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Marina Lighthouse and Feng Shui Shopper Present

This will be the last monthly horoscope I will be writing. I am working on other creative projects.   I’d like to thank Kristin Clark for helping me with editing and adding such an enjoyably creative flair into each month’s horoscope over the past few years. I hope the horoscopes were insightful, and you enjoyed them. The daily and the weekly daily horoscope will continue. Wishing you an excellent year of the Tiger!!! Blessings Marina


We are now entering a new lunar cycle – the month of the Ox, and the animal that governs this year is also the Ox. When the two align, it is said that the true nature of the year is revealed. We’ve had to wait till the very end – and I mean the very end – of the Lunar Zodiac cycle to discover the nature of this year. Like the Ox spirit, we are more capable than we may think. We can use all the challenges, struggles, positives and negatives as tools of achievement as we head into 2022. Yes, change can be scary. This past year we found ourselves in new circumstances. Some were good and some… less so. Some felt downright overwhelming. It’s helpful to remember that crisis can also be used to create opportunity, as long as we develop a “challenge mindset” rather than a “threat mindset”.

We can take our cue from the steadfast Ox when faced with a stressful situation; there is always something we can do. The Ox is strong and resilient. View decisions as active choices – not sacrifices. We need to believe in ourselves more – to be both optimistic and realistic. It’s a good idea for us to focus on what we can control, and to acknowledge our own efforts. Still, we don’t work alone, and here’s another hint from the Ox – they work in teams, and it is important to acknowledge the contributions of others as well. Surrounding ourselves with the right people, and focusing on what drives us will help us all become the change we want to see. Lets remember the valuable tools we learned in 2021 – we can use them with great success as we head into 2022. Happy New Year!

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Rat – Well, it’s like nice to see the Rat starting off the year on a good foot! You, mighty Rat, with your five sensory perceptions, have the power to overcome obstacles once thought insurmountable. Your fears will melt away. Don’t be pulled down by doubt. You have the ability to transform feelings of frustration stagnation and resistance with intimacy. This might be the last time you do this so enjoy it. Understand your passions and don’t get caught up in trying to meet the expectations of others. This is a great time to clear out mental and emotional clutter. At this time, you will either meet a significant new male friend or partner – or you will heal feelings you may have about your father. You can heal old emotional wounds connected to men in your life. This is a strong way for you to finish out the year and it will go a long way to opening new doors and relationships in the future.

Ox – My dear, bovine buddy. Whenever irritations or anger arises we should look into the mirror of our mind to see what is causing the reaction. Most likely it’s something that we are angry at that we find in ourselves, but we don’t wish to admit! There is a break in the clouds allowing you to see clearly and to face the reality in your situation. It’s a new beginning to see life without condemnation. You will be able to navigate through challenging times much more easily. This is a great time to meditate and self-reflect. No formal training needed. It’s simply a matter of sitting quietly, closing your eyes, breathing, and listening. Your ancestors are sending you incredible support to fulfill your dreams. Be aware of synchronicities and signs around you. Give thanks and support. The more gratitude you have for their help, the more they send you blessings and guidance. Embrace both physical and spiritual passion in your life. Passion is a feeling and the presence of joy that arises when considering a challenge that you agreed to accept. In 2022, ignite the power of passion in your life!

Tiger – As the lunar year transforms into your sign, you can embrace a sense of inner peace and everyday contentment. You are a mighty diamond. Keep polishing that stone – but watch out for selfishness and pride. (Leave the pride to the lions, as it were…) Soon, with the year and month both starting in the sign of the Tiger, we’ll all get a real feel of what the year ahead will be representing. Take note and adjust your expectations and aspirations for the year accordingly. Let your truth be heard and felt by others. You are a beacon for others. If there’s anyone you need to stand up to, this is the time. Sometimes you might find yourself alone or tired, but know in your mighty heart that what you’re doing is making a difference in the lives of many. There is positive change coming! Let go of procrastination or perfectionism, and break your major goals into baby steps. Remain assertive in saying “no” to anything that diverts you from your path. You are like the tiger descending the mountain for nourishment and joining the world, or ascending the mountain for rest and relaxation. Let go and enjoy the journey, because it’s truly for the best.

Rabbit – As the year wraps up and a new one begins, the year ends with some welcome inner peace and everyday contentment. Reflect and look back at the Year of the Ox and see what it brought to you. On your path of the Tiger Year, you’re being guided to accept love without judgment, and to use compassion freely. It is time to heal all wounds with people in situations. Carefully do
whatever you need to do to make amends. Offer a peace pipe. Your power of love helps to heal, change, and awaken grace within all living beings. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. Now is the time! Remember, you can’t make everyone happy. Don’t delay your life-purpose by focusing on other people’s issues. Don’t let drama pull you down. View others as if you are watching a movie; one you know will have a happy or at least resolved ending. The helping hand is there, you just need to get pulled out of the story by detaching from the drama. Once you do, you’re able to make peace with yourself – and once again will be the happy, contented, peaceful Bunny that the world so loves.

Dragon – as the year concludes, things are not as they seem. Something that seems good may be bad and vice versa. Don’t take things at face value. Look beneath the surface. (A competent dragon should always examine its treasure before hauling it back to the den to make sure it’s not fools gold!) Step out of your regular mode. There is some trickster energy surrounding the dragon as the year concludes and the Water Tiger awakens. This trickster energy brings a lighthearted energy around you, but also, caution is required. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly. Your feelings are accurate and valid. You can receive true divine guidance. It’s time to commit to a situation or specific person in your life. Set your priorities, be assertive, stay on your path, and devote time to your highest priorities. You can step out of regular routines and see yourself in an entirely new way. Any habits that have become stagnant or old are now easily dropped. If you haven’t read the overview for the dragon this year here is a link. Enjoy!

