2023 Zodiac Animal Yearly Horoscopes

Rat in the Year of the Water Rabbit ­

Is your nose twitching, my Rat friend? You may be sniffing the Tai Sway and its effects on the horizon for you. You will need to use your ingenuity and intelligence to help you through.

There may be extra tension regarding relationships – especially with those people you work with. Employees could become troublesome when doing a project. You may find your children more resistant in their relationship communication with you. You will need to use your wisdom in dealing with them.

It is particularly important for the Rat to carry a dog charm to bring them luck this year. The Rat does have a few lucky stars. As long as you are cautious, you’ll be able to avoid misfortune in your finances. This year is not a good year to give loans or co-sign documents. In dealing with finances and business, make sure not to sign anything when you’re feeling emotional. That would cloud your good judgment; a recipe for a bad investment.

Happily, lucky stars shine on you when you are doing your own professional thing, even if there is change in your workplace environment, you can still make money. The more familiarity you have with projects, the more you will be rewarded, and can make money from them.

This year Rat people need to scurry around! Keep moving and be active. You do not want to be a sitting duck for bad luck.

If you want to invest in property, use caution always and look for more of a long-term investment rather than trying to quickly flip a property at this time.

If you have a stable relationship and you’re unmarried, this is a good year for that. Should married couples get threatened by a Peach Blossom relationship, (third party involvement), it is advised that they get out of town or go on a trip together. This will resolve any third-party interference. If you do experience a problem with a relationship, remain calm, and don’t get emotional. Handling things this way will get you the best results. This year carry a charm to bring you a happy relationship.

Health-wise, Rats need to pay attention to their liver, gallbladder, and digestive system. This is especially true for older Rats, or those who suffer a chronic disease. Watching your diet and exercising is particularly important this year.

Rats who drive for a living or commute should put a lucky charm in the car to remind themselves to be careful in the car. The Rat can carry a three-dimensional Dog charm  that would be optimal for luck this year.

Remember, the best way to mitigate the effects of an unfortunate star is to do good deeds, donate blood if possible, wear or carry a charm and attend happiness events. Try it, and your whiskers will again be twitching in happiness.

Ox in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

This year the Ox will have lucky money stars that can bring them side money luck! This means money coming from a side hustle, side income, stock market, or gambling. Your personal income will be better than last year. Remember though, my steady Ox friend, that the side money is not stable income.

And just like that, we are back to the working-habits of the steady Ox in the yoke. Do some part time jobs, and that will better suit you in the year rather than sitting home doing nothing. Even with the above-mentioned side money luck, you have to use caution and make sure you have savings or financial backup. Do a financial plan in 2023, before you spend money. Even though you have many lucky stars to help you economically, there is also one unlucky star that could bring you some money troubles. An example would be if you were doing some business with your friends, the cooperation might not be there, so make sure your accounting is very clear and there are no discrepancies. Financially Ox people will work and have to put up with many extra pressures from their bosses. This could be a challenging year, you’re going to have to work hard to get some positive returns. The side money star shines more brightly on women. For the male Ox, carrying a lucky Dog charm  or the 2023 SUPER Trinity Charm  will help to remove back stabbers.

Ox people who are looking for jobs, or exploring the possibility of applying for new positions, this year should be much easier than before. You have a helpful people star, so be sure to attend more social gatherings so you can make more connections.

For people already retired, it won’t be as easy to solve the bad luck star that could cause more illness or disease, so whenever possible pick up more hobbies and do exercise or find a part time job, do some volunteering, or charity work. Sitting around and doing nothing would be disastrous in 2023. Basically if you stay busy you’ll be able to avoid the bad luck star.

There is a three killing star over the Ox’s love life this year, and it has to do with either a boyfriend or a husband. Females should find opportunity to find a good relationship. If you meet a person that is strong willed or stubborn, but doesn’t act mean, that person could be a strong contender for a good relationship.

In the Flying Star System adjust the WEST. Because of the three-killing star, you’ll have to pay more attention to your health – especially if you’re no longer a young buck – or are someone with a long term health condition.

