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Free Monthly Chinese Horoscope – YEAR OF THE RAT – MONTH OF THE ROOSTER

We are now in the month of the Rooster, while the animal that governs this year is the Rat. In the Chinese astrological system, when the Rat is combined with the Rooster, a squared relationship is created making it is easy for them to fight with one another. The Rat tends to be intellectual and opinionated; attracted to the exchange of ideas and information. The Rooster is often grounded, practical and realistic, and can be meticulous, headstrong, self-motivated, brave – and argument-prone.

Mindfulness is needed, and it can start with you. Giving to others without an expectation of getting something in return is warranted. Give with an open heart. If you haven’t been compassionate or generous in the past, start now. Pay attention to how you treat people and be mindful of your perceptions of them. Show others you believe in them. Appreciate your fellow human beings; they are important in the divine scheme of things.

Be aware that a negative attitude will cause you to fail before you begin. Cultivate a positive, joyful attitude and you’ll create positive, joyful results.

It’s time for a change. The act of withholding isn’t welcomed in our world. In fact as we’ve seen, withholding information is another way to lie. We may find we’re being manipulated and controlled by others who withhold information: now is the time to address the concepts of giving versus withholding.


“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” – Pema Chödrön


Year of the Metal Rat, Month of the Rooster

Rat – Famous behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner once said, “… my rats have taught me much more than I have taught them.” Considering that the man published 21 book and 180 articles in his lifetime, along with the fact that he pioneered positive reinforcement as a means to effectively educate students – a method of operation preferred in schools to this day, this must mean… rats are smart. No one could ever deny the fact that rats are very clever, but take care not to let cleverness cloud your mind. Wisdom is what you hope to develop. Rats often have a very rational way of thinking, however there is something to be said for intuition as well. At this time, getting your instincts and rational mind to work together is necessary in order to make a wise choice. Once you find the balance between these two disparate methods of choosing, the capacity to decide returns spontaneously. If you cannot have everything, you can appreciate what you have. Look out for the wellbeing of those around you.  You have a unique ability to birth new ideas. Your joy in knowledge, coupled with a generous and giving spirit, will answer some of your greatest riddles. Dreams and desires fuel your intentions. Use your inner light to illuminate your path.

Ox – According to Wikipedia, “In many cases the benefit received by the oxen (safety, food, and shelter) has been small relative to the sacrifice entailed. They have been in many ways, an altruistic animal that benefits humankind.” Good for you, I say! Love and compassion toward others is in the air, as the isolation of ego is surrendered into the ocean of love. (Excellent news that oxen are good swimmers.) Open your heart fully to the relationship you deserve. United as one, you will have the means to reach your goals. You can communicate with clarity and your abundant energy will allow you to carry your message of truth and love to many people. In this moment of change you find your inner freedom. While freedom and openness are lovely, it is still wise to protect yourself from external conditions a bit. Notice whether people follow a path with confidence. Ask yourself, “How can I bring more harmony to my environment?” Consider listening to music to keep your spirits high and bright.

Tiger – While it is known that Tigers are fast (they can reach speeds of 35 to 40 miles an hour) they are not the fastest of the big cats. This is because they don’t rely on chasing and speed to catch their prey – it’s all about swift and decisive action. The rest of their time is spent resting. In fact they spend between 16 and 20 hours a day just lying in the shade. This is a good time to emulate your wild brethren. Not that we’re advocating taking a 20 our long siesta, but practice the spiritual discipline of taking time daily to be alone. Gift yourself with a brief respite from our busy world. Doing so will allow your mind to flow effortlessly on your spiritual journey.  It will illuminate the bridge to Source in yourself, giving you the ability to shine the light for others. Once the Tiger has rested and revived, it’s time to get busy. Your actions will be spontaneous and appropriate. Give credit where credit is due, and don’t sit in judgment of others. Carefully chosen speech keeps us in alignment with our intention to be the best person we can be.  Take heart that all is well. Everything you need is already within you. It’s useless to seek in a panic, and useless to find excuses not to act. You’re perfectly capable of dealing with the situation at hand, so take action. Chanting mantras at this time will be very powerful.