Snake – Don’t allow yourself to be pulled away from your spiritual quest by doubt. You have the ability to overcome obstacles in your life. You have a heightened sense of awareness regarding your five senses and an ability to protect them against inappropriate action. Break a bigger goal into smaller steps (smaller slithers?); be systematic. This will also help you get through the Year of the Tiger with more grace and ease. Many things right now are not as they appear. Just like your neighbor in the Lunar Zodiac, the dragon, there is a trickster energy that is surrounding you. The trickster energy can bring you joy and laughter, but it also can be dangerous. Be aware of your inner voice, and the ways it can trumpet out into your life – and into the world. When you express
yourself, do so in a way that people can understand. Take care in the way you show your feelings so that people can better understand who you are and where you’re coming from. Avoiding misunderstanding will be a key ingredient in the Year of the Tiger.

Horse – Are you already feeling the release of the burden of two solid years of Tai Sui coming off your back? Hold on – you still have a month to go. You’re feeling generous because you think of others and their needs. Your abundant energy should be used wisely. Just like a newly ploughed field of rich soil, you hold an abundance of seeds that are now ready to be planted with new ideas, new projects. I know you are excited and want to GO! But, Dear One, have patience with growth. Say you’re planting an acorn. You have to protect it in the early months, but once established that acorn will keep growing and the mighty oak will be able to withstand the storms of time. The horse has been in the stable for so long… you’re finally going to be let out of the barn! Galloping horses are a traditional symbol of getting a business up and running. Now is a great time to start projects. Show commitment to all your intentions of love, justice, faith, compassion, and kindness – and get ready to say, ” Hello world!”

Goat – Just like your best friend the horse, your two years of Tai Shi are finally being removed from the cart you have been pulling since 2020. Pandemic? Isolation? Anxiety? Depression? Grief? Well, hang on – things will get better! Love is flowing through you. Someone “got your goat?” Well, whatever “the individual” in a relationship is saying or doing, or whatever expectation of yours they are not fulfilling – send love to them. Know that this is a time to love and be loved. Imagine a golden ray of light around the center of your heart radiating to the heart centers of others. Did I mention joy? Soon you’ll have the power of joy. Be positive and filled with faith to manifest your desires and to find your life purpose; remember to do what brings you joy. Abundance surrounds you. To live in abundance, accept the power to love, to heal, to transform. You can create love by loving
yourself and others, sending it to the earth and the heavens. It’s as simple as that. An extra note for you – birds often symbolize messengers. Pay attention to bird activity right now for messages. And finally, congratulations!  You made it through – Phew!

Monkey – On the bright side of the New Year, you’ve gained some confidence and are no longer afraid of failure or the judgment of others. You’re ready to spread your wings (oh, those flying monkeys!) and to discover qualities, abilities, and inner strengths that have been trying to emerge. You’re emotionally steady, and not following your passion headlong into lustful entanglements. You have the ability to steer your desires in an artful and creative way, without consuming others with your monkey fire. With your wonderful spontaneities and incredible energies, new projects and ideas will expand inside of you. During the Year of the Tiger, it’s important for you to remember to find the blessing in every
situation. It could be something that you learn or an experience you gain. For example, every situation offers opportunities to grow and learn. When you come upon frustrating circumstances that block your energy, look deeper and remember this message: The power of wisdom and gratitude can heal all.

Rooster – You’ve completed a stage of your life, and have reached the understanding that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes over and over. During a recent experience, this understanding finally dawned on you. Hold onto your truth and you’ll have the ability to recognize the karmic obstacles of a situation before it replays again. (And again.) Transformation is at hand, as
you break out of the old patterns and conventions. It’s time to try
something new. My fine-feathered friend, you’re like a phoenix rising from the ash into new growth and new beginnings. Take a cue from the advice to your neighbor the monkey – as the year proceeds, be sure to find the blessing in situations. In other words, taking a step back and looking at the overall picture will always help you to find your true path. One that travels around the obstacle, and also brings you the best opportunities.

Dog – They say that pups are good judges of character. You’re able to discern the real qualities in people around you, and to appreciate their individual worth. Allow others a chance to get close to you. Learn to give and receive love in a bigger way. Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger. The tiger supports the dog. In fact, it’s part of the three-harmony relationship – tiger/horse/dog. Live with energy of love shining through your life. You naturally have more confidence in yourself and in the divine. Answer the call of the wild! Step out of your comfort zone, and live passionately! As the Year of the Tiger proceeds, remember that opportunities present themselves within situations. If you
stay focused on the wrong (and maybe most obvious) dilemma, you’ll lose sight of what’s available. It’s sort of like following the stock market and noticing that as one industry goes down, another goes up. By looking at the bigger picture, you’ll know where to place your bet to stay ahead of the game and profit. Being the faithful doggy you are, this means everyone in your pack will profit too.

Pig – Can I get a squeal of delight from the pig? As you start out this most special year, step back for a moment. Take the time to withdraw and look for answers in different ways. Your life is being directed. Perhaps it’s time to go on a vision quest. Ask questions such as who am I? What is my mission, and my purpose in life? Take some time asking, and the answer can be revealed. What If you’re not a “vision quest” type? Just take some time away from your ordinary life to explore. There are answers to questions around you, but you must be able to sit still and listen in order to hear the messages. The pig is the talisman for the year, and with that comes some responsibility. Still, it’s widely known that the pig can eat at any table, so you’ll have friends when you need them to help sort things out when you get into a pickle. This said, the Tiger Year could also be a time of well-being, success, and good fortune. You can entertain the prospect of attaining what you desire. Look for blessings in situations – they’re raising their hands, just waiting for you to choose them in this classroom of life.

Inspiration readings  by Marina Lighthouse

Written and edited by Kristin Clark