Ox people can help themselves out by not putting themselves under too much pressure. Do more exercise to avoid negative outcomes. Pay attention to your social life but do not go overboard, you will need to control your diet.

You could experience a surgery or some bodily injury, so make sure you do consistent checkups and have your teeth cleaned more frequently, that will reduce the bad star’s energy. Do attend weddings or celebrations – events that bring your spirit up. Ways to mitigate the effects of an unfortunate star are to donate blood, do good deeds, and get involved in happy events – these things will also up your luck big time!

Tiger in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

As the Rabbit comes hopping in, you will finally be out of the woods. (Or out of the jungle, in your case!) It will no longer be your Tai Sway year. You can relax and know that you will have helpful people on your side. They, especially those whom you consider your elders, will come to your aid.

Even if the worldwide economy is not stable, because you have elder friends helping you, you will succeed. Last year, you had a lot of difficulties, this year you will see more improvement.

Your social expenses will rise, meaning the money, you will need to go out for social engagements will increase. Make sure to balance your expenditures, so you don’t suffer financially.

Even with helpful people in your corner, when you invest, you’ll have to pay more attention and be cautious – otherwise it will lead to easy come, easy go money situations, and in the end, you will experience loss if you’re not paying attention.

The 2023 flying stars are affecting the Tiger’s work environment, which means you’ll have a chance to switch jobs and do something new. If you have been waiting to change jobs or you’re looking for a new job, this year is favored for the change. The lucky carriage star is shining over the Tiger this year. This means change is beneficial for you. The more you move, the more you will have opportunities to do more profitable business deals. When you hire people, it may not be as stable as it has been in the past. So again there is a flow of energy that will be come and go or here today gone tomorrow, but know that it’s OK because it’s part of the energy of the year. Even if you do end up spending more money on hiring the right people around you, in the long run this will prove to be very beneficial.

In love this year, there are three signs that are affected by the strong Peach blossom luck, and Tiger is one of them. This year you will have many chances to meet new positive people. But you might also become entangled in the vines of a third party competitor. When facing this situation, take a step back and seek help from elder friends. By following their advice, the problem will be easily solved. If you plan to marry this year, great – you will be marrying in a year that will bring you success.

Last year, the Tai Sway affected the Tiger’s health – and the energy pressure on the Tiger was very extreme. This year, the energy is less, but for elder Tigers or for people that have experienced long term illnesses it is still a good time to be cautious when it comes to health.

For the Tiger person, carrying a Dog charm would be very beneficial. It is one of your harmony animals and can always be used for protection. Another charm that you could consider would be a turtle. This represents longevity. You could even find a turtle statuette to place on your desk or bedside table. 

Rabbit in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

A lucky Rabbit Foot? All your feet are lucky just now! Yes, it’s your Tai Sway year, but not an ordinary one. Tai Sway is usually considered a hard year, with a lot of intense energy coming your way. But my lucky lapin, have a shining lucky star over you this year in a very rare alignment that doesn’t happen astrologically very often! this means you will have the advantage to have it work in your favor!

This year stay stable, do not upset others, and be sure not to attack others. Keep yourself balanced, stay calm and do not draw too much attention to yourself. Rabbits can be very good at hiding out of sight in the foliage. Do this, and you will experience an excellent year.

In finance Rabbits have two lucky stars shining over them, so it’s a good year to save and raise your fortune. People who’ve been working long toward set goals will receive a promotion. Again, at work keep your opinions to yourself and do not follow others. You can allow your originality to show out from the foliage – and you will be recognized for it, and able to achieve your goals. You want to be recognized for the work you have accomplished, so do not follow along with others or take a back seat.

Financially you also have a lucky star over you, so your income will be stable. Because it’s such an unusual Tai Sway year you’ll be able to make money. Getting involved in high-risk investments is not good though, so don’t become greedy or overconfident. In finance do the research and listen to what others advise, but always follow your gut instincts. Be humble, especially when doing your finances and you will prosper.

