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We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Horse – while the animal that governs the year is the Pig. The Horse and the Pig can make a good pairing if they both commit themselves to tolerance of their differences. Both are generous and honorable. However, as the month progresses more efforts to be accommodating will be required on the world stage. The Pig will appreciate the Horse’s ingenuity, but not its unpredictability.

Relationships with clients will be harmonized and business should grow. Financially, be very cautious when investing.

To bring positive energy to the world and help negate negativity be more accommodating in your own daily life. Be generous and perform good deeds. This will help everyone, especially if you dedicate the merit to all sentient beings.

“If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass with sharing it in some way.” ~ Buddha


One of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself right now is to heal old wounds. You may feel that these were inflicted either by a person or a situation itself. Forgive others, forgive yourself. You don’t need to carry that burden with you any longer. Now it is time to put out the fire, dispose of the coals, and mend the bridge that you thought had burned. Be the one to offer peace. As hard as it is, when we transform personal grievances, it is said we transform our DNA. Sometimes being in nature can help us find peace before we offer it to others. Now is a good time to detoxify your body, and really listen to it. Pay attention to how it feels and respond accordingly. There is here a repeated message for you to forgive. Examine your heart. Find out where you have given judgment or withheld love from yourself and others. Let your world be transformed by the power of forgiveness. This is an excellent juncture to work on your shadow side.


There’s a marvelous energy of prosperity and expansion around you. Perhaps a rapid personal growth; it is summer after all and nature grows quickly in the summer months. Now is an excellent time to enjoy the warmth of the sun. The South is a beneficial direction for you. If you can, go outside and feel the warm Southern energy. Allow it to open your heart center. You are due to receive a mental breakthrough. The realization of some conscious understanding is at hand, bringing you enlightenments of the mind. Stagnant attitudes and beliefs, the ones that no longer serve you, fall away only to be replaced with a burst of ideas and visions. Open yourself to new understandings and receive them with a joyful spirit and a loving heart.


It is time to heal all wounds whether inflicted by people, places, or situations. Forgive yourself and others. Tigers have a reputation of being fleet of foot. It is hard to run while carrying a cargo full of baggage. Put it down! This burden is no longer yours to carry. Help others to get it off their backs as well. Mend bridges and bring peace into the world you share with others. Transform inner grievances. Maybe there’s someone from your past you should reconnect with. You know what you need to do and this is the time to do it. Compassion and generosity can flow through you, you just need to stay positive and faithful. This spiritual mindset will help to manifest your dearest desires into reality. Find your life’s purpose by doing what brings you joy! Feel free to be who you are without limitation. Let beauty and creativity fill every cell of your body. Allow it to be ignited with your unique expression and then share it with the world.


We know the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland’s catchphrase, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!” Well, my friend, if ever there were a time to emulate his actions – this is NOT it. Now is the time to slow down, take a look at your life, and get yourself grounded. It’s time to make plans for the future, but you must plant your lucky feet firmly on the ground beneath you so that you are very stable, and from that down-to-earth position you can take your introspection deeper. It’s definitely not a time to rush. Let earth help you to ground your energy and fulfill your life.Get in touch with the security that exits around you, and know that you are safe. That said, this is not a time to take risks. This is a great time for bunnies to lounge near water, whether that means ocean, lake, or river. Water will activate things, helping you to flow into abundance. Be sure to stay hydrated. Drinking water will help you flush harsh energies and toxins from your body. You can bless the water before drinking it, thereby increasing its effectiveness. You are in a cycle of regeneration.


Joy and delight surround you. Be open to the wonders of the universe flooding your way! Adopt an attitude of innocence and delight in all the happiness that is on its way to you. There exist nature spirits, and if you can get in touch with them, you could receive special blessings. How to find them? Well, for starters, try taking a few minutes of stillness in the natural world. Tune in to your surroundings and really see. Notice perhaps the movement of a leaf on a still, breezeless day. Observe in the landscape an unexpected flash of light or a spark. These could be signs for you. Remain positive and filled with faith, and you’ll be well on your way to manifesting your desires. Find humor in situations that call for it, and enjoy a good laugh. Involve yourself in activities that bring you pleasure. Center yourself and you will be unmoved by the chaos in the world.


Be open to the wonder and beauty that is even now flowing to you. Happiness is on its way! Spring and summer are excellent times for Snakes to stretch themselves and even dream in the sun. You may find yourself seeing beyond the veil. Heady stuff, but remember to stay focused in spite of the wonders mentioned above. You must remain clear in your intentions, desires and priorities. Devote regular time to your projects and do not be pulled off course by short-term situations, other people’s demands, or their dramas Maintain your positive outlook, and watch as your dreams manifest in reality. A good way to keep your mind clear and focused is to detox your diet. Eat healthily and well. Open your heart to kindness, compassion, and love. Let those qualities in abundance bring healing to yourself and others.


