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Year of the Pig – Month of the Rabbit

We are now entering the month of the Rabbit, while the animal that governs this year is the Pig. When the Rabbit is combined with the Pig they exude stability and a loving nature.

The Rabbit has a harmonious relationship with the Pig and finds their nature completely rewarding. They are affectionate and caring toward one another, so look for wonderful companionship this month, and excellent time spent with friends and family!

As the season changes, Springtime is represented by the Wood element, which is responsible for maintaining a free flow of energy (chi) through the body. It brings the harmonization of emotions, and prevents and removes emotional stagnation left over from winter. The Wood element also plays a major role in the detoxification process.

As all of nature awakens, this season is about one’s drive to achieve and one’s ability to plan and make decisions. As you start new projects, it is important to be sincere in all your intentions. A sincere heart will always improve your results.

There are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship. ~Author Unknown

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Month of the Rabbit – Year of the Pig

Rat – With spring here, we are now at the beginning of the growing season, which is an excellent time to go within to find the perfect design that resides within you always. Use meditation and deep thinking to increase your vibrations to their highest frequency. You could potentially be flowing with the Tao with the innocence of a child. Perfection! This will help you to find your true potential as well as the best direction to move forward and upward.

Ox – You can have it all this month my Ox friend! Like a powerful magician, you can manifest the harvest you’ve long-awaited into the physical world. Expect some kind of breakthrough in your material world through gifts, property, money, or an inheritance. This energy could also manifest as a beneficial career change or some good health news. It’s time to take advantage of opportunity, so be sure to keep your hands open to receive. As this fruition brings monetary rewards, it will reawaken your passion, and you’ll allow yourself to get going on a project you’ve been dreaming about.

Tiger – When the Tiger gets together with the Pig, they take the opportunity to relax and enjoy life. So this Rabbit month it’s really important that you nurture yourself; get a massage, go to the park, or that art exhibit you’ve been putting off seeing. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes, or something else that makes you feel happy and feels like a little splurge. Watch what happens! You’ll feel like you’re back firing on all cylinders again and will soon be doing the cosmic dance that only your magnificent, regal self can do!

Rabbit – Power to the Rabbits! This month you experience your true power, and you’re not going to give it away to anyone. You’re feeling independent and without compromise. You have more freedom of expression and the ability to cope, making this an excellent month to get started on, or keep going with, that project that’s been on your mind. A little push will take you a long way this month. The dynamic equilibrium surrounding you will make an impact on all levels and move you further ahead – wheee!

Dragon – Don’t be surprised if you see glitter in the air around you this month. It’s like the muse of creativity taking you out for a stroll and surrounding you with inspiration that will ignite the core of your being. Your deepest creative essence will be inspired, so buy a notebook, take your laptop with you, and never be without a pen! You’ll have many inspirational messages in your dreams and in your waking life, and you’ll need to be sure to make note of them as they will greatly benefit you in the future.

Snake – Snake people are so sensitive. It’s such a shame when anybody hurts them, because it affects them to their core. The message this month is to forgive. Find out how you’ve been withholding love from yourself or others. Once you do this you will see the humor in what’s happening, and you’ll be able to help yourself and others out of a limiting and uncomfortable situation. Let go of your ego and stay in the light. Guardians around you want to release your troubles to them, so help others to lighten up and then begin to hear your own laughter again!

Horse – Someone or some incident has made you feel alone and separate from your herd. There is a place in your mind where you’re grieving and feeling anguished over being left out of the picture, but staying in this mindset only compounds your feelings of isolation. There’s help around you from the unseen world, so know you are supported by Spirit. Once you realize that, you will be turned on to a new creative mode that will spark your inspiration and heighten your aspirations in a way supported by the divine. From there then it’s giddy-up-go!

Goat – Understand there is a kind of extreme energy around you now. On the one hand, you will experience great power which will make you unstoppable, and no one will be able take advantage of you. On the other hand, you really need to look at a once-cherished project, idea, or relationship that is never going to come to fruition, no matter how much energy you put into it. Release these attachments so you can move on, because your fixation on this old dying cycle is closing you off from new opportunities. If you can be aware and make the necessary changes in a final, diplomatic, and concise way, the world will be at your feet. You’ll experience a greater wholeness of being, the power will have been used correctly, and you will receive good karma points.

Monkey – In the words of John Lennon – “You say you want a revolution?” Monkeys should jump on that bandwagon and embrace that kind of chaos! Beat up those worn-out thought patterns and embrace change – you’re fired up and ready to go! Release anything that’s outmoded or that you’ve grown out of, and let a new, true, powerful expression of healing come your way. You will become a well-respected individual by embracing change and by helping others around you to grow. By having reverence for the divine and for nature, you’ll align yourself with the light and bring others out of the darkness, so if you’re into rituals, this is a great time to perform them.

Rooster – It’s clean-up time on aisle nine for the Roosters this month. Any type of cleansing is good for you, as we move away from the growing season. It’s the time of dreams and going within, so meditation, fasting or actually physically getting in your closets and getting rid of a lot of old stuff will give you a whole new lease on life. There is success on the horizon and the sooner you can do the cleansing, you’ll make way for a gain – in your work, health and fortune. You deserve it, so get cracking!

Dog – The night sky is opening up its heavenly arms to you with a deep message from above. A compassionate light will shine down and guide your path, as your heart awakens and your dreams will bring you a sense of purpose. You’ll be there for a lot of people who have experienced heavy circumstances, bringing in good nature, humor and generosity. You will delight others by encouraging them to grow. Bringing a light-hearted nature to your friends and family right now is the highest and best way to serve them. Compassion will lead your way to beauty.

Pig – The Rabbit brings an infusion of love, so be open to this month’s great energy. And don’t be afraid, because the Rabbit could never leave you out on a limb. You’ll experience new dimensions of feeling that you haven’t felt for a long time, and there will be a natural feeling of healing, cleansing and much more coming through. Enjoy your family and friends and experience the love that is all around you and flowing through you. Let blessings flow and fill you with ecstasy. You have the ability to achieve a healthier state of being as you choose to release and welcome the shift that will raise you up into a new consciousness.

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 By Marina Lighthouse edited with love by Kristin Clark