In your love relationship you need to pay more attention to others who may be affecting your relationship negatively, which might cause you to separate. Pay more attention to the relationship, so if other people’s influences start affecting either of you with negative energies, you can nip it in the bud quickly, otherwise it could cause you separation and illness.

This year if possible, see if you can create one of the three fortunate events; get married, have a baby, or start a new business. This good luck will follow you into the next year.

This is a good year for the Rabbit to start a new business. Carrying a Lucky Dog charm can help single Rabbits to attract a new relationship. If you are married, the charm will help stabilize your relationship.

Health-wise, Rabbits need to pay attention to health. There might be big changes (especially for older people in your family, or people with long-term illnesses. This year pay more attention to the details of your elders, and their diets and lifestyles.

Be sure they, and you, get adequate sleep, and exercise. Rabbits who drive for a living or commute can carry a Dog, Goat & Pig charm for a safer year.

A three dimensional  Dog Charms would be optimal for luck this year.

Grab the carrot and take advantage of this year!

Dragon in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

It’s a challenge to get the jump on the lofty Dragon as it wings its way through the sky – but unfortunately, in the Rabbit Year, there will be some who will try. This year you might find yourself experiencing more backstabbers and arguments, so you have to pay attention and stay on your toes. (Or talons, in your case.) .

Working Dragons will face more challenges in the workplace. Luckily, they have two fortune stars that will reduce negative effects. Yes, Dragon, this is a Tai Sway year. The Rabbit and the Dragon have a confrontational relationship. Work-wise, changing your workplace, your boss, or going to a new company and/or going on work related trips are favored. This in turn will negate the negative effects of a Tai Sway year. Another good way to mitigate its effects is to do good deeds, donate blood, and carry a lucky charm. The good news is that Dragons have a fortune star over them, so their income will be guaranteed as long as they work hard.

Dragons could also receive extra income, but because of the Tai Sway energy they could also get involved in a lawsuit and lose money that way. This is not a good year for short-term investments like gambling in the stock market for Dragons. They will lose money, or even get involved in a lawsuit. Adjust NORTHEAST – Sector #7 in the Flying Stars.

When it comes to love, this year Dragons will have to make compromises to assure a harmonious relationship. You must guard your heart and relationships the way you’re said to guard treasure. Avoid getting too close to others who may be pulling you and demanding your presence and attendance. This could cause problems like going out for dinners or nightclubbing without your significant other. Yes, do normal social activities – but do not overdo it. If you feel like there’s a problem brewing in your relationship and you need to pay more attention to your significant other, it is recommended that you soar off on trips together and spend more time with them. This is an excellent year to get married, especially for male or single Dragons.

Health-wise, moderation is the key to good health (probably always, but especially in the year of the Rabbit!) Pay attention and do not overdo it. Avoid working overtime and do not burn the candle at both ends. Keep yourself organized. If you have too much pressure it may cause health problems. We know Dragons like to go, go, go, but relaxing and meditation will be especially to your benefit. Pay attention to your diet, and do not engage in excessive nightlife. Dragons with chronic health issues will need to monitor their energy consistently. Dragons who drive for a living or commute can carry a safety charm as a reminder to drive carefully.

This is a year Dragons have to pay attention to elders. Your own parents should not remodel their home, nor should you remodel your own home. If you must remodel, hire A Feng Shui consultant to perform a blessing ceremony.

Finally, this year it’s beneficial for Dragons to carry a new combo charm. oosters can carry a combo charm or for extra protection wear the Combo Red Cord Bracelet to optimize their good luck in the year of the Water Rabbit. Do this, good deeds, donate blood and you’ll be back to soaring the heaven’s in no time.

Snake in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

Happy New Year, my Sinuous friend!

This is a Carriage Star year for the Snake. This means that you will have many opportunities to uncoil yourself, travel to new locations, and study new ideas that will in turn help you to slither forward!