Horses are natural healers. They can use this ability on themselves as well as on others. You are now on the mend with a situation that is being resolved. Have faith that this is happening. You may connect to the healing of emotional, physical, or mental wounds at this time. Remember that nature is one our greatest healers. Spend time out in the open with trees, soak up the sun, dance, or take a gallop near water. Hold your vision, be patient, and trust that recovery is occurring in time, in its own way. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the hardest to see. Consider a male figure in your life with whom you have had a challenge. This could be a father, a husband, or a brother. There is a wound connected to this person that needs healing. This may take meditation, prayer, or deep introspection, but it is supremely important for you to find a way to let go of toxic emotions such as anger, blame, or guilt. The healthier you become in regard to this relationship, the better all your relationships with men will be.


Be impeccable in all your actions. No matter what others believe, know your own truth. You walk through life living from your heart rather than your mind. Speaking up for yourself is a way to honor the amazing individual that is you. Courage doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid; really the word fearless simply means fear less. Acknowledge (to yourself or a trusted someone) that you’re frightened, but take action anyway. Face anxieties and act on your truth. This is a great time to overcome fears you may have. List what they are and then jot down possible ways to overcome them. Most can be vanquished through knowledge. Stand tall. Horse and Goat are best buddies, this is a good time for you to hang out. Be positive and do things that bring you joy. Find the humor in a situation, have a good laugh, and move on. Also, know without a doubt that something has come to the end of its full cycle. Let go and move on. Doing so will allow you to open your eyes to new opportunities.


You have the radiant spirit of a warrior right now! Be impeccable in your actions. Throw your shoulders back, step forward, and take a risk. Certainly there are times to hang back or to walk away, but not right now. This is a time to stand up for yourself and for those who have been marginalized or are less advantaged. Now is also a time to understand the spiritual law of attraction. You’ve attracted certain people or situations because they mirror your thoughts and beliefs. Like attracts like; if you want to change who or even what you attract, then you yourself need to hold more loving, peaceful, and successful thoughts. Do this and you will become aligned with a spiritual energy, helping you to shift into a higher self. You have the power to heal or even change a situation by elevating your thoughts. Visualize only that which you desire. Also, let your inner child play! This will spark your creative essence, and bring you the fulfillment you deserve.


You can be anything you desire so let go of your attachment to what you’ve seen as your identity, and take in the world around you with new eyes. Discover a different point of view. If you’ve tried and you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams, you need to shift the way you see the situation or the person. A metamorphosis is occurring. Your past does not equal your future. Change up beliefs and say goodbye to limiting decisions. Shifting your point of view will cause you to realize a new and higher destiny. Flexibility is key, whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual. Stretch often. Do breath work. Join yoga! This will help you increase flexibility, toning, clarity, energy, and psyching awareness. In short, you’ll be more in tune. Remember to keep your eye on the prize. Avoid distractions. You are coming up on a cathartic change and you will triumph over obstacles.


Great news – Your energy and capacity are growing by leaps and bounds. Now imagine you have a little medicine bag to carry around as protection, or as a way to access personal power. You’d guard that sacred object as fiercely as your canine self would guard a bone. Take time to protect your growing power so it can become a mighty force. Whether you hold a physical sacred object, or your medicine bag is of the metaphorical variety, keep it hidden from view and in a place that’s holy to you. It is always important, but especially at this time of burgeoning energy that you criticize no one – not even yourself. By not criticizing others or yourself you can release the toxic energy of self-condemnation once and for all. You’re gathering resources, but be discerning. There are times to choose carefully and then there are times to shine brightly for all to see. This is a “choose carefully” time. Do not make hasty decisions right now, lest you be swayed by a less than positive influence.


Now is a time of miracles and balance. Abundance and security are flowing into your life; all things are possible. You may call on greater forces, and with their help you’ll be able to move through obstacles without struggling. This is a time to keep promises to all, but especially to yourself. Commit to your priorities! Spend time each day working on projects dear to your heart. (Be sure to clean up your diet so you can stay clear and focused). You have celestial permission to be assertive regarding demands on your time. Say no to distractions and you will see good results. Here’s the thing – even our porcine pals have to understand that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? The miracles and abundance and encouragement for you to do what you love mentioned above? They’re all yours, with the caveat that you let go of your ego and judgment of others. Forgiveness is essential. I realize that forgiveness is really, really hard, and may take much meditation and soul searching – but if you can open your heart to absolution, it is said your very DNA will be transformed. Offer your heart to the world, and when all is forgiven, limitless love and opportunity will flow your way.

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark