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Month of the Rat in the Year of the Ox

We are now entering the month of the Rat. The Year of the Metal Ox is in its last two months and we will soon be welcoming in the Year of the Water Tiger. This time is also known as the tail of the Ox. Dragons, Horses, Goats and Oxen in particular should remain alert, show kindness, and do good deeds.  Every sign may already be feeling the new energy coming in from the Tiger, so take note.

The Ox and the Rat complement one another, like two pieces of one puzzle. The Rat manages surprise easily, thanks to its mobility and dynamism. The Ox is steady and sensible. The Ox will become a reliable support for a sensitive Rat. Both signs are good family people, and this makes their connection especially strong. Their combination encourages development, compatibility, and transformation in our world. This month we should see improvement – a gradual easing up, or an adoption of the right attitude in relation to what everyone is going through right now.  Things should flow better, with more mutual respect and agreement. This is a very nice combination for the upcoming holiday season.

FENG SHUI SHOPPER NEWS: We will soon be receiving our jade from Taipei.  Meng Lei will not be available to create many of the charms we have all come to love. She kindly assisted me in ordering a limited amount of top-quality jade charms and bracelets from Mrs. Chen at the Jade Market in Taipei. This year will be a first come first served. I want everyone to know this, as the time to acquire the merchandise will be short. I will let you know as soon as the jade arrives and is up on ETSY.

We are creating the Lucky 2022 Tiger Postcard now. Many people have written and told me how much they love the annual postcards. It’s a small way for us to say “Thank you!” for all of the support and friendship we received over the years from you.

Monthly Quote: “The point is to touch into the good heart that we already have and nurture it.” – Pema Chödrön.


Rat – Rats are nocturnal. These creatures can be shy and fearful, making low-light situations a friendlier environment for them because it’s easier to hide in the shadows. This isn’t the case for you this month, my bold friend. You’re putting yourself forward with confidence knowing that it doesn’t matter if you’re accepted or rejected; you’re ready to engage with life. Relationships will play a key part of a days ahead and you’re ready to meet them, filled with courage and self-respect. In the past, anxiety over being loved and approved of may have gotten in the way of opting for choices you needed to make. Now, having a strong belief in yourself allows you to offer your service without fear of criticism. This strong belief in yourself helps you to harmonize the duality of ego and spirit. Heal old wounds around relationships and situations of the past. Do whatever it takes to make amends. Forgive yourself and forgive others. The metal element is strong, making this a time of reflection and considered action. This is a good time to ask yourself the following questions: In which areas of my life do I need to bring peace? What are the first steps I need to take? What do I need in order to resolve a rift between myself and another person? Ask the questions, get the answers, and then take the action. Open your heart to love.

Ox – Next to language, Darwin regarded fire as the most important discovery by humans. The control of it allowed them to cook foods that were too hard to eat otherwise. It also kept them warm and kept predators at bay. This month the fire element is key to bringing warmth and joy into your life. Enjoy candles, a bonfire, or a cozy sit by a lit fireplace. These will all bring a kind of warmth and healing to your soul. Many inspirations have come from gazing at the flames of a hearth. This is a time of contemplation for you. Turn within, watch your dreams, mend relationships, and meditate. The answers you seek are all inside and waiting to be heard. Consider the ways you can finish up business, both physical and spiritual, in order to move forward in 2022. Your life’s purpose is supported by the joy and passion you feel when you’re thinking about, or working toward your purpose. This same joy keeps relationships exciting and growing. Whether in regard to a relationship, an activity, or a hobby, the focused joy in all things brings you higher vibrations. You’ve developed an appreciation for the finer things in life. Heal your life through the power of joy. You have charisma this month and you’re sailing upward, as a campfire sparks to the sky.