The Carriage Star does have a conflict with the Tai Sway. This means it is not altogether stable. Forewarned is forearmed as they say. Well, even without arms, the Snake can benefit from the awareness that when you are in the middle of a project, you may experience some resistance, or changes to the plan that were unanticipated. The way to arm yourself (so to speak) is to expect the good, and still, prepare for the less-than-good. The comforting news is that there’s a good luck star shining over the Snake this year, so even though they will experience some problems or resistance they will find the right way to resolve the issues at hand.

Snakes in the workforce will need to grab opportunity when it presents itself. This will be a good year for promotions or for switching jobs. You will get help from the lucky stars. One area that the working Snake must pay attention to is the possibility of the loss of a good assistant or staff person. Be aware of that possibility and keep your eyes open for new talent as opportunities present themselves.

This year the Snakes love life is especially good for you if you are a female Snake. Your Peach blossom, or attractiveness is strong, and positive people will be attracted to you. This is true especially for Snake women who left the hatchling phase long behind (i.e., are a little bit older.) If you’re a male Snake, and happen to have already found the right person, it will be of benefit to you get married this year.

Good luck is foretold especially for people that work in the management of government or ministry. Your luck is stable and will improve. Snake’s normal income will be stable, and if you wish to save money to go towards your goals, this can be achieved. There is no side money luck this year, so it is not good to do any high-risk investments. Do not get greedy or try to force your side money luck with risky speculative investments. These can cause you difficulty and complications.

Health- wise you have a bad luck star over you that is related to your family’s health, and especially the elder people in your family who may have long term or chronic illnesses. If you yourself can change your diet and lifestyles to be more regular and pay a special attention yourself to not going overboard, you will also improve the fate and luck of the elders of your family. Be sure to support them, and encourage them to join movement or exercise classes. This can improve their overall well-being. So will encouraging them to go or take them on short trips. If your parents live with you, do not remodel this year. You do not want to activate destructive energies around the home.

If you drive for a living or commute regularly carry a lucky safety charm. Snakes should carry a Lucky Dog Charm for optimum luck in the year of the Rabbit.

Horse in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

This year the Horse is galloping right into some excellent Peach Blossom luck this year. You will have the ability to meet new friends and socialize. Married Horses will have a lot of social engagements, but the most important thing to remember is to avoid getting involved in a Peach Blossom menace or disaster. Keep to your own stable! Translated this means do not get involved with a third-party relationship so that it affects your current relationship, which could cause it to end up in a separation or divorce.

The Horse is also trotting right into a Tai Sway year. Its effects will particularly be felt in things related to property. This year you have to pay extra attention when you buy or sell properties. Most importantly, don’t do any speculation because you’ll have lots of unexpected situations arise due to the effects of the Tai Sway. This can cause you to lose money in surprising ways you’re not accustomed to. Don’t lose heart, remember that doing good deeds, donating blood, and carrying a lucky charm can help to mitigate negative influences.

If within your own family, a member is getting married, or if there will be the addition of a new baby, this is great news! These happiness events will also help offset any bad luck coming your way.

The three killing stars will affect the working Horse, so it is important to adjust WEST – Sector #6 (Metal Element). Even though they will bring you difficulties, if you work hard you will be able to solve problems. And if you have an elder boss in your current work situation, they will come to your aid as a helpful person.

On a happy note, the Water Rabbit is gifting the Horse a heavenly influence, which could be translated to the Moon Star. When the moon is out, your mind will be most clear. So, it is important to make decisions throughout the year while under the influence of the moonlight. This will be a good time to step out, breathe and receive what the moon calmly has to tell you.

For retired people, this is not a good time to do high risk investments. Save your money – and again this is not a good year to invest in property.

When it comes to relationships, the peach blossom star shining brightly over the Horse means your love life is blessed! If you are in the market to get married, this would be an excellent time to do that. Due to the three killing star, there may be some clouded illusion on your view of your love interest. So even if you don’t always see eye to eye, do not worry – this will be the right person for you. You are very attractive to others this year so again, it is strongly advised to not get into any triangular relationships. But on your blinders and void them at all cost. This year you should carry a lucky charm whether single or married. It will help to attract a special relationship for the single Horse, and it will stabilize the relationship for the married Horse.