Rabbit – “Love was made for you and me” so says the song by Nat King Cole. Open yourself fully to the relationship you deserve. Be compassion in action. Did you know that a mother rabbit in defense of her young has the ability to fend off a predator twice her size? You have the ability to spontaneously give aid and protection to those around you. Your compassion is available to anyone, no matter who it might be. You bring a feeling of peace to people when they need it most. Doesn’t everyone need a honey bunny love hug, even if it is a virtual one? I think we all do! Be sure to find your direction by clarifying your lifetime objectives. Understanding is what makes your actions worthwhile. Be honest and sincere with yourself and with the others. In your own space, growing and developing as you should, you will become familiar with other states of consciousness while remaining connected to the world.

Dragon – In the old stories Dragons often guarded or protected precious gold and jewels. Ask yourself, “What is most worthy of my protection. What is the most precious treasure of all?” I’m pretty sure the thing you would come up with, dear Dragon, would be your loved ones. You have been granted great gifts. Don’t disdain those who’ve been less fortunate. It will benefit them and you, as you rediscover joy in being with others. The Dragon is regarded as the symbol of helpful people, and of safety when traveling. As you give protection so do you receive it. Don’t be afraid to face the reality of your situation. Don’t fear a deep examination of your own feelings either. You have extra energy and support in facing fear, pain, and loss. Viewing life without self-condemnation will allow you to soar over troubled water. Outmoded forms are destroyed and rebirth occurs. Shedding what no longer serves you brings ultimate freedom. Fly high, Dragon, fly high!

Snake – You know it’s the lunar pull of the moon that causes the tidal ebb and flow, right? The moon just chills while the earth spins around, and that creates the pull. Be comfortable with both the ebb and the flow. You know how to bring your desire to fruition. Trust you’re getting pulled in the right direction. If you’ve recently had an experience with someone and find difficulty in letting it go, find closure by looking to see if you can transform anger or wrath into an enlightened awareness. Meditation helps. (Meditation. Always. Helps.) Don’t spin like the earth, be chill like the moon. Discover an inner sense of wholeness. As always work on being in the here and now. This will allow new doors to open. Trust your serene heart, and receive the pearl of wisdom hidden within. (BTW – if you are so inclined, wearing a pearl right now could be beneficial). Give yourself credit, give others credit. Don’t sit in judgment of them. Instead, rejoice in their success. When a compliment comes from you it means a lot.

Horse – Did you know that the heart of the average horse weighs 8 lbs? Even more incredibly, famous racehorse Secretariat’s heart weighed in at a whopping 20 lbs., and this possibly contributed to his incredible athletic achievement. I bring this up, my equine pal, because you have a huge heart – compassion for miles. And it is a compassion fed by wisdom. You’re able to teach gently without destroying the convictions of other people. Continue to grow spiritually. Look to benefit others. If there is a situation where there seem to be too many factors and no clear choices, then be sensible and realize that it is not yet the time to make a decision. Your wisest course of action will be to give your mind a break. This isn’t the time to be over analytical, or to get caught up in a tape loop mode. Know that when the time comes for a decision, the path will be clear. Then you’ll soar over hurdles beautifully. Like Secretariat, you’ll make it to the finish line unscathed.

Goat –Did you know that humans and goats have very similar heart rates? A typical human heart rate falls between 60 and 100 beats per minute or BPM, while your average goat’s BPM is between 70 and 90. Pretty close as compared to say, the heart rates of a Humpback Whale (10 to 20 BPM) and a hummingbird (avg. 1,200 BPM). I bring up these interesting facts because your message for this month is all about heart. Specifically yours. Your heart must have the nourishment and attention it needs or a severe toll will be taken. You are worthy of love and deserved to be surrounded with those who love and inspire you. It’s a top priority now to pay attention to your feelings and nurture yourself. If you have been hurt and angry, and your 60 to 100 BPM heart has been filled with resentment, now is the time to let go of it all. Be finished with it so love can return. Meditation can help open your heart to divine love. After that, what more do you need? You have inspiration and protection from unseen forces guarding you from inappropriate action. You have the power to overcome all obstacles, even the fear that you once thought insurmountable. Take that leap to the next precipice. An enchanting field of clover awaits!