Tiger – We don’t tend to associate cats with water. Most big cats, though capable of swimming, don’t do it well as they’re adapted to hunt on land. Tigers are a whole different story. They live in tropical jungles and are often known to bathe in lakes and ponds. Tigers have been seen crossing rivers as wide as 4.5 miles, and there are reports of them swimming up to 18 miles in a day. We’re coming up to the year of the Water Tiger, and this month has a message for kitty – get wet. If you have access to a sauna or a sweat lodge this would be an excellent time to go in and purify yourself. If you don’t have access to these things, at least take a hot steamy shower and visualize yourself being cleansed. Cleanse yourself in other ways too; remove clutter and outmoded relationships that no longer serve you. It’s time to review your feminine relationships and any issues involving girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, or sisters. See if there is an imbalance there and work on healing it. Be willing to forgive women in your life who you feel have hurt you. Doing this will benefit your own feminine energies. When frustrated or impatient, the tiger goes back to its den for a time. Removing yourself until you’re better suited to deal with a situation is wisdom. Knowing when to do this is a real asset and shows growth in your personality. You’ve developed a sense of responsibility towards others, and when you’re dealing with life’s irritations, you’re able to ride the river tide. You’ll find you are able to love without judgment, and to use compassion in dealing with people under changing circumstances. This is a time to embrace the divine feminine.

Rabbit – Out of all of the animals I’ve ever had the pleasure of petting, Queen Loppy, a Satin Angora rabbit who belonged to a friend of mine, was the softest. I can’t help but think that that maybe the evolutionary reason for SUCH soft fur is to be cuddly. After all, cuddling pets has a demonstrably positive health effect. When we snuggle with beloved fur friends our blood pressure decreases, and so does theirs. We need companionship and cuddles, and Mother Nature found a way to encourage that.  (She’s such a smart lady.) Relationships play a key role in the month ahead for rabbits. Demonstrate your affection! Physical contact is important. So is committing to the moment. Still, a caution here – be careful not to manipulate certain situations for your own end; your energy is better employed in creative activities. Remember that the fire of passion not only gives warmth, but it can also consume. Learn to love yourself first, and genuine love will follow. Have courage. You are a creator, a divine innovator, and your spirit is awakened within. You have the capacity to overcome adversity, and new horizons await you. Find the humor in a situation and enjoy a good laugh. Step out of your comfort zone and live passionately! Take the direction of freedom. Some new and exciting thing is headed your way. Revel in the sparkle of this holiday season. Embrace the power of joy.

Dragon – Oh, my freewheeling, sky-soaring Dragon. Can it feel a little isolating u there in the sky, away from other creatures? Sometimes we feel disconnected from others, but regardless of space and time there is always a connection between all things. So soar. Just let go, say yes to life, and be daring. Kick up your heels and dance to your heart’s desire. Unfurl your wings and fly to the heavens.  Sometimes life is chaotic but that’s OK, you’re OK. You might have bouts of isolation and lack motivation, but keep in mind that life is going to throw you a lifeline. When you feel most isolated, it will pull you back into the scene. It looks like you’re going to get a break from a hardship that has weighed you down. Yes, it’s THAT situation in your life right now. The one where you felt you just couldn’t get a break. Now the time will finally come that you can release and relinquish your struggle, accept the truth, and move on. Perform a clearing of your environment before the beginning of the New Year. Eliminate clutter and use Feng shui to cleanse the energy of your home and office. Fly, fly, fly away from harsh or toxic substances, environments, and relationships. The year ahead, 2022, will be much brighter! You’ll now be able to bring a feeling of peace to people when they most need it.

Snake – Some snakes are able to see more than just visible light. They can detect infrared radiation, which allows them to actually perceive thermal radiation, allowing them to “see” body heat in low-light conditions. This is useful in finding prey, but also in avoiding would-be aggressors. Just now, you have the ability to recognize aggression towards others and yourself, and you’re able to take responsibility towards others. When dealing with life’s irritations you’re better able to cope. You have developed an awareness of your emotions and provoked reactions, and should be congratulated for that. It’s no small feat. Use this time to focus your intention and passion on one thing, rather than scattering it in hundreds of other directions. Being single-minded will allow you to know what’s truly important in your life. Living in the moment is one of the most significant universal teachers for improving your life’s quality. Inner balance refers to the process of maintaining inner wellbeing. Trust your instincts. Embrace the power of joy, and focus your attention on deepening and reestablishing your inner balance. Meditation is a handy tool for doing this; you don’t need any formal training. It’s just a simple matter of sitting quietly, closing your eyes, breathing, and listening. If need be, listen to a meditation track, or several. The Heart Sutra Meditation by Marina Lighthouse and Grand Master Lin Yun is now available in most formats (i.e. Apple Music, Prime etc.) Be still, listen, and take some time to be alone. It’s a wonderful time of reflection, so embrace that and move forward with grace.