Health – wise, since it’s a Tai Sway year, you’ll need to pay attention to your parent’s health. 2023 is not a good year for remodeling. Pay attention to your daily life routines and the daily life routines of your elders. Encourage and support their needs both physically and emotionally.

If you are a Horse who drives or commutes regularly, it would be wise to carry a lucky safety charm as a reminder to you to be careful. for optimal luck in the Rabbit year,

Horses can  carry a combo charm  or a lucky Dog charm, which is one of their three harmony animals. Remember to do good deeds and you’ll be back to gamboling freely across the fields again in no time!

Goat in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

Goats have a reputation for being sure-footed, which is a good thing. Balance will especially come in handy for them this year. This is a three harmony year for you which is good but there’s also a three killing star over the Goat this year, so you’ll have to nimbly navigate between those two things as your luck will be up and down.

It should be a good year for working Goats. You’ll work hard, and the return results will be great. Retired Goats will have to prevent having complications in their daily lives if they fill their lives with insignificant things, people or activities. In other words, you may find yourself very busy, but if it’s really for nothing important, it will create problems for your health.

The Illness Star is affecting the Goat in 2023, so be sure to adjust the EAST – Sector #2 (Earth Element) Sickness Star and Tai Sway. The main antidote is to learn how to relax, and do not put yourself under so much stress. If you experience the symptoms of stress like, lack of sleep, headaches, fatigue, irritability, make an effort to take a chill pill. Learn to decompress. Goats are playful (google it sometime), so when you feel you are not at your best, engage in fun, a healthy walk, meditation – or enjoy an artistic project. Do whatever relaxes you. This would be better than any medicine you could take. Pay particular attention to your liver, gallbladder, bones, and gastrointestinal track. Be diligent when driving.

As for finances, this year you will see improvement! There is side money luck the entire year. Even if your general income is not stable, you’ll have opportunities to get side money, just don’t become too dependent on that. In finances practice good management skills and pay extra attention to the details.

This year you a Peach Blossom star blooms in the paddock for the Goat, affecting your love life, and this energy especially surrounds female Goats. You will be able to find a new relationship. If this year you could get married and have a baby your luck would be doubled! If anyone in your family is going to get married or have a baby that would bring good fortune to you too.

The wisdom star shines over your children; including your grandchildren and they could have a very good year in 2023.

As mentioned in your best friend the Horse’s horoscope, which also applies to you, this is not a good year to invest in property. Even if you want to buy your own home you are warned not to decide too quickly. Really study the circumstances and aspects of the sale before putting your money down. If you must consider buying a house this year, make sure it has lots of sunshine, because this will prove the most beneficial for the future.

Carry a Lucky Dog Charm for optimum luck and protection in the year of the Rabbit

Monkey in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

Go bananas! This year the wisdom star shines brightly on the Monkey. It is a very good time for learning and studying! If you are a student you can consider a higher degree, or choose to study any new subject that you feel may be beneficial for your future. Adjust Sector 4 the Center for optimum good fortune in the flying star system.

Working Monkeys who show their abilities in the projects they participate will receive good returns.

In finance there’s one lucky star that shows an improvement in assets, but Monkeys don’t have side money luck this year, so don’t overdo gambling or speculation. Take note and do not get involved with investing in high-risk products.

This year Monkeys, especially male Monkeys, could get married or find that significant other person they’ve been looking for – someone who will prove to be the right match. This year, Monkeys have a lucky star that can resolve resistance. Married couples need to avoid Peach Blossom menace and Peach Blossom disaster. It seems obvious – but needs to be stated here, getting involved in a third party relationship could cost you your marriage, and also have very bad effects on your business and career. Do not get mixed up where you shouldn’t, or lawsuits could loom over the horizon. In other words, Monkeying around could cost you big time!