Monkey – The term “monkey mind” has been around for quite some time. It refers to a state of mind that is restless, prone to jumping around. There are a seemingly endless array of articles online discussing how to deal with it. Near the top of the list are always these tips 1) recognize that you have monkey mind, and 2) meditate to in order to still it. Here is your message for this month: Concentrate on one thing at a time. Focus on what you are doing. Commit and dedicate yourself to follow- through. This will build skills and shift your mind from those errors of the past haunting you. Take a note from this month’s message to your opposite sign, Tiger. Use the power of chanting mantras for mind protection.  Chosen speech helps us to remain in alignment with our intentions and to be the best people we can be. Free yourself of any limited perspectives others have persuaded you to accept about yourself. Then you’ll be free to jump from that tree and open to swinging toward all opportunity. On another note, you have begun to discern the true qualities of those around you and to appreciate their individual worth. It’s important to connect with people (even if it is on zoom) so they can feel and receive your positive energy.

Rooster – We’re heading into Fall, and do you know what that means? It’s molting season, by feathered friend! This is a time when our favorite barnyard fowl begin to shed their old and broken feathers to make way for a more glorious plumage that will keep them cozy and beautiful through the winter. This is a great month for you to experience a transformation of your own. Allow for freshness and vitality to flow throughout your entire body. Move, dance, run, walk with it. Change your habits a little by doing something new at a time boredom sets in. Try splashing water on your face, walking around the room in a new way, or spritzing some aromatherapy into the air. This will reboot you and fatigue will melt away. It will be easy for you to take the first step. You’re not afraid to look at yourself or to face a reality in your situation.  Also, you’re not afraid to acknowledge your failings. You’re beginning to see life without condemnation, and can smoothly navigate troubled waters. Look to the vast expanse of sky and space. There is potential for an abundant harvest and the fulfillment of projects you hold dear. Walk with respect on the Earth, know that you are connected with all life, and that your path will be illuminated.

Dog – They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but can new tricks be taught by an old dog? (Not that we’re calling anyone old. How about we substitute the word wise for old?) You, my wise friend, have the ability to be a great teacher. You can stir people up. Even negative individuals fall in to line when exposed to your charms. So what if you sometimes use outrageous or unorthodox ways to teach people? It’s all good because it wakes them up. Your outrageous behavior is a benefit to others. Doors can and will open in your mind. Take steps to dispel boredom and fatigue. Get out there and move your body. Fulfill your dreams. This may take the form of pursuing a traditional artistic endeavor, or in nurturing your relationship or your home life; whatever will make you happy. The clarity and objectivity of your dreams will keep them alive.

Pig – You know that expression, “Happy as a pig in mud”? Well, they’re also happy getting belly rubs, snuffling the ground for food treats, and as we recently learned, swimming. The point here is that there are lots of things that make pigs happy. This is true for you too. There is a kind of peace and contentment in your in everyday life, if you’ll only check into it. You do have a sense of well-being. Of course, you’ll want to look at your behavior to protect yourself against selfishness and pride too. (As another saying goes, “Keep polishing that stone.”) Remember to have compassion for those less fortunate. This is one way to assure you will continue to be granted great gifts in this lifetime. There is a Divine happiness in helping others, you know. Assist people in getting from one place to another, whether that means offering emotional, spiritual, mental, or monetary aid. Embrace your inner child, and let go of any schemes. Life is a dance; it’s time to do the piggy wiggly skip, twirl, and hop again! Besides mud-baths, belly rubs, treats, swimming, and helping others – we’ll bet dancing makes pigs happy too.

Divination and Interpretation by Marina Lighthouse – Written by Kristin Clark