and closely guarded gold. Imagine for a moment a dragon who is also an alchemist! Well… that’s you this month. It’s not about turning lead into gold or trash into treasure, though. It’s about turning something that had dark or challenging beginnings into something healing and wonderful. The challenge can be to trust that this will happen for you, but believe me when I tell you there is energy now available to assist you in the process of healing and transformation. Just as spring always follows the winter, inner work with the shadow always precedes a beautiful rebirth.

Snake – I’m sure you know all about the deeper meaning of your sinuous brethren, right? You all are a potent symbol of powerful transformation.  You live in many incarnations, and show many different faces in many different lives. This particular lifetime is a culmination of much, drawing together potentials developed over many lifetimes. Here’s a lesson for this time. Learn to simply greet beauty when it comes. Reflect upon it and become one with it, setting aside any demands or expectations. Contemplate beauty and allow it to infuse your life, until it becomes a part of you. A new aesthetic will naturally rise within you. Something significant and profoundly meaningful will further awaken you to the reality of the divine in your life. Here and now, dear friend, you are awake and present, involved and benevolent.

Horse – I’ve never been a huge advocate of blinders on horses but I see their use, and must admit to their necessity at times.  You, my hoofed honey, are getting caught up in picayune details. You are getting spooked seeing the spindly saplings, rather than the glorious forest to come. You are going through an interesting phase of heavenly purification, preparation, and initiation. Ascend. Don’t allow fears or doubts or questions about your own worth and ability to tangle your feet and keep you earthbound. Keep a smile on your lips and repeat it’s great to be alive! Celebrate and express gratitude. Find the passion of your own inner life, even if it isn’t one necessarily shared by your partner right now. Write the words “passion” and “compassion” then put them in places where you’ll be reminded to reflect on their meaning. Should you find yourself upset with a loved one, partner, or friend, here is a question to ask yourself: “Who am I really upset with? What am I exaggerating here?” At this time there is a great opportunity to support others too, by the way.

Goat – Spring has sprung! It’s a fabulous time for everything outdoors – but one of the best and most fun things is to take a drive out into the country and watch farm animals with their young. Honestly, it is hard to imagine anything cuter than seeing baby goats frolicking and dancing around their elders. And as for you, my cloven-footed cutie, a fresh new vitality is flowing throughout your entire body. It’s time to get moving! Dance, run, walk; change your habits a little at a time. Go on, take that 1st step. Rest assured that you are in a safe place. Truly, even in the midst of any apparent challenge or threat, no matter how frightening it may seem, or how insecure you might feel, know that you are safe, protected, and loved. A period of abundance grants the greatest opportunity to provide support to others. Be expansive. Celebrate and express gratitude, whether or not the outward signs in your life suggest success. Fortify your resolve, and know that you are on the right path.

Monkey – Holy Moly! Did you know the Patas Monkey can go sprint from 0 to 33 MPH in just three seconds? What a great thing! I just hope they’re gracious about their superior speed when they find themselves hanging out at parties with slower primates. I hope for the same graciousness from you, my simian sweetie. You’ve been granted great gifts. Don’t disdain those who have been less fortunate. You have an inner gift of great value. It has been born of struggle, adversity, and challenge. In wisdom you know that suffering can lead to growth. Do not get caught up in the aspect of suffering. Focus more on the green light ahead. Yes you experiencing growing pains, but you become stronger. Inexperience may create some difficulty in beginning stages. Be gentle with yourself and go slowly. (Even if you think you could go 0 to 33 MPH in three seconds.) There is no rush, every step counts. Specific moments of spiritual openings occur at special moments throughout life. This is one of them.

Rooster – Roosters are happiest around their flocks. Even if they spend part of the day out and about, alone and doing their own rooster-y thing, when it’s time to go back into the coop, there’s a sense of contentment. You have isolated, looked at the empty, the dark, and the difficult that’s been part of your life for too long. Now is the time you’ll be able to overcome sadness and obstacles. Even if you don’t feel completely in control of your destiny yet, the divine will step in with an opportunity to invoke divine power. Once again you’ll appreciate the gifts of this existence. Make sure when you empower beings around you, that they are those who genuinely love you unconditionally. When asking for help, say 3 times aloud “I call upon those beings who love me unconditionally to help me.” You will experience inner riches, and a spiritual harvest. Developing more meaningful communication with those you love and those with whom you work will enable you to put aside the past and expect a different future.

Dog – Did you know that there is a whole cottage industry springing up around choice training for dogs? The theory is that giving dogs choices actually speeds up their training because it empowers them, teaches them to think for themselves, and fosters trust in their human companions. Here’s a message for you this month, my canine cutie: Getting your instincts and your rational mind to agree is necessary for making a choice. Once you find this balance, the capacity to decide will return to you spontaneously. If you cannot have everything, you appreciate what you have. You stand on a threshold; the sacred passing through a karmic veil into a new life of empowerment, peace, and spiritual service. Times of oppression can feel like being confined in a dark cell without windows, or even a door. Take a life-affirming approach that embraces the whole rather than drawing lines dividing good from evil, and darkness from light. This is wisdom. Trust begins with one source that permeates an environment. As you offer yourself and others the ability to change and heal, you build bridges of trust that can cross the gulf of human pain.

Pig – There has long been a question regarding whether animals who are domesticated are happier than their wild counterparts. It’s pretty hard to ask a pig in the pen if he considers himself better or worse off than his wild cousin the boar. On the one hand, the stressors of finding food and a safe place to sleep are absent for our domesticated dude, on the other there’s a certain joy in freedom, don’t you think? Message for you, my bovine bud: Self-responsibility makes you free… and complaining gets you nowhere. Find the right strategy and the strength to move on. You’re already headed in that direction. To allow creation to manifest in your physical reality, focus on allowing, flowing, surrendering, and participating in the greater stream. Take a different approach from the usual way of the West, which makes things happen by forcing them. Go with the Tao. It’s springtime and abundance surrounds you. If even for a moment you go into “slim pickings” mode, shut it down immediately. Replace it with “have your cake and eat it too” mode. That’s much better, am I right?

Divination and Interpretation by Marina Lighthouse – written and edited by Kristin Clark