Health-wise, there is a star that conflicts with the Tai Sway. This means your parent’s star is not stable, so you have to pay attention to their health, and if there is a long-term patient within your family you have to pay attention to their diet.

There’s a lucky star that is good for working Monkeys. They will get some help in the places where they need support from other workers and employees. Be sure to pay more attention to your employees, and raise the health standards where you work for a better return. In 2023 you have to pay attention to their health and be supportive; in that way, your company will flourish and grow.

Monkeys will be more social this year – but you will need to control your diet and your attitude towards your living style if you don’t want to lose your own good health. Do not over drink and do not overdo it with nightlife. Keep yourself fit and healthy. Monkeys who drive for a living or people who commute can put a charm in their car to remind them to drive safely.

For optimal luck in the year of the Rabbit, Monkeys can carry or wear a lucky Dog charm, as the Dog is the Rabbit’s best friend.

Rooster in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

There is a mixed bag in the barnyard for the Rooster this year, and some of it depends on the type of Rooster you are.

This year the Rooster has a oppositional relationship with the Tai Sway and so luck will be up and down. Roosters who feel they are fortunate and have good luck in business all the time, may experience some changes, they will need to be strong and brave and face the challenges that lie ahead. Roosters whose feel their luck is so – so, may experience even more worries, problems and concerns. They will have to prepare themselves for either good or bad ripening from any given situation. Finally, Roosters who feel that they are not very lucky at all will have the opportunity for a good-fortune reboot. So, this year we cannot give a blanket answer to all Roosters for the question, “will it be good or bad?”

Roosters do need to remember that when they do anything in 2023, they should do it by themselves to avoid headaches. Financially, this year you will have side money luck, but it is not stable. Side money luck includes gambling, investing in stocks and bonds; all things that involves speculation. Or it could also be profiting from work or sales or a hustle you do on the side.

The bottom line here is do not engage in high-risk speculation, especially with the oppositional energies this year. If you are buying property and it’s not for yourself, meaning you will not be using the house for your own home but as an investment, it will work out well. Of course, do your due diligence and take more time to consider the details.

If you’re a Rooster who has special skills in technology, you will be able to improve their standing in the workforce this year – and be able to showcase your experience. This in turn will help your money luck and your fortune.

The male Roosters love life is not as fortunate as the females this year. Your partner could have either health or extramarital issues. If this is might be the case, going away, traveling more, or switching jobs will dismiss the Tai Sway’s negative influence. For single Roosters, this year would be an excellent year to get married. Just be sure it is out of the area of where you live, and take your honeymoon outside of the area as well. Arrangements should be made for the honeymoon and wedding service to be in another city – this would prove to be most beneficial.

For Rooster parents if you play it right, this is a good year for having a baby.

In 2023 some health issues having to do with your liver, gallbladder, bones, hands, feet and respiratory system could occur. If you experience any difficulties in this area, seek treatment immediately. Do not engage in high-risk exercise, and sporting activities. Avoiding those will help to increase your good luck.

Pay attention to your parents if they are living with you. Do not renovate this year. Call in a Feng Shui consultant for a blessing ceremony if you must renovate. And if you are a Rooster who drives for a living or commutes frequently, carry a lucky safety charm in the car to remind you to drive carefully. Roosters can carry a combo charm  to optimize their good luck in the year of the Water Rabbit.

Dog in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

You can wag your tail! The Dog has a balanced position with the Tai Sway this year, so one can predict a good year for Dogs.

Working Dogs this year will have favorable circumstances, and the boss or higher- ups in your company will say “Good Dog!” and treat you very well. Be sure to stay humble, and when opportunities present themselves grab them with both paws.

This year, if you want to switch jobs or find a new one it will be much easier than before. But don’t go overboard or set your goals unrealistically high. Do what you can and find a good job that suits you well.