Horse – The pushmi-pullyu is a creature from the mind of Hugh Lofting, author of the beloved book, “The Story of Doctor Doolittle.” It’s an animal that had not tail, but two heads at either end of its body. One can imagine difficulties in locomotion. What if the heads had differing ideas regarding where to go next?  Well, this month, horses are going to hear a call from many different directions. The best thing you could do right now is to put blinders on and stay focused. It’s easy for you to be pulled all over the place and to feel scattered. The good news is that it seems long ago people figured out that horses need blinders, and so they are available to you. Just put them on (energetically speaking), and when your goal appears you’ll be able to direct your thoughts toward good, positive experiences. If you’re feeling challenged, you’ll draw challenging situations in your life. If you’re feeling positive, you’ll draw positive situations into your life.  It’s important to focus on one thing, and determine how much you focus and energy you spend on different activities throughout the day. If there’s anything that doesn’t really nourish you, focus your attention on something else that’s more important. You’ve got the power to expand and take leadership. To succeed in projects that need to get done. You feel ready to grow, and you’re inspired to encourage growth in others too. You take as much pleasure in seeing other people succeed as when you succeed. All the doors are open for you right now so enjoy yourself. This is a good time to start a new project, just remember that blinders are your best friend.

Goat – On a recent trip to The Valley of Fire, (no, that’s not a euphemism, there is such a place in the Mojave Desert. It gets its name from massive red sandstone formations) I caught sight of a magnificent bighorn sheep solidly perched atop an impressive scarlet ridge, hemmed in by nothing but cerulean blue sky. I stood watching him for a good five minutes; he took no notice of me at all. The view he had was an expansive one, and as I watched him the word that came to mind was “freedom.” There were no fences around him, no obstacles he couldn’t scale. Ah the taste of freedom! You, my sure-hoofed honey, can walk away from restrictions. You have the power and the right to change your life so that you can experience more freedom. Take a break to think clearly about your available options; the universe supports you. Keywords for you at this time are expansion, creativity, and today’s favorite – freedom. This said, there are times to shine brightly for all those to see and there are times when you need to choose carefully who really gets to see your true self. Choose wisely and don’t make hasty decisions. Guard your five senses from inappropriate actions, and you’ll have the power to overcome obstacles. This is a time to gather your resources. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled away from your spiritual quest by doubting. Change is coming; you’ve had two years of Tai Sui. Rejuvenation at last is here! Take heart and believe. The significant changes taking place in your life urge you to give, share, cooperate, love, honor and value other living things with an awakened spirit. You have the capacity to grow in leaps and bounds, which just may leave you standing atop a scarlet ridge, hemmed in by nothing but the vastness of a cerulean blue sky.

Monkey – We tend to think of monkeys as being at home in the trees, and most are but there is a difference between Old World monkeys (those that live primarily in Africa and Asia) and New World monkeys (those that live primarily in Europe and the Americas). Due to geographic isolation, the different groups adapted to different environments in different ways. Ways that were comfortable to them. Old World monkeys include both arboreal and ground dwelling species, and hey – home is home, right? You’ve been in the trees swinging between dual desires of being loved, appreciated, and approved or of being the rebel, carrying on a solo act. This back and forth will get in the way of opting for the choices you need to make to have most optimal life.  Ground yourself for now. Create a home for your soul and have things in your space that make you feel good every time you see them. Cherish the here and now. Get comfortable in your space, and bring a feeling of peace to others when they need it most. You may have had to overcome some bouts of isolation recently, but the universe is throwing you a lifeline; so rejoin the world! Prosperity is blooming in your life, and you are in tune with earth energies. Pay attention to your health and detoxify your body. It’s important to keep your thoughts as positive as possible, and to keep your energy clear and clean.  The universe is reiterating once again to stay clear of toxic substances, environments, and relationships. You’ll benefit by observing your life from a spiritual framework; one where you’ll recognize that limitations are actually focused opportunities.