Don’t sit at home and let the world pass you by. In finance Dogs have a fortune star shining over them but will still have to work hard to get a return. Your relationship to the Rabbit could indicate your income not being that stable, or you might not see equal returns to the amount of effort you’re putting into your projects just now. Make sure you balance your income and expenses. This is not a year to be greedy and overconfident with investments. Avoid elevated risk investments. if somebody advises you to invest in something, or gives you a tip, trust your own intuition above all others.

The Dog’s love life is good, and the Peach Blossom effect of the year will make you rather attractive to others. You’ll be appealing to the kind of person you have longed for and desired. Single people should grab the opportunity when it arrives. Those who are in a relationship must stay far away from third party interference. If married couples experience third party meddling, they should go away together and take a fun trip. Traveling more frequently together will strengthen your bond. This will also help you to avoid a peach blossom menace or peach blossom disaster situation, which can lead to divorce.

Health-wise the Dog is in balance with the Rabbit year. If you do have some kind of chronic illness thing going on with your body, like high blood pressure, pay attention to the changes in your body. Be more regulated and in control of your life. Cultivating happiness and positivity will help you to fight illness. This Rabbit year could be a positive turning point for your health. You may be feeling like your health is getting worse, but because of the great relationship between you and Rabbit, you could suddenly find a cure for the illness, or the key to fixing and healing the issue at hand.

Avoid arguments and be low key and humble because others may become jealous of your good luck or good fortune this year. (In other words, don’t wave your bone about or another may try to grab it from you!)

Dog people should consider wearing a Dog charm or a for the year of the Rabbit. 

Pig in the Year of the Water Rabbit 

This is a three-harmony year for the Pig, and you will be squealing with happiness! This is because the Rabbit, the Pig, and the Goat create a three-harmony relationship with one another. You’ll experience happy events – and if it’s possible to for you to experience one of the big three happiness events; meaning have a baby, get married, or move or buy a property, this will make you even luckier, helping you to achieve your goals and bringing good your good fortune into the next year.

Pigs who work hard this year will get the same return as what they put in – no matter what. The wisdom star is shining on you, and those who are in the creative fields will find good opportunities to use their talents and make their dreams come true.

One caution – in finance you have a star that represents troublemakers, and they could possibly cause you some harm this year, or entice you to make the wrong decisions. You must be more diligent when communicating with them, and watchful of your behavior when dealing with them, so as not to be affected by their false speech. When you invest, be incredibly careful and only invest in things that are safe. Otherwise, you could get dragged down and lose money. It is always best to do what feels right to you, rather than what other people tell you to do.

There is a carriage star shining brightly over the Pig in 2023, which is great for your love life. If you’re single this year, you might have the opportunity to get married. Or you might have a relationship with someone in a different city or country that will be very nice for you. If you are married, your spouse will be able to help you out this year.

You’ll experience a lot more social activities and opportunities this year, which is fun – but this will cost you more money, as expenses do go hand in hand with an active social life. Be moderate, otherwise it could negatively affect your pocketbook and your health.

Know it’s going to be an excellent year, yet still you must to pay attention to your health, especially related to your veins, arteries, vision, and your head. Do more exercise and pay attention to the quality of your diet. Doing so will keep you in good health.

If you’re a Pig who drives a lot, place a lucky charm in your car to remind you to drive carefully.

Even with all the great luck this year, there is a White Tiger Star which could make it easy for you to get in a lawsuit, so be extremely cautious when you are dealing with your accounting and finances. You must be clear and more specific with people.

Pigs who are retired, or who stay at home have to know how to treat, have trust, and respect their significant other. Retired people especially need to remember to control their diet, do more exercise and not to over drink. Pig people who do not have a job must remember that they have to go step by step to find the right one. Don’t give up and you’ll have a chance, but remember you have to take things systematically. Students in school and studying will have to study hard. Do not think you can slide through things so easily; you really do need to hit the books.

For optimum luck in the year of the Rabbit, the best charm for you to carry a three dimensional , Dog Charm or carry a Combo Charm would be optimal for luck this year.

Do this and you’ll be one happy Pig.