Rooster – It’s true that when we think of barnyard birds we don’t think of them as being particularly meditative. There seems to be a lot of action – clucking around and crowing and pecking. This isn’t to say that they’re not capable of calm, and in fact, I think that when it comes to laying eggs there’s probably a focus there that’s as Zen as it gets. Perhaps while they’re sitting in their nesting boxes before the arrival of the egg, they give themselves over to just being. I think of this when I think of the message for you this month, my feathered friend. You’re can find more satisfaction in your life and a sense of freedom from anxiety when you’re ready to turn your impatience into spiritual energy for self-discovery. For example, when a when a person fails to make the point that’s important, or keeps repeating themselves, check into the awareness of what tension level it brings to you. Try moving through this anxiety by letting go of anticipation or thoughts of, “when will this be over?” Focus on the moment, and on your inner mind. You’ll find yourself relaxing into freedom and the enjoyment of each experience of your life. Every situation offers opportunity to grow and learn. When we cluck and curse at a situation, we block the flow of energy and it feels as though things tighten up. In contrast, when we can recognize the blessing within a situation not to our liking, we can heal. An added benefit is that the situation itself will resolve more easily. Communicate from your heart, and share your reality without hesitation. Transformative healing occurs when you remain calm in the face of

Dog – Doggy dear you are a gift to the world. In fact, this month’s message for you reminds me of a song by The Beatles. Paul McCartney was quite open about the fact that he’d written the love song “Martha My Dear” about his beloved Old English Sheepdog. The line “When you find yourself in the thick of it/Help yourself to a bit of what is all around you” really reminds me of you right now. No matter what’s happening around you, you’ll find there’s always something to be grateful for. If you find yourself I the thick of it, focus on gratitude for everything in your life; if something doesn’t fit a preconceived notion of perfection, no matter. Perfect appreciation flows through you in great abundance. Help yourself to a bit of what is all around you. Recognize all you can be thankful for (up to and including individuals who can be a bit… challenging) and watch miracles manifest right before your eyes. Follow your heart. You can trust your heart’s true desire, even if you can’t clearly see a particular outcome just now. Put faith in your intuition and act accordingly. Divine guidance is present. You’ve completed a particular stage or lesson of your life, and have reached an understanding. No need to repeat mistakes. You can move forward and follow your intuition while holding on to your truth. You might benefit from observing your life from a place of spiritual consciousness. Consider the notion that what appeared to be limitations were actually opportunities for positive life changes, and that those exist to help you find the pressure point of your ego. Understand that the universe is trying to teach you. If something upsetting occurs, ask yourself why it’s upsetting, and write down your answer. You will be writing the truth, which is incredibly valuable to greater insight and self-discovery. Deep thoughts for an Old English Sheepdog, I know.

Pig – P is for pig and P is for persistence. The message for you this month, my Piggy Pal, is all about sticking with it – whatever “it” might happen to be.  Persistent action and positive thinking will help in the manifestation of your dreams. You might consider breaking large projects into smaller steps. This has the added benefit of allowing you to experience the delight of accomplishment in increments, with each step you take. Remain committed to your dreams – Procrastination also begins with P but it has no place here. The universe is waiting to support and nurture you. Sustenance flows into your life through friends, family, animals, and even plants. Find “your people” and cherish them. Create your own tribe, and gather those people with whom you resonate; you will live longer and be happier. You have clarity, and can see the true qualities of people around you. This allows you to appreciate their individual worth, and yes, it is all about learning to give and receive love with openness. Do not become defensive. Have courage and fortify your resolve. You’re on the right path, whether or not outward indicators suggest success. If you’ve met unexpected obstacles, know that new resources will soon be available. Have courage. Obstacles that may appear simply represent an opportunity to get a clear understanding from an opaque situation.  Keep this in mind and you’ll attain greater spiritual wisdom –  and prosperity with a P.

Inspiration readings  by Marina Lighthouse

Written and edited by Kristin Clark